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  1. Official General Comic News Thread

    The story told to the reader about the Allies using the Cosmic Cube to rewrite reality comes from Captain America's altered memories. They had to set up a reason why HydraCap didn't wonder why he was a good guy for so long so they implanted the idea that HydraCap's memories are "real" and the Allies changed everything with the Cosmic Cube so when his memories were altered he didn't think they were altered, but awakened to the "true" reality. A lot of the sites are going crazy with the idea that the history of Marvel is changed forever, but the old timeline is what really happened before the little girl Cosmic Cube changed them to fit HydraCap. I'm sure it'll be revealed for the fake reality it is.
  2. President-Elect Donald J Trump

    I was singing this to myself while at work this morning so that I could make it through my shift after seeing the result when I work up last night.
  3. When did movies start to sound good

    I don't know a lot, but Dolby Digital sound came out in the 1992 on Batman Returns and DTS in 1993 on Jurassic Park. THX came out in 1983 on Return of the Jedi, but that is just a quality assurance system. Terminator wasn't big budget so it might not have had the best sound and it was originally released in just Mono.
  4. She shaved the sides for her role in the next Hunger Games.
  5. New Farscape movie!

    I think at the time it was canceled, I heard it was because the head of Sci-Fi didn't want anymore space shows and then they made Battlestar Galactica which did turn out great, but we lost Farscape in the deal. I guess Battlestar was cheaper to make because it wouldn't need all the alien sets, make up, and muppets.
  6. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-april-24-2013/weak-constitution
  7. Iron Man 3 Tomatometer Watch

    AMC has settled with Disney and have started selling tickets again. Disney wanted 65% of tickets sales rather than the 50-55% then normally get. Now that a deal has been made both Regal and Cinemark should be selling tickets again soon. http://www.latimes.c...0,2762804.story
  8. Iron Man 3 Tomatometer Watch

    Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres have put all presale tickets on hold because of contract disputes with Disney, who wish to receive more of the ticket sale profits than they currently do. Regal just pulled all trailers, posters, banners, standess, etc. from their theaters. I don't think they'll postpone the release and they'll come to an agreement whenever one of them blinks first. http://www.slashfilm.com/regal-and-amc-halt-iron-man-3-ticket-sales-due-to-disney-dispute/
  9. Where is Ohioguy?

    Don't say his name one more time or he'll show up!