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  1. I'd accept an older SCOTUS justice. Someone at least Garland 's age. Or if there's blood in the water, shit, demand Garland.
  2. Scalia was seen as consistent until he wasn't. Not worth taking the chance.
  3. I'm honestly embarrassed for you that you posted this.
  4. @heyyoudvd I don't speak Quebecois, bro. I have no fucking idea what you just said.
  5. I still can't believe that Trump could possibly make such a good pick. I mean, I still hope his nomination gets burned to the ground, but since he's probably going to get confirmed anyway, we could have done A LOT worse here.
  6. Isn't it shameful in Nordic culture to say you're unhappy?
  7. Weird that you think those are the two most important factors here.
  8. Just because two words are synonyms does not mean they have the same exact connotation nor does it mean they are interchangeable in every single context. Do you guys seriously not understand this? Are you just fucking with me here?