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  1. I mean Catalonia has its own language and culture, so they at least have a solid reasoning.
  2. I LOVE American cheese. Not Kraft singles, but like the deli American cheese. And I'm a cheese aficionado, too. I just love that stuff.
  3. I work with a lot of people from Puebla. Sucks.
  4. Totally destroyed? Does he understand what thst would fucking entail? I mean, at least say Kim will have to be removed from office, not that you will annihilate the entire fucking country. Fuck.
  5. So you quoted this temper tantrum and yet somehow had the gall to suggest that it's ANA in that gif? LOL
  6. NYT: Only mass deportations can save America

    Dodger's mad the article is about him.
  7. More Republicans decide not to run for reelection

    I'm sure he voted for Obama twice, and thought he would win, so yeah not bad at all! Ana isn't the only person that thought Hillary would win, buddy.