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  1. Why are we still talking about Hillary Clinton?
  2. Do you tip your barista?

    Many restaurants have pools, too.
  3. What you drinking this weekend?

    Nice! Looking good. Or drink some awesome Pacific Northwest wine. Oregon is making some of the best pinot noir in the world!
  4. What you drinking this weekend?

    Drink Mencia bro! You will like it.
  5. What you drinking this weekend?

    None of you fuckers drink wine?
  6. Do you tip your barista?

    Yeah, any coffee place. When you pay with credit card at a lot of these fancy third wave places, it's usually a touchscreen POS and it always asks for tip. I usually get cold brews, so I'm absolutely not tipping for thst shit.
  7. I sometimes do, but not usually. I think it's absolute bullshit they expect tips.
  8. I don't mind Franken stepping down at all if it turns out he was fondling her in that picture, but I'm really annoyed how with all these allegations coming out people are treating each allegation as equivalent. Sorry, Louis CK is creepy, but he's nowhere near the level of Moore or Weinstein.
  9. Anyway, that particular poll is probably bullshit.