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  1. People didn't need to buy individual twistie ties anymore so their sole customer was only bread companies
  2. Getting back into the job hunt is an eye opener

    I'd say just try to get your hands on some of the simulation questions from the current test bank so you're familiar with them before hand. http://www.9tut.com/
  3. Getting back into the job hunt is an eye opener

    when I studied for my CCNA I took the combined ICND 1 and 2 test instead of trying to get CCENT and then CCNA. being away from the tech side of my job for a while has hampered my CCNP/CCIE training so I'm limited to net sim programs.
  4. Getting back into the job hunt is an eye opener

    I'm going reserves with the transition, like the area down here and wanted to stay. My unit offers better opportunities to go on active orders than pretty much any other reserve unit if I want to add to my 18/20 year clock.
  5. After spending 12 years with the military I'm diving head first into the job search again and had a couple of interviews already. One plus is that it seems like all of the positions I'm being offered are around what I'm making now or a little higher so I won't need to sacrifice from the get go. Any of you guys ever looked for work after being with a company for 10+ years?
  6. New shock top design

    I can fit three or four within arms reach of the drivers seat. (I was in my garage after getting home and didn't wait until I was inside to crack one open)
  7. New shock top design

    Ah, I stopped drinking around October of last year. I just remember how easily their label would turn into an annoying mess in your hand while drinking it.
  8. New shock top design

    Not a paper label, yes I was bored and did some lame frame editing
  9. I'm asking for a friend... ...anyways yea, are there business type places for women or do they need to just go to some random mall and hope to get lucky?
  10. End just said 2018, anyone have a more accurate timeframe?
  11. Glad I'm not looking to build a new pc, shits rediculous
  12. Not searching for it, when I'm in a rush to get my rocks off I just hit up pornvids on Reddit and it seems like all the top vids upvoted are shit like this. Like said before its fuckin weird
  13. Everywhere you go for the past couple months you've had to navigate through swaths of daddy fucking daughter or sister sneaking off to wake up brother by blowing him. What happened to the good stuff like dudes gettin reamed by trannies and sensual whooers makin bucks on the streets?
  14. every time I think about trump being in office I think about "the campaign" movie where the corporations want a moldable fool in office to control for their interests.
  15. took a double take to check that it wasn't april 1st, this design is absolutely ridiculous and the focus after the fact is just laziness and poor framing on the photographer. 28/70/150 seem like terrible fov's as well.