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  1. Wanted to get back into riding a bike after 15 or 20 years away for the fitness aspect of it. Went and shopped around and ended up buying a Specialized Crosstour Sport Disc hybrid and my wife bought a Specialized Jett Sport mountainbike...wish I was riding it but thats another post... Anyways, anyone here do any riding? shopping around for ios apps to track rides and rider gear while I'm unable to ride.
  2. I actually exclaimed my sadness to a coworker when I woke up and didn't have a T1000 ball crusher attached to my ankle
  3. Had surgery number 2 on my ankle and I've just been laying in bed watching youtube video after youtube video about bicycles after buying a new bike right before my surgery...feel like lance fucking armstrong but without the uppers instead with shitty pills that make me irritated and nauseous...tried a bit ago to take some pictures of it so I can feel like I did something different but my damn camera flops all over the place on a strap and weighs about 7 pounds...probably exaggerating by a couple Doc said I'm doing pretty good though, had barely any swelling at my followup earlier and put me in a hard cast for the next two weeks. one perk too, lets me lay on my side instead of only my back with is amazing for my comfort level. think I might try and climb the stairs to my theater room tomorrow to try and game a little...its going to be like going over everest a couple times since I have to carry pillows to put my damn foot on...surprise! I might need a shoulder surgery this summer as well FUCK YEA! end rant, thank you for coming...
  4. I would love to relive the glory days of TFC, TF2 is way to complicated
  5. When someone handed him his paycheck
  6. I still don't recognize where I fucked up with what I posted in the coding
  7. I haven't played this yet but the psychos really made it more interesting when going in to a new area and get surprised by some nutjob using zombie faces for his own personal blowjob tool...or something like that
  8. Does the pro version give any more control? Was hearing it may be more user friendly
  9. <p><video controls="" loop="" autoplay="" height="640" width="640"><source type="video/mp4" src="http://i.imgur.com/FzWyPCp.mp4 /></video></p> school me, no understand
  10. Better not have a power outage or you be labeled a mass murderer.
  11. Who would ever take a news organization named the blaze seriously?