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      I've decided to extend our charity campaign for The Life You Can Save organizations for the entirety of 2017 so feel free to contribute at any time!  Periodically through the year, I'll have game giveaways for those who have donated to the campaign as a "thank you" for supporting this worthy endeavor!
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      Thanks to some hard work from @Emblazon, the themes should all be functioning as expected again, with some enhancements/cleanups that he's put in. Please let us know if you spot anything that still seems to be amiss so that we can take care of it.

      D1Pcast Episode 29 - The Backlog Cometh (Ft. Rodimus)   08/01/2017

      Summer is here and with video games news and releases at a stand still that can only mean one thing. Time to catch up on our backlog. We [email protected] us as we talk about what games we have sitting on our shelves waiting for us to finish. Throw in some Nintendo talk, sprinkle in some Warframe and what we have here is our latest episode! So [email protected],[email protected] Me for some topical grab bag!      


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  1. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    why is everything labeled a "terrorist" attack nowadays? edit: page 10 leader!
  2. Bored so I screwed with some photo edits of a bottle
  3. Stop Loss FTW

    If this were real they couldn't do shit if they're outside the 8 year IRR timeframe.
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/17/politics/turkey-erdogan-incident/ https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/17/us/turkish-embassy-protest-dc.html http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/17/state-department-voices-concern-to-turkey-on-dc-brawl-outside-embassy.html
  5. wait, so you can get a 25k fine for saying negative things about religion in the UK?
  6. Where the NAS SME's at?

    I intend for the NAS to stripe across all drives so I have 4 copies at all times, this issue stemmed from when I did a bios update on my HTPC but forgot to go back into the bios to correct the raid settings prior to starting the pc...lost about 6-9 months of photos and videos. yeah, I edited it in my post. A lot of websites say they have a better failure rate somehow too.
  7. Where the NAS SME's at?

    So we want to set up a NAS linked to our network. We intend to use it only for family photo and video storage so I want to do a 4 drive system that replicates across all. I don't know what's a good brand but I found the Synology DS916+ for $600 and I want to use WD NAS or datacenter drives with at least 4TB that I can up to 6 or 8 in a few years when their prices are down around the 2 to 4tb drives nowadays. Think 5400rpm drives should be good enough. So which 4 bay minimum NAS would you recommend? edit seems like HGST is under WD and has better failure rates, I'm stuck in the that stigma that I've always used WD drives though. one example https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-stats-q1-2016/
  8. By the time you do there will probably be faster stuff on the market
  9. New benchmark software!

    wish the papers didn't act like pieces of cardboard.
  10. 1080ti is now an old piece of shit

    what happened to graphics cards being topped around $600? The prices have gone insane with the 10XX era.
  11. Computer powering itself on

    Random times, I pulled the Ethernet and it happened again. Woke up this morning with it on. does win10 updater power on outside of your active hours?
  12. Computer powering itself on

    It's annoying, it's come down to me having to flip the psu switch to keep it from turning on
  13. Computer powering itself on

    I have WOL disabled, is there something else that triggers a windows 10 pc to turn on?