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  1. Animal Crossing.  I've been playing about 20 minutes every few days and enjoying it for some unknown reason.
  2. Nintendo NX. 720p screen, March 4 2017 release date

    I wonder how likely it will be that the detatchable controllers will be able to connect to existing tablets and phones so multiple people can use screen based controllers.
  3. The most I've ever bothered with F2P was Battlefield Heroes for about...5 hours, so this is a world I know nothing about.
  4. At the time it looked like this:     To later confirm this was it:   
  5.   Accident & Emergency.  The place you go when you need treatment for an injury you can't either seek over the phone advice (like a sprain) or it's related to feeling ill. 
  6. It was not my finest hour.  We did win though, so there's that.  I was in A&E for a long 4 hours or so and need to head back and also arrange a visit to the Dentist.  I'll share some pictures tomorrow for funsies. 
  7. What are you guys playing this weekend?

    MGS5, Animal Crossing and Until Dawn.  If I'm booted off the PS4 I may boot up Dark Souls, Pikmin 3 or maybe start Dishonoured (though I don't really want to start any new games).
  8. Who is your doppelganger?

    The universe dictates Jack Osbourne.  I've had people ask my for my autograph, I've had people shyly ask me when I'm out and about, I've had some tell all their friends when I was drunk and said yes...      
  9. Nintendo NX. 720p screen, March 4 2017 release date

    Ubisoft are like some weird Hipster that will constantly try to see something first and tell everyone they love it, then when everyone catches up and hates it they just laugh and say "they were being ironic". 
  10. I'd say right now I'm physically and mentally there. But we'll have to see if they agree 
  11. Anyone get Bioshock Collection for ps4?

    I've enjoyed the series enough that I can leave it to rest.  I do look forward to another spiritual sequel in 10 years time though.
  12.   Now there's a game I'll be picking up for a weekend session in the near future. 
  13.   The main delay came from me being overweight.  Dropping 264 to 196 took me longer than I planned and then I've been tied up in maybe 3 months of admin waiting time.  If I was smart, I would have chosen to join the RN in my last year of University and spent my year just getting thin and fit, rather than deciding after graduating.    If I'd been more dedicated initially, I probably could have been in, but I lost a lot of motivation after the first 4 months and it took a while to claw it back. 
  14.   I'm still in the application process. I passed the formal interview several weeks ago and was asked to submit my education certificates.  I have no idea where they are so I've had to apply for them but as it's the start if the educational year in the UK there's a backlog so I should get them around the 20th of October and then I'll be given a date for my final testing stage.     So realistically I'm looking at about January as a start date.  On the plus side it gives me loads of time to get even fitter (the goal is to be fit enough to run long distance, mainly the 13-20 mile bracket easily and run 10K at 8 minute miles) along with losing another 5% BF and get a bit stronger. 
  15. Rugby training last night was fairly full on so despite waking up nice and early, gym session is out of the question.  This is the only downside to the start of the season.