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  1. They do not. You're allowed a daily beer however when out at sea.
  2. I'm sure a lot of you know, I want to join the Royal Navy. When I was getting to the end of university I was looking at careers and realised that nothing in the job market made me want to take it on as a career. It then made me think if there was something that would offer me a bit more from a career. I thought of the Forces and after a visit from the RN when I was at school, they were the first place I looked into. I set myself up to have an induction day and exam to see if I was suitable to be an Officer and went on my way. I was successful with the exam (scored more than the required amount) however was taken to a room for a chat. I was 266 lbs and to be allowed to progress to the; medical, physical, 1st interview and final interview I would need to lose 70lbs. To get to that point took me about 14 months and some stupid highs and lows (the lows being wanting to give up on the whole thing as it seemed impossible when I got to the last 10 lbs). I then went thought the medical, physical and 1st interview with no issues at all. Now I'm 17 days away from a 2 day interview process of; leadership tests, psychometric and reasoning tests, essay writing, 3-1 interviews and fitness testing. If I score well enough I'll be put forward to start basic training and finally move into a career path that will satisfy me in the short term as well as set me up in the long term. I thought it would be fun to share. Now off to a 2 day training course today to prepare me for the role I'm applying for.
  3. It made me feel better that Nintendo are looking into patching controllers from previous consoles. I'd be quite happy to be able to use my Pro and Wii U Gamepad on the switch as spares. I'd even be OK with wiimotes working, just as an option.
  4. He's truly one of God's people.
  5. Resident Evil 7. It's been pretty majestic.
  6. I completely disagree. It looks like a great compilation, is very different and from the GB quick look seems fun. But I do quite like minigames so maybe I'm swayed
  7. I'd love to be opening a switch but ah well, it can wait. We so have Zelda coming that day and I came home to find RE7 downloaded for me, so I won't be bored!
  8. Pretty sure Konami are turning into Umbrella.
  9. A bit of a Dreamcast revival would be very nice. I'll throw in for the usual F Zero follow-up. Pokemon Stadium would work very well.
  10. Stalled with writing, no added anything for about 5 days. I'm sitting at 10,500 words or so and I'm half (ish) way through my planned story. I think part of the problem is I'm busier during the day which means my main writing time (over lunch time) has stopped and there's an idea floating about I think could be better than the one I'm currently working on. I might just try and spend my lunch and break writing tomorrow and get back into the flow (though at some point, I need to learn to write properly at home...though to do that I feel like I need a desktop and not a laptop). EDIT: Write this and wrote 600 words tonight. It wasn't a lot, but enough to get me back on track. I did re-read a bit and in part, it's not bad, in others it's shockingly bad. I'm actively looking forward to finishing so I can save, leave it for a month and then bash out a 2nd draft.
  11. I wish I was richer as I could really use another proper meal in my day, but I can't really fund it.
  12. I'm not sure whether Skyward Sword is a good game or if I'm sticking with it purely because it has the Zelda name. It's fun, then in parts beyond boring. But the fun seems to outweigh the dumb.
  13. Speaking of, I was invited to interview for a role on Tuesday. Looking forward to a nice presentation.
  14. In anticipation of breath of the wild, thought I'd put Skyward Sword into my Wii U and see where I was. Some desert where I have no shield and no idea what to do. I think it's time to get a guide and follow it relentlessly until it all makes sense. UPDATE: I have found out what the fuck to do, I ended up doing a stupid Silent Realm thing which was both satisfying and incredibly annoying, I'm going to crack on with everything, keep the guide out and see if I can polish this off. I need to try and find time to see if I can finish Dark Souls, MGS5 and start The Witcher 3. Fucking games man.