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  1. I enjoyed the demo and I've enjoyed seeing the various "experiences" you can have with the main game.  The fact they've gone on record as saying it's part of the Resident Evil universe should hopefully mean we're either getting a parasite variant or preferably a T/G Virus variant.  I do like the idea survival horror in a more realistic settings but I hope we get some more action aspects to the game.  15 hours of slow moving and hiding will get a bit dull...
  2. PS3 / PS4 - Community Thread

    I can confirm I'm terrible at MGS5...I'll give it some more love later on today since I'm having as lazy a weekend as I can get away with as I don't feel that great.  
  3.   I couldn't imagine someone offering an additional warranty or coverage with headphones and it not covering accidental damage.  Negligent damage yes, accidental...nah.
  4. Socks and towels.  Bars of soap.  Condoms.  Plastic bags.
  5. The D1P GYM.

      It gives me a good reason to go out running since it's a tangible target.    Enjoyed leg day today though I'm not going to enjoy walking my dog in 15 minutes at about 1mph.
  6. The D1P GYM.

    I've really been enjoying getting back into weight training again.  The only hard part is I feel shattered all day since I exercise in the morning so I need to work out how to eat a bit more so I've got some energy.    I'm also looking to enter a half marathon and also a 10K marine obstacle course in a few months, so that should be fun as well and gives me a good reason to keep on working on fitness and strength as much as possible. 
  7. When did you lose your virginity?

    17.  Just like Chef wanted.
  8. PS3 / PS4 - Community Thread

    I quite want to pick up a new Dualshock to play some offline co-op with my girlfriend but there's a distinct lack of decent games.  I'm burned out on the Lego series after playing Star Wars, The Hobbit and Indiana Jones and Diablo 3 just holds no interest with me.
  9. Breakfast - Porridge Mid-morning - Shake and some fruit Lunch - Sweet Potato/Brown Rice with meat (fish/steak/chicken} and vegetables Mid-afternoon - Shake with some fruit Dinner - Meat and vegetables   Throw in 5 litres of water, some tea/coffee and probably some food I should eat and that's the typical day.  I need to add in one more meal really but I just can't be bothered/have no money.
  10. Whirlpool offer a very safe brand and my experience of their aftersales has been great.  The Electrolux/AEG/Zanussi brands are very good and at a decent price.    In reality, if you want the best in Large Electricals I would go with Miele or Bosch.  The former is always going to be expensive but great quality and the latter, whilst a little bit cheaper has reasonable quality. 
  11. PS3 / PS4 - Community Thread

      Awakening.  I've never played a Fire Emblem game though I do enjoy the odd tactical game so I could see myself enjoying it.  But I really loved Luigi's Mansion so I'm equally drawn to that.
  12. PS3 / PS4 - Community Thread

    Just turned on my PS3 for the first time in a few weeks and noticed a fair few games are on sale so picked up The Walking Dead: Season 1.  I played through the first episode a few years ago and enjoyed it, so it'll be something to mix my time up.    Mix in the fact I'll be picking up a new 3DS games tomorrow means I have Rocket League as my piss about game, Bloodborne as my main game, either Luigi's Mansion or Fire Emblem as my handheld game and then Walking Dead for when the main TV is busy.  Should keep me going throughout September when I have to do my best to spend no money whatsoever. 
  13. Your History with Sony Consoles

    I've owned every Sony home console though it's never been my main console at the time.    I was (and to be fair, I still am) a massive Nintendo fan so I was all about the N64 and the Gamecube, though we had a PS1 (which I rarely played) and a PS2 (which I played for GTA).  I then moved on to the Xbox 360 and only grabbed a PS3 last year.  We've not inherited a PS4 which will be our main console unless the NX is incredible.      It's fairly stupid but I regret that I was younger during the PS1/N64 generation as I enjoyed games, but never really played through or finished any.  Similar for the GC/PS2.
  14. I need to find myself a few more games to play online...I'm leaning towards Battlefield in the near future but I can't handle being terrible at a game.
  15. Some New Games Added to Nintendo Selects

    If they release Luigi's Mansion 2 on the EU eShop I'll be snapping that up next week.