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  1. I usually hate McDonalds but I think a week this Saturday I'm going to run 10+ miles and will treat myself to one.  I might even invest in a McFlurry.
  2. What are you reading right now?

    Still enjoying Stormbird, will finish it this week and then start on my next one.  I also think I may pick up some Tolkien since I'd love to re-read Lord of the Rings (as its BOAT) and I'd also like to try out the Silmarillion as I've never touched it and would like to learn more about the universe.  After that I think I may just browse some of the book winner lists to find some good summer reading and supplement it with the 2 book series I have on the go at the moment. 
  3. Should we disallow cursing on d1p?

    I'd have to censor pretty much every other post, which I'm not willing to do.
  4. I don't feel bad about having fun, I do feel terrible if I don't do anything the following day or just waste it.  I tend to feel worse about what I eat than anything else these days.  It's why I'm having a dilemma about whether to eat some toast and marmite. 
  5. It might make sense for Nintendo to incorporate the mobile market, make it very easy to port games to the console but to encourage devs to make use of a physical control scheme.  Imagine all the great remasters and ports that are on the Android/iOS marketplace that could be on the system with physical controls. 
  6. The D1P gym.

    Would any one else agree that a gym membership is worth it for the psychological benefits it brings to exercise.  Running wise, I'm at a point where I can go out 3-4 times a week and push myself.  But I need to start bringing strength work into my routine a lot more consistently (to the point I will work that way as much as running) but I find it stupidly hard to get motivated to go to my local park to do body conditioning.  When I used the gym for pre-season last year I could happily go 4 times a week and push it.  I just found that in the rugby season I had no time/energy to go so cancelled.  I do wonder though if the £40 or so a month I spend, would it pay off in a mental sense, to have somewhere to go to exercise...rather than to just exercise in general.    Does that even make sense?
  7. Favorite Nintendo game by year: 1997

    I've gone with Mario Kart 64 as I have so many fond memories of that game.  I did however play a stupid amount of Bomberman 64 in multiplayer.  Very underrated.
  8. No Man's Sky Pushed Back

      So what are the non-boring parts of No Mans Sky?
  9. I'm no longer sure if my cat is a virgin

    all you need to know is in that one upvote
  10. I'm no longer sure if my cat is a virgin

    she got fucked.       trust me
  11. E3 needs to hurry the fuck up so I can decide whether to buy a PS4 or wait for the upgrade (I shall not be making use of VR).
  12. Has the post frequency gone down here a bunch?

    More than likely, like most things I'd blame summer.  I'm going to guess in a few weeks when E3 kicks off, we'll get a load more activity. 
  13. I've always enjoyed Nintendo handhelds as for whatever reason, they churn out experiences that would only be fun on a handheld.  I would like to see it being fully backwards compatible via the eShop.  I'm also hoping it moves away from the dual screen look and returns back to a single, touch screen. 
  14. Favorite Nintendo game by year: 2006

    Wii Sports.  For the time, it was the most fun game I've played with friends since the days of Goldeneye, Mario Kart etc 
  15. Following on the above, I could really do with just not being in work for a week to play games.  I've got the itch and it need scratching.