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  1. so what's everyone thinking Nintendo Switch is going to cost?

    In the UK, I hope we're looking at £250 stand alone, £275 with a bundle.  I'll be buying the Switch, but a lower entry price would make me feel better if I only end up getting a handful of games for it.
  2.   The girl that was staying at my house recommended that as well.  Though this is coming from the guy that had 4 pints last night and is now hungover.
  3. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    Did no one appreciate the fact that it was most likely Skyrim Remastered on the system, that with the link with some of the more "power obsessed" devs like Epic should mean this is on par with the Xbox 1.     EDIT: My actual thought were it looked OK, I'm not that keen on the idea of the little controllers, though it does offer something different.  The tablet and base unit I'm a fan of however and the pro controller looks very nice, though I would like to see explicit confirmation of analogue triggers.
  4. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    Looks I'll be avoiding the internet for about 4 hours until I get home.
  5. I feel stuck in my job

    I worry that if I don't become part of the Forces I'll end up staying at my job for a lot longer than I should do and end up 30 and some kind of operations leader for a call centre.  Not something I want for myself. 
  6.   For some reason I thought you meant me and Best   We only have one PS4 and one controller so we do game together a lot, but it's about finding time for the games we're each playing.      ...if that's what you meant.
  7.   When I play a game, I'll play one until I finish it and then move onto another, rather than play several single player games at the same time.  I used to just buy whatever, but I ended up with about 30 games I was about half way through and lost interest.    This thread was more to look at something to play online as a "break" from MGS5.
  8. What are you reading right now?

    Finished the second War of the Roses book.  I'm now torn between reading the final book, reading book 3 in the Last Kingdom series or reading The Buried Giant.
  9.   I don't really like to have more than one single player game going at at time, since I end up never finishing any of them.  I may look into Overwatch though since it does sound incredible. 
  10. Both myself and my girlfriend play games.  We sort of balance it where I play in the morning since I get up very early and she'll play in the evening (with me picking up a few games of Rocket League before bed).    She's off to South Africa though to go to a family wedding for 10 days, which I couldn't afford, so I'm on my own.     With that in mind, I'll more than likely be gaming for 2-3 hours every day to make the most of the time.  Now I've got a load of games to get through:   Metal Gear Solid 5 Bloodbourne Witcher 3 Fallout 4   Plus all the games on PS+ over the last few months.    What I'm looking for though is something to play online.  As it stands, I'm leaning really close to Star Wars: Battlefront.  I love Star Wars (like most people) and could really go for a fun online experience.  It's also dirt cheap.    However, I know that Overwatch is amazing and would probably take over my life even more.  There's also the newest Call of Duty, whilst not a series I adore did like MW, MW2 and Blops.    But just to get an impression, in terms of fun, competitive games online what would you recommend?
  11. I really like Avenged Sevenfold, but The Stage didn't blow me away.  I'll more than likely get the album though.  It does remind me I need to get the new Biffy Clyro album.
  12. What are you cooking/eating/drinking?

    My eating went as follows:   1. Granola and a coffee 2. Smoothie 3. Protein shake and some weird banana bar thing 4. Chicken & Vegetables, and an apple 5. Protein shake and some beef jerky 6. Sausage, bacon and cheese sandwich, and custard.      Mix that with a load of water and coffee.  One more "meal" than I usually manage.
  13. First weight session post injury and no finger soreness.  I used mostly machines so I'll be returning tomorrow for a more free weights based session so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.
  14.   The book really picks up later on.  More importantly, the subsequent books are both completely different in tone and are fantastic.