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  1. The D1P gym.

    Found out last night my girlfriend has paid for the two of us for a year long membership to a local gym.  It's probably the right time to start lifting again since I need to get stronger and also need to somehow shift about 8lbs sooner rather than later.
  2.   You'd like to think, like the 3DS that if the console is successful in the same way the 3DS [eventually] was then 3rd parties would feel inclined to create for it.  It would be nice to play the new Zelda in bed...
  3. What's your console/handheld Mount Rushmore?

    N64, 3DS, Gamecube and 360.
  4. It'll be interesting to find out how they could come back together without Begbie stabbing Renton. 
  5. Gears of War 4: new campaign gameplay video

    I love the Gears series in the same way I love 80's action movies.  
  6. Really sorry to hear that, I love my dog and I know it'll be a horrible moment when she dies.  Take care. 
  7. Caffeine and I've had 4 aspirin. 
  8. Take Sonic back to what made Sonic an getting a room of uncertain adults yelling phrases like; "what we did last time"..."edgy" and "visceral" until they come up with a premise.    For me, the best chance Sonic has to progress is to make half the game an adventure platformer ala Ratchet and Clank where you play as Tails and the other half being just insane running about the place as Sonic, probably made by Platinum.  The two could link up for Boss Battles...
  9.   I'm sure I will, now just to find the time to be able to play games! (and decorate the aforementioned gaming room...)
  10. Wine is an interesting beverage

    I'm not an aficionado on wines, I enjoy them but I would say after tasting some very expensive wines and champagnes and more reasonably prices varieties, hands down my go-to is Campo Viejo Rioja. It's the nicest cheap wine going.
  11. I had a 360 from about 2007-2013 but then we only recently bothered to get a PS3 (well...a year ago) though I will definitely get PS +
  12. Quick story, went to my Girlfriend's, brothers birthday over this weekend.  He's moving to Australia for 2 years for work so asks if we could look after his PS4 (with the first request being to factory reset it).  So we gladly took him up on the offer, so now I'm part of the current gen (with Destiny, Watch Dogs, Fallout 4 and Dying Light to start with).    We were also offered an old TV (being a 42" Philips HDTV) that will now be our Gaming Room TV.  So now I can have our PS3, N64, Gamecube/Xbox and laptop connected to it for some multiplayer fun.     All in all, a great weekend for things.
  13. I've accepted the fact that I'm going to die a virgin

    It's probably best to accept it now rather than to keep on hanging on when we all know the truth.
  14. I'm downloading it at the moment so will see if it's worth anyone's time.   EDIT: I've played through the training and a match online.  It's actually pretty fun, the game is fairly basic but there's enough there to play a few rounds every day.  It's the sort of thing which would need to have new modes added frequently and either use customization DLC to fund it or hope people buy the main game as I can't see myself spending money on modes.
  15. Nintendo Wants Zelda Producer To Create A New IP

    Then I am happy.