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  1. New Aliens game

    I still haven't played Alien: Isolation...maybe this is a timely reminder I probably should.
  2. It's almost like the PS2 around 2006/2007, we all knew it was dead but it was still worth picking up as it had a good 50 games that were incredible and they all cost fuck all. I could imagine the 3DS is faring well for a similar reason.
  3. The game literally plays as though it's in slow motion.
  4. LTTP: I REALLY liked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    I need to return back to it and play the DLC as I also really enjoyed the game (bar some of the pacing in parts). The House though is one of the most brilliant starting locations in a game I've played.
  5. Where do you like to be 'creative'?

    To add, I put a rug down in the 'creative space' and it's very comfy, though I still believe I will need to be outside of my house to work. I'm going to allow myself till the start of February and then either stay late, or start early at work to write.
  6. My starting answer is The Big Short. I really, really enjoyed it on my first viewing and even more so on the second. It has great pacing, dialogue, story (considering it's based on the financial crash at least) and characters. Spotlight is also a very interesting and oddly entertaining film about an incredibly dark subject. About Time is my girlfriends favourite Romantic Comedy ever and with valid reason. It's got a great story, a really good cast of British actors and a wonderful soundtrack. All films that I never hear, either on here or in my day to day spoken about.
  7. I have the $$$ to buy a Switch today but

    I won't pick one up until at least the E3 direct as I agree, there are a number of great games available (and ports coming soon) but I would like to see what we should expect from 2018/2019 before I take the plunge.
  8. My fwb

    Does anyone actually want to know what the 'benefits' entail?...
  9. My fwb

  10. Bit of backstory, I was excited about Eternal Darkness since it first graced the pages of the N64 magazine back in the 90's/early 2000's. I ended u having it bought for me as a 13th birthday present. It was then I found out it was creepy as hell and there was no way that I would be able to play that much of it. I then picked the game back up again when I was 17 and probably played half of it, but then the nightmare of all gamers that used a memory card happened, played one day and my memory card had corrupted and all 50 or so games I had were lost. That spurred me to sell my gamecube to fund an Xbox 360. I then later re-bought the game, but allowed a friend to borrow it and thus I have never seen it again. So in a moment of weakness, I bought the game for a 3rd time over Christmas as it's been on my mind and I feel, like Metroid prime, it's a game I need to complete at some point. So, I'll start with it today. Hopefully it'll be fun, creepy, entertaining and not too...old feeling. I'll keep you all updated. EDIT: Well...it looks shockingly bad on my TV. I will have a go on my smaller TV downstairs.
  11. Any reason it's such a short amount?
  12. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    I'm 15 hours in and waiting for my second change of heart and I still can't tell if I like the game, or if it's the biggest waste of time of a game I've played. The story I know will become more interesting, but I'm not sure whether I should invest my time here or move to something like The Witcher 3 instead...
  13. My preferred routine is sleep at 10pm and up at 5am. Depending on how agreeable my girlfriend is to it, add on an additional hour either way.
  14. Do you give panhandlers money?

    No, generally as I never carry money. In the UK, they have a magazine called The Big Issue, which form of sale is for people that are homeless or in a difficult part of their lives and they take away a big portion of the funds they make. Each magazine is £3, so realistically if someone could sell 15 a day, they would have enough for a hostel and food.