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  1. Post your pic!

    I'll pop over and say hi to the youngest. She'll only be a max 5 hours away. #notcreepy
  2. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Persona 5, as per. I may have a look at the 'free to play' games on the PS4 and see if there's anything worth playing. I don't overly want to buy any new games until I've played the ones that I have (or trade in so it's not wasted money) but this is a nice, loophole for my own personal restriction. Like a child I disregarded the above and I've bought Overwatch. So far, it's been fun/annoying. Like all good online fps games.
  3. In as the awkward 'out of townie'. The worst for me was dropping 10lbs in 3 days for a medical weigh in. It was not a happy time for me as it involved pretty much sweating in my free time and not eating or drinking bar coffee.
  4. I'm also very glad it's still in their thoughts as a series. I would love a re-release of the tracks from 2, Takedown and Revenge (using the Takedown engine) in the near future as it's such a fun racing series. Burnout 2 was one of only 2 games I've ever 100% completed (the other being THPS3).
  5. I think in the circumstance I struggle to empathize, so just for me, experience or no, I wouldn't have put my dog in that situation. But I can understand how the situation can lead to it occurring.
  6. In the situation (going on a lot of hindsight and working in tourism for a year) I would have refused, accepted that I would need to disembark the plane and look at an alternative. Would anyone be happy about putting a child up there, themselves? No, so I wouldn't find it OK for an animal either. But again, this isn't me saying that the airline wasn't wrong (very wrong, horrible decision). It just made me wonder about the passengers thought process and the arrangements they have/hadn't made. In the circumstance, all parties are wrong.
  7. I find that captioned photograph really, really annoying. Also, what kind of person agrees to place their dog in the overhead cabin in the first place? Who doesn't think ahead with these things?
  8. what happened to apoc?

    We'll do it like a telephone tree. @CastlevaniaNut18can let me know, then ill pass it along.
  9. Post your pic!

    i don't typically post dog pictures, but here's mine in snow:
  10. Latest information suggests you shouldn't touch anything if you know a Russian has been near it within the last 4 weeks.
  11. I've definitely ascended to a higher plane. 14 more days and I'll be better than the average person in the street on a moral level.
  12. I love food, cooking i one of my favourite things to do (the more people the better) and meat is naturally part of that. I don't know why though, but I just haven't really felt the desire or want to eat anything meaty in the slightest. The only logical conclusion is that I have a brain tumour and will be dead soon. Though this is similar to when I stopped smoking, one day I just stopped and then bar the odd one, I've not smoked now for about 4 years.
  13. Nintendo Direct announced March 8th

    Pretty much had everything you could ask for in a random March direct.
  14. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Due to my weekends, I won't be playing anything until Monday when I forgot until yesterday I have a day off. Persona 5 will be on the menu. I've also been playing some arcade-y MegaDrive games lately which has been fun, so maybe some of that also. I just need to keep on with Persona. I'm enjoying it, but it's just so, so long and as I don't like to spend every moment of my free time gaming, it's taking a while. I think after this I'll push forward with shorter indie games or more focused games until the summer.