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  1. The Inbetweeners is amazing

    I've heard the same, I was 18 when the first series came out and it was just a great comedy and the writing was just so in keeping with my life at the time.
  2. The Inbetweeners is amazing

    Is this the original or US remake you're watching?
  3. Who all is getting Persona 5?

    Just bought the game today for my girlfriend, we'll see how it goes...
  4. Metroid: Samus Returns coming to 3DS this September!

    The urge to download Metroid Fusion is rising.
  5. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Buy Breath of the Wild, it's the best game this year and the best console Zelda game (for me) since Wind Waker. I'll be playing Doom 2016 (bit of campaign, bit of multiplayer), finish off Life is Strange since I feel like I'm very much at the end and I might pop into town to trade in some games to get my girlfriend Persona 5 so I might (following my above recommendation) pick Breath of the Wild back up to do the last Divine Beast and then finish everything off.
  6. Leak: Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    It's a shame there are no Xbox 1 games I actually want that would make this worth while.
  7. Ask a Guy Going Under the Knife Next Week Anything

    What's the recovery time on spinal surgery? I was amazed with my Dad's hip that 3 weeks later he was pretty mobile. More importantly, in your downtime, how are you spending it? I'd be tempted to buy a Switch, a new 3DS and maybe a Vita just so I can doss about with games whilst lying down.
  8. 'Kind regards' is my go-to, if I'm working with our client then it'll be that or 'I will be available until [insert time] if you require any assistance' and then if I'm delegating work I go with a 'thank you'. So a rich, variety of boring signoffs.
  9. Going to head off to work in...40 minutes and complete some payrole, quality management, holiday requests and KPI reports for my team and try and get through 4-5 1-1's during the day. Also need to create a daily plan for myself to send to my Operational Manager, need to ensure that some offline work is completed to send to our Head Office along with making sure a schedule rota has been completed so I can start sending that through. Along with chatting to everyone and pretending to work super hard.
  10. EA Switch Support as good as Dead.

    I could see it being quite popular, popular sport, EPL has just started and it's not like the Switch is swimming in games at the moment.
  11. I'm still waiting to find out if I can be a part of the Royal Navy, but I'm getting slightly older (well. nearly 28) and I don't want to have to wait till I'm nearly 30 to potentially start a career. My job now, although it has progression, would take me a good 4-5 years to progress and even then, why would I want to? I'm looking at the idea of teaching assistant work, to progress into teaching as a career. I know pay wise, I'll never be the richest, but I will be emotionally happier, will be able to coach and play more rugby, will have the chance of progressing through the various roles available and feel satisfied. I'm just waiting to find out the best route I can take to start looking at work (namely asking a Head Teacher I know for advice). I'm also acutely aware that I have another 40+ years of work ahead of me and there's no need to find a path to be on for that entire time that's set, but at least for now I want structure, progression, life satisfaction and the feeling what I'm doing matters.
  12. Rumor: Dead Rising in Development

    I really enjoyed the first game until the novelty of mass murder wore off and then I lost all interest. It feels like a series better suited to smaller, £10 releases via PSN and XBL rather than deciding to invest money in a full game. Maybe release episodes similar to Hitman.
  13. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    On the third chapter and it's been very fun so far. It's uncompromising in it's design choices, namely kill everything and run everywhere very quickly. I don't think I could sit down and play hours and hours, but completing a chapter every playthrough (or half) has been fantastic. I even enjoyed the multiplayer, despite the fact it felt very much like Halo with different weapons.
  14. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    At the moment, God of War 2 HD, Life is Strange and Doom 2016. Once I've finished one or two of them (in fairness, I'm an hour from finishing Life is Strange) I'm going to rotate in an older game since we've got a load of N64 games that are rarely played. I've also got a Gamecube and an Xbox that have been sitting around for about 2 years and have been played for about 5 hours in total, so I might pick up some new games.
  15. Philly has a fuck ton of homeless people

    In the event someone is legitimately homeless (not just choosing to live on the streets due to home circumstance or preference), once they'd pulled themselves together, I wonder if they could get themselves to a suitable state to attend an interview. I say that, would they be able to find a job considering a large number of roles are made available online and those that advertise either in the newspapers or shop doors usually require a typed resume. Even if someone had one that was handwritten or they'd been to a library to type it, how do you run the requisite security checks on someone with no listed address? Finally, if we assume all is well and they are hired, even if paid weekly it would be 2 weeks before that person gets paid, maybe another 4 weeks until they can afford a deposit on somewhere to live (or just 2 weeks if they rent somewhere per night) and in that time, would an employer be happy with someone with limited access to clothing or hygienic products? Although the long and short is having a job does give you the chance of not being homeless, getting to that point from a place of disadvantage is very, very difficult without a large support stricture around you. Just in case it does some up and it's suggested the person goes back to their friends/family, although it's a poor example as it's a movie in 'I, Daniel Blake' he was a widow with no children living in a low income area in North East England as a self employed tradesman. He's made homeless following a heart attack and due to the 'system' for both claiming job seekers allowance and the requirements for job applications, he was caught in a grey area of 'not fit to work, fit enough that he couldn't claim' that I feel a number of people are in also.