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  1. added a post in a topic Confession time!!!   

    I really don't care for stealth but I loved the MGS games I've played. I'm torn about getting 5 on ps3 or waiting till I get a current gen console. Fairly sure I'll cave. 
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  2. added a post in a topic I'm glad Post Modern Hipster is a thing now. So how I dress "Hipster" is no longer in but just looks cool and acceptable   

    I feel like a commoner in my shorts and t-shirt right now.
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  3. added a topic in General Insanity   

    A conversation I had the other day 'Oh hello...yes, could I have a buttplug and some lube please?'
    Went to a sex shop for the first time in my 25 years and it was...interesting. It was very small and the lady working there was both very nice and weird as fuck. The whole place was just dildo's and DVDs with a small amount of bondage stuff. It was literally 3 walls of dildo's and then a load of quite hardcore DVD's ranging from normal things to Simulated Necophilia and the like. 
    Either way, me and my girlfriend are keen to put my dick in her ass more frequently but we needed some progression so she asked me to get a buttplug. She's quite happy with it and when I get home tonight the agenda is to test it out and see how it goes. 
    But in reference to my thread title, imagine that line said by Hugh Grant circa '93 and that was my articulation. I may have even nearly knocked something over and said 'whoops-ie-daisy'. 
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  4. added a post in a topic its a me!!! Mario Maker   

    I might ask my girlfriend to get this for me if she's out shopping
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  5. added a post in a topic its a me!!! Mario Maker   

    I wonder if Nintendo are ready to actually push this with marketing.
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  6. added a post in a topic General Community Thread - Face it, the season shtick is played out   

    I never got on board with the snapchat bandwagon. The most app-y thing I use is WhatsApp since I'm part of two big groups. One for my friends back home and the other for my rugby team. Bar that I'm a complete loser. 
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  7. added a post in a topic Concussion: an awards season Oscar-bait film starring Will Smith as the African doctor that took on the NFL   

    It's like in any contact sport, I wonder how many athletes were made aware of the possible long term implications of head injury. I know it's now a massive thing in rugby where it was revealed that huge numbers of people never received treatment for concussion or were made aware of symptoms, things to look out for or treatment. 
    It all came to light really when a guy called Andy Hazel punched and stamped on a guy in a game but didn't remember a moment of it. Scans later revealed it was due to repeated head trauma and now he frequently has personality changes, mood swings and memory loss. None of which he was aware could happen from having a sore head every few weeks. 
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  8. added a post in a topic Opinion: Miley Cyrus is a better person than Kanye West   

    I've always assumed that the demographic for most pop stars is 13 - 18. The kind of fans that will buy merchandise, drum up support on social media and visit the shows. I just wish, along with her good use of money she'd not go down the slut-pop route that a few paved in the mid 2000s and now seems needed to be superficially famous. 
    GIve me more Birdy and less Miley :p
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  9. added a post in a topic REmake and REzero to be sold as 2-pack physical copy. Playable Wesker in REzero   

    I've got REmake on my gamecube in a drawer, but I'm so tempted to buy it for the ps3...
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  10. added a post in a topic Opinion: Miley Cyrus is a better person than Kanye West   

    I appreciate what Miley does, but she's an awful role model for her market.
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  11. added a post in a topic Back to the Dorm - Who else?   

    I wish I was. Instead I'll make the mile walk to my meh job.
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  12. added a post in a topic What aspect of game creation would you want to take part in?   

    I'd like to be part of writing, story boards and character design. I'm not overly interested in the making of the game, but helping with dreaming up would be great. I'd also like to be part of marketing for Nintendo to get something done. 
    If money was no option, I'd be a producer and just do the fun bits whilst paying for everything. 
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  13. added a post in a topic Demon's Souls, a retrospective   

    I'll be picking up Dark Souls in the next few weeks. FIrst entry in the series so it should be fun. Maybe... 
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  14. added a post in a topic Amazon now has 1-hour delivery in Portland   

    I can't think of many things that I'd want that quickly that couldn't be purchased with a 15 minute walk. Still, great customer service.
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  15. added a post in a topic What was the best sports game on the Sega Genesis?   

    I think I had Fifa 95 and WWF Wrestlemania. Going with the latter.
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