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  1. Games the Internet hates that you enjoy

    Halo Reach online.  I was both awesome at it and loved it, mostly because of the little power things you had.
  2. Dishwasher question.

    Run a few maintenance washes on your dishwasher.  Stick in on the hottest setting without any detergent or plates etc inside and let it run through.  Should clear out the shit inside. 
  3. January 2016 NPD Release Today

    Make me. 
  4. January 2016 NPD Release Today

    Make me. 
  5. Do you find games to be relaxing or engaging?

    I find them overly engaging which is why I rarely game during the week.  I do have the odd game I have their for relaxing but on the whole I don't play a game to unwind, but rather as an activity.  If I want to relax I'll play guitar or read. 
  6. How many books do you typically read at once?

    One at a time.  Though I find I do line up several books to read and then burn through them rapidly, then take a break from reading for a few weeks.  Then I'll probably pick up a series or start a new game. 
  7. What are you cooking/eating/drinking?

    I just had the spiciest stirfry in a long while.  It wasn't even pleasant...but I finished it all.  
  8.   It does come across that way, though you can just tell it was there to try to reassure fans that the new console will be able to compete with the other two.  I'm just waiting on news now as the NX is the only thing stopping me from picking up a PS4.  As soon as I can find out about the console, hear what kind of games to expect and if the thing sounds future proof, I'll save for one.  
  9. If they had PAL games, I'd get one as a gift.
  10. What retro games are you playing?

    Put some time into Super Metroid.  I've never finished the game before so it's been fun trying to avoid any guides.  I just picked up the Grapple Beam and X Ray Scope yesterday so chances are I'll play for an hour or so tonight and see where I get to.  After this, it'll be a case of finishing my meager PS3 backlog then REmake.
  11.     If it makes it better, I was speaking to you about the pigs then pressed return twice and became about my own problems. 
  12. I once bought a half of a Gloucestershire Old Spot and it was one of the best food decisions ever.  Raised about 150 miles up the road at a small farm and it was the same producer that fills the fridge for a Michelin star chef in the area.  It was incredible.      I also feel it's a [bad] sign of the eating disorder I've cultivated for myself that I wasn't just happy, but relieved that I have my protein supplement back.  Now I can indulge in a very calorie controlled diet for 19 days.  I feel like a cunt as I genuinely feel bad that I decided to eat some potato last night and didn't go on my planned 6 mile run today because I overslept and then it was raining outside.  I'll just go tomorrow and do some recovery stuff today but still...I'm not sure if I'm just dedicated to my goals or if I'm a twat.  Possibly both.   
  13.   I'm guessing with that mentality she's now just living on an island away from humanity.  I wonder if she's still selling her underwear...