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    I do but like smoking in general, I don't go out of my way for it.
  2. It's now less than 24 hours until I'll have read a poem in a church and will have finished singing a song I wrote for my Sisters wedding.  Fun!
  3. Rumor: Retro Studios NX Game Is New IP, Releases 2017

    Here we go Raven Blade, here we go. 
  4. StarFox impression/discussion thread

    If I have £40 at the end of May, I've decided I'll pick this up to play through over a weekend.  If it goes on Sale...I'll buy it whenever.
  5.   Pretty much.  It would be nice to go back to the historical games. There are so many more aspects of the War that could be looked in to and it could expand to more vehicular fighting.
  6. Living profitably under Roman rule in the mighty kingdom of Isca Dumnomiorum.
  7. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

      I would say Smash Brothers and Mario Kart 8 are so much better than anything else and offer enough fun/content they'd be worth getting the console for.  For one off games, Bayonetta 2 was amazing.  The Mario games were all good (3D World, NSMB:U and Super Mario Maker).  Things like NES Remix are great fun and for kids I can't really think of a better game than Lego City: Undercover.     I would agree that it didn't have a "The Last of Us" release or something that was a game of the generation but it had some incredible releases.
  8. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

    With Zelda releasing on both the WIi U and the NX at the same time, I'm guessing that confirms (maybe) that the NX will have a screen controller ala the Wii U.
  9. NX Launching Globally March 2017. Will not be at E3

    So along with the few games in the Direct and a focus on Zelda what will Nintendo bring to E3?  I'm kind of hoping rather than focusing on games they return back to a Nintendo-centric games show for the NX unveiling and expand on the Nintendo Championships.  It would be a nice move away from the boring as fuck presentations that normally take place.
  10. So with the release of the NX in March 2017 with Zelda, they need to drop the price as realistically the best exclusive game coming to the Wii U now will be Paper Mario.
  11. Is TV Becoming Too Fat?

    I don't mind programmes that run to an hour, but they should be contained to 13 episodes in a season.. 
  12. Uncharted 4 Street Date Broken in UK

    It was the best part about pre-ordered through Amazon in the UK.  When I bought them, both Halo Reach and Gears 2 arrived 10 days early so I finished the games before they were released to the public (mostly) and everyone I played against were devs or friends of.
  13. I really want this to be true so we actually have something a bit more concrete to make random speculations on.
  14. I would have taken over our family farm where we break and sell horses.  Depending on success I would also have a small empire of holiday homes to take advantage of the still booming tourism industry.     ...or dead from the war as I would have lied about my age.