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  1. Peterson and Harris are both pretty over rated.
  2. Its wrong to punch someone who has different political viewpoints from yours. And it will be counter productive to changing peoples minds. Unless you want the other side to fear and submit with the lingering threat of violence over them. You either go all in or all out. No half measures. History has proven that the right is far more competent in using violence as a political tool of control so the left should never celebrate it. The last thing the left, especially in the USA should want, is for violence to become acceptable politically. Cause they will be crushed utterly.
  3. Someone actually has to leak it though. And put their career on the line. And so on and so forth. For something that may not even be worth it. Maybe the fact that it hasnt been leaked means that there isnt a lot there to begin with. Or maybe leaking the personal information of the President while in the employ of the IRS is a risk no one is willing to take. Cause Russia aint taking you in. Not to mention it would undermine the integrity of the auditing process if information was to leak in the future. People may be less cooperative if they have reason to fear leaks.
  4. Its nice to see the awful remain post Lucas. I was worried for a moment. The last Jedi is the worst title in the history of the movies too.
  5. Its like I got deck chairs on the ship that got to watch the Titanic sink ^_^
  6. Liam Neeson needs to take a break!
  7. More and more Japanese devs are porting to PC. (Sure the ports arent great cause theyre still learnin) I mean, consoles are dying off in Japan too. Xbox exclusives are largely on PC, and terrible. PS4 exclusives are largely terrible or there are similar games on PC. Pervy Japanese games? The perviest ones are on PC. Consoles are passe. Stop living in the past.
  8. THE FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRCE!!!!!!!! Wouldnt she have looked like her momma and himself? Seen her in the senate. Put two and two together used 'jabboogle' and shit? He didnt have internets in his bowser castle?!
  9. Bet he plays the stupid allies in that game too.
  10. How come he didnt know Leia was his daughter in New Hope? He even spoked to her! And why didnt she have magic powers? Sexist much?