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  1. Apparently it was to our former Foreign Minister (Your Sec State) (Thats him)
  2. Oh please. The Brits are hardly to blame. Blame the Jews who were so weak they couldnt hold onto the piece of land for longer then a year without half of them going off to worship a golden cow. And blame the Muslims for building their third holiest site on the Jews holiest site. I mean what Mohammed parked his unicorn there or something on the way to heaven? Blame those two faiths for having built in persecution complexes that get sexually aroused at any sort of persecution. (I mean big surprised that Abrahamic faiths started by Jews would share that one thing in common) Oh and what else? I guess the Brits are to blame for India and Pakistan too! I mean Hindus and Muslims got along so great before they came along. Religion is a poison that is so embedded into the soil of that shit pile that this kind of crap was inevitable. The Romans should have Druided all the Rabbis and co and stopped this silly little religion before it spawned into 2 more worse ones. Jerusalem should have been torn down and the earth salted, with himalayan rock salt. And technically the Babylonians are the real culprits cause their shennanigans gave the Jews their persecution complex to begin with and started off the whole xenophobic nationalist Jewish nonsense.
  3. Kim Jong is dead

  4. You can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin him once. EA tried to see what skinning its sheep would be like and got burnt.
  5. Jeez, wish this attitude prevailed in your country a few hundred years ago. 'Oh tea and crumpets George, I mean, the UK is a huge market, where are we gonna sell our cotton if we leave?!'
  6. https://cleantechnica.com/2017/12/02/china-launches-worlds-first-electric-cargo-ship-will-use-haul-coal/
  7. Now imagine they had some quality control on the games they slapped their names on!
  8. Citation needed. Also needed is some evidence that the price for games has ever been consumerate with the costs involved in the production. The fact that games have had a static price for a while doesnt mean that the price needs to go up. Where is the evidence that games were worth 50$ 20 years ago? In Australia games used to be 100, now they are 80 new. Are we getting bargains? Or does their pricing structure have little to do with what they are worth, or the production that goes into them, and more what they think they can get away with? This isnt Milk. (Food is a neccessity) This is an entertainment product, a luxury, and the pricing of it has little to do with anything you seem to be equating it too. Its like arguing that Apple needs to put the price of Iphones up each year cause milk.
  9. Um.... No. But you cant say that rising costs are why we should be paying more. This isnt milk.