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  1. You get cured of your Jungle fever?
  2. If you think believing in climate change is akin to a religious belief, you might be an idiot who doesnt understand science. But then again given that you are following a guy whos biggest gig was on breitbart its not too hard to reach for that conclusion.
  3. Having Ben Shapiro as your.... intellectual? Thats like the most embarrassing thing ever.
  4. A: This isnt Fascism B: This isnt Stalin
  5. Cooking crap/crafting and inventory management >.>;
  6. I like how the media initially reported it as real and not a prank.
  7. Also, what are his references? Can the Pope just make stuff up?
  8. Fallon is awful. So is Gordon, Gorten, whoever follows Colbert. Seth Meyers is okish, not great. Conan is good. Thats all you need to know. Saying that the Trump interview was wot did it is stupid. Colbert interviewed Trump too. Also, its just the people want Colbert to do politics, now he does more politics. So more people watch. Fallon is just vanilla bland inoffensive shit.
  9. Why would he step down? He is a culture warrior, and it is a sweet gig.
  10. It would have to be to be of any real benefit. The idea that it would be revenue neutral is silly. The social services being used arent that extravagent that they could easily be replaced with a small pay rise. And then what happens when this tax credit runs out? Why should the government be required to pay off companies to pay their employees decently? None of this deals with the core issues surrounding the problem.
  11. Hey valve, hire 5 people to work Steam Customer Support full time! How bout dat? No? I guess working on dead end useless tech is a good idea too!