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  1. That was terrrrrrrible. Also the 'blonde people planet' was terrible, I skipped it after 10 minutes and the premise + it being Wesley heavy made it one of the few episodes I skipped.
  2. A: Those series were all shot around the same time. B: They got progressively worse. C: Cross over stuff was generally bad. DS9 would have been better if it didnt have the cross over stuff to deal with and the characters. They should have set this 200 years in the future from TNG, they were going to a new galaxy, maybe even make Romulans part of the crew cause of some peace treaty or a general peace in the galaxy. Hell have it be a diverse crew on a 5 year mission with crew from each race if you really need to have some 'drama' between them. Whole new adventures. Entirely new sci fi stuff. Q can make a return cause he is awesome. Optimistic view of the future based on weekly adventures of a diverse cast working together to get shit done. Star Trek TOS was a gamble, it barely payed off. The original movies reignited the series. TNG took it to a new level. Now we are just going backwards because of 'REMEMBER THE ___________!'. We dont need to gaps filled in, the gaps dont matter, that isnt what Star Trek was about.
  3. Meh. Star Trek is essentially the tale of how to take the Klingons and make them just the worst. But I thought DS9 was going to be the height of that story. Now it looks like theyre going back in time to make the story even worse. Also Vulcans are just annoying at this point. There is a reason Spock was the only good Vulcan, and why TNG and DS9 worked so well without them and their stupid ass 'mentor' shit.
  4. Aw, I thought it was a new series. Also I just realised the b52s did the intro to the series.
  5. What involvement? Selling an old chip to them? Thats like saying Wii's success was all IBM.
  6. Gotta make everything about Ukraine?
  7. Lucky he has such good health insurance. Fortunately he is trying to take it away from poor people so I gues he gets some more of it.
  8. Hitler really dropped the ball on Dunkirk, could have ended the war before it really started.
  9. Damn, if Ukrainians of all stripes were this defensive Russia wouldnt have taken 1/5 of your country! liberated novorussia!
  10. Yeah but now Australia is mad at you. Sounds psycho. Im guessing they will go the 'I thought the phone was a gun' line.
  11. Saddam effectively killed any pan arabism that was possible in Iraq by favouring sunnis and persecuting shia. And then the Shia did the same when they took power.
  12. Sort of, the main adversary in DS9 is a race of changlings who use the infiltration tactic to help defeat their enemies.
  13. They sort of become the Changlings in DS9 sorta. More interesting though then a throat bug.