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  1. In NY you have to watch for falling AC units. Its the same in Moscow but for political dissidents. Dont be such a drama queen.
  2. The last time I remember this being a problem for me was the N64 days. I never noticed in on the GCN or the Wii or the Wiiu! (Or my 360 PC controller)
  3. Does yours get like this white dust on it around the sticks?
  4. At least we have liberal billionaires who are putting their money where the mouth is to affect political change too. Ahahahaha.
  5. Just let the Republicans destroy the Filibuster over this. Its a stupid idea anyway.
  6. I cant keep track of who hates the FBI now and which side Comey is on. He is like some sort of Game of Thrones guy him.
  7. Rice wasnt a great Sec State. Gates was ok I guess but following Rummy would make anyone look decent. What does Tillerson bring to this gig? That he has had to schmooze awful dictators as part of his job? His job was placating them, not standing up to them or countering them.
  8. So... why did he take it? Is he exceptional? Not really. Is he an expert in the field? No. Does he want it? No. Give it to someone who's heart is in it and who knows foreign affairs and who isnt about to retire for a quiet life. He isnt Danny Glover in a Lethal Weapon movie.
  9. 1. No. 2. Bible and Torah are both awful too, theyre just both more open to interpretation so the bad stuff gets ignored more easily. 3. Dogma doesnt mean what you think it means.
  10. odd that a civilization can be founded by a document that came into existence 2000 years after Athenian democracy and which was built on so many other foundations. You value your interpretation of it. Nothing else. No document is in a vacuum, nor should it ever be treated as such. One of the problems with the Muslim world is that they do just that. And if you look at most of Human history, that is when trouble arises. When Aristotle became dogma, when religion becomes inflexible, when Confucius' writings became state orthodoxy. All you get is stagnation and regression. When you cast out those that think otherwise, when you sanctify only one reading and one meaning. Well. I cant think of any time that has been a good thing. Two people can read the same document and come to different conclusions. We know this in Law. This is the basic tenant of Law. Of all writing ever. That is why we have Judges and Lawyers, and arguments, and debate, and logic and reason and everything that should go into figuring out stuff.
  11. The point is that you dont understand the Law. Or how the Legal system works.
  12. Norway has one of the higher defence spending rates in the EU and Nato. And lets not pretend that the US is being dragged into spending more on defence by less than enthusiastic allies. You buy tanks when the army tells you it doesnt need them. You are currently trying to take money out of meals on wheels and PBS to increase defence spending. On and quit with the Martyr shit. No one is forcing you to do any of this. And there is no proof that it is military spending that is making you unhappy, nor that your spending is because your allies let you down. Nor that higher defence spending would impact their happiness.
  13. What the hell are you talking about? You dont need to replace a justice with a mirror image justice. You literally said that your argument would be the same no matter what the sides were? So Ginsburg has to be replaced by someone who is Ginsburgian? Thats the stupidest argument, and the least lacking of sense that I have heard in a long time. The entire point of Presidential appointments is that they can get someone in the SC that is ideologically aligned largely to themselves. There are no 'turns' there is no 'quota', you get to appoint someone when a justice quits or dies. Your fundamental misunderstanding seems to be so great that you even think that the arguments the Republicans made were bad. No. They were the only at least somewhat legitimate arguments that could be made for denying Obama a pick, even then theyre largely illegitimate. Your argument, would be even more illegitimate, and even harder to sell to the public, because it simply amounts to 'we want another Scalia, full stop.' And that isnt an argument that can, or should ever, be made in denying or allowing a SC justice to be chosen. Its such a stupid argument, that is not simple, nor legal, nor principled, that its pretty amazing that anyone could hold such a point of view. Or would be if they werent rabid ideologues. Because I think youd probably not be keen on any Democrat who said 'We demand a Ginsburgian for Ginsburg.' Oh wait, she wouldnt be a 'strict constitutionalist' in your terms so she shouldnt even be sitting on the court to begin with.
  14. Why? Make a decent argument for why Obama wasnt entitled to a pick in the final 10 months of his term. Outside of the clear fact that we can all agree on, namely that he is a wonton anti semite.
  15. The concept was founded in 2006 by U2 frontman and activist Bono