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  1. You are the opposite of useful idiot.
  2. ^_^ Are you guys going to hit 1 year of denial? At what point do the Psych journals start saying we should be worried about an inability to move on?
  3. The fact that the worst candidate possible was the nomination probably had the biggest effect on Hilary losing.
  4. NYT: Only mass deportations can save America

    Articles like these always work in helping the debate and fostering a change in mind sets. Oh wait.
  5. Hercules Hates Fags

    You mean like the middle aged white guy called Joe Biden who had to push the WH into action on gay marraige? Like the middle aged white guys who litigated on so many cases to uphold these rights and fought for change? Like the middle aged white guys who were often plaintiffs? Those?
  6. 21 episodes into Star Trek: The Next Generation

    In the pale moonlight was a turd.
  7. R.I.P. in Peace, CliffyB's "Lawbreakers"

    Maybe give it a decent name. What laws are they breaking and why havent they been arrested?
  8. Haha? Joke? Star Wars has only had one well directed movie in its entirety. The "Level" of star wars is essentially now to just follow a forumla and to not nudge the train of the rails.
  9. Minecraft made a ship load of money without Steam. Some games need steam, some dont. This game is a phenomenon on its own.
  10. Maybe make all your titles like this, you know, so you arent Buzzfeedingly incomprehensible!
  11. Why are people so into Norse stuff? Its so boring.
  12. Those Pubg guys must be kicking themselves that they have to pay a cut to Valve now.
  13. Ripley in Aliens is the greatest action film star ever. She even gets the greatest one liner ever.