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  1. Which style of multiplayer shooter do you prefer?

    Whatever type Rainbow Six 3 was...I liked that kind best
  2. 2K Sports not expected to renew MLB License

    Really is a shame that they could never make a better baseball game...They essentially had the whole Xbox 360 and PC market to themselves to make an outstanding baseball game that could have competed against The Show.
  3. EA returns official DICE servers to Battlefield 3

    Good news I suppose...I haven't used an official server in a long time but player-owned servers can be hit or miss when it comes to having an enjoyable game.
  4. Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend

    Thanks for the heads up...been trying to get back into BF3 lately.
  5. When forza 4 came out I remembered seeing that the limited edition was hard to find...I walked into my Walmart and they had a whole bunch of them. I bought 1 and came home and put it online for 2.5 times what I payed for it. I then went back to Walmart and bought 2 more. I kept one and sold the other..making some easy quick money.
  6. Max Payne 3: After the Fall #1 is out

    Ugh I wish I had hype for this game...I loved the first two but I just have no interest in this at all. Hopefully it turns out well though.
  7. Mine might be Bastion...That game came out of nowhere and I loved every damn aspect of it.
  8. I don't like Mega Man...apparently...:(

    I had remembered loving Mega Man x to death as a kid back on SNES, so when I found out about maverick hunter a few weekends ago I was thrilled. I downloaded it and the nostalgia came flowing back to me. Then I got my ass handed to me by every damn level. I have no idea how I tore this game up as a kid.
  9. Fuck!

    I used to be really into Rainbow Six 3 back in the day, It was a great community but it was really hardcore, especially once its popularity wore off. I remember people getting booted out of matches constantly for little to no reason at all. Fuck now I miss Rainbow Six...
  10. What Game(s) are You Playing Today?

    Probably some MLB on Vita...its relaxing to just turn on the TV chill out and grind through some Franchise mode
  11. Wtf dude? All I meant was that I had credit through amazon so i payed less out of pocket...just pointing out the price no need to be a dick...
  12. No tax free 2 day shipping promo code from ME3 plus I had some credit so I got it for 20 through amazon...
  13. FYI Amazon has it for $44 now if anyone would prefer shopping there...(I know I do) Just ordered mine!
  14. Batting practice in The Show 12?

    I've wondered this as well...I don't think it statistically improves your player, but rather adds to the authenticity/feel of the game. I usually take a pitch or two, then skip the rest.