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  1. Right. And I was happy to buy some in Titanfall 2.
  2. But apparently no pay to win and no loot boxes.
  3. This doesn't explain how broad the problem is. Yes, poorer folks are more at risk, but the problem extends across every class in catastrophic numbers that literally imperil our armed forces pool and national security. You can combine this with nutritious food subsidies and other programs, but far too many Americans are choosing to be fat.
  4. Fat taxes + health tax credits. The only thing people seem understand is money. Also, leg day.
  5. This is the biggest harbinger yet of a Democratic wave this November.
  6. Do what a lot of newspapers are doing. Cut staff, temporarily jack up profits, cash out.
  7. Destiny 2 Discussion

    They finally saved up enough money for all the gear.
  8. LTTP (Sorta): Metal Gear Solid V

    I did. But mine won't. Without an epic, zany story, it's not metal gear for me. The story beats dropped off almost immediately following the intro, which I loved. Couldn't stick with it. Seemed like a whole game designed around a grind in a visually unappealing world. All the busywork of your average open world game without any of the reasons to do it.
  9. LTTP (Sorta): Metal Gear Solid V

    Nailed it.
  10. Clueless Gamer - God of War

    If you can point me in the direction of him dismissing entire art forms (as opposed to fan subcultures), I'll bite. This is mass media at its least satirical and therefore most useless. The entire late night genre is about promotion of media, which is what this is supposed to be, but it isn't. It's just ridicule. I don't see the humor in treating talentless celebrities like luminaries, but treating an unfamiliar art form, that is capable of brilliance on par with or exceeding films', like a shitty frat boy treats gay people.
  11. Clueless Gamer - God of War

    I personally find these mean spirited and kind of demeaning to the art form. It'd be one thing if he still poked fun at himself and his lack of knowledge, but most of them are now about making fun of games as a medium. Given the artistic achievements of the medium as of late, especially on God of War, I'm not really sure what the joke is here. This may as well have been a Zack Morris nerd takedown.