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  1. Always found it a gimmicky snoozical.
  2. PS4 Game That Most Prompted Execs at Microsoft to Say "Faaaaaackkk..."
  3. 1. This is a dumb suit. Manafort's connections to pro-Russian forces inside Ukraine clearly are within the ambit of Mueller's jurisdiction. 2. Even if he wins, won't DOJ proper just pick this up?
  4. The Jimquisition GOTY Awards 2017

    As predictable as this list is, it's a reminder that it'd be nice if he still covered video games, and not just microtransactions.
  5. He should have pleaded guilty to neckbeard.
  6. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I have a mines checkpoint. Anyone willing to saddle up on this tonight?
  7. Who knows, but it's definitely not a billion. Consoles make AAA PC gaming possible. That's apparent.
  8. That gap between console and PC profit is.... staggering.
  9. Dark Souls rumors going around....

    The only one I haven't played! Would love to see this.
  10. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I think so, too. Really smart to merge weapon grind issues and power fantasy issues. I really enjoy watching them evolve the game over time.
  11. Destiny 2 Discussion

    So, the raid lair is separate from the rest of the raid? Shorter, tighter experience? I'm way down for that.
  12. Destiny 2 Discussion

    How much of the raid do I have to know in order to do the Raid Lair?
  13. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Not really. I just don't know what else to say to this level of vitriol spewed over a video game. The emotional investment it takes to equal that kind of anger is something I can't summon in defense. It's a fun game. I like playing it with my brothers, getting weapons, exploring lore, playing Crucible, and watching how it evolves over time. I'm willing to pay $15 every three months to keep playing. I like Destiny 2.
  14. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I like Destiny 2.
  15. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Anyone raiding tonight?