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  1. Pretty sure they're all deep blue, too.
  2. Takings lawsuits will stop the wall.
  3. Takings lawsuits will stop the wall.
  4. Hearing extension requests are also very routine. Let's pump the brakes until we know more.
  5. Because feds can only really set minimums, but cannot dictate maximums. So if Republicans roll back environmental regulations, California can add more within its jurisdiction. Any attempt to dictate maximums is unconstitutional unless the states' clash with the US Constitution.
  6. And they really can. People are forgetting the broad police powers available to the states. Easier for a liberal state to counteract a conservative federal government than the other way around.
  7. There's a reason why they call it "rescuing" a dog to give it a "forever home," versus "capturing" an elephant to keep it in "captivity." And that reason is not semantic.
  8. I don't think murderers get "widows." They get "wife of dead terrorist."
  9. Equating? No. But drawing comparisons between human beings in bondage and other highly intelligent animals in bondage is not misplaced. And the hilarity of having an emotional tie to an animal that has no choice or input in the matter, and is persistently and horrifically abused and mistreated, appears lost on you. It's akin to developing feelings for a prostitute who cannot escape her circumstances and wishes they weren't hers. P.S. If you think people own dogs (which as a subspecies are genetically or epigenetically tied to human beings for about 200,000 years) for entertainment, you're doing it wrong. If they could run wild and free, I'd be all for it, but that's not possible here, nor is it their biological inclination. Also, I don't abuse dogs so I later make them do tricks for my neighbors entertainment, for a fee, for fun.
  10. Yesssah, 'twas certainly the acme of the Lord's tragedies, when Maddie, our house slave, passed ohn. She bein' such a sweet gal, and had served ahs for so, so long. Mah grandaddy's mammy was huh best friend when she was but a young gal forced to scrub our floors fuh she finnda go to bed. She nevah complain much 'bout it, but did a right good job like the salt of the earth. House slave, sho', but they's might' been sisters!
  11. The CIA didn't leak the intel, but I do think they were getting back at him by leaking that Obama and Trump were both briefed on it, which elevated it from tabloid/Buzzfeed BS to something approaching a tempest in a.....bathtub? Biggish. And it certainly makes him look very, very tiny.
  12. LOL, keep it up, idiot. This is so, so good.
  13. If you think not having celebrities is meaningless to Trump, then you clearly know nothing about him. His singular desire in life is to be accepted by the beautiful, famous people.
  14. Did you miss the part where Goldman Sachs is about to run Treasury and the SEC (the SE-effing-C!)?