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      D1P 2017 Charity Campaign for The Life You Can Save: $1,515 (as of April 7, 2017)   12/12/2016

      I've decided to extend our charity campaign for The Life You Can Save organizations for the entirety of 2017 so feel free to contribute at any time!  Periodically through the year, I'll have game giveaways for those who have donated to the campaign as a "thank you" for supporting this worthy endeavor!
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      Update on the single-device/browser login restriction issue some people are having.   04/04/2017

      4/7/2017 update: Now people who've been affected by this are saying that it went away on its own after about a week. So I dunno, if this would really hugely inconvenience you try to not log in on additional devices/browsers until the 4.2 update that's supposed to hopefully resolve this for good.   original announcement: For a long time now, D1P has been limited to three logins at a time; logging in on a fourth device or browser would log you out everywhere else. Unfortunately, multiple people have been reporting that they've started experiencing being limited to ONE login at a time.   The good news is, Invision Power Services (the company that makes our forum software) is aware of the issue and will be addressing it in version 4.2 of the software, which is the next big update. The bad news is, they announced about a month ago (the beginning of March 2017) that the update will be coming out in "mid 2017", so we probably have at least another couple of months to go before this is resolved.   In the meantime, I apologize to those affected for the inconvenience, and would suggest to everyone else to not log in to additional devices until this is resolved if this is something you don't want to have to have to deal with. I'm still not 100% sure on why it's not affecting everyone and why it didn't hit everyone affected at the same time, but the timing of when the reports of this started here mostly lines up with when I've seen reports of other sites having this issue starting, and I suspect that the problem is trickling in because of people happening to hit a fourth login that logs them out everywhere else, and then proceeding to be limited to one login at a time after that.

      D1Pcast Episode 26: The Retro Show   04/19/2017

      It's time to have that talk with your kids. No not THAT talk, the talk about retro games and how much better things were back in our days! We have @Reputator join us and talk a bit about the Scorpio and some retro PC cards. [email protected] us about console retro gaming and how he just got his Super Mario USA. While @Jason tells us about the day his parents threw out all his retro consoles. A sad day for any gamer. So listen and give us your feed back about your retro gaming experience!    


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  1. Plus, Flynn's potential treachery goes way beyond Russia.
  2. We have an obvious constitutional crisis, as Barack Obama remains President of the United States.
  3. Sony continues to its class-A developers like class-A developers. New IP, new digs, lots of funding. Hearts.
  4. If only there were some edition of the films that were as high quality as the special editions, but sort of, I don't know, less specialized, or un-specialized, or DE-SPECIALIZED... ....or something. And if only someone stored them in easily accessible Dropbox links.
  5. Disagree. The real Steven Colbert uses the same wit to make the same points, but is able to approach it with a sort of whimsical optimism and cheer that is sorely needed today.
  6. HEADLINE: Liberal says something incorrect with which most liberals disagree. Are we done here?
  7. That sound you heard was Jeff Zucker popping a massive......bottle of champagne.
  8. It was positive in a technical sense - "Pull the lever for me." It's not hopeful, but it's positive. Hillary's was nearly exclusively negative, even if it was less vitriolic.
  9. Except in 2016. Hillary was smart and blind. Trump was idiotic and accidentally prophetic. Neither exactly did anything catastrophic or brilliant. But Trump articulated a reason why he needed to be president - poorly, but he did. Hillary didn't. That's typically what it comes down to. Where neither candidate does so, like 2000, 1976, 1960, you have exceedingly close races. But where one candidate is better able to describe the reason for his candidacy, he wins. This is true of 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, 1972, and...you get the idea. Trump wasn't brilliant, and Clinton wasn't stupid. Trump merely tapped into something, anything. Clinton barely attempted and ran a nearly exclusively anti-Trump campaign.
  10. We're Going to Have a Deportation Force: One Republican's Guide for Inexplicably Increasing Your Share of the Hispanic Vote
  11. True, but we've seen how loyalty can matter in this game. If you don't hurt professional dedication outright, you're surely hurting devotion, and that could hamper performance.
  12. Right. It'd be akin to Bush blaming Cheney for Iraq. Yes, it was Cheney and his acolytes that pushed for war, but Bush who surrounded himself with bad decision-makers and adopted their bad decisions. Sure, the staff made massive mistakes. But a leader adjusts, recalibrates, invents, disseminates, and implements. Clinton merely complained and asked others to do all of those things.
  13. According to the Communist Party, which has been around since 1917, prices should be set by the inherent value of labor, not by the demand of the customer. I'm just saying I need to know a lot more about this group before I can properly interpret its findings.
  14. Lots of contractors live job to job, and leverage their future against possibility of quick prestige gain. One big job is very alluring, even if it's a risky proposition for any number of reasons. Many contractors go belly up with this thinking.