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  1. I worry about that, with the inexplicable mixing of eras. Also, why have we seen functionally zero campaign footage?
  2. Yeah - the codes can't be generated anymore (if you finished after August 1), but can still be redeemed. Either way. Ordered the shirt, not ashamed. I love the game more than I hate it - and I do hate it.
  3. Nope! A person at Bungie.net accessed his code for the first time, I redeemed and bought it. He accessed it at bungie.net/triumphs.
  4. Perfect illustration of the difference between capitalism (generally works!) and corporatism (hilarious hypocrisy that fails nearly everyone!).
  5. The GOP will win 2018

    Could have sworn Clinton vastly outraised Trump, but whatever, who cares, right?
  6. So, I read that AoT was extended, but I guess that was only t-shirt code redemption. Does anyone have any codes out there still unused? I'll be a little annoyed if I did all that grinding for "Book Complete" and nothing else... Thanks!
  7. Bye, D1P

    I like it here.
  8. The DPRK blinks...for now

    Obviously. There was no way they were ever going to do that. When will people realize that nuclear powers are like prize-fighters that only talk trash before the bout and never, ever box?
  9. Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition, Sep. 26

    Already got the platinum, but no DLC. Hopefully this release coincides with a sale on a few of those.
  10. What this tells you is that Trump believes Mueller leaks like his White House does. Tried to kill the story, but there was no story, because Mueller actually knows what the hell he's doing.
  11. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Really into Metro right now. Almost done with 2033, Last Light is next.