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  1. Democrats long ago admitted he was right and Obama was wrong.
  2. Watch his approval rating. Only thing that will move GOP.
  3. You mean when his dad was stationed there before the revolution? Never stop, man, never stop.
  4. GUYS. This was the moment. Only sort of kidding.
  5. Fine. But the order is too short and compact to be severable - court can't rewrite it, and will likely be forced to strike it all down.
  6. Because they didn't have to. It's a blatant DP violation, and courts rarely go further than necessary, especially this early.
  7. It's almost like you shouldn't shit all over your Arab allies.
  8. He's not a white horse. Just a very solid voice for civil liberties in Congress.
  9. ....... 1. Justin Amash is a Republican libertarian US Rep from Michigan. My reference to him was only regarding Republicans with stones in the national legislature. 2. He would cakewalk because they freaking love Mitt Romney in Utah. Have for a long time, but especially since he saved the 2002 Winter Games. #markotgonnamarkot
  10. But I already responded...
  11. Ugh. He couched his words enough for them to be construed any way you want, but if he's angling for office in Utah, he could trash Trump and still cakewalk to a win. But hey, I've already lost Rand, may as well toss Mitt out, too. Justin Amash, you're my only hope.
  12. Eating Brussels sprouts is better than eating cat shit.
  13. I guess this is where he loves America more than Obama did?
  14. The fact that Republicans were ever talking about a national-level replacement plan, when supporting health care at the national level was considered heresy not that long ago, demonstrates that they lost the argument. And now this.