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  1. Bateman apologized and explains what he was trying to get across. Tbh this is the vibe I got but I can totally get how it was taken the other way. Jason Bateman Apologizes After Furor Over Defending Jeffrey Tambor https://nyti.ms/2xfkPRM
  2. Judge rules Trump can't block users on Twitter

    My initial reaction is ban politicians from Twitter and force them to hold press conferences under penalty of impeachment/auto-resignation.
  3. Yes. When they started developing the F-35 there weren't long range land-based missiles that could take out an aircraft carrier. China has developed one. So Congress is saying that there's not enough wiggle room for our carriers to get close enough to China, have the F-35 takeoff, complete its objective over their mainland, and return to the carrier.
  4. Well the solution here is obviously to develop a new weapons platform.
  5. Israel confirms first combat use of F-35

    As somebody from the PCCB that fact just makes it better tbh.
  6. Israel confirms first combat use of F-35

    As an admirer of combat aircraft I'm like "Cool!" As a person who questions a lot of Israel's actions I'm like "eh..." But this little bit was cool:
  7. Stellaris: Distant Stars DLC to release on May 22

    I'm out of town for work. I need this now. Just hook it into my veins!
  8. The headline says Amazon has saved it, but the article itself says Jeff Bezos is in talks with the showrunners. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/expanse-revived-season-4-at-amazon-1113803
  9. Deadpool 2: Official "Suck on This, MCU!" Thread

    It was fun! Josh Brolin as Cable is the single greatest Marvel casting ever. Loved every moment we had with him on screen.
  10. Didn't need its own thread but needs to be laughed at.
  11. GOP continues to prove it can't govern.

    The moderates are the minority though.
  12. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    ... he says as he sends Mike Pence to speak at the NRA
  13. Abbath-less Immortal is pretty good

    Because of their ridiculous theatrics and imagery that seem to be poking fun at black metal rather than embracing it? Invisible Sandwich!