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  1.   That's too bad. While representative of the "old guard" , which we don't need more of, his work laid the groundwork for the huge electoral successes in 2006 and 2008. 
  2. I was going to guess Florida because, well Florida.
  3. A NYT photojournalist took a lot of horrifying pictures of Duterte's war on drugs.   God damn.
  4. Opinions on soundbars and surround sound units

    LTTP but definitely surround. The sound quality is far superior and video games are one area where even non-audiophiles can tell the difference.
  5. Man I really want this game. I keep missing the sales  I'm sure Steam will have it on their Winter/holiday sale though.

      V10 here. Also very happy.
  7. So if the child and/or mother are going to have complications the doctor can't terminate the pregnancy?
  8. Transformers: The Last Knight - official trailer

    Just threw up a little in my mouth.
  9. And the Hitler comparisons continue to tighten. 
  10. Fate of SC Officer who shot fleeing Walter Scott in the back

      I agree mostly. I'd be just as pissed at this situation if it was any other person shot in the back by a police officer.
  11. Updated The Mummy trailer

      Me too! Some effects haven't aged well, but the humor, scale, and story are all fun as hell.
  12. ~*D1Pmas 2K16 Recipient Organization Voting Poll*~

    There's more than 11 people on this board. Vote people! This is why Donnie won.
  13. Remember this?     MISTRIAL!   Un-fucking-believable.        
  14. Also, who's the blonde with the short-cut hair going to bitch to when her sammich doesn't have any tomato? 
  15. Yes. And when you do so you are charged for the item.