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  1. Deadpool 2 last minute reshoots

    Man that trailer is dooooope! Josh Brolin is so perfect to play Cable. In terms of looks I think that's the best adaption I've seen.
  2. what happened to apoc?

    Yeah it was like this: You can't see it but you're up in the front of the group.
  3. Such demonic incantations will bring doom to us all.
  4. what happened to apoc?

    I gave that dude too many chances. Remember when he said he had a PhD biologist fuck buddy that he was going to bring onto the boards to own all of us for being so stupid and accepting evolution? Good times.
  5. I don't wish death upon anyone. But Donald Trump is sub-human so whatever. Can't all that fast food and non-exercise just kill him already please?
  6. Like a year ago I remember asking something like "was Dodger always so pissed off?" Makes sense now and wouldn't blame anyone in that situation for lashing out in different ways.
  7. what happened to apoc?

    We have a winner!
  8. what happened to apoc?

    I found the mod thread. It was pretty much this: Us being the bald guys.
  9. Fox News Analyst Quits, Calling Network a ‘Propaganda Machine’

    Do you need help? I'm here for you. You are a valued person and loved. Please, please, please call this number if you're ever tempted to do that again: 1-800-273-8255.
  10. Adidas making crazy waste money

    For reals.
  11. Adidas making crazy waste money

    Whoever wrote this article needs an editor. Just in the TLDR bullet points at the beginning there were two errors that made me re-read the thing twice to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong.
  12. I was offered a job today.

    When I was first starting college I worked two jobs. It was miserable. I had no social life and didn't get enough sleep. I don't know what your hours are like now but I'd take a M-F 8AM-5PM "just okay" job over a great job that requires me to work weird hours. I think the thing to ask yourself is: What specifically will this job do to provide you a pathway into the career you are interested in? How have teacher's assistants in the past gone from doing that to doing whatever it is that is your dream job?
  13. Game giveaway because I love you guys!

    Because you help keep the Discord server active. 35
  14. Which tech CEO would you want sent to the guillotine?

    The collective cultural dick suck of Elon Musk is getting a bit tiring. I still love him though. Edit: I selected the last option (other) and then you changed the poll and it converted my vote to PayPal moron. But that answer is also acceptable.