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  1. My birthday August 7th. And he will officially resign, but really be forced out.
  2. Yup. I saw you quoted me last night before I had a chance to watch the ep. You bet your ass I just dismissed that notification without opening it!
  3. This thread is open spoilers. Updating the title to reflect as such because really why would you come in here if you didn't want to discuss the latest episode?
  4. Yeah they're all swollen and big now.
  5. And he sang at Cornell's funeral and is godfather to Cornell's son.
  6. He's gotten a lot done. He deserves a long vacation. I mean presidents rarely get to play golf anyways.
  7. That's too bad. He had quite a few children IIRC. With this death and Chris Cornell's recently, it just really reinforces that stereotypical thought of how success and fame aren't a cure for anything, but rather can be the cause of mental illness. I never liked his band but their album Hybrid Theory was so huge that even though it was background music for me I'd still consider it part of my high school soundtrack.
  8. I'll say it again. Mike Lee opposes this because it doesn't allow him to personally shit in his poor person of choice's mouth while lecturing them about the free market.
  9. Seems likely at this point haha. I don't know how true it is but I heard some rumor that George has it in his "will", or whatever the IP of literature equivalent is of that, that nobody can continue his work. I remember reading about it somewhere but don't want to find it.
  10. lolnope
  11. Can't be a sand snake. Would have to be Oberyn's paragon Ellaria as she's the one who killed Cersei's daughter. Which would make sense. But that wouldn't be as exciting as having Tyrion in peril again; plus Tyrion is the person she hates the most. Euron could also bring her the dragon horn.