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  1. Navy Pilot Draws A Penis In The Sky

    This is literally right next to my hometown. Awesome.
  2. Ulver,Gatecreeper,Blaze Of Perdition

    Lol I fucking knew I had heard that name before. Please tell me it's actually like the same group or something. That would be awesome.
  3. Ulver,Gatecreeper,Blaze Of Perdition

    Loved the Gatekreeper track. When I saw the name Ulver I assumed it was some Norwegian forest metal band. Awesome NRW stuff though.
  4. You're calling for the same consequences though, which implies they are equally bad. As I mentioned to sblfilms Franken's incident and Moore's incident vary in both quality and quantity so asking for a guy who has done a lot of good in the Senate despite one (so far) past incident to abandon everything is a little strong IMO.
  5. Okay. I don't think grabbing breasts and forcing kisses should be compared with propositioning several teenagers.
  6. Correct. He asked. She said no. He kept asking and she eventually said yes. But then even after she said yes to a rehearsal practice kiss he stuck his tongue down her throat.
  7. I agree 100%. I actually mentioned the bolded earlier so we're in agreement there. But as it stands now their (Moore and Franken) incidents vary drastically in both quantity and "quality" and I don't think the consequences should be the same for both.
  8. I don't think propositioning teenagers who can't legally consent to anything and forcing a kiss on someone should be compared.
  9. Yes. They were rehearsing for the skit when he kissed her. Kiss was part of the skit; but she didn't want to do that part for real. He did, apparently.
  10. Rate my haul for the day

    Didn't see a "donate to GB" sticker anywhere in there. 0/10.
  11. Avengers Infinity War article

    Those look definitely look... marvelous.
  12. There isn't one. In the latest shooting thread he was talking about making a megathread for shootings because it happens so often. He's saying the same thing for this topic now.