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  1. This is the first time I've ever seen a post on the EB where you have low expectations. 
  2. I'm not familiar with the books but am interested in this movie. The costume looks great but Elba couldn't look bad if he tried. 
  3. Almost Halfway Through the Year, What Are You Enjoying So Far in 2016?

    Yeah I totally get the hate. When I look at it "objectively" it's not a great album. But I still enjoy it. My brother saw them live in Seattle last week. He said it was one of the worst shows he'd ever been to (of any group). And they're his favorite band! He said that the album was slowly growing on him but after that show all his goodwill toward it vanished. On this tour they are playing the entire album front to back. And I guess the encore was the very last song on the record. "It's not like you were going to play the first 33 songs and not the 34th unless we kept cheering! That's not an encore!" LOL   But seriously check out that Vektor track. You'll love it. 

    Glad I caught them live last year. I enjoy all of their stuff. However, Haughm's announcements made him seem like such a douche (he's since deleted them). Basically "Agalloch will continue with its pioneering great visionary supreme original founding member. Me." Fuck that guy's goddamned ego.   Edit: While looking for what Haughm said I found this by Neill Jameson on Decibel. Pretty spot on.      
  5. Almost Halfway Through the Year, What Are You Enjoying So Far in 2016?

    It's crazy that we're halfway through the year practically. I still haven't had time to appreciate all the 2015 releases because as I was trying to make this list half the stuff that I thought came out this year was actually last year. Also, several things that I'm really looking forward to are slated for later this year (new Periphery, probably new Cloudkicker as he seems to put out one a year)   That Abbath track is killer.   I'm loving the new Perturbator too. But when it comes to new retrowave I've been listening to Dance with the Dead a lot more. Their newest is pretty great. However it has their worst album art ever.   Amon Amarth's new disc is getting some consistent spins here. I think it's better than their last effort but still not on the level of With Oden On Our Side or Twilight of the Thunder God.   Iron Maiden delivers as always   Definitely laden with cheese, but I still love The Astonishing   But most importantly, if you're not loving Vektor's new release you are wrong about everything ever and always will be.  
  6. I see. I just remember reading there would be 5 Bond movies with Craig. I googled around and it looks like he was at least saying that he was onboard for a 5th during all the interviews for Spectre.
  7. Wait. House of Cards isn't a documentary?
  8. I was sad to hear of his passing. He was primary'd in 2010 and replaced in the Senate by Mike Lee who is one of the most detestable twat waffles to ever live; second only to Ted Cruz. And he was much less of a party hard-liner than Orrin.
  9. Microsoft announces the "Halo Forge Experience" for Windows 10

    Well it would be easier to edit maps on the PC than with a controller. So it's got that going for it. Which is nice.
  10. I think he's still contractually obligated for one more film. It sounds like they were trying to get him to stay for a 6th but he's going to just do the minimum and move on. 
  11. Leak on STAR WARS: EPISODE 8 Luke involvement... (spoiler tags inside)

    That sounds incredibly badass!    
  12. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    I don't think the High Sparrow is really planning a walk for Margery. Or if he is he's got ulterior motives. Tommen: "Hey Mom, that old dude that you're fighting with told me, a sweet little mama's boy, something very important about my wife. But he told me not to tell anyone who might be able to help her out of the situation. Especially not you, my vengeful power-hungry mother who's on his shit list."
  13. Netflix launches new speed test site Fast.com

    I'm getting the same speed between the two at my work.
  14. Help finding a 1440p monitor

    @Spork3245 Cool man. I don't mind refurbed at all. I'll add this to my list of options. Is the 3d feature adding to its price?
  15. Help finding a 1440p monitor

      Yeah I mean $400 for the monitor. I was just joking that a 1080 is really tempting and that if I'm spending money in that ballpark I'd prefer a 1080 over a new monitor, but if I can keep it under $400 I'd much rather have a new monitor.