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  1. New Lady Gaga single - Perfect Illusion

    It's got a nice 80s vibe to it.
  2. Mayhem NA Tour

    Might have to go see them in SLC even though I don't really care for them just because they are legendary.
  3. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Kubo and the Two Strings - 10/10 - This movie has some issues—sappy "love" ending, some plot points make no sense—but bah gawd if it doesn't overcome those weaknesses by being practically flawless in every other department. Humorous, emotional, beautifully colored, phenomenal score and concept. While I haven't seen a ton of animated movies since I was a kid this one is probably the best one I've seen as an adult.
  4. For the love of God Seattle approve the vacation of that lot. I need my home team back because Lord knows I'm not rooting for the fucking Jazz. I'm an NBA vagabond fan right now.
  5. South Park returns Wednesday to take on the national anthem stuff

      "So fuck all the immigrants and kill all the Mexicans wasn't enough? The 'fingers in the asshole' is what did it for you, then? Yeah. Okay."
  6. Yeah this one isn't nearly as bad since he didn't actually do anything. But he was married at the time. To someone way hotter. 
  7. Of course he tried to pay a pornstar to sleep with him.
  8. New Dark Tranquillity album Atoma set to release Nov. 4th - New singles inside

    Sweet. I think I'm going to like this album a lot . 
  9. New Devin Townsend Project song

    Yeah he redoes stuff on every album it seems. The album can't hold a candle to Z2 but it's still solid. I think "Stars" is my favorite track. 
  10. New Khemmis

    This album is SO GOOD. Better than Pallbearer (who everyone says they rip off ) IMO . 
  11. New Lamb of God EP–THE DUKE–set to release December 2nd

    Yeah when they did clean vocals on the last album I wasn't to into it . This is okay though. 
  12. Civilization VI Giveaway

    I think I remember why we created the giveaway board now. Isn't it invisible unless you have a certain number of posts?
  13.   Our Mother who art in Washington Hillary be thy name Thy hawkishness come, Thy drones do bomb, on the 1% as they do on the terrorists Give us this day our daily entitlements and forgive our student loans as blacks have forgiven their former slavers And lead us not into boots-on-the-ground armed conflict but deliver us from emails For yours is the country, the executive, and the glory for the next 8 years Amen.
  14.   Honesly I'm surprised that The Wolverine is mentioned before these. I liked it but the last act is kind of... not good. Don't want to say outright bad but you know.
  15. The Trump stumpsters on CNN are getting grilled so hard.