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  1. Bush 41, 43 Do Not Plan to Endorse Donald Trump

      What I'm saying is that there probably isn't going to be any real change in what his final outcome will be regardless of endorsements he does or doesn't receive. Gary Herbert endorsing Trump isn't going to make anybody in Utah change their mind about him for or against. That doesn't translate to invincibility; rather a yyuge problem.
  2. Bush 41, 43 Do Not Plan to Endorse Donald Trump

    I think for him they will prove to be meaningless at any point in the election cycle.
  3. Bush 41, 43 Do Not Plan to Endorse Donald Trump

    Endorsements for him have been meaningless so far. I know a handful of politicos have endorsed him, but I can't name a single one.
  4. Kasich cancels media event, will make statement at 5pm ET

    Let's say he gets the nom: Every one of his colleagues in the Senate hate him so he would never get through.
  5. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

    I think you're probably in the extreme minority with that one. Her voice alone gets me all hot and bothered.
  6. Indiana primary thread

      Not quite. Go punch your SO right in the fucking face.
  7. Indiana primary thread

          For reals. Cruz is so much scarier than Trump. It's hard to take anything that Trump says seriously as he walks back everything he says. Meanwhile Cruz was just a smarmy, highly intelligent, dishonest ideologue that there is no reasoning with.
  8. Indiana primary thread

    I'm not going to link to reddit on here so I'll just quote this hilarious comment about Cruz dropping out.  
  9. I read Justin Lin as Jeremy Lin and I was like "Why would he direct the movie?"
  10. That's nice. When I was laid off from a previous job I was given a severance package of two weeks worth of salary. Good thing I was able to find a job in two months. Without savings I would have been boned.
  11. Cruz confronts Trump supporter face-to-face

      Don't get me wrong he's still the smarmiest piece of shit that ever ran for office. But he let the biggest jabs bounce off of him like nothing.
  12. Cruz confronts Trump supporter face-to-face

    This might be the best video ever at showing the completely unreasonable mindset of Trump supporters.
  13. Cruz confronts Trump supporter face-to-face

    Jesus Christ. I hate Cruz but he handled a situation he shouldn't have even walked into like a champ.
  14. Ted Cruz might announce a running mate today.

    I can't see any point to this at all. He has to know that even if he won the convention and chose her as a running mate she alone would doom his campaign.