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  1. Turbo Kid Soundtrack

    I just finished the movie and loved it.
  2. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Turbo Kid - 9/10 - Turbo Kid brings you to the low-budget post-apocalyptic future of 1997. If you grew up watching '80s cinema and reading comic books then Turbo Kid's beautiful synth score and outrageous gory violence pluck a perfect nostalgia tune. But it's so much more than nostalgia because you care about the protagonists ("The Kid" and Apple) and their chemistry. It balances the humor and the heartfelt very well too. And the villain Zeus is played by a Michael Ironside who seems like he's having more fun than ever in this role.
  3. Turbo Kid Soundtrack

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wCobona5ho     Holy shit the soundtrack makes me want to watch this movie so bad.
  4. As somebody from SLC and a fan of that movie... No it does not need a sequel.
  5. Fuller House trailer

    That's what I thought too. Then I watched the trailer.
  6. The dismal ex-CEO of HP has ended her campaign

    I really disliked her faux anger.
  7. Batman VS Superman, the real reasons

    Lol. Pretty good stuff. You should post this in one of the movie threads on the main board too.
  8. Chris Christie drops out of the primaries

      He was one of the more lenient of the primary candidates when it came to drugs though. I remember some speech he gave that was all over the news saying drug users shouldn't be treated like criminals but rather sick people after giving a heartfelt story about somebody he knew. Of course that is still far from the libertarian stance, but relatively reasonable compared to everybody else around him (except maybe Paul).
  9.   I went from interested to hyped.
  10. This perfectly encapsulates why "The Big Bang Theory" sucks

    I enjoyed the first 3-4 seasons. But after that it just turned into every other relationship sitcom.
  11. Who are you supporting for President? An "Inform an Idiot" Thread

    Most of the sane guys tend to have an Achille's heal of some sort. Most progressives thought Jon Huntsman wouldn't be so bad, but his tax views were some of the most regressive.  
  12. Super Bowl 50 (February 7, 2016)

    Peyton's dick will have this play overturned. 
  13. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

    Posting in thread