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  1. Just got banned from IGN

      I was joking because I hate it. Hard to read on dark backgrounds
  2. Just got banned from IGN

      I was joking because I hate it. Hard to read on dark backgrounds
  3. Just got banned from IGN

    I moved it. But if you keep posting in bold purple there is some code in the board software that will flag you as a spammer and ban you for life.
  4. I love Le Carre. I loved TTSP. I love Skarsgard. I'm all over this.
  5. Criminal - Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman

    Looks fun. Not much else to say.
  6. The fighting scenes with Batman in this trailer alone are already the best Batman fights in any movie. This trailer was really good (except for the generock) and makes me excited for the movie. Then I remember the last trailer and my excitement goes down about halfway. This is the trailer that should have been made last time. Followed by no other trailers. 
  7. I'm at work so I don't want to try to open the link. But is there a call that's still being streamed?
  8. The Dangers of Sharia Law in America

      I see. But it is mentioned in the title.   This FLDS group is the spitting image of what the current main Mormon church was during the 19th century. Wondering what it felt and even looked like to live in pioneer Utah? Head to the towns of Hildale and Colorado City on the Utah/Arizona border. The main group abandoned living polygamy at the beginning of the 20th century and has been trying to go mainstream ever since. But the doctrine is still there. Mormons believe in being "sealed" to be married for the afterlife as well. So in the main group, though a man wouldn't be permitted to marry two or more women while alive, if his wife dies he can be married and sealed again to another woman. Rinse and repeat until the man dies. So polygamy is alive and kicking in their afterlife for mainstream Mormons. This is still in their scriptural canon (the whole thing is weird but the last half and particularly verses 54-64 are especially fucked up). This comes only a few pages later in the same book. A bunch of well-documented lies to keep the federal government from seizing church properties and to gain statehood. Even after the declaration in 1890 several of the higher-ups still practiced in secret until ~1910. 20 fucking years. The group in this article first broke away in 1930 to get back to the basics as it were.   Fun fact: I worked in the Utah state legislature, and even though he's in federal prison Warren Jeffs still sends his "revelations" to many of the legislators in the assemblies. They are incomprehensible misspelled and grammar-deprived mumbo jumbo that are thrown straight into the trash.
  9. The Dangers of Sharia Law in America

      Who's not calling them Mormon?
  10.   That would explain why I haven't had to approve any actual new accounts.
  11. Batman VS Superman, the real reasons

    "The creepy way he's  always sizing up orphans to be the next Robin" is my favorite one.
  12. Ted Nugent: Those gun control Jews are Nazis in disguise!

    Ted Nugent is an event. I don't think he's current though.
  13. Turbo Kid Soundtrack

    I just finished the movie and loved it.
  14. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Turbo Kid - 9/10 - Turbo Kid brings you to the low-budget post-apocalyptic future of 1997. If you grew up watching '80s cinema and reading comic books then Turbo Kid's beautiful synth score and outrageous gory violence pluck a perfect nostalgia tune. But it's so much more than nostalgia because you care about the protagonists ("The Kid" and Apple) and their chemistry. It balances the humor and the heartfelt very well too. And the villain Zeus is played by a Michael Ironside who seems like he's having more fun than ever in this role.