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  1. Who are you supporting for President? An "Inform an Idiot" Thread

    Most of the sane guys tend to have an Achille's heal of some sort. Most progressives thought Jon Huntsman wouldn't be so bad, but his tax views were some of the most regressive.  
  2. Super Bowl 50 (February 7, 2016)

    Peyton's dick will have this play overturned. 
  3. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

    Posting in thread
  4. Escape From Tarkov, aka most realistic shooter ever made

    That looks legit! No HUD either.
  5. How many books do you typically read at once?

    I'm rotating through 5 at any given time but keep the majority of my focus on the largest one.
  6. Who are you supporting for President? An "Inform an Idiot" Thread

      Just look at abortion. Conservative state legislatures have done everything from de-funding planned parenthood to writing laws that severely restrict abortion.   On the flip side, federal courts and SCOTUS have consistently sided with gun advocates. And weekly tragedies don't seem to have changed the conversation any. I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. Who are you supporting for President? An "Inform an Idiot" Thread

    I'm for Sanders. But if it comes down to it I'm voting for Clinton for all the reasons @-Chris said. The thought of a conservative nominating 3 SCOTUS justices is frightening. Progress on social issues in the past 40 years would be in danger.
  8. Destiny did this too. if I didn't pay for the added content it would be annoying.
  9. Physical Version of Sunset Overdrive for $16.64 at Amazon

    I'd bite at $16.64. But $16.99? Fuck that.
  10. Get your Ryse, get your Ryse here!

    I'd expect a game like this to be on Games with Gold by now. Plus it's only $7 on Steam.    http://store.steampowered.com/app/302510/
  11. Hulu might lose its only reason to exist

      Never heard of this. But that description alone makes me interested.
  12.   It really wasn't that good. I liked two characters: Sinjir and Admiral Sloane. The interludes in the story were fantastic as well. But everything else was just a heaping pile of meh.
  13. Reading through the article: I was kind of hoping this would be about Kylo Ren's betrayal (with blood in the title and Darth Vader's shadow looming on the cover). But it appears to be more about the formation of the Resistance and the First Order. Still cool.
  14. Claudia Gray wrote Lost Stars. Even though it's a YA novel it's easily the best of the official canon up to this point, and better than the vast majority of old EU material as well. I'm excited for this!