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  1. New Dark Tranquillity album Atoma set to release Nov. 4th - New singles inside

    Sweet. I think I'm going to like this album a lot . 
  2. New Devin Townsend Project song

    Yeah he redoes stuff on every album it seems. The album can't hold a candle to Z2 but it's still solid. I think "Stars" is my favorite track. 
  3. New Khemmis

    This album is SO GOOD. Better than Pallbearer (who everyone says they rip off ) IMO . 
  4. New Lamb of God EP–THE DUKE–set to release December 2nd

    Yeah when they did clean vocals on the last album I wasn't to into it . This is okay though. 
  5. Civilization VI Giveaway

    I think I remember why we created the giveaway board now. Isn't it invisible unless you have a certain number of posts?
  6.   Our Mother who art in Washington Hillary be thy name Thy hawkishness come, Thy drones do bomb, on the 1% as they do on the terrorists Give us this day our daily entitlements and forgive our student loans as blacks have forgiven their former slavers And lead us not into boots-on-the-ground armed conflict but deliver us from emails For yours is the country, the executive, and the glory for the next 8 years Amen.
  7.   Honesly I'm surprised that The Wolverine is mentioned before these. I liked it but the last act is kind of... not good. Don't want to say outright bad but you know.
  8. The Trump stumpsters on CNN are getting grilled so hard.
  9. Bad hambres? Must be super hungry.
  10. Chris Wallace is great. Always has been.
  11.   Indeed. But there really is an unprecedented herd mentality among mormons. I mean Catholics aren't flocking to Clinton/Kaine because there is a Catholic on the ticket. In Utah people will mention their (or an acquaintance) level or position in the mormon church as an indicator of trustworthiness or authority on any given subject even for the most mundane things in life; and that stretches all the way up to big business and government in this state as well. This guy wouldn't even be polling at .1% in Utah if he wasn't mormon. I guarantee you that. This state was insufferable in the 2012 election; but my erection was consequently that much harder when the results were announced.   However, I will give them credit for denouncing the Trumpster fire from the beginning, but most were going to vote for him anyways until this guy came along giving them a good (lol) excuse not to.
  12. You guys should hear people at my workplace talk about this guy. Whenever I engage in conversation and ask "what do you like about him?" the first answer that invariably comes back has to do with his mormon cred.   "He went to BYU." So did I. Can I be POTUS?   "He's Mormon." So are you. Do you feel qualified to be POTUS? Have you read his platform? It's basically GWB 2.0 (cut cut cut taxes; spend spend spend military) which we all know was a disaster even if you don't agree.   "He shares my values." Which ones? "Well since he's mormon so I know he shares my values." You're a fucking moron.
  13. There will be two new tracks and three live recordings. The album is dedicated to a fan that passed away from cancer. Cool video on it in this article from The album is being made to raise awareness for the need of bone marrow donors. An auction coinciding with the release of the album will have all proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.