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  1. I fucking love that movie. Cruise as a villain works really well and I'm surprised more films haven't used him as one. "Max! I do this for a living!"
  2. Ex Machina - 9/10 - That ending. Perfect.
  3. These mean different things. Either way, I tried it on the bone and it runs pretty well. But given the choice I'll stick with the PC pretty much every time for the mouse/kb and framerate.
  4. Runs smoooothe as butter on PC. I'm afraid to try the Xbone one now.
  5. They're growing the business and creating jerbs, which we've always incenti-subsidized.
  6. Also, if the last few months have taught us anything, Jar Jar doesn't need to be punished for being given too much power and doing bad things with it. The people that gave him that power should be punished for legitimizing him.
  7. Jar Jar doesn't deserve to have anything bad happen to him for giving power to the Emperor. He does deserve horrible things for being a terrible, annoying character.
  8. I'm not outraged at the cost of protecting the first family. I am slightly annoyed at the hypocrisy of some people in the Obama bashing circles though, who were so irritated when he went to Hawaii for Christmas, for example.
  9. I hope Finn and Poe are not force wielders. That's a lot of coincidence in a universe that is already filled with quite a bit of coincidence.
  10. But at the same time, having the military perform a law enforcement function is a very Donald Trump idea.
  11. Actually I think the new Nvidia cards can only SLI up to two. Hopefully he'll donate the spare two to somebody on these boards.
  12. Roger Moore is a great James Bond. Brosnan is probably the only better Bond than him.
  13. I personally don't think that's too controversial. I don't know if it's an opinion I hold. Haven't really thought about it. But it would not surprise me if a large chunk of film snobs preferred the Coen brothers. Tarantino is all about reveling in the fun that film can be. He indulges a lot of our fantasies. The Coen brothers connect with us much more as human beings. They're very different.