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  1. Your Favorite Band's Greatest Hits

  2. Your Favorite Band's Greatest Hits

     Wwwuuuuuut. Spotify is the best. Get on that now! It's free!
  3. Your Favorite Band's Greatest Hits

      I had to keep it under 80 minutes. There were several glaring omissions
  4. Your Favorite Band's Greatest Hits

    They haven't released anything great in almost 30 years. But those first four albums are so fucking good that Metallica is probably my favorite band of all time. There are some already popular songs in my compilation of their greatest hits, and others that aren't as well known.     I'll probably make another greatest hits of my "current" favorite band. I've got my all time favorites and my current favorites that change every month or so.
  5. New Meshuggah

      "Born in Dossonance" from their forthcoming album The Violent Sleep of Reason, set to release October 7th.   Not too shabby.
  6. Well hi thar

    I remember that you posted a pic 9f that killer, hairy, gnarly scar in this thread somewhere. Glad you're back on top. 
  7. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

      It's amazing how many people that interview him all but scream "I'm trying to help you here!" But he's just too oblivious and/or proud to accept the help. 
  8. I am a smoothie artist

    If you're on a keto diet I'd try Celery/apple/carrot. I "like" that combo.
  10. Jóhann Jóhannsson (Sicario) to score Blade Runner II

    My butthole was puckered for pretty much all of Sicario, and that was at least half due to the excellent score. As much as I love 80s sci-fi and film scoring, I'm not sure if we need a Vangelis clone on a sequel that's 30 years later.
  11. Jar Jar in Rogue One.

    I was pretty sure it was a joke when reading the title. But there's still that part of me that fears something like this.
  12. Your Favorite Band's Greatest Hits

    First I have to think of a favorite band. That's gonna be hard.
  13.   Your comment reminded me of this comment on the story:   "Hi, I'm Jose Mexican. I've got three kids and a wife. I was tired of being a dump truck, so I went to ITT tech. Now I hang out with white people and laugh in an office environment. I own my own house, and almost have enough to buy another. Army Strong."
  14.   I really am glad it worked out for your conocidos. That's seriously awesome. But the reason it makes me so glad is that for every success story out of ITT there are 100 horror stories of people that are well and truly fucked. That's why the feds are cracking down. I work at a software company right now, and we get resumes from some of these types of schools quite frequently. They're just dragged to the recycle bin. While perhaps it's not fair of us, we get so many resumes that there needs to be some sort of initial filtering criteria. We can't interview everyone. And if I'm a betting man I assume my time will be better spent interviewing the guy with a master's degree in computer science from ASU or a bachelor's in computer engineering from University of Utah than the guy with a degree in "software" (this was actually on a resume I saw; my heart panged for this person) from a "school" that's known for passing and graduating everyone regardless of ability.   I can't agree that all higher education in general is a scam, either. While there are your stereotypical worthless degrees like art history and women's studies or whatever, you can still get a decent job at some places with a degree from a real school. Some places just want to see that you've put in the work and that you can think critically. Our technical support staff requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited university and start at 30k a year (negotiable) before bonuses. They typically move on to higher tiers of support or to QA where they earn in the mid 40s as their base. While not stellar it's pretty darn good in a state with a low cost of living and is pretty much the standard around here. It's certainly much better than graduating from a for-profit and working construction or mall security for $9.50/hr.