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  1. BBC Top 100 Films of the 21st Century

    I'm surprised The Master made the top 25. It wouldn't have made my top 100 at all. Mad Max is way too high. City of God needs to be much higher. No Departed? And no LOTR? What the fuck? 
  2. ***Official 2016 Polls/Predictions Discussion Thread***

    What your 12k will be remembered for: A Dad joke.   It's okay though because you're a dad.
  3. Clinton opens campaign HQ in Utah

  4. Clinton opens campaign HQ in Utah

  5. The emphasis in the title is hilarious.
  6. It was hard to ever take this seriously anyways. His immigration proposals are still a nightmare. I don't think those have changed.
  7. New Devin Townsend Project song

    That album is sooo good. 
  8.   Lol whatever you can totally lump them in with all that bullshit. Industrial elements does not an industrial band make. Like all nu-metal bands they took elements of a handful of genres, stripped them of everything interesting, and threw an overly downtuned guitar in there. Nu-metal in a nutshell. They were signed to Jonathan Davis' label. I think he did a single with them too.  
  9. New Devin Townsend Project song

    Another song    
  10. They were kind of the epitome of what made nu-metal terrible. The only thing that made them stand out from the rest of the bland spikey haired JNCO's was a cover. And that's all they're remembered for really. I was totally into that scene at the time and all I can remember is Blue Monday. 
  11. New Metallica Song

    So I guess this album is going to be a double album. Metallica has never released a double album of all original material.