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  1. It's funny because I'm dumb too. I thought you were talking about Ivanka and her dumb husband.
  2. Arrival Tomatometer Watch

      Who's going to be Tarantino then? Since he's done and all.
  3.   Then it just seems like a no-win scenario where we sink all their ships and they sink all of ours.
  4.   I think the answer to that would be: what stopped them from doing it before? If anything they have less inventive right now.
  5.   If they build more aircraft carriers it's a real possibility. I haven't actually kept up on that. What are they doing in that realm?
  6.   This is my take as well. I have a hard time seeing China want to commit to any ground conflict with the United States and NATO (of course that's all up in the air now with Trump). An economic and tech cold war? Absolutely.
  7. The most boring guy in America really should work for the most boring government entity.
  8. I don't think that's the article you meant to link. I think this was it.
  9. Rooting for Huntsman. I wish he'd take another go at POTUS.
  10. Really That Good: Titanic

    Also I don't think this guy is entirely correct about the marketing. It was half chick flick half disaster movie.
  11. Really That Good: Titanic

    Whenever I think of this movie I think of "My Heart Will Go On", then I think of terrible Celine Dion voice. So this movie can never ever be good.
  12. Decibels Top 40 Metal Albums of 2016

    Riverdance meets Blind Guardian meets Månegarm. Nice.