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  1. New Metallica Song

    Better than the last one. 
  2. Oh man he took the bait EVERY TIME. Un fucking real. 
  3. Lol. Lester is a terrible moderator. Just awful. 
  4. Disney confirms Star Wars anthology movie for 2020

    I don't want Boba Fett and Han Solo anthology films. I want new characters. Take a chance Disney. You can afford one bomb if it doesn't work out.
  5. New Winterfylleth

        I suppose I can't rebut any of your points because you didn't really contest mine. Just sort of gave me the why (which I already knew ) or your own personal preferences. I will address this though:   It goes with the whole idea of black metal, being raw and atmospheric. Yet, you can have some raw production and still sound awesome.   I agree and I thought your example for this point was great (which I discuss more below). However having raw production and sounding awesome (speaking purely about production) seems to be the exception and not the rule as that unicorn blend is a rare beast indeed. But these days you can have surprisingly good production on a shoestring budget. So to your point I would just say you can have some awesome production and still be raw and atmospheric, but without sounding like a microphone was placed in the middle of an empty airplane hangar while you played. For instance. There's not a single note lost in that droning cacophony.   I listened to everything you linked in this thread and here's my take on each:   Abbath - Leans more on the death metal end of the spectrum (minus the vocals, obviously). Good production, too. Thumbs up. Should be careful though because Gene Simmons just blew his load, which means he's getting ready to sue somebody.    Sigh - This should not have been used at all as an example of good production. Guitars with gain on eleven and mids scooped completely out that get totally lost when anything else is going at the same time. Meanwhile everything else is brought to the front end--and the vocals and other instruments on the front end are totally clear--but you just hear this fuzziness behind it all. I enjoyed the sinister feeling of the song though.   Ghost Bath - This was really good stuff. It's a wall of sound and the producer didn't scoop out the mids. So even though the guitar is just droning the same notes in sequence a lot of the time you can hear each note being played even though it was apparently recorded in the Grand Canyon.   Negura Baunget - There's some interesting stuff going on here for sure. I'd say about 1/4th of this song wants to be black metal. And in those parts, sadly, again: gains on 11, mids completely scooped with a resulting wall of indistinguishable fuzz.   Lightning Swords of Death - Fucking loved this. Half death, half black metal.   Blut Aus Nord - Oh man. I don't know where to begin with this one. I enjoyed a lot of the melodies and the song overall for sure. The guitar production was good, but I think it benefited from every other aspect of the production being so terrible. Everything that's wrong with ...And Justice for All plus everything non-guitar related with black metal production. Those sound like MIDI drums. MIDI! I know a lot of these artists record on a shoestring budget, but tell them to call me next time. I'll buy them a Superior Drummer 2.0 key to lay over it. I want a credit on the album though.   Triptykon - Familiar with them actually. I don't get the black metal connection though.   Until the Light Takes Us - Seen it. I believe I mentioned something about 4chan atheism already.  You should read "Lords of Chaos" or "Evolution of the Cult" (lots of great interviews in that one)   The other groups you mentioned (but didn't link ) - I enjoyed what SimpleG posted of Alcest a couple of weeks ago, but that's the only one I've listened to besides Triptykon. You gotta give links, man. Links to your suggestions so I can check out why you love it.
  6. Forza Horizon 3 PC Thread

      I've never played this game so I don't know why there's a drivatar there for me.
  7.   I know, right? But I never really believed he had brass balls/"principles" anyways. Playing the rogue was good for him. Now Donald Trump has taken that role and he has to pray, pay, and obey the party to keep his political career afloat.
  8.   He will be endorsing Mr. Trump. If he wasn't a slave to his party like he advertised then he'd endorse Johnson as their economic goals are similar. Donald Trump hops all over on social issues so you might as well go with Johnson on that too. 
  9.   It depends. Chatter can help you communicate across objects (contacts, accounts, leads, cases, etc.) in Salesforce and setup groups within a company in Salesforce. That would be its internal use. Sales people would be on leads, support people on contacts, account reps on accounts, etc. So if a salesperson is selling the product but is running into a hiccup they can communicate on their object and call attention to it for the support rep on Chatter. Or a support rep might get a billing question from a client on a case and call the account manager's attention to it on the case object. This is how my employer uses it internally.   But also, Company A can setup to communicate with Company C on Chatter. For example: product support purposes. If a client opens a support case, they can go to Salesforce chatter to communicate with the support person working on their case.  Or they can chatter to their account rep to talk about billing or whatever. This is how my company uses it with other clients.   I'm sure there's a hundred other things they can do with it but I actually don't interact too much with the SF environment because I'm more on the product design side. Someone else here might be able to speak to it better.   While I'm not sure exactly what SF wants with Twitter, I can see the connection.
  10.   They have their own Twitter called "Chatter". Owning twitter would let that stretch a bit more.
  11. New Winterfylleth

    Can I say it was still terrible in 2013?
  12. New Winterfylleth

      My complaints are all generalities of course. And there will be bands where none of these apply and other bands where every single one applies.    Black metal production is terrible. The mixes are awful. As a guitar player I judge your judgement, skill, and creativity as a player based partly on your tone. They turn the gain on the overdrive channel to 10 and completely scoop out the mids. This kind of tone, in addition to being grating on the ears gets completely lost in the cacophony once the drums come in. And the overall sound of a black metal record makes it seem like it was recorded with a $10 RadioShack microphone hung in the middle of a big empty room. In the early days this is mostly because it was, but even today when a band is in the studio they go with that sound because it's so closely linked with the genre.   When black metal tries to use symphonic and acoustic elements, it mostly comes from a cheap digital keyboard trying to imitate the sound instead of the actual thing with the consequence of the music sounding cheesy and cheap instead of epic. Today there are extremely affordable digital solutions that can give you a pretty "real" sound, but for some reason the artists still use that Korg synthesizer from the 80s. Like my previous complaint limitations of the early days are still staples of the modern day.   The lyrical content is as profound as 4chan atheism.   The vocal style is not my thing. I like a deep guttural bark instead of a lung-y rasp.   Modern metal, in general, rejects the importance of an image to define a band. The corpse paint worked for KISS, but in addition to choosing to sound the same black metal musicians choose to look the same too.   Black metal bands I like: Winterfylleth, Dissection, Summoning, early Dimmu Borgir   Bands with black metal elements that I like: Agalloch, Skeletonwitch   All that being said the genre is growing on me because the genre itself is experimenting these days. While it's still not my thing I like the direction it is headed and will give new black metal bands a fair once-through of their record instead of lumping them in with their forebears. 
  13. "For a much younger YOUNGER generation you will be their first white president. What do you think about that?"
  14. So is this a prequel thing or an alternative universe thing? I can't tell from the trailers.