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  1. NICE
  2. It's probably that Virgin Mobile guy and Justin Timberlake.
  3. Post a video. I turned it off when I found out who "won" so I didn't see the screw up.
  4. Kimmel is the best host ever. He is seriously killing it.
  5. Hacksaw Ridge - 7/10 - Why is this an Oscar contender? Awesome story for sure. But way too many slow-mo heroic shots with cheesy music and "you're gonna be okay Johnny! You're gonna make it home!" to even be considered for best picture. There were some great individual moments (like the horror movie you're suddenly a part of halfway through) and all the actors really brought it. I didn't think I'd be able to take Vince Vaughn seriously but he was great. In addition to the tropes the occasional use of CG blood and guts is really jarring when two seconds earlier you were seeing a great practical effect of the same thing.
  6. Politico used to be somewhat right-leaning.
  7. Again showing that success in business does not translate to good governance. CEOs can ask any worker to do anything they want. Presidents can't. Being able to boss people around has little effect in government.
  8. Gee, good thing they state that clearly in the movie instead of a studio tour most will never go on.
  9. When did they say it was Jason Todd? Sent from my LG-H900 using Tapatalk
  10. And NK would like Malaysian authorities to stop looking into it. I wonder where that nerve agent could have come from?
  11. Loved the Gruesome and Benighted tracks. Didn't really care for the Hooded Menace one.
  12. http://collider.com/nightwing-movie-chris-mckay/#images Things that concern me: Directed by Chris McKay, who directed Lego Batman, which I didn't enjoy (though that's due more to the script and pointless Lego-ness more than anything) Written by Bill Dubuque, who has a small and mediocre body of work DC and their track record Looks like we're already retconning BvS, as Zack Snyder said Robin is dead in that film (though it could have been another Robin) Things that give me confidence: I like Nightwing
  13. In my personal experience his observation is bunk anyways. When I lived outside of the U.S. and exposed myself to more ideas, peoples, and cultures I became more liberal, not less. The world is more than college campuses (I went to one of the most conservative in the U.S., btw) and television.