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  1. Hillary picks Kaine for VP

      Here you go.
  2. Two of my favorites released new albums yesterday

    Two of my modern favorites dropped albums on 22 July. Periphery's Periphery III: Select Difficulty and Great Is Our Sin by Revocation.   Out of all the Meshuggah clones out there (AKA "djent"), Periphery is the only one I truly enjoy or own any albums of, and I think that is because they do a great job of bringing electronic and pop elements into the chaotic riffs.     I don't know how this band puts out great album after great album every one and a half years like clockwork. Ridiculous.
  3. VCRs are officially done this month

    "Just" 750,000? That's about 749,999 more than I thought an electronics company could sell in this day and age. DVD/BD players are cheaper, and their media is cheap to print. And if you're watching stuff you just can't find on a disc or digitally take it somewhere and have them convert it. 
  4. Hillary picks Kaine for VP

    Boring pick, but a safe pick. Having him on the ticket will help VA stay blue. 
  5. Bush to allegedly feel the Johnson next week

    I'm having a hard time picturing any Bush giving legitimacy to a libertarian candidate (or anything really), let alone Jeb!-please-clap-for-my-Dunkin'-Donuts-drive-through-campaign Bush. Big name donors somewhat flocked to him in the primary, but the foreign policy and social issues history of the Bushes is averse to the the isolationist individual liberty tenets of libertarians and I can't picture this endorsement giving him any kind of boost.
  6. Bush to allegedly feel the Johnson next week

    OMG that T2 gif is brilliant! Nice find @CitizenVectron
  7. Well hi thar

      Congrats!   Continuing with the topic my wife is pregnant with our first. We've been trying for a while. At least trying is fun.
  8. Munich: bullied teenager kills 9 and himself

    Vid is gone.
  9. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

    We'd love it but my money is on Vanilla Kaine.
  10. Can someone explain to me why...

    Insta-perma for the next repost of this fucking story. I swear to Odin.
  11. You knew I was going to upvote this.
  12.   Still not as much of a contribution as Seinfeld, though.
  13. Four Game Of Thrones Spin-offs Worth Watching

    Dunk and Egg is to ASOIAF as The Hobbit is to the LOTR/Middle Earth stories, so I don't know if I want a spin off of that. Yes, Dunk and Egg isn't a kid story as it contains mature elements, but the themes mostly revolve around "protect the castle" and "rescue the fair maiden." Basically shit season 1 Sansa would be interested in reading.   Definitely between 1 and 4 for my choices. Maybe do a two season thing: The first being the Doom of Valyria to setup the Targaryens, and then the second season would be seeing them overthrown even though it is quite some time later.   But this news shouldn't excite anyone as there have been spin off rumors since the end of the first season. I'd like to see something tangible, not just obvious generalities like "this universe is so rich you could do a ton of stuff", before I get excited. Because we've heard that talk before.
  14.   I never thought I'd see you prefer a Jew. Even over a slav.
  15. Ryan posted a photo of Republican interns.

    Well it's definitely representative of the GOP population. So there's that.