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  1. We'll be back!

    OK, maybe we've had a rough few days over at "Da GAF", but we ain't going nowhere and we're not going to let a site that sounds like a pharmaceutical product steal the spotlight from us. We threw some dead weight overboard and we're leaner, meaner, and hungrier than ever! Believe.
  2. Because fuck you that's why!
  3. I just signed up on neogaf

    @Haines I should have never let you in if I knew you were going to betray me like this.
  4. Welcome former GAFers!

    Yeah, that's right! You can all stay here for all I care! "Da GAF" will be better than ever, strong than ever, Believe-ier than ever! You were all dead weight anyway! Don't come crawling back to me because there ain't no place for you anymore! You guys not only burned that bridge, but you blew it and pissed on the wreckage!
  5. NeoGAF is for sex offender apologists. @AndrewDean84 Up yours, buddy! I remember you - I ALWAYS HATED you! I'm glad you're outta my hair!
  6. You know what? Screw all of you guys who come over here! We're better off without all of you anyway! We'll be back - you'll see! I'll ban all of your accounts if I haven't done so already! I'll teach you to mess with "Da GAF"!
  7. Yes I am! It's about time you stopped lifting my stuff, you D1Pshit!
  8. I just signed up on neogaf

    Relax, I'll let you in eventually! And welcome, future Junior!
  9. That's great! You are definitely a worthy member of the site!
  10. Are you still a junior or did I make you a full member yet?
  11. Didn't I ban you already?
  12. I'm NeoGAF - I can post on whatever goddamned board I damned well please!
  13. It's really great that you're developing this gaming community message board around here. And I can appreciate that, I really do. In fact, I'm somewhat impressed that you've managed to survive this long. But just keep in mind that there is only one king and come E3, you and everyone else will be begging that king to shower you every morsel of next-generation news your hungry little minds can devour. And because I am a great and generous king, I shall deliver it unto you. So just keep that in mind, respect that king, and we can co-exist peacefully. Believe.
  14. And what website was first to break this news? <---- THIS ONE BITCHES!