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  1. Either you misread what I posted, or I wasn't clear with what I was saying.  Perhaps a bit of both.   I would disagree with the statement that "I don't think it's particularly valuable for any given critic to even attempt at being objective," primarily because, to me, that attempt towards objectivity, the conscious and effortful engagement of one's perceptions, is what allows us to judge/rate/critique something on a level that extends beyond shallow like/dislike.   I understand what you and skillz are saying in opposition to informed opinion, and I don't necessarily disagree - we don't necessarily need a detailed deconstruction of comic beats to validate our feelings.  But all the same, it strikes me as awfully boring when "dem feels" amounts to the totality of why a film works/doesn't work, which (I believe) is where GOH's comments regarding informed opinion come in.  Is it potentially elitist?  It certainly can be on occasion (and I'd agree that it's pretentious for anyone to look down on someone else simply because they happened to enjoy something), but by the same token, criticism, much like art, often has more worth when it is somehow informed.  An example:   A) I love Vic Mackey.  He's so badass.   B) The duality of Vic Mackey's life, by turns a loving family man and morally repugnant anti-hero, is fascinating to me.  As repelled as I am to his rationalizations, his callous disregard of conventional views of right and wrong appeal to that part of me that's locked in the life of the everyday 9-5 guy, and I believe that the way in which he continually takes control and asserts his power of others, no matter how toxic in execution, is engaging to any man who feels frustrated and trapped in a life they wish they had the power to change.   A) and B) are similar.  Both speak to one's feeling about a character.  But isn't one a better, more meaningful opinion, in terms of communicating how and why I feel the way I do?
  2. I don't have any issue with a criticism that speaks to your first point; I would agree with your second point.   In many instances, art forms are intended to evoke or engage a feeling of one sort or another.  And if that is the case, or if someone perceives it to be, then I don't see a problem with discussion/criticism of how it succeeds or fails.   What really matters, is context.     Too often (and it certainly happens here and on countless other discussion boards), people prove unwilling or unable to evaluate something outside the perspective of personal preference.  Attempts at criticism become exercises in circular logic, whereby something is good because someone likes it, and someone likes it because it's good.   Or just as often, people have an inability (whether it's because they're unwilling or unable to really consider how/why something impacts them, or simply because their criticisms are limited by their ignorance of a medium) to articulate a criticism in a meaningful way.   My own feeling is that while critics (and reviewers, to some extent) should strive for some degree of objectivity, it's important to acknowledge the fact that perceptions and impressions of books, movies, music, etc., are, in many regards, extraordinarily subjective.  And that isn't a bad thing, in and of itself.  It becomes detrimental to criticism or discussion when that subjectivity informs one's entire perspective, and is presented absent a context that is relatable from an outside perspective.    
  3. Very Interesting Thor Ragnorok Rumor... (possible spoilers)

    Fun rumor, but I'm a little skeptical that that can work in a 2-2.5 hour movie. Think about the story beats that would need to be developed: - Thor's betrayal and exile - Some reference of how Hulk gets to the planet - Decent amount of time on the planet, showing Hulk and Thor as allies/combatants/allies - Return to Asgard - Climactic conclusion validating the Ragnarok subtitle I'll preface this (as always) by saying that I haven't read any comics associated with any storylines that might ostensibly factor in the screenplay, but it seems like a lot of narrative meat to fit into a single motion picture, especially considering that it stands to reason that one of the Infinity McGuffins will need some time for an appearance and development. I'd love to be proven wrong, as it's easy to see the potential for some top-notch spectacle in this kind of environment, but it'd also be a shame to see the movie get short-changed in some other way in an effort to accomplish too much in too small a timeframe (which imo remains the single biggest failing in AGE OF ULTRON).
  4. New Suicide Squad trailer

    I've been pretty skeptical of this based upon the news to this point. But if the final product carries through with the "zero fucks given" bombast of the trailer, then I think we're in for a real treat.
  5. New Suicide Squad trailer

    I've been pretty skeptical of this based upon the news to this point. But if the final product carries through with the "zero fucks given" bombast of the trailer, then I think we're in for a real treat.
  6. Quick, someone link Patton Oswalt's Improv from Parks and Rec. He clearly laid the groundwork for this ambitious undertaking.
  7. Do you have ANY idea how much a reliable butler costs?  My watch collection isn't going to dust itself, you insensitive monster.

    Personally (qualifier: I'm not an avid comics reader), I like the look shown above.  To me, it toes the line between titillation and empowerment in a way that (I think) both men and women can appreciate.  Of course, there are outliers on either side who'd take complaint, but on the whole, there is truth in the argument that for a long time, comic portrayals of women have often been adolescent titillation.   Which is fine, at times.  But if the medium is to be taken seriously from an artistic perspective, it should (on the whole) express iconic figures in ways which represent an earnest effort to depict archetypes, as opposed to stereotypes appealing to the lowest common denominator.   Not to say that there isn't a time and place.  But for someone like Wonder Woman, I like the idea of a portrayal of a figure that exudes feminine allure, and godlike power, in equal measure.   [EDIT]   I was referring to the pic that hurdy posted on the last page.
  9. Yeah, I've been really holding back from making a few purchases, but only because I'm about a month out from putting a six figure down payment on a condo and I don't want to drop below my feelgood minimum for liquid savings.   Otherwise, I take any claims of big wins (or dodged losses) from market timing well-salted...unless it's coming from someone like LiquidReal (wish he was still posting).    But I am still waiting for when it feels right to shift my old 401k to the Roth account.  If the Dow drops to 15k, I'll pull the trigger right away...and may have to re-evaluate what my tolerances are for minimum balances in the savings account.
  10. It's easy enough to demonize the utilities, and it may well be warranted here - I don't know the specifics of the local providers and government to judge wither way. As presented, NV seems to have some issues when it comes to due diligence associated with adoption of solar.   But, as happens a little too often here, there are some poor generalizations and potential oversimplifications being applied in the rush to judgement.   As with the adoption of many new paradigms, solar is disrupting the market, in ways that result in varying flavors and degrees of creative destruction. Suggesting that utilities don't want to accept a new form of power, absent any other qualifier, is just ignorant. It's a potential new market for them to engage in, with some who'd suffer short term for long term gains, some who'd profit short term facing potential long term losses, with a host of various middle men and intermediaries who have an opportunity to become stakeholders of one sort or another.   A city/county/municipality who shifts quickly from being total consumers, to hybridized consumers and producers, introduces a strain on the infrastructure transmitting the power/services. It requires additional material, personnel, and maintenance/service on the power lines; it often requires new/upgraded metering. It can completely upend the dynamics which exist in a somewhat unregulated market. In short, there are opportunity costs associated with rapid ubiqutous adoption of solar power, costs which manifest reactions such as those cited in the OP.   And while the reactions may be misguided and flawed (and stink of corruption in instances), it doesn't change the fact that consumers can not consider solar adoption in the vacuum of a direct cost/direct ROI reationship - not unless they elect to decouple themselves from the utility grid entirely.   The unfortunate reality is that a sizeable majority of this country's electrical infrastructure is antiquated, in need of genuine upgrades and/or better routine service. As a result, there are many locations where the communal benefits of solar may not outstrip the projected costs associated with modernizing the grid to facilitate those benefits. 
  11. Sooooo happy I decided to hold off transferring my old 401k to a Roth IRA. Perfect time a dip/drop in the markets. May end up being a nice time to pick up some issues being dragged down by larger market forces.
  12. Sooooo happy I decided to hold off transferring my old 401k to a Roth IRA. Perfect time a dip/drop in the markets. May end up being a nice time to pick up some issues being dragged down by larger market forces.
  13. Honestly, your first post struck me as being a little reaching, but on second thought, it wouldn't really surprise me at all...especially given some of the context given from that AMA.   One thing I absolutely loved about Enterprise was in how successfully it answered certain questions in a way that didn't come across as ham-fisted as it would have if, for example, similar attempts had been made on Voyager.   But either, a hearty F U for reminding me of how much it sucks that a legitimately great Star Trek show got axed so soon before its time.
  14. Now now. That kind of measured logic has no place in SW message board topic.