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  1. GoldenTongue added a post in a topic How have you treated yourself lately?   

    Haven't really treated myself in some time. Planning to change that soon, either with a new gaming laptop, or possibly a new TV.

    Or potentially both, if my job search lands me a position at the salary level I'm targeting...
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  2. GoldenTongue added a post in a topic I don't know what to do...   

    @Lucian04 - My mother works as a volunteer for an Animal Rescue group, and I still have some friends with Mighty Mutts, a NYC rescue organization that works to find homes for dogs rescued off the street (used to volunteer with them, but my support now is limited to periodic financial donations). I'll ask around to see if I can find some recommendations, but aside from that - have you tried a different veterinarian, for a different opinion? Have different types of drugs been tried?
    I ask only because the use of anti-depressants and anxiolytics is something which is relatively new in veterinary medicine: from what I've been told, it's only been in the last 10-15 years that the approach has started to gain wider acceptance, and it's a subset of veterinary medicine that isn't as comprehensively understood as more typical conditions. Perhaps your dog was given some type of benzodiazepine when a tricyclic or SSRI would have been a better option. Are there are any other potential environmental changes which may be contributing to the change in behavior?
    Not trying to play an amateur vet, just asking some questions based upon some of the very limited knowledge that's been shared with me by some friends and peers in the past.
    This place is no more than a ten minute drive from my house - if you'd like, I could stop by and take a look to get a feel for how they operate.  Tomorrow afternoon might be tough, but if they're open on the weekend, I could stop in on Saturday morning and report back with some impressions.
    I've never had to make a decision based on these types of factors, but I did have four different dogs put to sleep as a result of advanced age and declining health growing up, so I can appreciate how hard this decision is.  Best of luck in finding a solution that's best for you and your family: if there's anything else I can do, let me know.
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  3. GoldenTongue added a post in a topic Marvel continues to kill it with Dr. Strange: Mads Mikkelsen and Chiwetel Ejiofor to play villains.   

    Awesome.  Without getting too spoilery, can any comic fans speculate as to the likelihood of these actors playing characters who may span across more than a single film?  Both are guys I'd love to see as more than a one off.
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  4. GoldenTongue added a post in a topic Thinking of making a big change   

    Been experiencing some similar feelings and frustrations at my company, and am actively seeking new opportunities now.

    I'm not looking to relocate, so my basic criteria is meeting my compensation target, interesting new work, and a stable structure which affords the opportunity for growth...or full reimbursement for continuing education, in which case I'd plan on jumping ship for greener pastures once I finish my Master's.
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  5. GoldenTongue added a post in a topic Ant-Man Tomatometer Watch   

    The FAA really needs to assign flight numbers to the points flying over Alpha's head.
    Jee sus Christ. Alpha - plz stop Demuting all over the thread, thx.
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