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  1. And thus endeth the question of climate change, forevermore.
  2. Why doesn't Costco have an express line?

    They need to start offering self-checkout the way BJ's does.
  3. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Both definitely have their place. The overwhelming majority of people should be able to barbell bench more than they can DB press, which makes barbell better for pure strength recruitment and development. But DB press is fantastic for recruiting a greater number of auxiliary muscle groups for the sake of stabilizing the load through the course of the set. Depending on one’s goals, one is usually better than another from an objective standpoint, but for most, I’d recommend doing both: one as a primary, and the other as a secondary exercise.
  4. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Saw I, TONYA this past weekend, along with THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI. Then saw BLACK PANTHER on Monday. I, TONYA: Solidly enjoyable, bringing back a lot of memories from when "The Incident" happened. Superb casting (they showed some of the actual stock footage from back in the day, and it's eery how well the cast adapted themselves to portray their respective roles) combined with a genuinely surreal story, makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. THREE BILLBOARDS: I'd heard a little about negative receptions to the film, but had intentionally steered clear of reading any details so that I could see it "fresh". Without spoiling anything in particular, I have to say that a lot of the criticisms of how certain characters are evolved and "redeemed" felt uncomfortably out of place. And beyond that, I had a really dissonant feeling: the performances were excellent all around, but when the main roles feel more like caricatures than characters, it's somewhat jarring seeing such erstwhile energy invested in how they are playing their roles "straight." And a lot of my nitpicks and criticisms only seemed amplified after seeing BLACK PANTHER, to the point that I really feel more strongly than ever that the award nominations that THREE BILLBOARDS has received to this point are a bit anachronistic and shallow. BLACK PANTHER: Really loved it. Loved it for most of the reasons that have been discussed here and elsewhere, but if there's one thing in particular that stands out more than anything else to me, it's probably the writing of Killmonger, coupled with Jordan's performance.
  5. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Saw THE PHANTOM THREAD last week - a little disappointed that it hadn't gotten a thread for discussion (maybe b/c it's only in limited release?), as I expect this to be within my top three for the year. If this is Lewis' last movie, then he's going out in style. I would expect some to be less than enthusiastic about a PTA movie (which tend to be somewhat polarizing), especially one which spends a good hour or more establishing the complexities and idiosyncracies of Lewis and, to a lesser extent, the other important figures in the movie. But once the main players are established, we get a wonderful psychosexual thriller which tilts on multiple occasions toward the wills of one or more character, each of whom is extraordinarily strong, and deeply flawed.
  6. Disheartening, but not at all surprising.
  7. Out of curiosity, how does this compare to the Vizio P65-E1 which can be had for about $1200 at Costco?
  8. Trump hates the sun and clean clothes.

    Edited my post. From what I'd read previously, the resource costs hadn't been a significant obstacle for the US. Has that changed significantly?
  9. Trump hates the sun and clean clothes.

    Certainly a factor, but the cost differential isn't solely a byproduct of Chinese labor. China (and India) have invested orders of magnitude more (in terms of money and personnel) in developing an infrastructure for solar production; the US (by comparison) has not. From what I've read in the past, resource costs aren't a significant barrier to growth for the US, although I haven't been tracking as closely over the past year as I had in the past. But regardless of the tariff, the US solar industry was due for a hit. There was no chance of the 30% federal tax rebate surviving more than a year into the Trump administration (glad I got mine installed last year!); tariffs like these (which would be higher if the admin didn't fear them being overturned when challenged) and other renewable disincentives had to be expected.
  10. Trump hates the sun and clean clothes.

    Yeah, we need a little more info on this. This might be one instance in which the short-term pain to installers might be worth it, if it winds up forcing the US to ramp up solar panel production. Of course, given this administration, it's not at all safe to assume that that is an inevitable byproduct. This could simply wind up being another instance of preferential treatment for coal and the like.
  11. What Are Some TV Shows That You Guys are Watching/Enjoying

    Working on Orphan Black, so disappointed that I waited this long to start. Tatian Maslany's range is extraordinary.
  12. Reading some of the (ok, all of Alpha’s) criticisms of the writing in TLJ remind me of quite a few people complaining about how the aliens at the end of A.I. were really dumb and didn’t make any sense. And I’m with sbl on using TLJ as a litmus test...seems to me to be every bit as effective a barometer as SPIDERMAN 2 and IRON MAN 3. And I’ll go ahead and endorse most of Fright’s comments, both about some of the myopia on the Star Wars board re: the PT, and the Movies Lobby about, well, a lot. Place was a bit of a cesspool.
  13. Wondering if any crypto funds have adopted the names of particularly lovely tulip bulbs.
  14. If I had some balls (and a little more liquidity), I'd be shorting crypto so much right now.