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  1. This just an awful thread title.
  2. If this is legit (which I doubt), we should jump all over it and try to get it into effect immediately. Of course, I think it has a snowball's chance in hell of passing, and the US will continue to miss the boat on asserting any real significance in alternative energy markets.
  3. Exactly. This kind of shit makes me wonder to what extent Trump (or his handlers, etc.) are playing the left. We'll continue to see plenty of opposition because this seat "belongs" to someone else (LOL), but Gorsuch speaking against Trump while saying exactly the right thing ...well played.
  4. Proper link to the article. Sad!
  5. No doubt. My OHP has tracked right around 70% of my bench for a long time, and if (big if) that continues, that'd put me at a 450# bench by the time I hit 315. Truth be told, I'm a little doubtful on ever hitting those targets. A 500 lb squat and ~600 DL are a lot more attainable for me, although both will be a several year journey. And since I'm fast approaching 40, I'm already past my potential point of max genetic strength; between that and increased likelihood for injuries because of impatience vis a vis recovery, frustration over stalls leading me to focus on some different goals...yeah. And probably the biggest impediment is that I don't have the desire to really live and train like a powerlifter for years on end. I tend to favor reasonably achievable short-term goals which, once hit, make me ready for something in a different vein. Really enjoying the programming for now - bit of Greyskull LP followed by 5x10's for growth four days of week, ending workouts with some Prowler work or farmer's carries. That, plus two days a week for yoga has me feeling/getter stronger while maintaining/improving extensibility. I'll probably swap out some of the yoga for sprints once spring comes since I love doing some outdoor training once the weather warms up. Maybe tabata burpees back out on the pool deck, followed by a nice swim.
  6. Making steady progress, hoping to be at my previous peak strength wise in another 3-4 weeks. Then it'll be on to hitting some goals that I didn't reach before. Would love to reach 3/4/5/6 (315/405/495/585) for OHP/Bench/Squat/DL, but not sure how realistic that goal might be. 5/3/1 has always appealed to the geek in me, with the way the Wendler established clear percentages in setting up a program that allows for what should be fairly steady growth for an extended period of time. With that said, my own feeling is that a SS (or better, Greyskull LP) is a more optimal model for anyone who hasn't firmly left behind novice progression. Of course, it's largely subjective.
  7. Brussels sprouts, glazed with olive oil and pepper, roasted at 400 degrees for about twenty minutes. Awesome. Only Trumpkin pinko commies could suggest otherwise.
  8. You're better than that. That map's been trashed and debunked on more than one occasion, here and on IGN. Don't descend to DVD levels, at least not if you want to discredit his (frequently) absurd claims.
  9. 5-5 Pulldown (or potentially 6-6 for a 144Hz set) > 2-3 Pulldown. EDIT - That's the theory/idea, at least. It's been a bit problematic in execution, although sets today are considerably better than those produced even 3-4 years ago on this front.
  10. Seriously? Some of those are good things, and that point is debatable. But the how is what should be (and I'd guess is) worrying you. The ends can't always justify the means.
  11. I'd really love for this to be a 'female' version of the O11 remake. But I don't get that vibe from the article. O11 was like a clinic in the Rule of Cool, coupled to a cast that got along and seemed to have a blast with what they had to work with. On a first read, this seems like it might be a lot of square blocks jammed into a round hole.
  12. You really are a disingenuous twat.
  13. Except that it doesn't. He wasn't the right nominee to begin with, which may just be why Obama and party leadership were either unwilling or unable to build a strong enough coalition to compel confirmation hearings to begin. The left was either weak enough or inept enough to get outplayed on Garland. And if you insist on ignoring that and trying to fight fire with fire, you'll only help the right by hurting the position of the left.
  14. Democrats obstruct, and questions are asked on what their alternative is. If they're smart, leadership would establish a party line and stick to it, because stone walls are built one brick at a time. But the left isn't capable of that kind of lockstep obedience. You'd have multiple ideas and options presented, which would be reported as indecision and uncertainty within the ranks. They'd also be exploited by portions of the right looking to divide and conquer. You can't look to the Republicans when trying to formulate a new winning strategy, not when the ideological and philosophical makeup of your party varies so significantly from their's.