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  1. Hercules Hates Fags

    Stop. You're not that ignorant.
  2. Not entirely. 403b's are used for nonprofits, governmental organizations, and select other institutions. They are regulated differently (mainly in differing requirements for administration, resulting in traditionally lower admin costs). Seeing as how 403b's are utilized for governmental organizations, I wouldn't be shocked if any new regulations focused on 401k's exclusively, leaving 403b's (and the tax advantages associated with them) largely unchanged. Exactly. You can contribute to a 401k and a Roth IRA, up to a certain income cap. You can contribute to a 401k and traditional IRA (with applicable deductions) up to a certain income cap, which is greater than what the Roth allows. And you can contribute to a 401k and traditional IRA (with no applicable deduction) for any income level, with the benefit for the IRA being the absence of any taxes on cap gains/appreciations until you actually begin drawing income from the IRA.
  3. Millennials aren’t lazy, they’re workaholics

    I'd have to say the opposite.
  4. Yes, we've all seen Jacobs' chart. But I haven't seen (yet) any real followup analysis, so I don't know how anyone could make a declarative statement as to how much did/did not change from the ACA to last night's bill. I'm pretty sure the skinny repeal didn't go through CBO scoring; was any other analysis of its impact conducted or shared? All of which ignores a larger point - perhaps skinny repeal was great, perhaps it was dogshit garbage. No one had any real idea, not when virtually everything the GOP leadership has done to this point has been shrouded in secrecy. It's been absolutely farcical.
  5. It - Official Trailer 1

    The first TV movie/miniseries has not aged well. At all.
  6. Is the Trump administration smart enough to think that far ahead? I think you may be giving them a little too much credit.
  7. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    That was my first thought as well. It'd be an easy and natural way to help level the playing field between Cersei and Dany. It would have to be introduced into the framework of the show, but that shouldn't be too difficult.
  8. Baby Driver trailer (new Edgar Wright)

    "The style is the substance" may be a legitimate statement (debatable in certain instances), but I'm inclined to agree with some of the comments alluding to the movie being, not empty, but shallow in terms of characters' motivations. I get that there's a certain degree of "go with it" inherent in the movie - just "go with it" when Baby finds Debora, a girl/woman who is absolutely perfect in his eyes, and immediately enamored (and all-forgiving) to him; just "go with it" when Spacey's character pulls a total 180, from threatening Baby on more than one occasion, to sacrificing himself for him. Instances like that, to me, are examples of how Wright may have compromised in certain regards. Which I'm okay with - he very deliberately (and masterfully) created a movie whose semiotics are expressed through a deeply organic connection between the action and the music. That dynamic, that interplay, it lives and breathes in nearly every scene, and results in more than a few scenes which are a genuine joy to experience. But in focusing so closely on that dynamic, I came away with some feelings of dissonance - feelings of ambivalence in Baby's relationship with his mother, bewilderment at Sapcey's arc, etc. And how incredible was Jon Hamm? Never seen him in a role remotely like this, but wow, did he nail it 1000%. None of the performances were bad per se, all were more than serviceable, but Hamm was extraordinary. But despite that - I loved the shit out of the movie. And considering that it came at the tail end of a weekend which started with THE BIG SICK (wonderful, wonderful movie, which included a 9/11 joke that can NEVER be topped), and included ONCE (how I never saw this before, I have no idea - but man, what an extraordinarily evocative and introspective work of art)...good weekend for GT cinema-viewing.
  9. I don't remember which magazine it was (maybe Wired), but there was an article describing how Tim Cook, among many other "tech elite" leaders have some very restricted views on use of tablets and smartphones by their children. The article went on to allege that the makers of this "tech" have better understanding than most of how addictive and disruptive they can be (obviously), and while it's ok in terms of supporting their respective lines of business, they recognize the dangers of their products on a personal level.
  10. Jeff Sessions To testify On Tuesday

    Seeing some tweets that his public testimony has been cancelled. Anyone else seeing it?
  11. Well hi thar

    Wait, wat? Ok...read the following replies. Yeah, I couldn't see any benefit to what you were proposing.
  12. Black Lightning trailer

    As strange is might once have sounded to say this...it's a comic-centric show on the CW. I'll give it a shot. The trailer does look interesting.
  13. You assume that Pence would survive a Trump impeachment. I would imagine that others' uncertainty on that point factors into the calculus of their positions. I don't entirely disagree with the notion that long-term, we might be better off letting this shitshow play out for four years (hopefully not eight), when a new/different wave of disgust with Washington allows for a new POTUS. While Pence would certainly be a more stabilizing figure now, he could do far more harm (on the issues I care about) than can Trump, if for no other reason that the current regime's idiocy is effectively crippling the kind of legislative program that would otherwise be well underway.
  14. FotF has some decent elements, but it also marks the point where Goodkind really lost a sense of perspective with regard to keeping his Ayn Rand fetish clear of the series. There really are some solid arcs, but so many are diluted by extended scenes of monologues lifted heavily from Atlas Shrugged. My own feelings aren't far from apoc's - the series was strongest for the first three books, and while the rest aren't awful, Goodkind really started phoning it in later on. And the reviews for a majority of the SoT books that take place after the end of the original series' conclusion suggest that that cavalier approach has only gotten worse. Seriously, some of the synopses are beyond awful.