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  1. FTFY. True story. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer

    And while this is a side-note, it merits mention in any thread about the PotC movies - the soundtracks and musical scores are absolutely phenomenal, notably for the first and third.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer

    Agreed.   All three movies from the original trilogy are a bit bloated (I'm pretty sure a good twenty minutes could've been trimmed to the films' benefit, without sacrificing too much in terms of narrative/character development), but despite that, I'd agree that they're fairly solid, and well worth the price of admission.  I was pleasantly surprised at how organically the storylines grew, considering that (AFAIK) there weren't plans for anything more than a one-off.   And yes, ON STRANGER TIDES was terrible.  And I'm not terribly enthused by the newest entry.  
  4. Consider Universal Life Insurance. Also a permanent life insurance policy, but it has a number of benefits that offer some genuine utility, outside of payment to beneficiaries in the event of your death.
  5. Well hi thar

    Three GT truths learned this week: 1) Reconnecting and visiting your first love may be the most pleasantly disorienting experience ever. 2) The hype for Hamilton is under-stated. 3) HELL OR HIGH WATER: Loved it. And the experience was even greater when Shea and I walked out, each abuzz about it.
  6. Bought a new house, Promotion at work, surge in business, plus some complications of a personal nature around the's been a busy summer. Still lurking a bit, but yeah, the listing's pretty much tailed off.
  7. First thought - why grant Trump's premise with a response which is only marginally less reductive? The article doesn't go into substantial depth in qualifying how/why the metrics changed, and absent that nuance, I'm almost inclined to say that it's worse than Trump in this instance - we expect unfiltered stupidity to spread wherever the Trumpster fire is burning. I'm not terribly impressed by a response which basically states "Nuh uh" without a greater examination of the issue, as might be expected from a reputable site. Second thought - SFLU, for shame. Sure, automated robotic manufacturing is the understandable goal, but that really can not happen until the shift from manufacturing to mass production takes place. And even if those automated plants are the goal, or should be, don't cast aside a larger point - innovation is driven by application. In this case, that would be manufacturing as a whole. A growth in manufacturing, even if at the misplaced human resource level, indicates a rise in manufacturing as an industry, laying the framework for innovation/improvement driven by market forces seeking to improve the bottom line. To that end, growth in the industry, as reflected in increased employment figures, is a net positive. Put differently, the quest for automated manufacturing plants, and an increase in manufacturing labor figures, are not mutually exclusive. And at this point, the U.S. should be doing everything possible to restore some portion of its manufacturing base in any number of fields: solar, batteries, plastics, to name but a few. I'd like to believe that we are still unparalleled in innovating, but it doesn't happen in a vacuum.
  8. Star Wars: ABC in talks for TV series

    Firefly reboot? Dare to dream.
  9. I'm Not Ashamed

    Jack Hill. Jesus Franco. Landis Hill. Russ Meyer. And you want to complain about a "based upon a true story" being the lowest of the low? Lol. Look - most "Christian" cinema is emotionally manipulative crap that (imho) isn't really worth watching: when you know what 90% of what the film's thematic emphasis is going to be, and see C-list talent attached, you're not going to expect Malick. But all the same...I think some of the disgust ITT is a little over the top. I think there's discussion to be found in the topic of how contemporary cinema exploits the zeitgeist of a particular era, but this seems awfully cherry-picked, and if we're looking at current times, I think there are better examples to consider.
  10. Ryan posted a photo of Republican interns.

  11.   Just playing devil's advocate here - but isn't it worth questioning our perceptions of many of the book's second-tier characters, given that we see them secondhand?   In this case, I'm inclined to agree that Roose's death in the show felt a little rushed/lazy/inconsistent with regard to the ideal of the man that's been developed in the books, but all the same, I question those perceptions when it's of characters who aren't "protaganists" in terms of chapters being written from their perspective.   I'd consider it analogous to how book readers come to know Rhaegar Targaryen - do you recall that feeling of dissonance the first time we hear of him spoken of with awe and respect? And why? Because the first mention of him is from Robert Baratheon, who has nothing but festering hatred for him. It wasn't until I read through a second time that I realized why I had that dissonant feeling, but it was because it was but one instance in which Martin made it clear that the perceptions we read in the books are of varying degrees of credibility - it's but one way in which the series develops such a nuanced and textured development, and it's likewise why we need to take some of our ideas about various characters (particularly those whose perspective is never truly directly shared with the readers) with a grain of salt.   On the whole, I'm a skeptical book reader (feeling/worrying that the series peaked with ASoS), who feels increasingly as though the show has become better than the books, in terms of the degree to which the respective reach exceeds (or not) the grasp. Sure, the show's taken some interesting convergent and divergent turns as inevitable byproducts of the narrative butterfly effect that's come from how certain characters/storylines have been altered, but I think it's hard to argue that the successes haven't outnumbered the failures in that regard. Whether it's Sansa replacing Jeyne Pool, Benjen replacing Coldhands (I still don't believe that that will be revealed in the books as of yet), Tormund replacing Mance...these edits in the adaptation have worked, in terms of preserving thematic frameworks in the face of wholesale narrative changes.   This is speculative, but I can see another potential example in Battle of the Bastards, where Jon Snow's inner conflict lead him to disaster, just as it did at the end of ADwD, where he was ultimately killed not for embracing the Wildlings, but because he was planning on using the Night's Watch to lead an attack into the realm. Against Ramsay Snow.   We'll have to wait and see how that storyline unfolds in the books, but I'm expecting a very different narrative, and I'm curious to see how it compares to how the show handled things (in a way that had a wonderful symmetry to the books, remaining true to the core of the principal character, despite having a notably different narrative).
  12. Sniper loose in Dallas

      Are you guys really discounting what sbl is saying? He's conceded that the stories are anecdotal, while qualifying the need for better (and more) meaningful data.   I'm inclined to believe it, if for no other reason that every single black (and Latino) friend that I have can identify, with complete clarity, the day/time when their parents sat them down to have "the talk" about how act in the presence of authority, and of why they had to remain consciously aware of the color of their skin in various public settings.   These friends aren't criminals in any way, they aren't drug users, and aside from their outward appearance/color, there isn't any reason whatsoever for anyone to presume that they are any less law-abiding than me. And yet, they got the talk.   Which was never needed for me...or for any white friends or family members of mine.   Have race relations improved over time? Of course. But despite that (or perhaps because of select outliers like the election of BO), I think there are many who exaggerate the progress, discounting the unfortunate reality that too many clutch their purse a little more tightly when passing by a group of black people, discounting stories like Tim Scott's, discounting the fact that there are any number of residual reminders of how recently the changes for the better began, and are still slow to take full effect.   Hell, growing up in a rural area of Maryland, I have/had family (father, uncles, cousins...not necessarily grandparents and older) whose colloquialisms make me nervous when certain friends come to visit.
  13. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    Robb Stark led every battle from the front, and never lost a battle in the field. Proficiency as a leader/warrior in combat does matter, but it isn't enough to prevent the loss of one's home, allies, and life.
  14. Backward Compatibility List is out, and it's getting better!

    Man, that brings back some memories.  Played like warm, moist ass at times, and it's an eyesore now, but still, what a blast that game is/was.  And the caricatures they made for the bosses...priceless.
  15. flash 3x01 Title

    Is this confirmed? It's understandable why the logistics, contracts, etc. would make this a necessity (the non-Flash shows proceeding as if nothing had happened), but it's a real shame that the shared universe that's been established across the shows would have to be broken in service to this Flashpoint arc. Sure, there are any number of contrivances/comic hoodoo that can be fabricated to rationalize why the changes are limited to Barry's little section of the world, but that seems really inconsistent with the approach taken to this point, where Guggenheim and co. push feel speed ahead with (creatively) audacious decisions and (more or less) stick with them.