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  1. And OT - Kubrick was the fist thought that came to mind when I read the thread title, and there are several choices: DR. STRANGELOVE ---> 2001 THE SHINING --> FULL METAL JACKET THE KILLING --> PATHS OF GLORY Hell, and there are several other solid examples that could include some of the choices listed above. The man had an unparalleled talent for taking on various genres and styles.
  2. I'm sporting not inconsiderable wood at that trailer. Can not wait. Looks like a fantastic adaptation (something which Starz handles fairly well). For anyone who hasn't - go read the book, then love the miniseries.
  3. Christ, who shit in your oatmeal?
  4. MAGA = Make America Gaunt Again? Lol.
  5. If I hadn't seen it already, this post alone would make the show must-watch.
  6. Been stuck at 155 for my OHP volume days (5x10) for six weeks now: always fell short by one or two reps somewhere in the five sets. Always chalked it up to a momentary breakdown in form, or just fatigue, since the OHP volume work follows my heavy bench press work. But finally, fucking finally, got five good sets of ten reps. Followed it up with 3x8 Push Press at 185. Shoulders are on fire, but god damn it felt good to finish that out.
  7. I think you may be giving Dr. Carson a little too much credit, in assuming an appreciation for the distinctions between denotation and connotation that I don't believe actually exists. While the man is undoubtedly well-educated in certain regards, I've never gotten the impression (from hearing him speak) of having a genuine understanding of the nuances of language, particularly in regard to social matters.
  8. I could not agree more. I'm not entirely sure how/where I'd rate it yet either. In terms of craft, it was really was excellent. It's sure to resurrect the usual arguments of the Marvel vs D.C./Fox formula in terms of which is a "better" approach, although I'm still of the mind that there is room for both - the Marvel formula brings us a universe of solidly entertaining films whose creative direction is more studio-mandate driven, while this more standalone approach allows for (in many regards) a more ambitious and singular view in making movies. This was certainly a superb closing chapter for Jackman, as well as Stewart. Their performances really were extraordinary. But this certainly won't (and likely shouldn't) merit a BP nomination. I think I could appreciate an argument that this is one of (and perhaps the) best comic book movies since TDK, but Nolan still has that honor for now.
  9. Finally did my part. I must have started four or five times since December, and gotten distracted or jammed up every time. May be able to make another contribution in a few months.
  10. Did you read the article? Personally, I think this is a stupid story and distraction from the emptiness of Trump's speech, but all the same, your point is pretty much directly addressed in the link/article.
  11. Don't we have a thread for posting "funny" articles, satire, etc.? Why do threads like this get posted on the CEB?
  12. Apparently it's all the Jews' doing...according to the Id in Chief.
  13. Who hacked jigs' account?
  14. Seriously. I felt exhausted walking out of there. The first hour or so is this extended exercise in fear and desperation, and the performances all work to tremendous effect. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Well, enjoy is probably the wrong word, but still.
  15. How many of the BP nominees have you seen? La La Land was immensely entertaining, to be sure, but there are many salient arguments to be made for much of the competition.