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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/11/16/us/keystone-pipeline-leak/index.html
  2. So how about that tax plan, eh?

    I can see that to an extent, but OTOH - I really think there are a significant number of groups/lobbies that can make some very pointed arguments about how this hurts the average American in a more tangibly direct way than changes in healthcare policy. Set aside SALT reductions, mortgage interest caps, and property tax caps that impact a more limited number of the “middle class” - if the early reads are valid, hits on student loan interest deductions, family relief, immediate Medicare cuts...there’s a long list of items that can easily be framed as an attack on the lower and middle class throughout the country that could render this as ultimately toxic as ACA repeal efforts in a more visible manner. The real question is who swings a bigger bat at the end of the day - the lobbyists or the big-ticket donors. Both are important stakeholders in next year’s elections. And I would agree that there’s a better than decent shot that the House R’s fall into line, and that the best shot for this to wither and die is in the Senate.
  3. So how about that tax plan, eh?

    Seeing quite a few tweets that there are already 20 No’s in the House from Republicans, not counting five in CA, four in PA, and one in NJ. [Edit] But many of those are RT’s from Topher Spiro, so take it with a grain of salt at this point until a few more sources confirm.
  4. El absolutely deserved her own chance for an episode focused largely on her, and I’d argue that the growth she achieved in the episode was necessary. But...the timing sucked, insofar as we were ripped away from some really good shit happening in Hawkins. Combine that with some pretty shoddy execution from 008’s band of misfits, and you end up with an episode that gets us where we need to be by taking a decidedly meh route. I’ll accept it, if only because the payoff at the end of Ep 08 is made all the sweeter for the additional delay, but yeah, Ep 07 was (imho) the weakest of the season by a fair margin. But otherwise...man oh man. What a followup to S1. Honestly, there really isn’t much I’d criticize aside from the shortcomings in E7’s execution. Our main core of characters were each given room to grow in the aftermath of S1, the new cast members integrated pretty organically into the story, we got more and more and more of the “Steven King by way of Spielberg” that worked so well in S1, particularly with regard to the kids’ performances (speaking to the fact that Spielberg has almost always done a superb job in getting phenomenal performances from child actors), especially Will - good god did he absolutely NAIL every beat of every scene in which he was featured. He had a lot of baggage to carry, and he carried it wonderfully. Can’t wait for S3, and more of the 80’s ephemera that I had forgotten how much I loved before being reconnected by the Duffer Bros.
  5. No Mauschwitz diatribe from IdeaOfEvil on the enduring evils of Di$ney? Wtf?
  6. Slavery is the USA's original sin, and the 3/5 compromise is the most shamefully enduring midwife to the legacy. Aside from our systemic purification of the natives, there is no legitimate comparison.
  7. 8 killed in Manhattan Vehicular Rampage

    God, I hate that area. Just closed out a high-rise condo I've been running for the last three years at 50 West St; between that and work I've done at the World Financial Center since 2012, I drive through that area several times a week. The transformation in the area's been impressive, but even if I could afford it, I'd never want to live anywhere around there. And in all honesty- the thought of road rage induced by bicyclists in the area doesn't surprise me at all. There are some real aspirants for a Darwin Award on any number of the bike paths/Lanes in that area.
  8. Is 100k middle class?

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  9. Is 100k middle class?

    Look, NYC is stupid expensive compared to most of the rest of the country, but if you have to spend $36 for a decent lunch by yourself, you're doing it wrong. Terribly wrong. And as for $100k - I wouldn't consider that middle class for NYC. You're not buying a house anywhere decent in the outer boroughs (forget about Manhattan) making $100k/year, and if you do buy something modest, you aren't living the kind of middle class life discussed in the articles which have been going up on the issue. My gf and I are pretty fortunate to be what I'd consider to be solidly middle class - we own a house in a nice area of the Bronx, own cars, are able to max out 401k and IRA contributions, plan for a nice vacation, and not live paycheck to paycheck. But the house we bought for $600k+ last year would most likely list for roughly half that (or less) in many areas of the country. But, we don't have kids (and don't intend to), which gives us significant flexibility and financial freedom. It doesn't hurt either that I have a personal company vehicle and expense account which covers gas, tolls, and parking. I spent a few months, off and on, working in Houston with my first company out of college. This is a good 10-12 years ago, but I was amazed to see gorgeous 3000+ sf homes in Houston selling for ~$250k, or (as I thought it), about 25% (or less) what they'd be selling for around/outside NYC.
  10. Very curious to see what the answer to that question is.
  11. I would be willing to bet that any changes to the tax structures for 401k's would not apply to 403b's.
  12. And imagine how much more poignant and effective a condemnation of the administration would be if half the reporters following Trump's cold war with the NFL we're living in PR right now. How many legitimate sources are still following this humanitarian crisis in a meaningful way?
  13. Yes, Puerto Rico still receives coverage, as do changes in ongoing healthcare debates/votes/processes and coverage of plans for the budget and tax reform. But I don't see how anyone can argue that the coverage and attention that issues like those merit isn't being diluted by an (absurdly) disproportionate amount of attention given to Trump's pissing match with the NFL, or resources directed toward confirming who he has/has not called and what was/was not said? IMHO, there's never (in this generation) been a more important time for meaningful monitoring and reporting by the fourth estate. Unfortunately, we are sorely lacking in that regard as a whole, when the media indirectly fuels the flames of Trump's supporters by indulging the man's inanities and idiosyncracies. And just as unfortunately, the media's own self-serving interests in terms of ratings/clicks/viewership respond favorably to the back-and-forth with Trump, which further pulls focus on what matters: for every poorly-written WaPo or NYT article which invests time and energy in material which reads as distinctly anti-Trump in its motivations, they lose a little more credibility on material which really matters.
  14. Exactly. At this point any media outlet could just start a running series with a single article reporting on the Trump idiocy du jour, as opposed to allowing said incidents to become THE focus of the day’s news. Trump has done a masterful job of turning too many media outlets into the boy who cried wolf.