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  1. Dragon Quest Builders or Minecraft?

    I'd consider them more objectives to complete more than a story. There really isn't any direction pointing you in a specific way. Its just oh I could go kill the ender dragon.
  2. Dragon Quest Builders or Minecraft?

    Minecraft really isn't worth it for me if I don't have friends to play with me. DQB is a really fun solo game, but I think the sequel is adding co-op so that will be interesting.
  3. LTTP: The Last Jedi

    Subsequent watches of the movie made me appreciate some things a little more. I've come to realize more and more often that the people you watch movies with heavily sway your opinion whether you realize it or not. That being said, I'm still not in love with the movie. Canto Bight is still a worthless section to me. Rose is a fine character to have, I just didn't love the actress. I still don't like the light speed jump into the ships, but I've accepted it and just chalk it up to being in a galaxy far far away.
  4. I got about $150 on top of what I paid for my R9 390. Could probably get a decent deal for my 1080, got it off massdrop for $470.
  5. Gonna hold off on this one until bluetooth controllers are added in. Way to hard to play otherwise (though some people seem really really good already)
  6. I was just about to bring up the Mass Effect trilogy. Man that would be awesome.
  7. Does this work with Freesync 1? Otherwise you are bound to a whopping like 3 monitors. EDIT: Just for clarification, not the benefits of FS2 with FS1, would you get the benefits of FS1 using an FS1 monitor.
  8. Honestly I see more talk about PUBG's optimization than Fortnites gunplay. Its gunplay has RNG, we get it. That doesn't mean the game is completely devoid of skill or even lacking in skill gap at all. You can't play this game like you would PUBG or H1Z1, it just doesn't work. If you like PUBG better based on that sole fact alone, great.
  9. I realize this is a joke post, but games that truly take no skill means that its a lot harder to be a standout player because of the skill ceiling being so low. I actually think its a testament to Fortnite's skill gap that so few players are leagues beyond anyone else.
  10. Probably my favorite TV show ever, but I don't want it to continue. While still good, the last 3 seasons just weren't up to par with the first 4. I'd hate this show to be one of the shows that continues to churn out mediocrity for the sake of keeping the show going.
  11. H1Z1 Left Early Access

    Honestly if it runs better than PUBG id swap over to it.
  12. Vaporwave music? Anyone heard of it?

    I prefer SIMPSONWAVE (Vaporwaveish songs to Simpsons Videos) I made a small playlist of it with some other random things sprinkled in like LORN and some Lo-fi
  13. Just start playing. Battle pass allows you to earn cosmetic items through playing, if you don't like playing then its a waste of money. Founders I believe only affects PVE, so if BR is your main focus that as well is a waste of money.
  14. “We can assure you we're not that clever” Honestly would really like some DLC for this game