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  1. I used this while I was in my pokemon go phase. I've never really tested how many charges it gave me, but it easily got me through a day. https://oneplus.net/oneplus-power-bank
  2. On the base game yes.
  3. Double Post They somewhat detailed what the Season Pass will bring https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/wars-worlds-weaponry
  4. Either you aren't getting what I'm saying, I'm just bad at explaining it, or its just gone over my head (probably one of the later two). If I'm coming off desperate to justify my purchase then I'm giving off the wrong vibes. Halo Wars 2 ($60 retail, $40 Cdkeys), season pass ($30), Halo Wars Definitive Edition (not currently available outside of the Unlimited Bundle, we can guess a price of $20 if/when it will go for sale) Total: $90 (with CDkeys pricing) Ultimate edition: $80 ($68 CDKeys) What I'm trying to get across is that if everything in the Ultimate edition is something that you would like its not that bad of a deal, even at full price. If you aren't into the Season Pass or HW:DE great. Thats awesome that you got it for $42 bucks instead of $60. My point comparing it with other games is that most current games, I'll use For Honor as an example, is a base game of $60 dollars and the season pass is $40. Its more money for arguably less content, depending on whats in the season pass.
  5. Right and you got half of what I got. I only paid about $21 for the game, I had some trade in credit with gamestop and I brought in a few games as well that I wouldn't ever touch again. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought the ultimate edition at least not on launch. I'm just saying, I think its not that bad of a deal, depending on what you want. Most games on launch + season pass are $80+. This comes with a upgraded port of a game that very well could have just been sold outside of the game. It was around $73ish the couple times I checked prior to launch.
  6. Right, but thats just the base game right? I mean we have no idea what the Season Pass will give us and Halo Wars Definitive Edition isn't much incentive unless its something that you care about. I never finished the original game and I don't want to dust off my 360 to play it and now I don't. Updated visuals and PC release with kb/m support seems good enough to me.
  7. Eh Halo Wars 2 + Halo Wars definitive edition + Season Pass for 80 bucks isn't bad. Granted I don't think they will pump out any story DLC and I honestly have no idea whats even coming multiplayer wise or how many people would purchase that. It seems like such a niche game for a console and isn't anywhere near a contender for PC RTS'.
  8. Well I'm still holding off on finishing the game until the story DLC they add later down the road comes out, so hopefully another patch will get pushed out. If not I'll just hook it up to my 4K tv and play it in that (i typically game on a 24' 1080p).
  9. Launchy launch.
  10. The only thing I really dislike so far is the camera angle. I understand why it is the way it is, but it doesn't make me happy about it. And the Decimus fight zooms in even further than the angle already is, could barley even see my hornets in the fight.
  11. Ultimate edition unlocks 4 days early.
  12. Definitely gonna watch this at point today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. There is probably 1/3 truth to it and 2/3 lie in that statement. H5 was claimed to only run properly at 60fps, but that was proven false (partially by H5 forge) by a modder who ran the game at various fps and until he pushed it to extremes did he find noticeable changes. It also still has a broken theater system and spectator mode. Halo 4 had to have a title update just so they could have weapon tuning. Halo MCC is still a disaster with different problems in each individual game. It's in a workable state, very rough and riddled with bugs, but a workable state. My point is that 343i's (even though they aren't the main devs here) engines haven't always been great and they usually deem it not worth their money/time to fix those problems. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Not interested in winning, but props for turning around and giving back.
  15. I'm the same way. I forced myself through a couple of his videos and nothing clicked at any point.