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  1. FFXV TLOU WoFF Uncharted 4 The Last Guardian Odin Sphere The Order Digimon OS I think thats about it. Maybe another digital game I'm forgetting about.
  2. First thing I do in any game that has rumble, disable it.
  3. I found the dissociative identity disorder part of the movie interesting and thought that it was well applied to the movie. It brought a really different aspect to the show. Wasn't as fond of the thriller/horror parts though.
  4. I don't mind running through RTS games every once in awhile, but I just couldn't do it with the original Halo Wars. Its doubtful I'll buy this, but I might.
  5. I'm not huge on FPS, so I guess thats just more of a person to person basis. I'm fine with 60fps. The games setting is pretty drab, I think a different change of pace could have spruced things up a lot, but looking past that there isn't a lot going on at one time. I honestly have no idea how it runs on mid range cards and what it was like pre/post patch. I'll just have to take your word for it because a quick google search didn't bring up much. I just think you're being too harsh on the game and how it runs. It runs well enough even for a UWP game.
  6. That a pretty good list. Might pick up a few of those once they drop.
  7. Define "okay" for me. No graphical glitches, no hitching, no noticeable frame drops (though I've always been bad at noticing these), other than me getting stuck in a rock after a cutscene I have run into little to no issues. I dare say it runs great, but I'm a small sample size, I haven't done much searching to see if others have had problems.
  8. Recore has run pretty well for me. A lot better than what the initial xbox version ran like. I haven't followed up on post patch.
  9. Haven't played Jotun, but am genuinely interested in this. Looks gorgeous and I'm always down for another metroidvania. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thunderlotus/sundered-a-horrifying-fight-for-survival-and-sanit
  10. I couldn't get past the 2 hour intro to World of Final Fantast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. - Only one launch that is really that tantalizing - Also coming out on Wii U - Expensive accessories - Very few games planned out over the year - lacking in hardware (as usual) compared to the competition + portable + I hear the controller is very comfortable despite its looks = decent battery life? Prolly gonna flop unless it gets some more first party titles and third party in there to make it worth while. Sad to hear nothing about the gamecube VC.
  12. I have 3 ordered. Kind of ordered in a frenzy as they popped up. BB first Target second (because of Red Card discount) Amazon third (because I like dealing with amazon). Will cancel BB and Target at some point soon. Have the Special Edition of BotW reserved at BB with discount, but still hoping the Master Edition becomes available again at some point. Overall I'm a little underwhelmed with release games, but I can see potential in the device. I'm hoping that more devs will pick up on it and port games to it. Even if they are older games I would still enjoy these games on the go, with, what seems to be, a solid controller.
  13. Some raw gameplay.
  14. Yeah I think on PC I rarely have a guy get angry after the match and approach me. Although I rarely play characters that I'm not that good with. I've definitely heard people complain, nothing crazy bad though.
  15. I'll take a sick day and camp out if I have to.