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  1. Steam Link $8 On Steam Right Now

    Its a pretty good deal. Cheapest I've seen it go on ebay is $20, plus you get a game
  2. Steam Link $8 On Steam Right Now

    That my dilemma. I have little to no use for this, but that dollar though.
  3. GTX 1070 Xbox One X (maybe cancel) Super Mario Odyssey South Park (hopefully a sale by the end of the year) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (is that still coming out this year?) Okami HD
  4. Mass Effect $17 Amazon

    Its like $11 bucks now.
  5. Definitely the minority and a very specific case, but Darbian (Super Mario Speedrunner) has said something along the same lines. He won't play emulated games, OG hardware, CRT TV. Something to do with how latency works and input lag. Timing just becomes much different and the game feels different as well to them. Very few emu on the leaderboards as a result. https://www.speedrun.com/smb1
  6. Yep, this is going to keep from purchasing this game.
  7. October GWG announced

    Medal of Honor was a really fun game from what I remember. I remember just wanted to run around and shoot some people in an older setting. This had been out for awhile and was like $30 bucks. Picked it up, played for like 3 days and it was everything I wanted it to be. Don't remember anything other than it was fun though haha. I don't remember anything about the story.
  8. Its painfully obvious from the perspectives I've watched after dying. Snapping 180 directly onto another player and 2-3 shotting them as well from a large distance. I reported 3 people within like the first 10-15 games I played. I know that I suck at the game, which is typically why I'll watch their perspectives after a little while to see if I just got wrecked or if my feelings were justified. Most of the time I just suck.
  9. Really wish this game had a small buy in. $5 dollars or was cracking down harder on aimbots. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten 2-3 shot pistol from a distance.
  10. I'm always skeptical of these articles. Every device is going to have lemons, some a little more unusual than others. I chalked the Note up to the same thing.... until it kept happening.
  11. Just realized that I am going to have to use the Kinect conversion thingy for the One X. So dumb.
  12. What do you get from starbucks?

    Vanilla Chai Tea.
  13. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    If you have an apple store near you, just schedule a genius bar appt. You'll be out with new phones in however long it takes you to backup and restore. Just to be sure though, you don't have nightshift on correct? The one on the left looks okay to me, the one on the right definitely has some weird tint going on.
  14. I don't remember this being all that hard, perhaps you just rushed through the game a little too much? I think the hardest fight for me was the Axem Rangers, always hated that battle. That and Below, he wrecked me early game.