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  1. Any Nioh impressions?

      Oh trust me, I'm in no way saying the game is bad for those aspects. I accept that a game can be difficult and not up my alley but be a damn good game. Unlike a good percentage of the internet, I personally realize that my viewpoint isn't the only valid viewpoint.
  2. Any Nioh impressions?

    I'm horrible at this game. I played for about 45 minutes last night and beat like two enemies. My mind just does not adjust to these games well. I know I need to be patient and very aware of what the controls can do, but it never seems to come together that way for me. I just end up dead. Repeatedly and violently and horribly dead.   I want to like it. I loved Gaiden, though not a Souls fan I loved Bloodbourne. I should like it. I just, can't do it.
  3. Alienation - Multiplayer Mayhem: Character Classes video

    I will own this.
  4. PAX East 2016

    I went on Sunday last year. This year, not sure. I have a friend who is working on getting passes from another friend in the industry. Hoping something pans out. Easy enough for me to get to, it's about an hour drive.
  5. Ratchet and Clank Discussion thread

    Yeah saying "remake" is just selling this game short. And 12-15 hours for 40 bucks is crazy worth it. 
  6. Ratchet and Clank Discussion thread

    Will be picking it up this evening. Cannot wait. R&C is one of my most favorite gaming series. The only one I did not finish was the Nexus. Really looking forward to playing through this one.
  7. Gave it a shot last night. I keep trying to like this game, I just don't though. I feel like I should. 
  8. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

      Why even bother? When you are so far above your opponent it doesn't really do them any good to take shots at them. Wait until they have risen to be some type of competition then take your shots.   To quote Nick Fury...   "Ant....boot"
  9. My eyes can see it, however after a few minutes playing it kind of shits out of my focus and I just play what is there and enjoy it for what it is. Framerate only really matters to me when it becomes a total slideshow, then is where I have problems with it. Would I love every game to be 60+ FPS? Absolutely, it would be wonderful. I remember playing Borderlands 2 on my 360 the first time through and loved it, thought it was a fantastic game and had a blast with my friends playing it. Then I got a decent gaming laptop and bought it during a Steam sale on there and was floored by how it looked with the framerate I achieved there. I was still able to go back and play it on the 360. Could I tell the difference, absolutely. Did I care, nope not a bit.   I know that can be a difference for some folks, what I can't stand is the people who cannot seem to believe someone could still enjoy it.
  10. Enter the Gungeon=fun...geon

    I am loving this game. Not very good at it, but I love it. Made it to the boss battle on level 3 last night and I'm encountering some interesting and fun guns.
  11. Enter the Gungeon=fun...geon

    Guess I'm the only one who bought this for the PS4?
  12. Star Wars: Rogue One - Official Teaser Trailer

    Looks great to me. I'm still interested to see where they go with Episode 8 and I haven't really lost any respect for Episode 7. Yeah it may have been a bit of a rehash of Episode 4 but I still think it was done well and kicked the dust off the series to move forward. I'm all for the give them something they are familiar with to get them going again. I really expect them to do something special with Episode 8 and 9. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong but I have hope.   Nevertheless, Rouge One looks great and certainly evokes feelings of the original trilogy, with a little layer of added grime that I think is interesting. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. Enter the Gungeon=fun...geon

    Game is a blast. Love the art style, controls and the guns. I've been playing a lot of Nuclear Throne leading into this and love that game as well, but I think Enter the Gungeon has it beat. The rooms tend to be set up a bit more purposefully to create challenges. There is also a sense of mystery in the game that is appreciated. Overall if you like games like Nuclear Throne (or just twin stick shooters) I would strongly recommend this one. Very much worth it.
  14. I don't want to get him in the White House until we clearly see how that money was spent on Steam. That is a lot of cash on Steam, if he was buying things at full price and not waiting for sales and taking advantage I would not want him anywhere near a place of fiscal responsibility. Any full price purchases bring into question his credibility.