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  1. I will likely be getting the "Neo" or whatever it will be called. Probably not until early next year, but it will be happening.
  2. Damn, didn't see this until today for some reason. Congrats to the winners!
  3. I'm a big fan of the game thus far. I've followed a lot of the development. He may never have directly stated multiplayer, but he did certainly infer it would be possible and given the opportunity did not shoot down the questions outright.   Maybe at times he thought they were going to be able to get something in there. Maybe he has some upcoming concept to do something with it. I think he would have been better served by saying it isn't there and that maybe it would be considered for some type of future update.   I'm not calling him out as a liar. I honestly don't care about multiplayer in the game. But he could have certainly clarified this a bit more. 
  4. Ok, so just to get this out there first. I completely 100% understand someone not enjoying this game. I am not defending this game to the masses, I don't need to. It's not my job. I'm not trying to convince anyone it's a good game or to buy the thing. Any post I make out here is purely from my perspective and my experience.   I tend not to look behind the curtain for games like this. I know it's procedural. I know not every single thing I'm going to see is going to be this amazing little nugget of special and unique. Maybe that's a fault of mine but there it is. I find myself still enjoying it.   I like analyzing every piece of plant life and life that I find. For some reason it hits something with me that I just find addictive. I enjoy the little bits of tech that I find that allow me to upgrade my equipment little bits at a time. Again it just grabs me in some way that I can't quite pin down.   This game isn't perfect by a long shot. There are some definite graphical issues when I'm flying around within the atmosphere. I had one planet last night that for a few moments looked like a digitized nightmare. Took a few seconds for the generation to catch up with what I was doing. It didn't really phase me though. I just gave it a moment and moved on with what I was doing. Still being amazed by these weird landscapes.    So far I've visited six worlds. Two of them have been somewhat cold and rocky. One was a dead moon, with very few features and little in the way of resources. One was a world that was hot (not crazy hot, but hot) with a lot of what looked like water anyway. Very fascinating to move about on. Then I had a pretty barren desert looking planet. Finally the one I'm on right now is just gorgeous. There are no weather hazards. There are vast forests and plains. Lots of grass and plant life and tons of other types of life poking around. I'm scanning the hell out of everything and spending a lot of time on this one.   This game is not for everyone. If your approach is just to consume the game, or analyze every discovery to just find the seams of the procedural generation I don't think it's for you. You will find what you look for in No Man's Sky. If that's a game where you can pretend you are out bouncing around the stars finding stuff, exploring strange planets and improving your equipment and ships then that's what you'll find. If you are looking for the strings on the puppets, you'll see those as well so I'd probably recommend you don't bother the game just won't work for you.   As for me, the puppets are real when I watch them and I like the show.
  5. Ape Escape 2 -- PS2 on PS4

    Agreed. I picked it up last week and I just love it. I played the first one way back when but never played 2. Having a blast and my son loves watching me play it as well. Always a bonus.
  6. @AndrewDean84 Overall I found my time relaxing and enjoyable. There's a lot of little busy work but I didn't find it over demanding.    I think it really comes down to what you want out of it and then, within the structure they provide, make it what you want. I enjoy the exploration aspects and the collection pieces. 
  7. Correct, it's all equipment based from what I can tell. Which is fine by me by the way.
  8. @mo1518 I can confirm you can find better shielding. I found a tech for upgraded thermal protection. I think it will still require recharge but the amount of decay will drop quite a bit making it less of an issue.   Overall I like that kind of progression. Start me off struggling but eventually work my way up to being able to handle such things. 
  9. I'm having a blast with it. I haven't pushed as far as some have, I'm only on my second planet in the same system. I enjoy exploring and looking around. Anytime I see something with a ? I need to run off and take a look. If you are like me then I think that part of the game might strike a chord with you.   My first planet was a cold one so I had to keep my thermal protection up. At night, the temps dropped even more so I would go through my protection more quickly. As much as it might sound like a pain to someone else, i enjoy this aspect of the game. It wasn't terribly difficult to keep up with but enough that I had to keep up with it. I was able to explore quite a bit around my crash site (I mean, the planet is huge) and enjoyed scanning things and looking around, getting a feel of the controls.   Taking that first flight, man that was something. Punching your way out of the atmosphere and hitting space just felt so good. I took off to another planet in the system with a moon. Just on the second planet now and poking around. Definitely a difference in environment. Much warmer on this world, though still not really all that warm. During the day I don't need thermal protection, but at night it gets cold enough that it's used a little.   Looking forward to getting some new inventory slots and a new multi tool with some additional slots. Have some tech I'd like to try but somewhat limited by what I can carry.   Another bit I like about the game are the little pieces of lore I'm finding. The monoliths and some other structures are giving me nice little bits for my imagination to chew on. For example, I found this one abandoned building on my second world. All the doors were open and there was this odd, flesh-like stuff covering a lot of the stuff. Looked fairly gross. There was a terminal that indicated this stuff was some kind of wound in the world. Nothing huge or earth shattering, just a neat little side thing.   Oh and to answer one question from above, the mining laser is a straight beam but when you switch functions there is a bolt caster that is more like a burst shot. So far I've only tangled with a couple of sentinels. I'm really not playing for any big battles. At the moment anyway.
  10. Good article on day one patches

    I download the game to my hard drive. Which is a disk. I own the game. Or at least I have purchased my license to play it. Which is what you have. 
  11. While I kinda understand them, man do I hate the comparisons to Spore. Nothing I see here indicates such a thing. If your expectations lead you down that line of thought I can't help to think that you are the one who packed that baggage and will have to carry it.   Everything I've seen shows that we are going to get what we have been offered. Now I don't know for sure if I'll like it but I'm in for trying and I've spent my money accordingly. 
  12. So far from what I've seen the game looks worth it to me. I've preordered and will be playing as soon as it drops.    I get that some folks aren't into it but for me, this is exactly what I wanted. Cannot wait for it.
  13. Torment: Tides of Numenera coming to consoles!

    Overall I know that this game is meant to be played on a PC and I would have gladly done so if my situation allowed me to hold onto mine. That being said I'm happy it's coming to a machine I own currently so I can give it a go there.    Then late next year when I build my own machine I'll grab it again on a Steam sale.   i just love the lore of this world and I'm very interested to see how they bring the tabletop mechanics into it or if they scrap those mechanics and just created their own and just use the lore.
  14. Torment: Tides of Numenera coming to consoles!

    Well I'm happy anyway. I love the tabletop game.
  15. This has me very excited.   I know it would be better on PC everyone, however I sold my gaming laptop to fund my daughter's camp experience this summer. So, I have my PS4 and it will have to do.