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  1. Mass Effect: Andromeda -- Official Launch Trailer

    I want the game badly but right now I have too much to focus on. Thought I would always be there day 1 for ME but this year has just been too much. The good thing is, it isn't going anywhere so I'll grab it eventually. Looks great to me.
  2. Switch launch impressions thread!

    Loving it. I can understand why folks may have issues with the Joy-con size but thus far I like them in any and all configurations. Wife and I played Snipperclips this morning for about an hour and had a blast. Overall really enjoying the system. Was pleasantly surprised by how easy setup was and how quick the UI is. Downloads were also fairly quick as well. Cannot wait to really sink myself into Zelda this weekend.
  3. PlayStation Now January

    I did for a few months and overall had a good time with it. Problem was I have too much crap that I own that I need to play.
  4. Gears of War 1 on my full Gears play through on my New Xbox One S. FF XV on my PS 4 and will likely sprinkle some Puzzle Quest 2 and Killer Instinct in as well.
  5. I like this idea. Having the Pathfinder be able to adjust to various situations on the fly makes sense. You would need a leader or someone in command of a mission like this to be amazingly adaptable, so this is fine with me. Hell it's a game, I'm fine with some techno-magical explanations for being able to experiment with different abilities. About the only decision I didn't like in the whole Mass Effect series was between 1 and 2 where they changed overheating on the weapons to ammo. I don't mind if you establish something crazy in a game. I don't need realistic and "grounded". What I like though is consistency and that aspect always bugged me. I know they tried to say it was "heat" clips but it just didn't make sense in line of thought that they had already established. They just wanted to add that reload mechanic in a more action oriented game than the 1st one. I got over it, because well it's a damn game and I'm not going to lose sleep on it. Loved ME 2 and 3 so whatever. Can't wait for Andromeda.
  6. No waiting for me. Looks like Mass Effect, sounds like Mass Effect and from all we've seen it plays like Mass Effect. That's enough for me. Loved the first three and them pulling away from that story is great in my opinion. Looking forward to what this can offer.
  7. New Metallica Song

    Agreed with Genetic. I can't say exactly where it fits with the rest of their albums yet, I like to give it a couple of weeks and a few listens before I really let it set in. Its way better than anything since the Black album. I like stuff off Load and Reload but overall they fall short to me. St Anger is St Anger, a couple of songs I think are ok and nothing more. I enjoyed Death Magnetic but it felt like something was missing. Personally And Justice is my favorite album with Puppets as my second. After that I don't really rate them in order that much. This is some really good stuff from them, I'm really happy we got a new album that is something I really like.
  8. Mass Effect Andromeda Cinematic Trailer

    Well that looks pretty and all but I was hoping for a bit more substance. Also was still holding out hope for a remaster. Playable on Xbox One is nice and all but I'm not buying it just to play them.
  9. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX – Announce Trailer

    I've never played any of the games, not one. May be interested in this.
  10. A really interesting history on XBLA

    This was a great episode. Lot of great insight into those early days.
  11. I've watched other videos of it on PS4 and have seen no evidence of that issue. PlayStation Access has one where they travel from one end of the map to the other and I didn't notice what I see in this video.
  12. I um, kinda never finished RDR... Probably should dust off that PS3 I have upstairs and take care of that. Afraid to turn it on though, the updates alone might take longer than I have to live.