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  1. A really interesting history on XBLA

    This was a great episode. Lot of great insight into those early days.
  2. I've watched other videos of it on PS4 and have seen no evidence of that issue. PlayStation Access has one where they travel from one end of the map to the other and I didn't notice what I see in this video.    
  3. I um, kinda never finished RDR...   Probably should dust off that PS3 I have upstairs and take care of that. Afraid to turn it on though, the updates alone might take longer than I have to live.
  4. $20 PSN Card

    61 I'm in!
  5. Who wants some Wang?

      I enjoyed the spicy garlic.   Now that's a spicy meatball...s
  6. Who wants some Wang?

    I enjoyed my first Wang. Hopefully the second Wang can hang well with the first. Never forget your first Wang though.   Hey it's just locker room talk baby.
  7. The world of this game is great. I have played the pen and paper version with friends and just love the variety of the setting and the crazy stuff you can do in the game. I'm very curious to see how (or if) they use the actual game mechanics in the video game version.   I can't wait to see how this comes together.
  8. Darkest Dungeon tomorrow folks!

    Luck does seem to play into it a bit as well. I've had quests that have gone incredibly well and others which, well,   haven't. Like at all.
  9. Darkest Dungeon tomorrow folks!

    One thing that is absolutely required in this game is to not have a strong sense of attachment to your party. Make sure you get a couple of good groups going and swap out with other parties while you relieve the stress on those who went before.     Its a a tough game and it pulls no punches. Love it though.
  10. Darkest Dungeon tomorrow folks!

    I've got it downloaded just waiting for some time to sink into it. Really cannot wait to get back into this.
  11. Sony "Animation" Weekend Flash Sale.

      I may still grab it at some point. I ended up picking up Dark Cloud 2 and I'm having fun with that. Will be buying Darkest Dungeon tomorrow though.
  12. New Metallica Song

      I've listened to the B sides of DM, I would have to disagree. To each their own though. Certainly not trying to convince anyone.
  13. New Metallica Song

    I enjoyed Hardwired, didn't love it though. The new one released today I loved. Moth Into Flame, enjoy or don't. I've been a fan since Kill em All and have found stuff to enjoy on everything they have released (though I had to look hard on St. Anger for full disclosure). I will always look forward to anything new the band does and try not to let myself dwell on the past. I still have those albums to listen to (my personal fav is And Justice) and can always go back. This particular song has me really looking forward to the new album.    
  14. Darkest Dungeon tomorrow folks!

    Such a good game. Hoping the controls translate well. I mean it's turn based so they should be able to figure it out.