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  1. @IdeaOfEvil Ok, let me see if I can do this properly.    I'll use Infinity 2.0 as a starting point. First, the starter set. I originally got the Marvel starter set which came with Thor, Cap and Iron Man. This also comes with the Avengers playset. So with that you get three characters, an adventure for those characters (I guess it's one "level" but about 4-5 hours worth of missions in that level), and access to the Toy Box which is sort of the build your own levels area where you can use any character from any Infinity game.    So in the Avengers playset you can only use characters that are Marvel characters, none of the other Disney characters can be used in the Avengers part of the game. Also playsets from Infinity 1.0 will not work in 2.0. Characters from 1.0 will work in the Toy Hub but you can't use the playsets from the earlier version. As for expanding 2.0 with playsets you can buy the Spidey playset which I think comes with two characters and the Guardians playset which comes with Star Lord and Gamora. The playsets offer another level with series of missions (again 4-5 hours maybe more) and a bunch of stuff that gets added to the Toy Box used for building stuff.    Same goes for Infinity 3.0. The Star Wars playsets are a little better than the Marvel ones. The 3.0 starter pack comes with a Clone Wars playset and Anakin and Ashoka. This playset covers a few worlds from the Clone Wars toon. Then there is the Rise Against the Empire playset which covers Episodes 4-6. Finally the Force Awakens playset which covers the new flick. Again each one spans the worlds you'd expect and are probably a good 4-6 hours worth of play in the adventures section. Overall you can use any of the Star Wars characters in any of the Star Wars playsets. You can use all characters from any edition of Infinity in the Toy Box Hub, which is a much better setup in 3.0 than in the previous editions. There's a lot more to do here than just building stuff.    The toys are great, however one word of caution. The lightsabres on the Star Wars figures are pretty damn fragile. I have a 5 year old who loves this game as well and Darth Maul, Anakin and Yoda are missing their blades at this point. So if you have little ones who are going to be playing the game be cautious. As for a 43 year old man playing the game, it's mindless fun. Love the sounds and the characters. Control in 3.0 is better than the others, but the game is hugely forgving. Giving the target audience though that's to be expected. It's a game that I can play with my 5 year old and that I can let him mess around with on his own without too much trouble and hand holding. He loves it. He builds his own crap, plays through missions and just has a blast with it.    Take from this what you will. If you have any other questions I'll do my best to answer them. 
  2. Do you think Bioware will learn from CDPR?

    I think part of what makes Witcher successful in the side quest department is that the character is defined. Any of the side quests can be designed with his perspective in mind. His attitude and approach will carry through. In games where your character is more "yours" it must become more difficult to create side material that "matters" since the perspective of the characters who might engage with it will vary widely. Not saying it's impossible, just sounds like it might prove more difficult.   Just a thought,
  3. Amplitude (PS4) to release January 5th!

    I've been slowly improving my skills. I've gone through most songs on Intermediate now and on most I'm doing fairly well at, on a few songs maybe a dropped streak in the middle somewhere. Usually that's me just loosing track of the rhythm and missing a jewel. Now I'm tacking a new play through of the campaign and individual songs on the playlist on Advanced. Some of the stretches are a bit complicated but if I'm in the right zone mentally I seem to be able to hit them ok, think I'll get better at this with time.    I do agree regarding the soundtrack. Overall I enjoy it, but I wish there was some variety here. The electronic tracks are really good but I would very much like to see/hear some other stuff here. I'm not at all complaining for what I got for the 20 bucks though. Way worth it and I'm having a blast. Just wish the game would get some post launch content that involved some different music. Maybe some licensed tracks if it did well.   Either way I'm happy with my purchase and will continue to chase the song list on Advanced.
  4. Amplitude (PS4) to release January 5th!

    Need to get used to the game again. Was killing it on Intermediate but bumped up to the next difficulty and was missing some sections.
  5. Amplitude (PS4) to release January 5th!

    I managed to pull together the funds to pick it up, just waiting for the store to update. Found out yesterday that my friend's sister did vocals on 10 of the tracks, very excited to hear them now.
  6. HDD replacement - Kudos, where kudos due

    I plan to do this in February, hoping it works out well.
  7. Amplitude- Early Access Backer Launch tomorrow!

    Did not realize it was coming out so soon. Budget is crazy tight for the start of the year, may not have it until the end of the month.    Damn.
  8. Basmentdweller's $50 giftcard give away

    I'm in! 
  9. Amplitude- Early Access Backer Launch tomorrow!

    Wish I had backed this one.
  10. very flaccid, poorly implemented gay sex with no arms and tron discs. Like a tron porn parody.
  11. Ninja Gaiden/Onimusha/Dark Souls=Nioh
  12. I know a lot of folks love Day but again not my jam. 
  13. Yeah this is some poor pacing.
  14. I didn't realize that Battleborn was going to have a fully solo campaign though, may have changed my thoughts about it.