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  1. Sony "Animation" Weekend Flash Sale.

    Somebody just tell me that Spidey isn't worth it and not to spend that money on it. Just confirm what I should know but seem to be questioning. I just like the damn character and web swinging so much but cannot seem to find much redeeming about this game...
  2. I picked up a Vita over the weekend and have just started Persona 4 for the first time. Lot to take in and I haven't even made it to the point where give you some control over your day.   Enjoying it though. 
  3. Who wants a game? I'm giving away a game.

    I'm in. Mankind Divided for my ps4 would be nice.
  4. Anyone in the MA area looking to part with a Vita?

    Found one. Now to start Persona 4 for the first time ever.
  5. I'm looking to pick up a gently used Vita but really don't feel like giving Gamestop 150 for it. If anyone in the MA area is looking to part with one I'd go 80 or so which is better than would be had for trade in.    Let me know!
  6. Your Definite Day One Buys For The Rest of The Year...

    Strangely enough it's only Darkest Dungeon for the PS4 when it hits. I had it for my PC, but since I no longer have one and will not be replacing it for some time I will be picking this game up again. I loved it and have been missing it.   I will likely be grabbing the Bioshock collection and maybe Skyrim at some point but not on day 1.
  7. Interesting Kotaku Article...

    I'm probably going to hang for this one but GTA, any of them. Every time one of those games come out I end up buying it because of all the noise around it and I genuinely believe they are good games. They just aren't games for me and do not work for me.    I state this knowing that I will likely fall to this again in the future.
  8. September PS+ Free Games Announced -- Another Terrible Month

    Never played Journey and have wanted to, so I'm all in for that. Bought Lords for sale at some point in the past, only played it a little bit.
  9. If he doesn't want it I'll take a nice fresh copy of Deus Ex for the PS4.
  10. I will likely be getting the "Neo" or whatever it will be called. Probably not until early next year, but it will be happening.
  11. Damn, didn't see this until today for some reason. Congrats to the winners!
  12. I'm a big fan of the game thus far. I've followed a lot of the development. He may never have directly stated multiplayer, but he did certainly infer it would be possible and given the opportunity did not shoot down the questions outright.   Maybe at times he thought they were going to be able to get something in there. Maybe he has some upcoming concept to do something with it. I think he would have been better served by saying it isn't there and that maybe it would be considered for some type of future update.   I'm not calling him out as a liar. I honestly don't care about multiplayer in the game. But he could have certainly clarified this a bit more. 
  13. Ok, so just to get this out there first. I completely 100% understand someone not enjoying this game. I am not defending this game to the masses, I don't need to. It's not my job. I'm not trying to convince anyone it's a good game or to buy the thing. Any post I make out here is purely from my perspective and my experience.   I tend not to look behind the curtain for games like this. I know it's procedural. I know not every single thing I'm going to see is going to be this amazing little nugget of special and unique. Maybe that's a fault of mine but there it is. I find myself still enjoying it.   I like analyzing every piece of plant life and life that I find. For some reason it hits something with me that I just find addictive. I enjoy the little bits of tech that I find that allow me to upgrade my equipment little bits at a time. Again it just grabs me in some way that I can't quite pin down.   This game isn't perfect by a long shot. There are some definite graphical issues when I'm flying around within the atmosphere. I had one planet last night that for a few moments looked like a digitized nightmare. Took a few seconds for the generation to catch up with what I was doing. It didn't really phase me though. I just gave it a moment and moved on with what I was doing. Still being amazed by these weird landscapes.    So far I've visited six worlds. Two of them have been somewhat cold and rocky. One was a dead moon, with very few features and little in the way of resources. One was a world that was hot (not crazy hot, but hot) with a lot of what looked like water anyway. Very fascinating to move about on. Then I had a pretty barren desert looking planet. Finally the one I'm on right now is just gorgeous. There are no weather hazards. There are vast forests and plains. Lots of grass and plant life and tons of other types of life poking around. I'm scanning the hell out of everything and spending a lot of time on this one.   This game is not for everyone. If your approach is just to consume the game, or analyze every discovery to just find the seams of the procedural generation I don't think it's for you. You will find what you look for in No Man's Sky. If that's a game where you can pretend you are out bouncing around the stars finding stuff, exploring strange planets and improving your equipment and ships then that's what you'll find. If you are looking for the strings on the puppets, you'll see those as well so I'd probably recommend you don't bother the game just won't work for you.   As for me, the puppets are real when I watch them and I like the show.
  14. Ape Escape 2 -- PS2 on PS4

    Agreed. I picked it up last week and I just love it. I played the first one way back when but never played 2. Having a blast and my son loves watching me play it as well. Always a bonus.