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  1. 23 games you may have missed on the PS4

    I really want Odin Sphere, just can't swing it right now. Still trying to figure out how I'm going to get No Man's Sky paid for. Did manage to get my daughter to camp though, so that's something.
  2. I'm still holding out hope for my Moisture Farming simulator...
  3. I didn't participate because I have already received more than anyone could have possibly asked for. Don't let anyone bring you down @SFLUFAN
  4. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    This is it, the final day to raise money to send my daughter to the Clara Barton diabetes camp. I would appreciate anything you can do. Share it, donate to it, whatever. I expect to fall short of the total, but any ground we can make today would be good.   Thank all of you for putting up with this thread. It will be going away soon.
  5. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    @caleb1915 no worries man, really. If you can't I get it, trust me I get it. If you can all I can ask is to consider the thought and do so if you feel right about it.    I very much much appreciate the thought man. Good luck on your new job and take care.
  6. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    We have a day and a half left for this campaign. Fairly positive we aren't going to hit goal but anything added to the total will help. If you have considered donating please do so, any little bit will help.    Now to determine what the going rate for gold is...
  7. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    Held off bumping for a few days. We are at 3 days left for this campaign and are still about 700 shy of the goal. Though it seems unlikely we will hit goal I'm still trying to see what can be accomplished.    If you can please donate or share it out. I very much appreciate any time spent on this! Thank you all.
  8. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    Sunday bump! Please help out if you can. Under a week to go now!
  9. No Man's Sky Has Gone Gold

    I give a shit about it. I also have my expectations in check as well.    Likely wont be getting it until September or so due to finances so I'll see some impressions at least.
  10. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    Morning D1P! 
  11. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    Thank you @nacthenud!
  12. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    This board is filled with some amazing folks. That is all.
  13. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    Thank you @Slug!
  14. No Man's Sky is gold! Yay.   Likely can't afford it, but still a good thing.   Please donate to my gofundme for my daughter in my signature if you can!
  15. GoFundMe page for my daughter

    So we are headed into the last week of this campaign, which means a couple of things.   First, this thread will slowly disappear. Probably to the relief of many. Second, it looks like I'm not going to make it.   Not making it isn't the end for this. I have a back up plan to possibly make up the difference. Some jewelry I've been holding onto since my mom passed should be covering the gap.    To all those who have donated, thank you so very much. Honestly, I'm so very humbled by what you've done and I appreciate it. If you haven't donated or checked into the campaign yet please consider doing so or at least share it out as far and fast as you can.   Thank you