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  1. gamerdad38 added a post in a topic Borderlands the movie!!   

    A Scanner Darkly?
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  2. gamerdad38 added a post in a topic PS+ September games: Grow Home, Super Time Force Ultra, Xeodrifter, Teslagrad, La Mulana EX, Twisted Metal   

    I voted for Armello. Got it early access on Steam and the game is a lot of fun. Some of you better buy it so we can throw together some games damn it all. I will be double dipping on this one.
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  3. gamerdad38 added a post in a topic Until Dawn discussion thread   

    Game is installed, but I can't play it until later tonight with my wife. Also picked up Dishonored since I never finished the game the first time around but really loved it. With these two, Galak-Z and Taken King I should be plenty busy until Fallout 4.
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