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  1. Best Buy Dropping GCU

    Eh, this sucks, but it isn't a really big deal for the games I am going to buy anyway. I tend to use my GCU discounts on games that I pick up on sale when I am not getting a newly released $60 game. I buy a lot of $19 and $29 games that i normally wouldn't get, but that little extra discount makes it worthwhile for me. The Elite Pro membership at Gamestop that I have is pretty neat if I am buying used games, so having both memberships is a good thing for me. If Best Buy doesn't stop my membership early... It's scheduled to expire around March 2020.
  2. I am sure that I am at least 75% through the game The dwarves started having 3 or 4 pieces of yellow gear that I can see, but I haven't seen some of the "mats" drop for those yet. I have been using strength gear mostly, and the skills that require certain amount of points for cooldown, vitality, runic, defense, and anything else other than strength... I am not being able to use those type of skills... Should I be focusing on a different stat other than strength? To show about where I am in the game...
  3. SNK Announces The Neo Geo Mini, Will Play 40 Games

    I don't mind the cabinet look, but hooking that up to a TV and having to play on that small-looking stick and buttons? Eww... Edit: I didn't see the where it said two controller ports... Nice. Also... no Bust-a-Move.... BOOOO! At least Samurai Shodown II is there though. I have a Neo Geo X and I thought it was OK when it came out, but I never played on the handheld. Also... never bought any of the "extra" carts for it, or modded it to play other games. There is still time!
  4. Tales of Berseria?

    I bought it physically over a month ago for $19.99... https://www.amazon.com/Tales-Berseria-PlayStation-4/dp/B01HQGWBZ2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1525142927&sr=8-1&keywords=tales+of+berseria+ps4 Yep... still in the $19.99 range...
  5. Capcom & Sega Humble Bundle - Playstation Edition

    Ah man... I have probably 75% of the PS4 games either on the PS4 or a different system... and I just bought Valkyria Chronicles Remastered a month or so ago when it was on sale for around $10 on the PSN Store... I'll have to think about it for a little bit, but I'll probably end up buying up to the $15 tier anyway...
  6. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Coming April 11th

    What kind of game is this? i saw in another thread that someone mentioned this game in relation to the new God of War and how it plays... Is it kinda like third person Tomb Raider style? Sorta Metroidvania?
  7. I guess "cringing" is a little over-dramatic... more like saying, "ehh..." Probably because of...
  8. I like how Atreus is finally coming out of the "little quiet boy" stage and calling Kratos on his bullshit. It might have happened sooner, but I just noticed it when they were It was one of those, "Oh crap! That kid is going to get beat." moments to me. Kratos was like, "What did you say?" and Atreus repeated what he said instead of saying "Nothing." ...and I can't be the only white guy playing this game that cringes every time Kratos says "Boy..." I mean, I know it isn't racist in this form, and he is talking to his own kid, but... it started to just rub me wrong after the 50th time, I guess.
  9. Sorry if the subject is confusing... I have two PS4s in my house, with one not being hooked up at the moment. I want to be able to put the non-hooked up one in my son's room, but most of his game saves are on my main account for the games that I won't play but I want the trophies on my account.. My main account has PS+, and he plays a lot of online games on my account... like Rainbow Six Siege, GTA5, Black Ops 3, etc... I want to be able to have him in his own room playing on the PS4, so if i want, I can play something in the living room or watch TV. I do have some games purchased digitally on my account that he plays every now and then, so there is that... but on the rare occasion that we both want to be signed on my PSN account while the internet for both PS4s is "always on"... is that even possible? I am not wanting to play the same game as him online at the same time (not right now anyway), but i would like to know what needs to be done so one of us doesn't get signed off of my account if we are both playing, or one of us turns the other PS4 on and something happens where it signs one of us off... if it even does that. I want him to be able to use his game saves that are on my account on the "new' PS4, while I am on my account on the other PS4 playing something else... is that possible?
  10. I guess I have never tried to buy something that was not an XBox One game on my XBox One... I bought a $50 XBox gift card and when I go and try to purchase Conker and/or Panzer Dragoon Orta using my account balance it tells me that I can't use the account balance to make the purchase... is there a way around that? I still have my 360, it just isn't hooked up... can I hook it up, buy the few OG XBox games I want on the 360 marketplace and then just download them on the XBox One? ...or am I just out of luck using my account balance?
  11. You aren't really locked into a class. Pick one that looks interesting and if you don't like it you can semi-easily change to a different class by doing some quests for the new class... unless something has changed. I need to get back into the game... I was around L.50-55 on my WHM, and I don't remember why I just stopped playing... I think it was around the time I unlocked all of the available jobs, and wanted to play some for a little bit, but couldn't decide on one to mess with. I do love the queuing system though... maybe because I was a healer though.
  12. Finally picked up Darkest Dungeon. Prey and Evil Within 2 is still a little high for me even though I ALMOST picked up Evil Within 2 recently at Best Buy with my GCU discount... If it was $30 at BB I would totally get it.
  13. Good thing I just sold all of my OG XBOX games that are on that list like 2 weeks ago... no lie.