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  1. Anyone playing the Nioh beta demo?

      Na... We just end up in a lot of the same threads. I straight up ignore a lot of games that the boards are hyped about. Like Deus Ex... I have pretty much ZERO interest in that game. Same with Dishonored 2. I'm buying a lot less games this year which is ironic considering where I've been working all summer 
  2. Anyone playing the Nioh beta demo?

    well it is a team ninja game. Ninja Gaiden was tough before tough was fashionable.
  3.   Of course they can do USAGENT or NEW CAP. Before Bucky or Falcon EVER picked up the shield, John Walker (Formerly the Super-Patriot) replaced Cap and later became the USAgent. He took over Cap's costume that he wore (Calling himself The Captain). The next time we see the Avengers, we could easily see John Walker as Captain America and Steve Rogers as The Captain or as Nomad.    
  4. Thinking about getting a Dreamcast.

    I still have mine. Is there a HD adapter or something.
  5. Chicago University taking away safe spaces

    Thanks! This is what I was looking for.
  6. Chicago University taking away safe spaces

    Sorry I asked.
  7. Anyone playing the Nioh beta demo?

    I didn't realize the new demo was up. Wil download tonight. I am SO looking forward to this game.
  8. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

      You do missions on the boards at each safehouse. The missions will reward you with intel. Every safe house has missions you can do on their bulletin boards.
  9. Chicago University taking away safe spaces

    Can someone explain to a non millenial WTF a "safe space" is in relation to a real actual place?
  10.   Mark Cuban explains what he thinks Trumps motivations were and how even LOSING could be beneficial to Trump in the long run.
  11. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

      You hunt them down in the normal game world without going to the DZ. You need to acquire enough Intel to get their contracts from the HVT vendor in the base. Its ALL PVE though. The higher level ones are tough but can be solo'd.
  12. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

      They already fixed that with HVT'S. You can get great gear without ever having to step in the Dark Zone now. Glad to see they're fixing the game. I loved it up to a point but after the first DLC and some updates, it became clear that this had potential to be another Destiny situation and I refused to allow another game to dominate my time like that for so long in hopes of it "getting better". The Division was great getting from rank 1 to 30 though. Hopefully they can right the ship.
  13. I can manage about an hour a day if Im working out of the house. If I'm working from home I play more. I got home at a decent hour tonight and I plan on playing for an hour or two before I got to bed.
  14.   I'm not too torn up about it. i only paid $45 bucks for it. They better be glad the put this out in August when people were starved for games.