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  1. I thought Ben Foster was a SHOE-IN to be honest after I saw the movie. Also I think Nocturnal Animals got snubbed for screenplay... there's a lot of layers to that script.
  2. The average person? No. The Average UNION worker? Fuck yes. Have you belonged to a Union? Do you know how much information they get or have access to? Do you know how active they are in political issues? You are selling them waaaay short.
  3. You're basically saying they're too poor to be properly informed about the policies they are inadvertantly supporting but I'M the one trivializing their positions? Okay.
  4. I asked a question. I didn't state an alternative. I don't think its JUST racism and nationalism and I don't it's JUST economics either. And I DEFINITELY don't think its JUST ignorance.
  5. I don't buy the "They're too stupid to know that their being played" argument... not anymore.
  6. So seriously... when union workers start voting against their own financial interests, what do you guys REALLY think is fueling the rise of Right Wing populism in the Western world?
  7. Yeah I agree... except when it makes your viewers vomit in the aisles. Then you may have over done it a bit. I have a high tolerance for shaky cam and again, I was affected. I can only imagine what regular people were going through. I know people who walked out of the Bourne movies because of the shaky cam and this was FAR worse.
  8. Lol you're the exception. It disqualifies itself for me from the shaky cam alone. I was actually surprised at how shaky it was at time.
  9. For the love of god, are we REALLY going to have to hear how "this isn't a real ghost game" until it comes out? We get it... its not a real Ghost game to you guys. When WAS the last "Real" Ghost Recon game by the way? I heard the same thing about the previous THREE Ghost Recon games that came out.
  10. But they also LOOKED GOOD too. Revenant went over budget because they always shot at magic hour whenever they could to achieve a specific look for the film. Sure inventivness is part of it, but so is aesthetic. Aesthetically, despite its inventiveness, Hardcore Henry look like shit photographically. The editing however was VERY impressive and I'm saying that AS an editor.
  11. Yeah but Hardcore Henry was basically about strapping a Go-pro to a stuntman's head and then pointing the camera in the right direction. That's why I said its an accomplishment... just not a cinematographic one. The editing in this movie was FAR more impressive than the cinematography. No cinematographers whould vote for this movie. Editors would though and so would stunt people.
  12. I would have given Hardcore Henry an award for stunts (which needs its own Oscar category by the way... its CRIMINAL that it doesn't have one) or editing but DEFINITELY not cinematography. It didn't look great to be honest and it had waaaay too much shaky cam. I rarely get nauseous and this movie made me sick in a couple of places.
  13. Assasin's Creed and Mortal Kombat are VERY story heavy... and how do you explain Final Fantasy? Resident Evil? Silent Hill? Or Tomb Raider? What about Max Payne? Or Hitman? Those are very grounded and none made great movies. The problem isn't the properties or the games themselves. The problem is that the studios don't fully understand what makes these properties popular and how to effectively adapt them from one medium to another. They'll figure it out eventually, but the likelihood that they'll dick up The Division is high as well despite its grounded nature.
  14. The Witch should have been noticed for something. Amy Addams got snubbed TWICE For Arrival AND Nocturnal Animals. I thought Arrival was overrated but I was blown away by Nocturnal Animals. Also Ben Foster got snubbed for Hell or High Water but I guess they decided to go with Jeff Bridges instead. Also I love Mahershala Ali as an actor but dude was literally in Moonlight for like five seconds. I still need to see La La Land, Manchester By The Sea, Loving and Hacksaw Ridge.
  15. Let's not get crazy here... Genre isn't the problem. These adaptations are just lazy as hell. Sci-fi and fantasy can and have been well done as films since film has been a thing. Studios just don't take videogame films seriously and the right fillmmaker hasn't come along yet to make the defining videogame adaptation yet. In videogames, licensed games are the same way... or WERE until decent licensed games started coming out. The Division COULD break the curse... the premise is definitely grounded enough, but the genre isn't the problem with these films.