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  1. Cutting Luthor is a good thing
  2. How is Wonder Woman NOT part of the Extended DCU? He says in the interview that it is a "standalone movie" not connected to the DCEU and that he's not even saying it's a "trilogy" but that he has "three Batman" stories he wants to tell. Yeah they may kill the whole idea of a larger connected superhero Universe depending on JLA and just make individual superhero films. Is the Shazam movie connected to the DCEU?
  3. No he seems to be saying that it's not part of the Extended Universe. Not sure how much clearer that could be. EDIT: Listening to him talk, he sounds like he wants to make HIS three Batman films. They may not even be a trilogy, he may do three non-connected Batman movies.
  4. With Ben Affleck? I'm confused as FUCK now... maybe Ben WON'T be in it. Seems to me that they will probably be abandoning the shared Universe concept with future films.
  5. So... that black guy at Trump's rally is crazy.

    If you've ever been to New York you know these guys... they're the ones yelling at everybody as they pass by shouting "READ!" Me and a friend of mine almost had to fuck one of these guys up on the subway when I was in college when he misheard something I said to my buddy in a private conversation and then proceeded to educate me. That nearly ended very badly because BOTH me and my buddy were drunk as fuck at the time Thankfully we got off at the next stop before it got out of hand.
  6. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    I agree with ALL of this. Lookee there! Me and @CitizenVectron actually see things the same way! He explained it far better than I did though.
  7. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    Oh that would be the BEST ending
  8. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    That's why I don't think The White Walkers are Evil... they're part of "the cycle". Kind of like how Galactus has been portrayed in Marvel comics.
  9. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    I don't think The WW ARE necessarily evil... I think they are representative of a force of nature which is death. Berric said it in the most recent episode... "death is the enemy and he always wins... but we still have to fight him." That's what the Song of Fire and Ice is about. Summer vs Winter, Life vs Death. We don't really need for The White Walkers to spell out their evil plans because all you need to know about them is there. It's also ironic that The WW'S themselves are weapons of war that their creators lost control of. The Children of the Forest and The First Men basically brought about the instruments of their potential demise and then had to join forces to defeat it. Weapons of Mass destruction threatening everything in existence... where have I seen that before in the real world?
  10. Injustice 2

    Oh MAXX would be awesome too!
  11. Injustice 2

    Holy shit! Hellboy! Would be awesome if they could license a Marvel character or two... probably will never happen though I'll settle for an Image character though... NOT SPAWN! Savage Dragon?
  12. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    I said that when it was pointed out to me
  13. Elon Musk reveals SpaceX space suit.

    Mass Effect-esque.
  14. Mayweather-McGregor finalized, boxing match will be on Aug. 26th

    The Time Floyd Got Rocked GREAT read.
  15. Trump is considering a pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    Exactly. He was MUCH more articulate 15, 20 years ago.