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  1. I missed this completely... Could we be seeing a big screen version of Apache Chief soon?
  2. Welp... that settles that TRANSLATION: "Disney/Marvel's lawyers gave us a call and told us to cut that shit out."
  3. No you don't... but Floyd can take a punch is my point. And he doesn't take that many... but he's never even been DOWN in a fight. Zab Judah rocked him and his glove touched the canvas and it should have been ruled a knock down but it wasn't. It would be a TREMENDOUS fluke if Connor is able to catch Floyd and knock him out with one shot. I think the best chance Connor has is that Floyd is 40 and his legs and reflexes may not be what they were.
  4. I don't think he even has a puncher's chance. No way he hits harder than Maidana, Canelo or Mosely. NO WAY. Not to mention the way Floyd trains in the gym where the word is he fights 20 rounds with little rest swapping out fresh opponents. Personally, I think this is just a quick way to make a buck with him and Connor who I am CERTAIN are friends on the low. Andre Berto has already let it slip that HE and Berto are cool.
  5. Are they going 12 rounds? Since it isn't a title fight and is basically an exhibition, maybe it goes 8 or 10. Have they said it's 10 full rounds? Micheal Bisping... "Boxers hit a LOT harder than MMA guys" Chael Sonnen I've heard MULTIPLE opponents say that Floyd hits a lot harder and is MUCH stronger than people think in the ring. Shane Mosely said that he would rate Mayweather's and Canelo's power at about the same and the perception has always been that Canelo was the harder puncher.
  6. You won't hear me arguing. I LOVED his Dawn of the Dead. As far as Superman's inspiration... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman As far as religous inspirations... and like I said... the Christ comparisons came MUCH later. Like 1978... the first Superman movie later. So there... we're ALL right. Still doesn't change the fact that Snyder laid it on too damn thick with Maon of Steel and will continue to do so when Superman inevietbly "rises from the dead".
  7. I'm the exact opposite. I loved Destiny for as long as I played it but a Third person option would have been awesome given how much you could personalize your Guardian. The customization and third person perspective is what has me excited about Anthem. Why? An AAA looter shooter from Bioware's A team should be awesome. From a story standpoint it shoudl EASILY surpass Destiny and The Division.
  8. Ironically enough, Terrance Howard vouched for Downey too. It;s why he's pissed at Downey for not backing him when he played hardball for the second movie. Howard was the first one casted if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Yeah but then it would come across like a Star Wars fan film... It would be a delicate balance to be more comedic while maintaining a sense of gravitas and seriousness in order for a Star Wars film to work. If you draw yoo much attention to the inherent ridiculousness of the world and goofy science, then its just a parody.
  10. I may just grab one if I see it lol
  11. Nothing... Traveling at my parents house and no systems here
  12. Superman #13... like I said. LATER. And even the Krytopnian thing and Christ was something debatable. It's besides the point anyway. The way it was handled in Man of Steel was heavy handed, clumsy and obvious. Whether others projected Christ like comparisons onto Supes, HE never bought into it and always remained humble.
  13. Actually, from his inception he was a modern day Hercules or Samson... The Christ allusions came later.
  14. Bizarro world on these boards man lol! TPM is a is a bunch of toy commercials stitched together with excerpts from congressional hearings featuring cartoon characters. Sith actually had some stakes and emotion... is it great? No. none of the prequels are. But it's the only one I can watch from start to finish without feeling the need to fast forward. TPM starts off we'll and ends decently, but drags to a grinding halt in the middle