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  1. God of War - Reviews and Discussion thread (NO SPOILERS AT ALL!)

    One minor gripe is the lock on camera isn't very good
  2. I wonder if they could enhance Alpha Protocol and fix the bugs... there was a very good game under all that jank and I wouldn't mind replaying it. The game was borderline unfinisihed though.
  3. God of War - Reviews and Discussion thread (NO SPOILERS AT ALL!)

    I have a co-worker who played the game before I did yesterday and he told me the combat was "kinda like the Arkham games, except there's no jump button" I had no idea what he was talking about. He then tried to tell me that the game was less action oriented than the previous games and that the focus was more on "the story" (probably to justify his playing the game on the easiest difficulty) I told him that I don't play games for the story and would probably be playing the game on the next to hardest difficulty. He then told me that I would "probably dissappointed in the game because there's never more than five enemies attacking you at once" I got to a part this morning that had about seven or eight dudes attacking me. My co-worker is a casual gamer who thinks he knows more than he does and has probably never played a GOW game before. This game IS different than its predecessors, but is STILL a GOW game at its core. I'm digging the combat and while it is tough, it's balanced. Question
  4. Just finished Quantum Break- 7/10 Decent game with some ideas that weren't fully realized, but well produced and fun. I can definitely see myself replaying the game on the harder difficulties making different story choices. Do we know what Remedy is doing next?
  5. God of War - Reviews and Discussion thread (NO SPOILERS AT ALL!)

    Game is awesome so far but I don't know why some people are saying the combat is like the Arkham games... it's NOTHING like those games. I started the game on hard. Died a couple of times but I got the hang of the combat. Parrying is pretty easy.
  6. Ash vs Evil Dead Cancelled

    I gave up after the first season to be honest. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/04/20/ash-vs-evil-dead-canceled-after-season-3
  7. SNK Releasing a Mini-Console

    I need Sengoku, Magician Lord and Cyberlip.
  8. They are literally trolling the world.
  9. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Same here... God of War, Far Cry 4 and finishing Quantum Break.
  10. Deadpool 2 Director to Also Direct The Division

    I love the game and its premise and it SHOULD work as a movie, especially with this level of talent involved.
  11. At least the action scenes will be awesome.