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  1. Who cares? they both suck and pale in comparison to the 1993 Animated Streetfighter move.
  2. Some characters can spam attacks with little to no stamina penalty. Doesn't make those characters unbeatable, but it makes them very noob friendly. Eddie Gordo in Tekken was the same way. You didn't have to know what you were doing really with him... just press buttons and win. You guys didn't play a lot of fighting games hardcore, huh? There are cheap characters in EVERY fighting game that the community despises. Doesn't stop people from using them, you'll just get called out for it.
  3. Didn't have to be... If the Xmen were part of the MCU, He'd probably still be doing the part.
  4. Holy shit... The only reason I even BROUGHT UP his show being cancelled was in response to your freedom of speech comment. I was pointing out the fact that the ONE TIME Bill Maher's freedom of speech was attacked was when he made the 911 comment and that came from The Right. Not Muslims and not "overly sensitive, politcally correct leftist pussies". I know the context of what he said. You seemed to be implying that I wanted him silenced for some reason. I don't. I just don't watch his show. Here's the thing, think what you want. I'm done with this "conversation". Don't include me in any more posts regarding this, thanks.
  5. It's plays pretty well for me besides the server issues... but that's due to the P2P setup and it mostly only occurs in 4v4 When people quit. I'm playing on Xbone... not sure how it plays on PS4 with the Dual Shock.
  6. Dude, I don't like the guy and have made that clear in the thread. I used to watch his show but don't anymore. Why, because I don't like him but also because I don't think he's funny or entertaining. You can call it a bias or whatever you like, I could give two fucks. What I took personal issue with was you saying I made up the discussion about him being a bigot and saying some sexist shit. There's PLENTY of stuff out there on the web with people feeling the same way. I just linked to well known sources and sources that are for the most part, left-leaning. I stayed away from blogs, youtube videos that all say the same thing. You don't HAVE to agree with my opinion of the guy, again, I couldn't care less, but don't call me out for making shit up when I clearly didn't. Now you're going to really say me calling a dude a cunt is the same thing as me calling a woman one? Those two things mean the same thing? Ok. I disagree. That said, I don't watch his show, don't like him, and personally put him on the same ground as O'reilly and Hannity... The Islamophobia and sexist stuff are just a part of it. The guy is an anti-vaxxer and thinks all drugs should be legal but villifies folks for eating a fucking hamburger. He's full of shit in my opinion but he gets a pass for the most part because he goes after easy targets. Fuck him. That's pretty much all I have to say about it.
  7. I play Dominion mostly. 1v1 and 2v2 is too easy to be honest.
  8. I think he meant to post this in the For Honor Thread.
  9. Think you're in the wrong topic buddy
  10. The short film was really good.
  11. Ah... I was confused for a second.
  12. So wait... he's a paid troll? That explains a lot actually. It's actually a relief... I thought he was a mentally disturbed shut-in. This makes MUCH more sense.
  13. Okay. I made that up... apparently I write for Slate and a bunch of other websites and blogs now. On the Left AND the Right. Got it. SOME people on the left and a LOT of People on The Right think Maher gets a pass for a lot of shit because his targets are mostly on The Right. Personally, I don't give a shit because as I said, I stopped watching his show years ago. But nothing I posted in this thread came out of my imagination.