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  1.   Watching a report on this right now.
  2. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

    I agree about DC. I have Crisis in my collection too and that was an Amazing series that I doubt could even be DONE today. It was too sucessful for DC in my opinion becuase they've done it too many times since like you said. Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, Flashpoint and now Rebirth... these were all attempts by DC to reboot ther Universe and they've all happened in a relatively short time period. The thing is that Johns was around for a lot those reboots and at the end of the day, I think he was part of the problem too. I've always viewed Johns as someone who wanted to return DC to what it was when he was growing up and in doing that, he undid a lot of the progress the Universe had made. He got rid of Wally in favor of bringing Barry back, undoing one of comic's best examples of "passing the torch". He brought Hal back undoing the greatest fall from graces we've ever seen in comics. A lot of people may have been happy with these changes, but there was a whole generation of fans who grew up with Wally West as their Flash, Kyle Rayner as their Green Lantern and Conner Hawke as their Green Arrow. DC in the 90's seemed so... progressive in terms of its history and legacy compared to today and that was one of the things that it had over Marvel in my opinion and was what drew me to its universe after being a Marvel fan for most of my life.
  3. Next week we get to the one mystery we don't want solved...

    So any thoughts on this and what it means? Are we to assume that     I'm not really getting what the significance or point of that reveal was.    
  4. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

      Did Marvel even do that though?    
  5. Another Marvel Reboot? Marvel Now

    Marvel currently has:   TWO Captain Americas running around TWO Wolverines A Hulk that isn't Bruce Banner A Female Thor THREE Spidermen TWO Hawkeyes and Tony Stark who is going to joind soon by a new Armored character who seems to be female and a minority.    Maybe they are gonna thin the herd somewhat, but that article seemed to indicate to me that they will use Civil War 2 to launch some new books and maybe get rid of some old ones. They could have easily used Secret War to reboot their universe but they didn't. I doubt they're going to now... there really is no need. 
  6. Another Marvel Reboot? Marvel Now

    They aren't rebooting anything... they are trying to steal some of DC'S Thunder with Rebirth. At best Marvel does soft reboots... they don't restart the whole damn Universe... (for the most part)
  7. Arrow Season 4 OT. WE GREEN ARROW NOW Ollicity is a thing

     What happened to all of the Ghosts' automatic rifles at the end? Why did they have to fight the mob unarmed? Why in GOD'S name did Diggle reenlist? eh, season finale was okay and Mayor Arrow could be interesting... I didn't read this arc in the comics... but this show may be showing its age.
  8. Netflix has a good slew of indie and foriegn Martial Arts films.
  9. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

      oh so the story continues in those Rebirth books. Got it.I just thought those were new number ones for the ongoing series 
  10. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

      rebirth was a GREAT individual issue... lets see how DC follows it up. I'm still unclear how what has happened in this book reboots the universe though. We still seem to be in the new 52 at the end of it with some allusions to other things happening.
  11. Lol why are people freaking out about this? I just read it The issue and a couple of things are clear     After what just happened with Cap in the pleasant hill story, I doubt this is gonna stick and gonna be the status quo moving forward. I'll see how the story turns out before freaking out. I thought this was going to be MUCH worse than people were alluding to in this thread      This. I was happy to see Jack Flag again... liked him since his stint in Thunderbolts and Guardians of the Galaxy.   EDIT: i just looked at the original article... either those guys are new to comics or they are shills for Marvel trying to generate interest for a new Captain America book in a week where most of the attention will be DC. 
  12. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

      As of Last night I was rocking a 4 piece set of Striker gear and two pieces of Final Measure gear. Those cleaners are STILL a bitch.
  13.   Sony seems to be following a similar path... or will if this is successful. I already have a PS4 and have no plans to get a PS4K either... I don't even own a 4K TV yet and my Sony Bravia is Barely two years old. I don't plan on getting a 4K TV anytime soon either.
  14. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

    My Toughness is around 230K and my DPS is around 190K... That's without me tweaking too much and with mediocre mods. I wanna boost my DPS up a bit but I may be fine with my Toughness. I don't go down TOO quick, especially with the way my talents are set up.
  15. Can't for this. I bought the season pass and beat the previous DLC already so I am READY.