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  1. Bestbuy has B2G1 Free right now. Stacks with GCU

      Lol my buddy edited the trailer for this game. I didn't know what he was talking about when he told me 
  2.   Does this still mean the protest is "bullshit" and the tribe's concerns are meaningless? Why was the pipeline rerouted from where it was originally planned?
  3.   I also like how he frames the actions of a few(whether they are legitimate or not/good or bad) as being a justifiable reason to dismiss, invalidate or vilify a larger group... he's perspective is so skewed and warped its hilarious.   "blah, blah, blah will make people hate Somalis..." "grumble, grumble protest will make people hate Native Americans..." as if the actions of a few warrant scorning the larger group. But even MENTION the possibility of a significant number of Trump supporters being attracted to to his not-so-subtle racist undertones and you're "attacking straight white men" and attempting to vilify them and paint them as racist    I typically don't engage in his threads but I'm starting to see him get bolder and bolder with his rhetoric recently and some of this shit needs to be called out. 
  4. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

      Because commercials. AMC gots to get PAID.
  5. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

      Probably was. How many of you were extracting? From what EZ? regular enemy NPC's will always join in the fight as well if they're nearby.
  6. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

      Hunters try to prevent your extraction. They are basically A.I. controlled agents. The more people extracting, the more show up. Don't know how many of you guys were extracting but you can easily get three or four hunters trying to stop you from extracting. They can disrupt your skills amongst other things.
  7.   More like they have a Captain Marvel movie in the works and they want to raise her profile.
  8. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

      They're gonna show Carl's eye-hole... I'm guessing it will be when     like in the comics. Shit, in the comics he doesn't even bother to cover it up anymore.
  9. Captain Marvel went Binary/Super Saiyan   I'm guessing on the Marvel side to see most of the MCU characters   Captain America Black Widow Thor Hulk Drax Gamora Rocket Ant Man Star Lord Vision Winter Soldier Spiderman Dr Strange Black Panther Thanos Black Bolt Medusa Karnak  
  10. Mass Effect: Andromeda - TGA gameplay video

      Yup. I've played as every class with a whole bunch of different crew combinations. You can get really creative and strategic on higher difficulties with different crew compositions. Some characters worked better for certain situations and defenses than others... except for Miranda who was pretty much useful in EVERY situation. She had powers that could counter pretty much ALL of the enemy defenses in the game when you upgraded her right. I am SO glad they got rid of Global cooldowns... that was another change from ME1 to ME2 that annoyed the SHIT out of me. 
  11. Mass Effect: Andromeda - TGA gameplay video

     That's because that player was using a Vanguard build I believe. Advanced Vanguard players don't NEED to use a lot of cover. Plus there appeared to be an energy shield that was being used too. It definitely seemed a lot more run and gun though.
  12. Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 OT #WEALLUSEDTOBEBARISTAS

      TV budget yo 
  13. Mass Effect: Andromeda - TGA gameplay video

      Oh nice... Bookmarked for later.