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  1. Throw your Ryzen and i7 7700 in the trash!!

    This may finally be the year I upgrade my i5 2500k + 660Ti! I know the i8s will require the z370 motherboards, but does anyone know if Q1 of 2018 will have even better motherboards with more features?
  2. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, SRPG (leak)

    I was never interested in this from the rumors, but this release/leak has me a lot more interested.
  3. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, SRPG (leak)

    "Turtle Shelves. Can do better" Do they mean "Shells"?
  4. GTX 1080 TI

    Wow, I dont think anyone was expecting that price point. This has to be a preemptive response to AMD's Vega announcement and not wanting to look like Intel after the Ryzen event. I'll wait to see what Vega looks like an real world benchmarks but it looks like building a new PC sooner than expected. My 2500k + 600Ti is a little embarrassing.
  5. Can the Official Sony PS3 remote be used on the PS4 Pro?

    No, unfortunately it cannot. There is a 3rd party "officially licensed" remote, but it doesn't get that good of reviews. Sony has a frustrating history with bluetooth accessories.
  6. Looks like someone already has a Switch

    Confirmed... No one owns a tripod.
  7. Got the dreaded Wii U Gamepad error code 165-3000!

    Here is a video on Youtube that is a visualization of that GameFAQ forum link.
  8. Nintendo is in a precarious position...

    I agree that Nintendo shouldn't expect the Switch and 3DS to coexist. I assume they're just saying that to reassure 3DS owners for now. I expected to see some DS-like titles at the Nintendo Treehouse event, like Pokemon Stars. We got Octopath, but Nintendo could have padded the 'coming soon' library with a lot of higher resolution versions of 3DS games. I missed out on the 3DS and WiiU so I would appreciate a lot of ports and remakes.
  9. Should I buy a Wii U or wait for the Switch?

    I almost got the WiiU for a great price tonight, but I wasn't hungry enough for it. ($160 + a few games) I'll keep my eye out for it. If i could pay $200 for a WiiU with the 6 games i want to play, I think that will be worth it. Buy a used one with me, Paperclyp, you know you want to. I was always a bit resentful of the WiiU basically being the Wii HD. I was always curious about the system but never wanted to pay full price for it. Nintendo not porting some games over is a concern of mine still. I'll wait and see the comparisons between BotW on the WiiU and Switch when they're both released.
  10. Should I buy a Wii U or wait for the Switch?

    I think I'm going to wait for a great deal on a Wii U in a couple months. If I don't find a great deal I'll probably lose interest in the Wii U and wait a year for the Switch. Hopefully within that time a lot of Wii U games are ported over.
  11. Should I buy a Wii U or wait for the Switch?

    I've been seeing some for decent prices now, but you're probably right. The closer we get to the Switch release date the lower the prices will be.
  12. Should I purchase a used Wii U for around $170 or wait a year and get the Switch? I skipped over the Wii U and missed out on about 5 or 6 Nintendo games I really want to play. If I buy a Wii U now, I can play those games for about $20 each. But if I wait for the Switch there is a possibilities those same games could be released in the Virtual Console.. It's also possible Nintendo never released the games to VC or releases them over the course of a few years. I was more hyped for the Switch than I thought I would be, but when I saw the lack of games I realized I would be paying near $400 after the system, game, and tax just to play Breath of the Wild until December IF Mario is released then. If Nintendo mentioned VC games from the Wii U to pad their library I would be going for a Switch. Now I'm not sure if I should just get a Wii U to hold me over for a year or so. Thoughts?
  13. Check your messages on ps4 you might have gotten $10w

    I bought the Pro on 15th, activated it as my primary that day, and received the $10 yesterday.
  14. 10 days to PS4 Pro, in or out?

    Thanks for the link. Hmm, so far no method of from external HDD to a PS4 Pro yet? I was mostly concerned about my P.T. install, but I just read here that the cloud back up will allow you to keep PT. I guess I'll back a lot of things up to the cloud, sell my PS4, and hope for the best. Cheers,