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  1. SNK Releasing a Mini-Console

    It better have World Heroes and Ninja Commando on it.
  2. Serious Sam 4

    Damn, I was just thinking a new Serious Sam would be awesome. I'll get excited when they announce a console port.
  3. The Recent Pickup Thread

    Finally got a copy of the Kickstarter version of Rising Sun. Can't wait to play that.
  4. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    The series finale of DS9 is one of the few TV episodes that still brings tears to my eyes.
  5. The Recent Pickup Thread

    Nice. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I love Scythe. I have Gloomhaven, but haven't played it yet. I haven't even opened the box. I ordered the Gloomhaven Town box insert from Meeple Reality and am waiting for that before I try to unpack/repack the box
  6. The Recent Pickup Thread

    Played Cthulhu Wars for the first time over the weekend. I really liked it. My only hope now is that some of the expansions are reproduced as I'd like to get many of them.
  7. Who's a lesser known actor you really like?

    Good choice. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa is in The Man in the High Castle along with Rufus Sewell
  8. As the subject says, who's a lesser known actor you really like that might encourage you to watch whatever they're in just because they're in it? For me, Rufus Sewell is on that list. Ever since I first saw Dark City years ago, he's an actor I've really liked.
  9. Recently, I've had an issue where my friends list doesn't update correctly. There are a few friends that always show as offline. They can send me a game invite while showing as offline. One of them is my brother and I tested this by going to his place, having him sign in on his Xbox and then I launched the Xbox app on my phone and signed in to my account and it still showed him as offline. Is there a setting he may have changed to always show offline or is something else going on?
  10. Dark City. Especially the director's cut. It's soooo good.
  11. The Recent Pickup Thread

    I've recently acquired the following: Star Trek: Ascendancy along with the Cardassians expansion Fate of the Elder Gods Battle for Rokugan I'll be getting Gloomhaven and Cthulhu Wars in the near future.
  12. So Mortal Kombat fans..whats better..

    X is probably the better technical fighter, but I enjoyed 9 a lot more. I liked the characters and story better in 9 than in X. I also wasn't a fan of being able to select different options of each character.
  13. Did you get any video games for gifts this year?

    Just about all of my gifts were video game related. I got: Star Wars Battlefront II SNES Classic Hori RAP Arcade stick for PS4
  14. I'm looking forward to this. It's definitely possible I'll be disappointed, but for now, I'm hopeful. I really liked the Office and while it was sad when Michael Scott left, that didn't kill the show. What killed the show was making Andy the boss. However, I wish they'd do a spin off for Parks & Rec instead. Just leave the Parks department alone and have something else take place in Pawnee. Pawnee itself is a character.
  15. The Recent Pickup Thread

    It's probably my favorite game to come out in the last few years.