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  1. I preordered the Ultimate Edition from the Xbox Store and it said it would come up the Halo Wars Definitive Edition. I assumed that I'd get the code early for the original one and could play that until launch, but I have not received any code for the Definitive Edition yet. Has anyone else purchased this? Will I need to wait for Halo Wars 2 to come out before I'll be able to play the original?
  2. Is that game an actual board game or is it more of a tabletop miniatures type game?
  3. A sequel or remake of the fighting game Mace: The Dark Age.
  4. Ninja Gaiden 4 Dead or Alive 6 KOTOR 3 Wing Commander reboot A new Splinter Cell XIII reboot Top Spin Tennis A modern, open world adventure game set in the Zork universe
  5. I'll have to look at the A40s again. I think I tried them on and found the headset to be too small, but I don't remember which brands I tried. A50 is definitely out of budget for now.
  6. As I'm now playing a little bit of multiplayer games, I'm looking to get a decent headset for my Xbox One. Currently, I just use Kinect, but with the voice coming over the speakers, sometimes it's hard to hear/understand what the other person is saying. I've never really looked at headsets before so I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Turtle Beach and Astro seem to be the most popular brands, but I'm seeing good reviews for a company called Sades which I'd never heard of before. I'd prefer wireless, butt not strongly enough to pass up a good deal. Ideally, I'd like to stay around $100 so if anyone could offer some opinions, I'd appreciate it.
  7. I received Hyperborea for my birthday. Played it a couple of years ago and really liked it.
  8. Another vote for Lost Odyssey. I'm replaying it right now.
  9. I received Gears of War 4. My birthday is this weekend so I'll probably get another 1 or 2.
  10. I got Mechs vs Minions and New Angeles
  11. My brother just purchased an Xbox One S and would like a Kinect-less way to issue voice commands. I know you can use a headset, but that's not a good option. Is there anyway you could plug a USB microphone into the back of the Xbox and use something like that?
  12. Trump wasn't my first choice. I'd have preferred anyone other than Paul or Cruz, but for the general, I voted for Trump.
  13. I too am concerned about the timeline placement. As of right now, the time period it takes place in is not even close to as interesting as it would have been if had taken place post Voyager. It might be really good and I definitely hope it is, but I'm concerned. There's so much new ground they could cover, but instead, they keep rehashing old territory. They can't really introduce any new aliens, new discoveries, new technology, new major problems, etc.
  14. I just picked up the following: Cry Havoc Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu Gravwell
  15. . . . . and it looks pretty good