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  1. My photography

    I've been into photography for about a year now. Just thought I'd share some of my photos: https://www.eyeem.com/u/jacob_fulwiler
  2. Star Trek: Discovery - main title theme

    The beginning sounds like Trek, the end obviously sounds like Trek, everything else sounds like Game of Thrones.
  3. This is going to be a complete reboot with no connection at all to the previous films.
  4. The Orville: Official trailer

    Overall I enjoyed it. Lets face it, these kinds of shows take a while to build. Its first episode was better than the first episode of any Star Trek series so far.
  5. Refs must have bet on Green Bay this game.
  6. Trump ending DACA.

    Congress did do it's job. The bill passed in the house, but failed in the senate. it wasn't ignored at all.
  7. Twin Peaks Returns

    OMG, they better announce a fourth season.
  8. The Recent Pickup Thread

    I recently picked up Terraforming Mars. It's definitely a euro style, engine building game. Lots of fun.
  9. The Founder

    Has anyone else seen this movie? I remember only being slightly aware of it earlier this year when it was in theaters and just noticed it was on Netflix. I really enjoyed it. Michael Keaton does an excellent job playing the "founder" of McDonald's and the story isn't exactly what I expected.
  10. Twin Peaks Returns

    Wow, part 15 was great. Can't wait to see more. Touching way to send off The Log Lady.
  11. I watched the first season on Netflix and then lost of track of it. Thanks for the reminder as I really enjoyed season 1.
  12. Rise of the Tomb Raider Dragon Age: Inquisition Horizon
  13. 21 episodes into Star Trek: The Next Generation

    TNG does get better, but I'd recommend just skipping over to Deep Space Nine. Like TNG, it's first couple of seasons start off slow (although they're still more interesting than TNG's early seasons) but it gets way better.
  14. They do need to expand. A year or two from now when shelves are full of Switches and they're not selling well because people realize it doesn't have the games they want due to low power it will begin to look like a Wii U. Nintendo gets by a lot on nostalgia. People like me who grew up with Mario and Zelda. As more and more of us get burnt out, Nintendo will need to do something to increase or even maintain its customer base.