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  1. My photography

    It's a lot of fun. Got some nice star photos and winter landscapes this weekend too.
  2. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    It was at the time. Maybe it was doing it in the back ground, but it didn't give me any indication it was doing anything.
  3. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    How do you launch/install/start original Xbox games? I put my Ninja Gaiden Black disk in the system and nothing happens.
  4. I just finished this season yesterday and while I really liked it, it wasn't quite as good as the first season and definitely felt like it was setting up for something bigger in the future. If that bigger thing turns out to be amazing, this will be completely justified.
  5. Cast announced for The Lion King 2019

    What's up with the white washing of Timon and Pumba? Aren't those animals just as African as the lions?
  6. What movies are you watching for Halloween

    I'll probably watch In the Mouth of Madness tonight.
  7. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    Just make the jump to Babylon 5
  8. I'm enjoying it so far on Xbox One. Just got my ass royally kicked by Morgan Freeman. Going to have to level up a lot before going after him again.
  9. I hope not. The Xbox One X might be the last gaming console I'll ever get if so.
  10. Hopefully an Xbox One X, but that might have to wait until early next year. I'll definitely be getting the following games: South Park: The Fractured But Whole Wolfenstein II Assassin's Creed Origins
  11. Whatcha gettin South Park on?

    Xbox One here.
  12. Dishonored 2 worth a playthrough?

    Clockwork Mansion is the 4th mission. It's really puzzle orientated and involves manipulating different rooms in the house, not to mention fighting clockwork soldiers. I've since made it to the Grand Palace which is the second to last mission.
  13. Dishonored 2 worth a playthrough?

    I got it several months ago and played it for a while and got stuck at the Clockwork Mansion. Finally picked it up again and have been playing it pretty steadily the last week and am really enjoying it.
  14. What subscriptions do you have?

    Comcast Xfinity Verizon Wireless Xbox Live PlayStation Plus Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime Groove Music 1000 GB OneDrive Adobe Creative Cloud Wix
  15. Unfortunately, I'll be passing on this. I'm not going to sign up for another streaming service. Doing so will only encourage more. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon is enough for me. For the record, I'll be passing on Stargate Command and Disney/Marvel/LucasFilm as well.