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  1. Dark City. Especially the director's cut. It's soooo good.
  2. The Recent Pickup Thread

    I've recently acquired the following: Star Trek: Ascendancy along with the Cardassians expansion Fate of the Elder Gods Battle for Rokugan I'll be getting Gloomhaven and Cthulhu Wars in the near future.
  3. So Mortal Kombat fans..whats better..

    X is probably the better technical fighter, but I enjoyed 9 a lot more. I liked the characters and story better in 9 than in X. I also wasn't a fan of being able to select different options of each character.
  4. Did you get any video games for gifts this year?

    Just about all of my gifts were video game related. I got: Star Wars Battlefront II SNES Classic Hori RAP Arcade stick for PS4
  5. I'm looking forward to this. It's definitely possible I'll be disappointed, but for now, I'm hopeful. I really liked the Office and while it was sad when Michael Scott left, that didn't kill the show. What killed the show was making Andy the boss. However, I wish they'd do a spin off for Parks & Rec instead. Just leave the Parks department alone and have something else take place in Pawnee. Pawnee itself is a character.
  6. The Recent Pickup Thread

    It's probably my favorite game to come out in the last few years.
  7. The Recent Pickup Thread

    I've recently finished completing my Scythe collection. I have: The Base game Invaders from Afar expansion The Wind gambit expansion Legendary Box Realistic resources Metal coins including 50 coins The additional enlarged board Extra cards and attack battle dials
  8. I'll definitely be picking this up. I'd love to play through all the SF2 and SFA games. I'll try again to get into Street Fighter 3. I just never could get into it. I never liked the art style, sound, music and characters.
  9. So I'm looking to add a media streaming device to a TV in a bedroom. Hulu and Netflix are the two main services I'll be using. What's a good device to stream these? I use Xbox Ones in other rooms, but don't need something that powerful/expensive in this room.
  10. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    Exactly. Voyager is probably not as bad as most people make it out to be. The problem is that every season, there were a couple of outstanding episodes which made you realize how good the show could have been.
  11. Except it's not. What she did is considerably worse than what Trump said.
  12. TIME's #1 2017 Gadget

    True. Later on, after its library gets larger, it might be worth getting.
  13. TIME's #1 2017 Gadget

    As a handheld, it looks like a good system. For someone like me who doesn't play portable games and would only use it in the dock, connected to my TV, it's not that great.
  14. Justice League - 96 million

    I haven't seen it yet. I never see movies on the opening weekend. I'll probably see it this weekend sometime. I'm sure I'll like it. After all: I loved Man of Steel I liked Batman v Superman I found Suicide Squad to be meh I loved Wonder Woman
  15. My photography

    It's a lot of fun. Got some nice star photos and winter landscapes this weekend too.