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  1. Yeah, I'm just going to cut to the chase and spend the 90 bucks for 12,000 crystals. What is that, about 108 Hero Crates? Daddy like!!! I love Star Wars, but I just don't think I am getting this, and not just because of the loot boxes. I just think I am going to be low on time this winter, but I have a number of different options with the One X that I have gotten to previously with the Xbox. Namely finishing Rise of the Tom Raider, Gears, and TF2.
  2. NFL Week 10 - So You're Saying There's a Chance?

    Dear Mike, This just in: they are pretty darn good. Sincerely, The Buffalo Bills raw red asses
  3. NFL Week 10 - So You're Saying There's a Chance?

    I see what you did there, Mike...the man knows his football! Honestly, though, MC, they have won 6 straight games, their defense is better and the running game is...running. Additionally, and as I believe I have stated before around here, their leader is the greatest QB that no one gives a damn about in NFL history. I am going to be sorry when that guy is gone.
  4. NFL Week 10 - So You're Saying There's a Chance?

    @Keyser_Soze @Biggie_Rich @thewhyteboar @Slug Good batch of games this weekend. Falcons staying in the division hunt against a Zeekless Cowboys team, who they are also in a battle with over a wildcard spot. Seattle last night keeping pace with the Rams, albeit now at with it being a little more difficult with Sherman out. Washington looking like they will chase and pass Dallas over the next few weeks, but with a big test against Minny. and the Bills at New ERA against maybe the best team in football right now, New Orleans, in what unfortunately will be nice weather for Brees to air it out. ...and, thanks as always to Keyser for doing these threads. Much appreciated, man.
  5. PSVR_Rev 2 now in the wild!

    In short, it looks like just being able to buy version 2 of the PSVR as a standalone probably won't happen until after the holiday season, into early next year. Meanwhile, Japan has been able to buy it as a standalone since last month. Thank you, Sony f*****s. A little strong, but I am not in a good mood today. EDIT: and in the link above some of the comments indicated that they weren't showing the new version, and that it may just still be a bleed off of version 1.
  6. PSVR_Rev 2 now in the wild!

    @Mr.Vic20 thank you both very much. Unfortunately I already have gran truisms sport and for all their claims that it would be sold at the same pice as the original I guess they left out "as bundled". this actually stinks a little bit. I want the VR and the camera. edit: I don't believe the launch in Japan was bundled.
  7. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    I did about three hours of GTS this weekend. Nothing on the championship series as I was afraid of myself! man, biggie, there has been mayhem around me in races (still have only done about 9) and my SR took a hit to B, but got it back up to A before the end of the weekend.
  8. Regardless, Keyser, no one should kid themselves on this. Rodgers/Bongiovani (real name, if memory serves) were moving this team to Toronto. Hell, a number of Canadian members on this Board were virtually guaranteeing it and were probably pissed when the Pegulas came along. So Bills went from possibly leaving town to the 7th richest owner in the league....I'll take it. credit to the late Owner Ralph Wilson who made it a little more difficult for someone to take the team out of Buffalo.
  9. NFL Week 9 - Who Will Catch Cam's Balls Now?

    Keyser, let me reiterate this to you: I know nothing!
  10. NFL Week 9 - Who Will Catch Cam's Balls Now?

    No...no...he will just make my head hurt and I will feel stupider because I couldn't understand him.
  11. NFL Week 9 - Who Will Catch Cam's Balls Now?

    If I am understanding the above correctly, how in the world does bing predict that Houston, at home, is only 2/3 likely to beat Indy?
  12. NFL Week 9 - Who Will Catch Cam's Balls Now?

    If I am understanding the above correctly, how in the world do only 2/3 of the people think that Houston, at home, is going to beat Indy? and thank you very much, Keyser, for doing this every week. Seriously.
  13. LT Duane Brown traded to Seahawks

    Glad you got the help you wanted on the oline. Perfect timing with the birds starting to soar and Wilson looking like his typical awesome self...wanted him badly in the third a few years ago, but the Bills were smart and traded up in the third round...to get TJ Graham.
  14. Digital Foundry unboxes the Xbox One X

    You and me both on Titan Fall 2, numbers!
  15. Digital Foundry unboxes the Xbox One X

    Mike, it is my favorite genre of game and I have been waiting to open since hearing about the One X enhancements. Now I get the joy of opening and playing a $59 game that now only costs 19 bucks!