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  1. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    but after that, maybe some Rocket League?
  2. Fu-**-ity, Fu** Fu** Fu** I forgot how violent video games are!!
  3. Ah, ah, ah, but as you've so intelligently mentioned before, my friend, they haven't yet! Therfore, let let us not assume evidence that has yet to be presented. Let's drink! ...I agree with you, Wade.
  4. A lot to digest here. Well, I guess to sum it all up as we are all apparently in agreement: violent video games shouldn't be banned. Nice work everybody! I'm buying the first round at Bilbos!
  5. Cool. another thumbs up for Wade! back to the point, this issue really does bug the piss out of me, as it should for most gamers, based upon what I believe you said here or in the other thread today, Wade. that is the causality between gaming and violent crimes is Not even tenuous...it’s just not there. it’s one thing to say people with proclivities towards violence like violent video games and a completely different thing to say people who play violent video games will eventually become violent. A big, big, big leap to get to “violent video games are a gateway drug to real violence.” i think the argument trying to create a link between the two is a crutch and an excuse to give some meaning to the senseless.
  6. Wade I gave you a thumbs up but I ask the question back are we really less violent? look I don’t have proof either way, I’m really just asking. i ask because what you stated I’ve heard before, but is that just the repetition of the saying being engrained in us. it does appear that we are less warlike than at anytime in history, but I just don’t know with respect to violence. then again, maybe I just bring it up due to the fact that the coverage of the haneous acts we commit against each other has “never been better.”
  7. I get Clyps point and I also get Wade’s point. believe me, as a Republican I not only disagree with some of what the majority in my party thinks, I also disagree with what some of our core principles should be. For example I believe we should be the party of gay marriage and gays in the military as I look at laws contrary to that being restrictive on the individual, especially since such positions don’t encumber someone else’s rights and don’t put anyone else at detrimental risk. more to the point, I agree with Clyp that it seems like the greater restrictions on what you can say or do or what someone would like to limit allowing you on what you can say or do seems more leftist nowadays, whereas Wade is spot on with the rights restrictions on artistic endeavors...which is another point of contention between me and my party.
  8. They're not going to ban violent video games and they are not going to ban disgusting movies. Since we are on likely subjects we should just talk about how consoles are dead. We are on about the 25th anniversary of banning video games, or further back for Custer's Revenge or Death Race.
  9. From Polygon, mainly having to do with Ninentendo not allowing cancellations on pre-orders. https://www.polygon.com/2018/2/21/17036096/how-to-cancel-nintendo-eshop-order-policy-consumer-rights-directive
  10. I agree with you both, completely, and I am far from a snowflake. However, with that said, I don't mind whatsoever trying to put whatever screws you can to toxicity.
  11. From Polygon https://www.polygon.com/2018/2/21/17037172/xbox-phil-spencer-toxic-gamers-dice-2018-keynote Honestly, it would be nice to see in the future that this isn't a Sysphean effort.
  12. Reinforcement of why I like apoc: straight to the point, matter of fact, no prejudice. ...and I agree.
  13. You Know What Game is Begging for an Update/Reboot?

    The moment I saw this thread I came in with the intent of listing Armed and Dangerous. You...Wade...of the Day One Patch Clan...Man among Men, along with many other titles.,.are a steely eyed missile man! EDIT: Need to see if this game is BC...oh yes, she is still in my collection...waiting.
  14. Fortnite or PUBG: which is more fun?

    Keyser, that...was simply excellent. Honestly, I can't get over the awareness of some of these guys. and I checked my messages. Thank you so very much, my friend.