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  1. good point. Hopefully that would be OK with squaretrade. ...hopefully, though, the service would be DONE in NY state.
  2. @atom631 On top of everything else, though, I am also in one of the two states where they won't send a tech out for repairs; which is annoying because I have a major tech repair services center one mile from my house that handles their own and other service agreements.
  3. You and me both with the wives, atom! A little important that I get a deal on this to get my point across.
  4. Agree with the reputability of squaretrade, however, I would love it if I could just return it and return it nearby (like with BB) if there is an issue. However, discount buyers can't be choosers! ...and yes, with delivery, as some of the guys over at AVS mentioned the beaten condition of the boxes on some of their C7 purchases. am also a little weary of the potential for the purchase arriving as an open box item.
  5. Thank you, atom. I will be calling. I am a little weary of a shipping purchase as with the more I read on AVS Forums there could be a likelihood of return (streaking or banding on the screen), and I know little about Beaches' protection plan, as opposed to Best Buy, which I am more familiar. i took a quick look and the do have open boxes on sale, for $2,700, but not interested in that and there were only two left at the time, so I will call to see what they say. Again, thank you.
  6. I kind of like this plan, cusi. I may switch to this in a couple of weeks.
  7. OK, 33 lbs down since the end of March. I have been doing a push, pull and core routine on a three day rotation, with one day a week off (who am I kidding? maybe two days a week off, and lighter on the core). I am in that difficult position where I am trying to lose weight, build muscle, all while being a type 2 diabetic, but it seems to be working. I track everything that I eat and it does help a great deal with being honest with myself. I have always had shoulder problems and should have had surgery a number of years ago...and I am old, but so what. After years of poor training I have done a good job in strengthening and stabilizing my shoulders and gone are my youthful days of "it's all about the chest"...now, it is work the back as much as the front and stay away from archaic movements that are just plain bad for you (I am looking at you, upright row, that I have hurt myself on three separate occasions through the years, even using good form) and trying to stay true with my form (bench press: shoulders down and back, Rhombs pulling, butt on the bench, smooth motion). Still need a stronger core, but I am working on it. I am probably looking at another 20lbs down, before I just maintain. All the while trying to build my body as much as I can, given my schedule. When we hit the fall I am considering a rack and I have been researching quite a bit and may end up with a Rogue in my basement. I usually like Rogue equipment and I own a land mine...which, don't get me started as I love it. EDIT: I am a big believer in the 45 minutes and done, while working to failure. Although, honestly, I sometimes have a hard time getting to there, but I think I have been doing a good job with it and not just quitting. In 45 minutes I can usually get 28-30 sets in of various exercises. Noting that individual arm sets involve no delays between sets.
  8. The only reason why I am in here is because "Fredo" is such a great take. Nicely done.
  9. Abe's has a good deal http://www.abesofmaine.com/LG_Signature_C7_Series_OLED65C7P_-_65_OLED_Smart_TV_-_4K_UltraHD_1031760.html?l=ADWORDS&gclid=CKai_NqH_9QCFQ6paQodFtkMFg However, some of the AVS forum guys are concerned with the quality on the 65" C7 models.
  10. How so, atom? Additionally, I am willing to be a little patient on deals as really I am looking to do the upgrade for the x1x.
  11. Of course I didn't see your post. SH**********************************T!!!
  12. A couple things: I joined that site because of you, and if I do end up taking grief from my wife for buying a TV from there it's all good as I am just going to blame you. Secondly, I am still mindful of lag. Samsung has such a great reputation on low lag, that it would help if LG comes close, especially with this TV> Again, thank you for the tip, atom!
  13. Nice atom. I just wanted to kill myself for missing this deal. Have a great weekend! Seriously, though, had you told me that deal while it was going on I wouldn't have even blinked. I just would have gotten it.
  14. nac, I know! After I wrote it I went back and read best's, yours and other's comments...more brilliant insight than comments! Great thread...I just forgot to edit my post. BTW, why I am back now is because I didn't know whether I wanted to post in best's thread, or the TV gaming thread, about the fact that the b6 is now under $3,000 and will likely stay there. ...Now, DO I JUMP ON OR NOT!! Still a little worried about lag, but I can live with the perfect black levels! EDIT: the 65" is under $3k is what I meant.
  15. best, I agree with Mike and Stepee. Seriously, your tv is good and you will get serious bang for your buck. ...Me on the other hand has a 12+ year old DLP in the basement that is itching to be upgraded for the One X this fall!