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  1. Hmmm, interesting. I did not know that. Thanks, Guy.
  2. https://www.polygon.com/2016/5/12/11663574/lionhead-studios-closed-fable-legends-fable-4
  3. I remember complaining here about MS resting on their laurels and "WTH are they doing?!" long before he took control...as early as I think 2012. He was the one who started turning the ship back to being about games when he took over. That takes time and some things haven't worked out. X Plays game of the year that year.
  4. Thank you, Mike. My bad as I thought Playground games was moving on to non-racing games. However, I just checked and it appears they are just opening another studio to do that. Additionally, I forgot about Rare's game coming out in the fall. Although I have been waiting for H6, H4 and Sea of Thieves should be enough...as well as a hopefully better PUBG. EDIT: And I have loved my Elite. I've had it almost since launch.
  5. E3 in June, with a Fall release. Wow...with no Halo 6 this Fall, and I haven't seen (although you guys might know) who is doing Horizon 4, I just don't know what MS is planning for September - December, 2018.
  6. The Duke is back

    Ya know what, big up vote for you on the above Keyser. I was sort of thinking about it, but I never put the two together. Great point, my friend.
  7. Going After Cheaters in PUBG

    Interesting. Tough to follow as I never played Ultima, but again, interesting first person account. Thanks Wade. I hated the 20 yard drop back to pass and also the sudden juke move in the open field, un-pursued. I would like to dive in at some point, but yeah, I hope they clear stuff like this up, as well as the bugs. I also remember the ridiculous bugs in CODMW, with the getting "underneath" the map and also the walking across the sky and the utter damage sponges...actually, that may have been Halo 3. A guy took full rounds, at point blank range from me and another team member and nothing...nothing. He just walked away. He was gone by the time we started complaining in the lobby.
  8. The Duke is back

    How can I even argue against that, AD? Well written, Sir. Well written indeed.
  9. The Duke is back

    I sort of enjoyed the Duke, Hurdy, but I just never got why it was so big. Did they have design / patent issues? Suffice it to say I loved the S controller when it came out.
  10. The Duke is back

    All you guys born after 1970 are spoiled.
  11. From Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-16/tencent-cracks-down-on-cheats-in-world-s-top-selling-video-game I am all for this, but just out of curiosity, when was the first instance where game developers started to go after cheaters and what was the first big cheating scandal in gaming that people remember?
  12. The Duke is back

    I have 4 original Dukes for when friends came over. Man, I still have my original Xbox and used it for a Halo LAN party in the fall.
  13. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    I think (and thought before the weekend started) that the highlight of the playoffs would be the NFC divisional round games and they did not disappoint. I like the Vikings, but I just think it is going to be tough to top either what happened this weekend, or last year's SB, from here on out. Sorry about your Birds, Biggie.