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  1. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    I get that answer. I don't get ManU's from yesterday, because they are essentially the same, other than the Scorpio branding, which is subtle. Unless I am missing something?
  2. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    I'm sorry, I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the dislike for the scorpio.
  3. Can't somebody corner these guys in an interview and get a straight answer? ...reasonably straight answer? ...a plausible answer without a bold face lie? EDIT: my original edit was going back and changing "bald" to "bold". I know both are acceptable, but it just doesn't sound right to me the other way...I don't even know why I wrote it that way.
  4. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    I'm sorry, ManU, my bad. I mean why don't you like the branding. Stupid...was thinking it in my head, but didn't properly explain it in my post.
  5. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    GW's, feel free to change to title to "boy" or "juvenile", although if you made the change to "jerk-off" I would be fine with that, too. BTW, I find nothing funny about this. I am not judging those who do, it is just this is disturbing and upsetting to me. Parents do so much for kids and it's painful watching those efforts be responded to like this.
  6. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    Explain please, ManU.
  7. I don't recommend that, Ash. I believe it is another 2 GB if you drink during the game. Luckily, pizza and wings are only 1.
  8. ManU, thanks for all the information above, my friend. With respect to the size I got a 4 TB external HD a few weeks ago. I haven't installed it yet, but I will soon. I am not limited for space right now, but it will be nice to be ready if and when I need it. EDIT: Oh, and I believe we get the demo tomorrow, too.
  9. I wish I could, or rather I wish I could find my posts from 4 years ago wherein i was asking the question, "What the hell is MS doing to the Xbox?!" ...I'd just link to it every time one of these stories comes up or a Destiny or CoD is allowed to crawl out the door.. So disappointing. What could have been for the present/future of the xbox brand.
  10. Digital or Not...Again

    What I always expect from Clyp: straight forward, to the point with a definitive position. You have and always been a steely-eyed missile man on these boards, my friend. Please don't change.
  11. Digital or Not...Again

    mike, if they would sell you both at the same time for the same price I would be down for getting both digital and HC.
  12. Digital or Not...Again

    Good stuff, gents. Thank you. I have changed my mind 3 times this afternoon!! May just run and get a card for Sony...don't want to link any real account with them as they have been...spotty.
  13. Digital or Not...Again

    This. Not a big worry, but this. Although I have enjoyed my one click and gaming laziness with my Xbox lately. Why no digital with Nintendo? Sd concerns?
  14. Digital or Not...Again

    Yeah, SimpleG, at least for the PS4 Pro, since I have established a precedent I believe I am going to stick with hard copies for the more marquee titles in my library. With the last of us at $15-$19 it falls into that category. However, It just makes me queasy thinking that if they ever shutdown service that I won't be able to play these games that I purcahsed digitally anymore, if I am understanding everything correctly.
  15. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    I have never really gotten into basketball on consoles, but I am on a sports game kick lately, know how good these games are by reputation and think this would be the first really good third party option for me with the Switch. In all the years we've been here together I am sure I have never even thought poorly of you, or even cross with you, for any reason, let alone mad at you. ...until now. jk, buddy. With you on that, best. Forza will demand it of me.