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  1. it was terrible. I had to stop playing. its better now but still kinda eh. active players was at 200 now its around 900
  2. new dishonored 2 update, and new battleborn update, and then just more warframe
  3. best case scenario that comes to mind is the last guardian which people seem to consider to just be ok.
  4. is it really a surprise that a game stuck in development limbo isn't as great as everyone expected?
  5. when I was 1st learning the game I mained mei. Then as I got more and more familiar with overwatch I branched out to different characters.
  6. apparently they made roadhogs hook easier to land, and they gave sombra another buff. reduces the cooldown on hack from 12 to 8 which definitely makes it much better. so many times its that long hack cooldown that annoys me.
  7. mostly people complain about people complaining about comp in QP
  8. my feidn plays on pc and xbox and he always complains about how toxic everyone is on pc, but how much better it is on console
  9. except the platforming is terrible. so many deaths due to bad platforming mechanics. the previous tomb raider worked well int hat regard this one was terrible. the worst case of this was when I was sliding down a rope, and it was supposed to detach me from 1 and grab the next one, but it didn't and i just fell to my death. then i load last save jump on it again and it works fine. at the point where i was sliding down the rope there was ZERO input from me, and yet it failed to consistently do the same action. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a game that I really want to enjoy but cant because of a lot of issues. I havent beat it yet mostly due to the game crashing. that combined with the frustrating platforming inconsistencies.
  10. dishonored has some good ones
  11. brawlhalla uses its multiple playstyles in items. each character has 2 unique weapons that they can pick up and use. you basically never really fight without one of those weapons, but sometimes you will ditch one to swap to the other. its the same pickups for everyone but if you pick it up it becomes one of your characters weapons. there is a dash?
  12. hows it compare to brawlhalla?
  13. i want more game then party. ive played games like fibbage and while they are entertaining id much rather play a game like samurai gunn where we are actually playing something, and most people dont seem to care about the difference between a party party game, and a more typical game that is easy to just get into and play
  14. what are your opinions on them. also games that i do own that might fit this category necropolis hotline Miami 2 how to survive serious sam portal 2 capsized castlestorm chariot mercenary kings nidhogg risk of rain sacred citidel sanctum torchlight 2 gratious space battles magicka toy soldiers surgeon simulator bleed crawl dustforce monaco mount your friends party of sin rush bros samurai gun sonic all star racing worms revolution abyss oddyssey bad bots battleblock theater brawlhalla diehard dungeon dragonball xenoverse duck game enter the gungeon gang beasts gauntlet golf with friends magicite outland payday 2 speed runners spelunky starwhal trials of the blood dragon vertical drop heroes viktorwizorb