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  1. even the devs have said they knew the game was shallow, and repetitive. https://stevivor.com/news/former-sea-of-thieves-artist-its-insanely-repetitive-and-shallow/
  2. its also why not many people are playing
  3. while cosmetics might drive some people its not enough to build a whole game off of, and sure cosmetics are why people buy the battle pass on fortnite, but its not the cosmetics that make the game so popular. its the gameplay.
  4. most of that is nullified by the simple fact that cosmetics dont matter. they have no weight. there is a reason why most people dont have a problem with games that have microtransactions for for cosmetics, as long as it stays away from things that actually effect gameplay, because cosmetics dont carry any weight.
  5. for sure. I would rather have it on steam just for the steam controller alone. if i can access it on gamepass though it will probably get me to not hold off on a steam version, which i was planning on doing
  6. and now you can play it as part of a free trial, and/or for 10/month. seems like the perfect use for that.
  7. i got the game pass, played a bit of sea of thieves, then just went and played recore. recore is a ton of fun. sea of thieves is...meh
  8. I really like sienna. She seems really well rounded. great at both ranged and melee. I leveled her up to 25, now i am playing some of the other onces, but the other ones seem to have bigger holes in their kits then her.
  9. i got a mummy outfit from the 1st box i bought from heda
  10. probably because of people like me. I ended up getting the original because it was dirt cheap during a steam sale, had a lot of fun with it, so when the sequel came out I was paying more attention and went ahead and grabbed it.....also its $30 price tag helps a lot
  11. ive got a recruit level deed that rewards a general box but one of the modifiers is there are no pickups on the map. it will only reward up to gear 100, so its not really too useful to me, but if someone wants to run it with me we can.
  12. I feel like the difficulty is really well balanced. Ive played 3 or 4 matches so far. I have yet to lose a game, but I have always had at least 1 moment where I thought we were done for.