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  1. I swap outputs between the 4k in my room, and a 720ish tv in the living room (for local MP games) ive got everything set up to make switching back and forth to be quick and easy. except for the resultion. when I swap from my 4k, to the 720 a lot of the side of the screen is cut off. to make matters worse the tv isn't typical resolutions, and I have to manually tweak things  to set it up properly. Is there any app that will allow me to set predefined resolutions and other settings and just swap profiles?
  2. Polygon -- Knack 2’s biggest surprise: It’s a lot of fun

    I enjoyed it for its core gameplay which I found very engaging. it felt like an old school action platformer with its style of combat. it was more about spacing then anything else, and the combat itself felt like a platformer with constantly having to maneuver around enemy attacks to get close enough to attack them. 
  3. well i dont play titanfall. and mechwarrior is one of my favorite franchises. I have even read quite a lot of the novels.    side note. id totally love a MW4 remake. 
  4. Polygon -- Knack 2’s biggest surprise: It’s a lot of fun

    what? knack 1 was a lot of fun. I played it through multiple times. 
  5. thats basically what mechwarrior is. though one could argue thats its more tactical then titanfall. 
  6. as skillz said they were clearly playing as a vanguard which is the most in your face I dont need no cover playstyle you can get. If its like previous titles (which I assume it will be int his regard) then charign at enemies refills your shields, so you are literally attacking to regain health.      EDIT: also Mass Effects combat has always been its biggest draw for me (since me2) not because of typical shooting mechanics but because of the deeper mechanics. the way health, shields, armor etc works and in conjunction with tech, biotic, and elemental abilities/weapons. It really makes you think about what kind of weapon or ability you want to use in any given situation, and now that they removed global cooldowns it should open up even more options. 
  7. thats probably because I am not on either side. I was just stating things. and with what I was saying there was 1 minor flaw is what I was saying, and instead of hiding it, I pointed it out. 
  8. uncharted 2s level design made for some really compelling gunfights. you could play it like a typical cover shooter. but there were a lot of less obvious things you could that really opened up how you could approach any fight. 
  9.   you completely missed my point. in general I agree with you. there are plenty of non shooters. I just didn't agree with your reasoning.
  10. well truthfully I originally played uncharted for the story, but the multiplayer is a big draw for me. It provides more interesting approaches to combat then a typical shooter. The 1st time through the game you play it for the story, but replaying a game over and over is generally for the gameplay (choices in games aside) and I have played through the uncharted games many many times. maybe its not for the shooting specifically. but certainly for the gameplay itself. 
  11. yea sure you can find plenty of exceptions. but you can find exceptions to anything. his point was that the majority of consumption of games is through shooters. his examples were of the top sellign games. so a better counter argument would be looking at the top selling games on steam (or other services) on steams top 10 at the moment the #1 game (watch dogs) is a shooter. it is the only game aside from the season pass for siege that is a shooter. there are literally more sim games then shooters in the top 10. though looking at top sellers during a sale isn't the most accurate reflection. I seriously doubt that castle crashers would be there if it wasnt 80% off atm. 
  12. thats extremely impractical. new builds are created all the time. youd have to literally be completely finished with the game before you could get any footage for your game, and then if you updated your game you would need to remove any old footage and update it accordingly. guess at e3 and such they shold never show any trailers or any gameplay because thats not the same build that will eventually be released to the public.
  13. just because you dont have to use guns to kill doesn't really prove anything. I beat 95% of killzone 2 using literally nothing but a knife, but its still an fps. it is still a game about shooting, even if i chose not to actually shoot anyone
  14. Arrow Season 5 OT #WhatWasntOnTheIsland

    these crossovers are so good. not only do they flow well from 1 show to the other (I dont watch super girl though) but they also fit well into their own show. the episodes on flash, and arrow both felt very much like the rest of the episodes from their series in most regards.     Though super girl. I dont watch it. I watched the 1st couple episodes and it didnt hold my attention, and with it being part of the same universe and such I thought maybe I should watch it. and after watching flash she seemed tolerable. there were enough things there to intrigue me, and get me to want to watch it. then I saw her on the arrow, and I really cant stand her. its like literally half her time on camera was spent doing dramatic poses. she would fly in, and do that stupid pose for no god damn reason. when the flash arrives he does that weird I stopped going super fast pose that looks like what you do when your surfing wood floors in socks. that has a reason, but she is just like look at me im super girl and im here. and every time she does that i just want to punch her in the face. 
  15. cuz people overact like crazy. people acting like nms was the 2nd coming or some shit. and when it wasnt what they were expecting they flipped the shit out.    out of all those complaints about false advertising the only 1 I would kinda agree on being a problem is the "vying for control" the factions are just sort of there. and I never felt like they were fighting each other. just like hey we live in this solar system, the other races live in those other systems. we dont really mess with each other. the only actual conflict is with pirates