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  1. Battleborn - Am I the only one?

    rath is a very specialized character. there are some things he is very good at, but its best when you have some extra support. if you are soloing youd probably want someone with a bit more balanced approach. personally I prefer shayne and aurox, which is one of the 1st characters you can unlock (by hitting level 6, or playing 5 games with other people)
  2. Which version of Uncharted 4 is everyone getting?

    one of the biggest reasons I loved uncharted 2 so much was how each encounter had different ways to approach it. sure you could just run in and start shooting people. but you could also sneak around to an advantageous spot before engaging. I lot of encounters especially in the fortress have spots where you can sneak around and get to an RPG, or grenade launcher and then just rain down destruction on enemies. I really enjoyed trying to find alternate routes to engage in encounters. that was for the most part missing from 3. 
  3. Which version of Uncharted 4 is everyone getting?

    there were a lot of stupid cheap set pieces in 3.  from a design stand point it was much worse, you can tell it was ND's B team.
  4. Battleborn - Am I the only one?

    are you playing solo?
  5. Battleborn - Am I the only one?

    anyone interested in playing through the campaign on advanced?
  6. Battleborn - Am I the only one?

    you clearly dont know much about the game
  7. Which version of Uncharted 4 is everyone getting?

    another great MP experience
  8. Which version of Uncharted 4 is everyone getting?

    ive literally spent hundreds of hours playing uncharted 2's MP, and around 100 playing 3's   Ive platinumed 1, and 2, but I really hated 3's single player. so much so I never beat it. like seriously fuck u3's campaign....and I am a die hard ND fanboy too.    running around platofrming and such, and pullign people off ledges, throwing propane tanks at them, not to mention just straight up shooting them is just.....bliss. Only MP I have ever enjoyed more is Turok's and thats cuz it lets me hunt people
  9. Which version of Uncharted 4 is everyone getting?

    I used to love uncharted for the campaign, now I love it for the Multiplayer.   Also ND revealed some details about MP, including the fact that we can unlock all paid dlc through in game currency. So no real need to pay the extra
  10. Battleborn - Am I the only one?

  11. Battleborn: launch trailer

    ive never played it but a lot of people compare it to monday night combat
  12. Battleborn: launch trailer

    I dont like MOBAs but I really enjoy Battleborn, and thats because it has moba mechanics, but it doesnt have the same flow of a moba. for example one thing I really hate is the tower, minion, hero triangle in a moba. where you use minions as meat shields while you damage towers, and as soon as your minions are dead you have to retreat or get fucked. In BB minions are strong, and minions help, but minions arent needed. I could stay back out of range of the sentry bot on incursion and pick off its health little by little, we could take our whole squad up there and take it down as well. minions (and turrets) will help, but they arent essential. and in meltdown literally the only function of minions is to escort them to the end for points. then there is capture which wasn't playable in the beta, but it doesnt really have minions. its pure capture the control points game mode.    Moba are slow, they tie you down to protecting your minions, and they make you feel weak by forcing you to rely on weak ai to get through. BB doesnt have that. yes youll want to push, or fall back at various points like a moba, and it has a lot of similar mechanics to a moba, but it is much faster paced, and it doesn't remove that sense of player power. I feel powerful regardless of who I am using. I never think "O shit my minions are dead I have to GTFO! or that tower is going to rape me" the only time I have a similar thought is due to other players.    In essence it takes the tactics of a moba, and applies it to a fast paced shooter. (and ive heard it referred to as a "twitch shooter" by some people who play it, and it certainly can be depending on which character you are playing)
  13. also the only real difference is they are now putting temp scores in those reviews in progress, not that they are actually doing reviews in progress
  14. they are mostly doing it for games with online components that they cant fully play in a live environment til its released