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  1. I use elemental daggers with the spread shot upgrade for that. I save my might abilities for chain dominating.
  2. when fighting olga hai try to stun them then mount them for massive crowd clearing. it balances things out. alternatively just spam arrows to their face. There are a lot of daggers with similar abilities. I try to keep 1 of each type with as low of a cooldown as possible. all the dominate related skills were my biggest priority. Mostly because of health regen. in general 1st I focused on things that would help me in combat above all else. I ignored the treasure hunter one for a long time because while it might be convenient im not really gaining anything, its just a small QoL upgrade.....but then i realized that one of its sub upgrades allowed me to dominate broken captains faster, and as soon as i realized that I had to instant grab those. also i almost never use elven light.
  3. I feel like PoE is not designed for newer players at all. not even counting the content that is either too high for new people or is locked behind the 2nd dream/war within, the low level bounties, faction rep, zaws, and amps are all things that newer players arent really going to benefit too much from , and on top of that the crdit gains in the plains are laughable. so players are going to need to leave the plains just to gather more credits.
  4. there a player who got to top 500 in overwatch on pc using a controller.
  5. in general ember is best at trivializing low level content. when you just want a giant mobile area of death ember is awesome. and its fun to just try to run around and try to pick up energy faster then you are losing it so you can keep it up, but once your dealing with enemies that she isnt instant killing (mostly due to high armor) then her effectiveness quickly drops off. but she is actually a lot better on the plains that i figured. even doing the highest level bounty she is still wrecking everything.
  6. this was done before it was released, but here is a general idea of things.
  7. ive been using ember for the plains, and she is so fucking nice. frees up my primary weapon to be something better suited to taking out the ships
  8. not if people arent online. EDIT: also they are fairly basic missions. they reset every 5 hours. like when i hop on and play those missions are the main thing i am doing, and all the small other shit is just to tie it all together. so its not like i want to go to the hassle of finding a bunch of people to play with when i just want to quickly breeze through the content and get the rewards.
  9. yea, no reason to level a different copy of the same weapon. if you want to double check go to the codex on your ship and check it under weapons. it marks all weapons that you have mastered. if your weapons in question are marked then your good
  10. correct. only reason for that is formaing your weapons. but for mastery your just leveling it up to 30 once, then its expendable.
  11. you want to get your mastery rank xp from leveling weapons 1st before you get rid of them. other than that no.
  12. so i have been doing a lot of the fishing and mining, they are both things that seem tricky at 1st but once you get a feel for it are pretty easy. Id recommend starting with mining since you can use mining to build rep to buy everything you need for fishing. to mine you just need the mining laser, and when it is equipped it will let you know when you are near any deposits. it will show how many deposits you are within range of on the left middle of the screen, and it will beep. the faster the beeps the closer you are. where you are aiming will also determine the speed of the beeps, so if you are trying to figure out where it is just stand still and look around, and listen to the beeps. after a while it becomes really easy to quickly track down where the deposits are. once you found it you basically just need to trace around the deposit. there is a bar that once it fills up you have mined it. there is also 5 gem icons above that bar, the more accurate you are the more of those will fill up (and I assume a higher mining laser will help with this too.) I am fairly certain the more gems you fill up while ming the higher the yield. you will still get a few resources even if you dont fill up any of the gems, so it doesnt seem to be too big of a deal if you arent accurate at all. There are 2 types of deposits, red and blue, and each one has several tiers of ores within it. the red ores are the basic ones, and the blue ones can be turned in for rep. both need blueprints to refine them to use them for weapons. in general I have been turning in all my gems aside from 10 of the lowest tier that i used for a zaw part. For fishing technically all you need is the spear, but the dye helps so much. once you have the spear equipped you can open the gear menu again to activate the dye for 2 minutes, and any nearby fish will glow blue, and you will be able to see them through any obstructions. because of this imo its better to first start fishing with dye, then once you get used to fishing you can decide if you want to keep using dye. the biggest problem I had early on was I thought that fish would already be in the water when you come by, but it seems like they have to spawn in, so you;ll just need to find some water, pull out your spear, and wait a bit. when throwing your spear the spear doesnt usually hit exactly where the reticle is. it will be slightly off center towards your throwing arm (press H to switch sides if you want) I usually aim so its 3/4s of the way near the dot, from the outer quarter circle thing. once you get the hang of it it is quite easy to end up getting a lot of fish very quickly. you can take the fish back to town for either rep or crafting parts. the fish parts are used in lots of different blue prints, so I have been gutting them all for parts, and not turning any in for rep. Bait seems mostly used to lure fish that have already spawned to the bait, making it helpful to bring them in closer to you, and so they are easier targets.