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  1. Gears of War 4: PC-exclusive "features" detailed

    yea thats what im expecting though you can set up a config for desktop use that can work in games not run through steam, so I am thinking it might be possible.
  2. Gears of War 4: PC-exclusive "features" detailed

    I wonder if I'll be able to use a steam controller to take advantage of that. I dont really want to play gears on a kb/m but having separate roll/cover buttons is very nice.
  3. Starbound Reaches Ver. 1.0

    I found an epic 5 story midevil castle in the middle of a snow naturally I went into the dungeon, and created a secret entrance to an underground laboratory 
  4. Starbound Reaches Ver. 1.0

    I miss the guide    EDIT: to clarify I mean the NPC
  5. Starbound Reaches Ver. 1.0

    it has been in early access for a long time. now it is officcically released, hence why the title says "starbound reaches ver. 1.0" not it is released.       
  6. Battleborn + DLC - $22 at cdkeys

    its currently free to play with no way to pay, and developers arent going to put resources in a dead game for no gain. in fact half of what i said is what they have said their plans are. 
  7. Battleborn + DLC - $22 at cdkeys

    I wouldnt say soon. 2k just recently put evolve f2p but they havent even monetized it yet. my guess is 1st they will get evolve to a place where they can get a steady healthy player base, then they will monetize it, then if after a time they deem that to be successful, they will try and do the same for battleborn. 
  8. Evolve free to play as of today.

    sure, havent played in a while either. honestly they have a big rebalance patch coming and ive been waiting on that to hop back in. (not that I think the game needs it) 
  9. Evolve free to play as of today.

    want a free copy? i have an extra copy
  10. people are also using macros to abuse the mechanics of how his recoil works. by essentially setting it to fire 3 shots, then wait just over 1 frame before firing another 3 shot burst    
  11. thats because your not meant to keep ranking up. thats the point of placement matches, to put you at a rank around your appropriate skill level. there may be some fluctuation around where exactly you fall but you should fairly quickly end up at an appropriate level and hover around it. 
  12. ive never had my level go up by more then 1.  have had it go up smaller amounts though. also if your team average was higher then your opponents youll get a smaller boost. also your individual performance has an impact. and healers especially mercy dont quite get the credit the deserve in that regard
  13. whenever you win no mater what you get 1 competitive point. that is used to unlock golden weapons. it is unrelated to the xp and rank. 
  14. looking forward to dishonored, and splintercell blacklist. both games they dont normally do that much.