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  1. 1st thing is everyone needs to make sure they ahve all 5 of the dlc map packs downloaded (they are all free)
  2. Ico, shadow of the colossus, the last guardian. They arent typical sequels they arent in your face about being part of the same series, but they are interconnected, and it is part of a series of games from team ico. (more than just because they developed the same games, but because of the actual content of those games)
  3. last guardian isn't really a new IP either
  4. im not even sure if half these comments are intentional sexual innuendos or not.
  5. that controller was so awful they redesigned it. I grew up playing on one of these.
  6. ive been playing so much warframe, a new limited time weapon was released, and ive been farming it and selling it for platinum (premium currency) over and over and over. ive made probably $30 worth of plat in the past 2 days
  7. 1) steam controller 2) others
  8. who did you go with? corvo or emily?
  9. it won pc gamers game of the year despite launching with a lot of performance issues on pc
  10. dishonored is not developed by bethesda. only published. Arkane Studios makes it. and it is a fantastic game. im still playing it and ive currently got 50+ hours in. and beat it twice. they have patched in NG+ and added iron mode (only get 1 life) as well as a shit ton of custom difficulty sliders.
  11. it was terrible. I had to stop playing. its better now but still kinda eh. active players was at 200 now its around 900
  12. new dishonored 2 update, and new battleborn update, and then just more warframe
  13. best case scenario that comes to mind is the last guardian which people seem to consider to just be ok.