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  1. except they aren't competing with destiny 1. they are competing with destiny 2, which will likely already be out well before anthem hits.
  2. if he is active then maybe he should go join the D1P clan. kinda tired of being the only active one there. From the Taken King on they fixed a lot of issues, and i'd argue it has been a complete experience more or less since then. It may not be what they promised before we really knew much, but the game they promised, and the enjoyable game that they have now are 2 different things, to the point where if you made destiny 2 what destiny 1 was promised to be you'd probably lose a lot of players. The only reason I stop playing destiny is because I run out of content to play. but whenever enough new content gets added I always end up coming back. the core gameplay loop is engaging enough to keep playing as long as there is a reason to play. Warframe is similar except they have more content then you can possibly play, so its a matter of running out of more interesting things to do.
  3. been playing warframe for longer....lots of on and off though.
  4. shadow of war didnt even make the list
  5. I expect we should learn more about the origin of the outsider, and maybe more about who he was as a person before. maybe we will go to where he used to live. I'd imagine that place might have a stronger connection to the void then most other places.
  6. confirmed that it takes place 2 months after dishonored 2, that she has several artifacts that grant her power, not from the outsider, and that it is just billie you play as not daud.
  7. im in the middle. i've played about 2/3s of several versions of the game. I enjoyed what I played, but eventually got tired of them. i'll probably pick this one up and try it, not super hyped about it though
  8. those shadow of war story details were rather interesting
  9. Honestly i dont even care about the ps4pro, or XoX. I just want awesome games
  10. Uncharted looks a lot different then i remember it
  11. The steam store page makes it sound like you just play as Billie. Also Daud gets his power from the outsider, but Billie doesn't. She has hers from multiple sources, none of which include the outsider. http://store.steampowered.com/app/614570/Dishonored_Death_of_the_Outsider/ why do we have to fail? Are you assuming this takes place in the past? Billie doesn't have her arm/eye, but she has a mechanical one. which means Corvo/Emily never knocked out Stilton in his manor. but she never had a replacement in dishonored 2, so i'd assume she got the mechanical arm/eye after dishonored 2. heck I wouldn't be surprised if Anton Sokolov built her those after the events of dishonored 2.
  12. I cant speak for the singleplayer, but the MP is a lot better now than it was at launch
  13. also on a side note. i am curious what do you guys think of destiny being on battle.net only? I really hated it when that was mentioned. I was really wanting it on steam, and hoping for some good steam controller support. but now its going to be the opposite.
  14. did you see any of the raids aside from the 1st one? like you said most people who played destiny were unfamiliar with raids so the 1st one kinda needs to be a way to ease people into raids. you cant start out with crazy ridiculous shit. The last 2 raids in particular (King's fall, and Wrath of the Machine) had much more interesting mechanics. the final room of wrath of the machine really stands out to me. there were several fights there including the final boss (obviously) that really require a lot of group team work, and that need it in interesting ways.