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  1. i cant really tell. I mean I can tell the sounds are a bit different, but I cant really tell that they are coming from anywhere specific 
  2. VIVE

    thats when east facing windows are good. they remind you that its morning. and you may want to consider sleep.....or not
  3. I've taken on Roadhogs before, but it does take skill. she has plenty of ways to block his whip, but you need to be smart with it. the thing to keep in mind is as soon as they unfreeze the 1st thing they want to do is try to whip you. so just be prepared to use either of mei's abilities to block it then just freeze him again.        just look at how seagull uses the ice wall. he uses it in the beginning to shut bastion out of the fight, and later he uses it multiple times to trap a Reinhardt with his team, the best part about doing that to a Reinhardt is that they dont even realize they are isolated without any backup.     
  4. there is a big gap between crappy mei players and good ones. for example one thing I love to do it is when the oppononet is pushing on a point with a reinhardt, once the reinhardt passes the choke point, I will put an ice wall behind him then run in past his shields and try to freeze him while the ice wall is protecting me fromt he rest of his team. and he can either keep his shields up and block the rest of my team or drop it and try to attack me. either way he is dead. then I retreat and the ice wall goes down, and the rest of their team can push, but they lost their tank. It pretty much killed their push. on the flip side of that, if we are attacking and they have bastions/turrets/widowmakers defending the point, I can just put up an ice wall to block them while we make our advance forward.   someone mentioned being able to just keep distance from her since she has no movement ability, but she doesnt need it. she can use ice wall to impede the opponents ability to escape, forcing them into a close range encounter where she excels.    She also doesnt need to fight in close quarters to be successful. i've had encounters with pharahs, that started in close range, and then they escaped up into the sky, and I can still just icicle them to finish them off from a distance.    Mei is simply one of the most rounded characters there is. I actually didnt think I would like her. I was aware of her play style, and how tricky she is to use well, but I was surprised by how quickly I picked her up, and got good with her. 
  5. Thats the thing though, is Roadhog has enough of a wind up, that I feel like I have a chance to respond. I dont feel like I have a chance to respond to flashbang. 
  6. likely the same thing for any character with a small enough health pool to not survive.....which is probably everyone, considering how easy it was for me to gun down roadhogs/dva's with mccree
  7. so after playing 6 or 7 matches with mccree I actually think he is much better then I thought. Im not even taking advantage of his stun most of the tiem because I keep forgetting. there were lots of deaths where I feel like if i had just remembered to use my stun I wouldnt of died. 
  8. in those situations I can put up an ice wall and run away. I can at least try to do something. but with mccree im just stunned and literally cant do anything. I have run into a reaper, and i put up an ice wall as he went into his ult   EDIT: just played a match with him, 76 activated his ult, and I dashed behind him and killed him with hammer, so yea it can be used to dodge...o yea and i got voted epic at the end of that match too
  9. im not talking about all the time stuff. I am talking about if you 2 turn a corner and end up in each others faces McCree wins. In that situation most characters are simply fucked.  in just about any other situation then yea mccree isnt a big deal.
  10. I did, and went 12-2. I was playing as some of the characters I usually do well with, was getting wrecked, so I swapped to mccree, and wrecked them. 
  11. just because he is meant to win doesnt mean he should remove all skill. what other situation in overwatch removes all skill from both sides? If I run into a reaper I can do something to stop it, because I have time to react. yes it is heavily in their favor, but I can still feel like I am able to do something. removing player control is simply bad game design pure and simple. there are plenty of ways to make it so mccree should win in 1v1s, without making it an auto win. 
  12. his reload speed is negated by the fact that his movement ability auto reloads for him. he has a lot more going for him then just his stun. he can hammer, then dash behind the opponent and hammer again in a short span (I dont have a problem with that because it gives both players a fighting chance. sure it is in his favor, but there is still skill involved for both players that will help determine the outcome. and I really dont think his stun is that long of a cooldown. its fairly short. i;ve been able to get it off multiple times in a single encounter. 
  13. I learn other people then mei. she isnt even my most played, though she can be pretty good for the team even with limited coordination if played right. I use the walls to split up the enemy team giving our team a numbers advantage, to block supers, like mccrees. or to help our team advance to the point by blocking line of sight of things like turrets, bastions, or widowmakers. I try playing other characters, but when i do I just feel like im not nearly as useful to the team as if I was using mei.