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  1. nobody added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Pre Season Thread   

    so this photo was NOT photoshopped at all 

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  2. nobody added a post in a topic With all the Phaseknox threads, I'm surprised I forgot about one of my favorite games of last generation....   

    IMo what makes dishonored such a great game is 2 things. 1st is the systemic gameplay. your given tools to play the game however you want. kill everyone in sight, dont kill a single person not even your assassination targets. each ability has various mechanics that have interesting interactions with each other and the world. and you can get some really interesting results from creative thinking. the other thing I really love about the game is the world. It is a victorian london style world mixed with steam punk, and a dash of supernatural.  
    you mean these videos?
    I dont know why only the last video became embedded 
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  3. nobody added a post in a topic Mega Man Legacy Collection trailer   

    I kinda agree with xbob. I was hoping they would have a variety of games. I dont even necessarily want every megaman game, but get me one or 2 of the megaman games that predates the charge mechanic, give me 1 or 2 on nes after that, and a few of the Snes games that added a lot of other interesting features. 
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