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  1. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    im a big fan of his videos
  2. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    your basically sayign the same as this, which I agree with    
  3. yea i havent gotten a new experience in a long time, but i was at least enjoying upgrading. I farmed up a lot of materiel for warp cells, and jumped 11 times in a row (1,500 light years per jump) hoping to see more advanced stuff. and no luck with that. i only visited a couple planets since doing that, but the upgrades were all same old shit. 
  4. No Man's Sky PC Fixes
  5. No Man's Sky PC Fixes

    my games gone to shit. crashes, and i think if I am using my laser and i open my inventory i cant fire my laser without rebooting the game. its happened 4 times now. and I think that is the cause. 
  6. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    some planets do have rare resources. I found a toxic planet full of callium. they were balls of something shooting up gas into the air, and they were all over the place. I farmed the shit out of them, sold them, and moved on. i've only ever seen 2 planets with callium on it. one had a little bit, but that one had a shit ton. I also found another planet that had aqua spheres all over the ocean. then more commonly there are planets with graviton orbs scattered around.    I agree that you dont need to stick around, but that kinda seems like the point. your supposed to be moving towards the center of the universe, not spending forever on 1 planet. but there are some planets with rare resources, just because you havent found them doesnt mean they dont exist. 
  7. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    ive seen tons of games get ruined by having to dumb shit down for stupid people. we'd have a lot more awesome games if the world wasnt filled with dumb fucks. (that being said the flip side of that is better tutorials can help too. )
  8. No Man's Sky PC Fixes

    how did no one else catch this?
  9. No Man's Sky PC Fixes

    yea ive had that happen. sometimes I will be hoping from base to base, going just one more, then it launches me into space and im just like "o well, I guess its time to leave now."     there was an update to nms this morning (probably for the beta) and since then every once in a while while i am mining my laser beam will stop working. I cant fire it. I have to quit the game to get it to work again
  10. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    1st off I dont necessarily disagree to the larger point your making, but 2 things   1) obviously people who are a fan of the game would agree that the game would be better if it had more stuff, regardless of if it was promised or not. having more cool features is always a plus.   2) planets do rotate. I actually find it kinda annoying to land on a planet, spend time there, and when I leave im now facing away from the rest of the system, so I need to fly around the entire planet to get back. 
  11. im at the point now where I feel like I should be able to progress, but I dont see how. I have 3 different warp drives installed, and I can only travel about 1,500 light years at a time, and im 170,000+ light years from the center. at this rate ill need to jump over 100 times. there are systems with different colored stars, that require certain drives to access them. I go to them, but they dont seem any different then any other system I visit, and I've used blackholes to travel large distances, but it doesnt seem to actually move me towards the center, because I am still in the 170,000 light years away.  I can craft all sorts of things, that I cant actually use for anything. i've also only gotten +1 +2 and +3 gear, except 1. Ive got a +4 for my combat mining laser. but thats it. it seems like there should be more, but i just keep getting things I already have. I would assume then that i might just need to get closer to the center, but  given how ridiculously far I have to go it also feels like whats the point.
  12. ive done this, I noticed before when I upgraded my new ship that my old one was still there. I just wish that I could salvage wit without taking control of it.also when ever you do swap ships make sure to dismantle as much stuff as you can. 
  13. no, you misunderstood me. I mean if they added a new alien race it would still be exactly like what we do now, we can trade with them which is typical npc stores like any game, and we have those 3 question puzzles which is why you want to learn their language so you can better guess the right answer. if they added a new race the stores would be totally unchanged, and it would simply add a new language to try to learn, so that you can guess the multiple choice question correctly. it wouldnt add anything meaningful.    Before another race gets added id want to see more meaningful interactions. as it is right now each system is associated with a race. there will generally be one of that race in the space station, and some in random buildings on the planet. as well as flying ships. and thats it. there is not any AI for the alien races at all. they are just static puppets, with text to flesh them out.