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  1. thats how i feel. I am really looking forward to playing uncharted 4s multiplayer, but thats going to mean going back to a dual shock. really not looking forward to that.
  2. my guess was an emblem type thing
  3. my guess was an emblem type thing
  4. FYI, Firewatch is only 2.5 - 3 hours long

    some early reports of dishonored were that it was only a 3-5 hour long game. when a game 1st comes out the people you blast through it are bound to beat it 1st and have a  much shorter play time then someone playing it like its meant to be played and enjoying the scenery
  5. for once in my life go on vacation for 4 days and its during the open beta.....
  6. the amount of depth is pretty awesome. Its kind of like making art. sure you could use it in a super generic way and just map things in a conventional way, but you can also get super creative with it. I just just rebind keys, I rethink the entire thing. In dragons dogma for my ranged character I have RT soft pull to a semi auto hair trigger, and hard pull to auto fire, and I have all my dagger abilities mapped to single button presses. I dont use them often, and they are mostly utility moves like dodge roll. which changes the entire controller layout from pressing a button for one set of skills and the other button for the other, and instead makes it more like a shooter with some extra abilities.    also if you like your aim and and fire on separate triggers one thing that I also really like is putting reload as a hard pull on one of the triggers. 
  7. thats essentially what I am doing (the right track pad shifted/activated via left trigger thing) except I have it on Right Trigger instead since I use that for both aiming and shooting. 
  8.     Ive been using it to play the original tomb raider reboot, and ive had some good success with it. I had moments where I've quickly popped off several head shots in rapid succession. the biggest problem with it is that tomb raider doesn't support simultaneous KB/M and Controller input. so I cant use mouse style aiming. either analog or mouse like analog. which isn't nearly as good, though turning acceleration on does help quite a bit. 
  9. no clue. that video just popped up as a recommended video on youtube. ive never seen anything else of theirs 
  10. for those wondering about playing it solo    https://youtu.be/KaQNFdTa2qM
  11. GTAV is more recent so people would have an easier time relating to the size 
  12. and its still not "merica"    its not something massive does specifically its something ubisoft does. and ubisoft is based out of Montreuil, France
  13. I find it strange how much I have always hated motion controls in games, but using the steam controllers motion controls for precision aiming is awesome.