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  1. Warhammer: Vermintide II - reviews and info

    I feel like the difficulty is really well balanced. Ive played 3 or 4 matches so far. I have yet to lose a game, but I have always had at least 1 moment where I thought we were done for.
  2. Warhammer: Vermintide II - reviews and info

    I hate to do this, but would anyone mind gifting me this? I've been far too broke for far too long, and really need a fresh game to play.
  3. IGN's 2017 GOTY Nominees

    this. not sure if horizon would be my GoTY but it would be near the top. Id probably even put it over zelda
  4. yea, but im not sure exactly what it is. try M if not check the key bindings
  5. you can just go back to town. to fly you have to build a special item and build consumables for it. you can get it from the clan dojo. I forgot what its called though
  6. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    Kill him and youll get a better version. its how i got a weapon a full tier above what i would be able to get.
  7. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    build might, use A+B finisher to combat drain to gain health back. I use the upgrade to chain combat drain, and to have double the combat finishers. so each combat drain gets me 3 combat drains if my focus is full, and I can do it twice in rapid succession if i need to.
  8. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    Also I was doing the weekly challenge to get the terror loot box (you guys should really be checking the daily/weekly challenges, you can get the premium currency and quality loot boxes from doing various things) which involved making X amount of enemies flee in terror, and I had forgotten how powerful brutal kills were. I was doing a mission to control a base where I had to kill 10 savages, and I started by brutal killing one, more would flee. sometimes they would flee into areas with enemies that werent effected, then I would just brutal kill the one that was fleeing and it would infect all the other enemies, rinse and repeat until I killed enough to summon the captain of the camp.
  9. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    unlike most games the game is at its best if you are dying. the less you die the less interactions there are for the nemesis system. the biggest things that nemesis does to make it harder is more aggressive enemies, and less last chances. eh, it doesnt seem that great. if your in stealth your not really losing health, and if your out of comabt there are plenty of ways to heal. heck you can just dominate them instead to get health. I use an item that gives 100% health gain on drain. Health gain during combat is way better.
  10. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    I use elemental daggers with the spread shot upgrade for that. I save my might abilities for chain dominating.
  11. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    when fighting olga hai try to stun them then mount them for massive crowd clearing. it balances things out. alternatively just spam arrows to their face. There are a lot of daggers with similar abilities. I try to keep 1 of each type with as low of a cooldown as possible. all the dominate related skills were my biggest priority. Mostly because of health regen. in general 1st I focused on things that would help me in combat above all else. I ignored the treasure hunter one for a long time because while it might be convenient im not really gaining anything, its just a small QoL upgrade.....but then i realized that one of its sub upgrades allowed me to dominate broken captains faster, and as soon as i realized that I had to instant grab those. also i almost never use elven light.
  12. I feel like PoE is not designed for newer players at all. not even counting the content that is either too high for new people or is locked behind the 2nd dream/war within, the low level bounties, faction rep, zaws, and amps are all things that newer players arent really going to benefit too much from , and on top of that the crdit gains in the plains are laughable. so players are going to need to leave the plains just to gather more credits.