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  1. Avengers Infinity War trailer!

  2. The screenplay is in part, by Peter Jackson.
  3. There's "fanatics" I know personally that love episodes 1 - 3, and they're far more apologetic and less critical of those films compared to these episodes. It's a theme I'm noticing, it's like a weird reversal happened.
  4. Ready Player One - Trailer 2

    Whoa, really? I don't know if I really like that..
  5. Ready Player One - Trailer 2

    Yes, the book is particularly "sweaty" to a point, but the different musical beats, and to a certain degree of accuracy, the portrayal of the online gaming community was done well. Sure, the references were many, but they didn't really bother me. I got the game was designed by, and being played by people obsessed with 70's/80's pop culture. (I can also see EA being ioi.) However, the details, rules, and workings of the world of Oasis, outside the game...is something I thought the author nailed in his explanation. I wouldn't go that far, but to each their own.
  6. Ready Player One - Trailer 2

    After reading this, then listening to the audio book recently...I can't wait.