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  1. Is there a chance of it dropping if it becomes a "highlighted deal"? @Spork3245
  2. From what I hear, the marketing and trailers are kinda misleading.
  3. This was insanity... lol
  4. Hah, I'll never forget Aliens.
  5. I'd say that's why Promethues has the edge over this film, and knowing now...how cheaply they treated Shaw, when the story between her and David had so much more potential is very disappointing, for lack of a better word.
  6. Actually agree with a lot of this, and to be fair, it's a small portion to a 30 min review I found amusing because he was a bit pissed that they didn't move forward with a sequel centered around Shaw and David.
  7. Brad: "What they're describing in the events between Prometheus and this movie...honestly, sounds kinda fascinating. They show you David and Shaw, and they land on this planet...he wipes out this whole civilization, and then there's all this medical testing...and I'm looking at that...thinking; "Wow! This could've been a really good second movie!" All of this stretched out to a full length film! And you find out she (Shaw) was experimented on, and maybe he (David) loved her - that would have been a much more fascinating, compelling, and smarter movie with interesting characters than this bullshit. You see; this is what happens when we cartoonishly, fucking nitpick something to death like Prometheus. We're not gonna get a movie that's smarter...we're gonna get a movie that's dumber." Dave: "Yea...yea, to the point where arguably one of the best directors just says, "Fuck it. Give them what they want." Because the third act in the movie, I really feel was Ridley Scott sticking his middle finger in the air going, "fuck all of you, this is what you asked for." From The Cinema Snob/Brad Jones's review
  8. Man, I wish it was Flash's Venom.