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  1. More tolls coming to a road near you.

    We could tie the federal gas tax to inflation (last time it was raised was in 1993!) and that would greatly help raise funds for infrastructure improvement.
  2. Well hi thar

    No, I take that back. How does jigs go from a Bush loving neocon to establishment hating Trump lover? Also, joe is the founder of r/The_Donald, right?
  3. Well hi thar

    This place hasn't changed much I see.
  4. popcorn.gif of replaying of Bush 2's ME policy disaster.
  5. ITT we summon people who still post here

    I was summoned?
  6. You can't utter the words sound quality and wireless under the same breathe.
  7. http://www.businessinsider.com/r-as-scott-walker-mulls-white-house-bid-a-spotlight-on-his-jobs-agency-2015-2 "The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has been an important driver in spurring economic growth and opportunities in Wisconsin," Walker spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said. The increased pace of job creation - 54,100 new positions in the past 12 months - is a sign that Walker's economic stewardship is paying off, she said. The WEDC also defended its performance, saying investments typically take time to create jobs. Some economists say agencies like the WEDC have limited impact on job creation in any state. Development efforts tend to move the needle less than other factors like taxes or spending and the state of the U.S. and global economy. Private-sector employment has grown by 6.8 percent in Wisconsin under Walker, behind the national pace of 8.4 percent, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Private-sector employment in the industrial Midwest, from Ohio to Minnesota, grew by 7.1 percent over that period. BLS data show that Wisconsin has created 158,000 private-sector jobs under Walker's leadership, short of his pledge to create 250,000 jobs by 2015. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-02-24/scott-walker-s-lagging-indicators
  8. Isn't Wisconsin among the bottom 5 or 10 states in economic growth during his governorship?
  9. LG G4 revealed

    Yeah but Facebook app is such a battery hog and wakelock beast.
  10. LG G4 revealed

    You would definitely get more if you uninstalled Facebook and used Tinfoil instead.
  11. LG G4 revealed

    Benchmarks don't necessarily indicate smoothness and positive user experience. (i.e ZenPhon) I've always felt like TouchWiz had its hiccups and periods of hanging. Even on Note 4. Then I bought my girlfriend the S6 edge and that phone is pretty smooth overall.
  12. http://www.buzzfeed.com/chrismcdaniel/nebraska-bought-300-executions-worth-of-illegal-execution-dr#.fc9qG72No I guess instead of crack, it is illegally obtained sodium thiopental.
  13. Custom kernels break WiFi Calling on my Nexus 6. The kernel as of 5.1.1 has been smoother than ElementalX and Franco from my experience.
  14. My Nexus 6 is getting fantastic battery life. 5.1.1 update even made the whole experience buttery smooth with zero hiccups. I get around 5 to 6 hours of SOT with LTE (around -92 dbm so signal strength helps), 60% adaptive brightness, no bluetooth, off the charger for 30~36 hours. I was running custom ROMs and kernels before 5.1.1 but boy, that update really made me feel like I got a whole new phone.
  15. I doubt it is faulty software. I've never seen program crashes like that and neither has my friends or my family.