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  1. Trump says he's begun vetting VP picks

    Only Carson is qualified to consider the entire fruit salad of a potential VP's life
  2. Trump says he's begun vetting VP picks

    Somebody pointed out on Twitter last night that he'll start getting the daily nat-sec briefing pretty soon
  3. Indiana primary thread

  4. Indiana primary thread

    It begins    
  5. Indiana primary thread

    I feel like there's going to be several books written about how badly this election was botched, in the same way there's a bunch of books about everything the prosecution did wrong in the OJ trial
  6. Indiana primary thread

    Not only is he out of the race, he's gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight    
  7. Indiana primary thread

    Remember when Trump was toast because he insulted John McCain?
  8. Indiana primary thread

    I mean, what else could happen? Kasich has like 6 delegates or something
  9. Indiana primary thread

    Every big D-I level coach is pretty much guaranteed to be a huge egotist. Makes perfect sense that they'd fall in for Trump.   Anyway, Indiana's already been called for Trump. Embrace Trumpmageddon.
  10. Whatever happens from here to the general election, one thing that's true is that the next President's going to less funny
  11. This is what I was going to bring up. He persuasively argues that   a. It was, by any real definition, a war crime, but at the end of a war that was filled with war crimes on all sides b. The stuff we were already doing, like the firebombing of Tokyo, was just about equally horrific, just not in quite as concentrated a fashion, and unlike the atomic bombs, wasn't going to end the war.
  12. NFL Draft 2016

    Nobody's actually still shocked about college players getting paid under the table, are they?
  13. NFL Draft 2016

    Unless you're sure you have the next Adrian Peterson (maybe without the child beating), drafting any RB as high as 4 in this day and age seems dumb as hell
  14. Ted Cruz might announce a running mate today.

    Fiorina got some good press for like a week, after she managed to be the least bad candidate at one of the kids' table debates and then yelled some stuff about Planned Parenthood at the next A Team debate. After that all subsided, she was something between a footnote and a punchline. This decision is baffling. Does Cruz think she's popular in California?