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  1. I think it's perfectly reasonable to have preferences on skin color in the same way everyone has preferences about hair and eye color and whatever else. If you're literally incapable of finding women of a particular race attractive, then I think there's clearly something else going on.
  2. Tripe / Counter-Tripe

    Everything you need to know about cable news in two tweets:          
  3. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

    Deemed dumb enough to warrant resetting the clock   http://hasdcdonesomethingstupidtoday.com/
  4. Uhh, the article's tags include both "Snark" and "Journalistic Untegrity" If it's actually real, I'm guessing it's a fakeout. I'm pretty sure there's multiple fake Caps in cannon.   He also just got his super-soldier power back in Standoff, which involved a cosmic cube, which basically means "stuff happens by magic." It could be related to that. Like he got mind-melded with a villain or some crap. I really think it's a swerve for a story arc that'll be resolved in a few issues. It might end up being a dumb story, but I doubt it's a lasting thing.
  5. Seriously, what does "improving your body" mean? Watch enough porn and you understand extremely quickly that breast implants are hardly guaranteed to be an objective improvement. And if you're 55 and you're getting plastic surgery to look 35, how is that not trying to change who you are?
  6. Reuters: Trump support surges

    Mittens & McCain both had leads in May in 2012 and 2008. And most of the Sanders supporters stubbornly refusing to support Hillary right now will turn out in November. Saw a thing a few days ago that actually more Sanders supporters say they'll support Hillary right now than the PUMAs said they'd support Obama at this time in '08, and of course they pretty much fell in line and Obama won easily. Nobody panic (yet).
  7. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    My God. Was not prepared for the feels.
  8. I mean, let's go ahead and label being trans as a mental illness for purposes of this discussion. Let's compare it to something like depression. A massive problem with treatment of depression is that people still fundamentally confuse the condition with just kind of being sad in general. So if somebody who by all accounts has a pretty comfortable life is severely depressed, some people around them who aren't really putting forth a lot of effort to understand and emphasize with the condition might just react with this feeling of, "Look at this asshole who can't deal with their life." They might tell the person something like, "Why don't you just try being happy?" which is unhelpful at best and counter-productive at worst. Just asking a person to deny their condition doesn't really help anything. Saying "You have a dick so, just use the men's room" seems like basically the same thing as, "Why don't just try being happy?"   Therapy sessions can help somebody with depression, but therapy is more about providing a comforting and supportive environment for the person than it is just convincing the person that they don't have a problem. Often times though, therapy by itself isn't enough, and depression needs to be treated with SSRI medication. It's not even really fully understood why SSRIs work, we just know that there's certain underlying factors regarding brain chemistry that contribute to depression and SSRIs help. There's no equivalent to SSRIs for gender identity.   Consider also something like phantom limb syndrome. Just telling somebody, "look, you don't have an arm anymore, stop pretending you have an arm" does absolutely nothing. Conversely, mirror box therapy, which basically indulges the patient in the idea that their missing limb exists, HAS been shown to work to great effect. Obviously gender reassignment surgery is a fundamentally much bigger deal than sticking a mirror in front of somebody, but the point is that it disproves the idea that if somebody's condition concerns a "fantasy" as you describe it about the nature of their body, then treating that condition is centered around denying their "fantasy." And it's not like doctors are just haphazardly hopping people's parts off. Generally, you're asked to live identifying as the opposite gender for a year or so with a bunch of consultations in the intervening period before reassignment surgery is considered.   As somebody whose never questioned their own gender, I'm not going to pretend like I don't find the concept of having surgery to physically change by gender to be fundamentally uncomfortable, but neither am I going to pretend like I know what's right for transgender people more than those who study it for a living. So much discussion of transgenderism seems to work backwards from the idea that's like a new phenomenon and that it's fundamentally tied to the alleged liberal conspiracy to confuse the fundamental nature of "the way things should be" with respect to sex and society. Pretending like this is true helps nobody.  
  9. I don't think it makes sense to be arguing that the suicide rate among trans people has nothing to do with social stigma and that transexuality is a mental illness at the same time. I'm pretty any mental health professional would tell you that the stigmatization of people with mental illnesses is a huge problem.
  10. Tripe / Counter-Tripe

    Biden Quietly Asks Obama To Pick Him Up Some Of Those Real Throwing Stars From Japan http://www.theonion.com/article/biden-quietly-asks-obama-pick-him-some-those-real--52960    
  11. I think somebody could, and probably will, write a book, just about all of the things that had to happen exactly the way they did for Trump to get nominated. In early races he was winning with pretty small pluralities, like ~30%. There's no way he'd have won all the states he did if the field was smaller to start with. Then there's the fact that no one really directly attacked Trump at first (save Jeb, who was cartoonishly bad at it) because they assumed he'd naturally fade away and they wanted to try and take out the other "stronger" candidates first. Then there's the fact that nobody really had any sense of urgency to stop him until it was basically too late because almost nobody trusted that what was happening in front of them was real.
  12. Battle not with pundits lest ye become a pundit