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  1. The House Freedom Caucus might save the ACA
  2. lol, how does 14 seconds of coverage even work "Hey, some people got shot in Kansas something about race maybe I dunno back to you, Shep"
  3. Lot to unpack here. 1. Every black person in this photo is making the Curb Your Enthusiasm awkward pre-credits zoom-in expression 2. WTF is Kellyanne Conway doing
  4. Also when he asked about arugula at a grocery store which, apparently, is the most elitist of leafy green vegetables.
  5. Pretty sure anybody willing to leak information out of the White House is going to be willing to invest in a burner phone
  6. Except for telling border patrol to deport more people, it's not really apparent that they've been making meaningful progress on any of those things either.
  7. I'm not a fancy, big city lawyer type, but this does not seem constitutional.
  8. So there was a special election tonight for a Delaware State Senate seat. The Democrats successfully defended it. In and of itself, it's not a huge deal, but notably the turnout was higher than in the 2014 midterms and the D margin of victory was bigger. The hope is that that's an indication of a trend. There's a special election for Tom Price's house seat in GA in April.
  9. Best movie I saw last year, which admittedly was not that many, was Hell or High Water. I haven't seen La La Land. For all I know, it's amazing. But it's kind of exhausting seeing the Hollywood-movie-that's-also-about-Hollywood constantly win. The Artist, Argo, and in some respects Birdman all fit this mold.
  10. The correspondents' dinner should've been shut down forever after this travesty. Fucking David Gregory dancing ("dancing") in the background.
  11. None of the organizations that got locked out today should send anyone to the Correspondent's Dinner. It would make no sense to see them in the crowd yucking it up after this, although I'm guessing it'll probably still happen.
  12. Spicey was triggered and needs a safe space
  13. They were, in fact, Indian (the first two, a third guy was shot trying to intervene). He allegedly told them, "Get out of my country." https://www.buzzfeed.com/claudiakoerner/a-kansas-man-allegedly-shot-three-people-after-yelling-get-o?utm_term=.xhn4dR8Lm#.qbvROJVgb
  14. LA Times write-up: http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-marijuana-20170223-story.html Nothing says being a populist like trying to nullify something voters passed directly through ballot initiatives
  15. Now watch a Gianna Michaels video and come back with 1,000 words on the Trans-Pacific Partnership