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  1. Trump's lawyers overheard by reporter at restaurant

    I still can't get over the fact that Trump's lawyer is named Ty Cobb and looks like he was pulled from a steampunk convention
  2. Obama to announce that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD

    It all adds up now... Obama was HYDRA CAP
  3. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/17/obamacare-senate-republicans-repeal-242821 I honestly know almost nothing about this bill, except that it's supposedly a lot worse than the Skinny Repeal from a couple of months ago, and would basically gut preexisting condition protections. I'm not sure what would really flip Murkowski, Collins, or McCain, but I worry about this thing slipping through, because it seems like every new time they get something close like this there's fewer eyes on it and the opposition is less organized. This wasn't being taken seriously at all as something that might pass until a couple of days ago.
  4. A dim sum place opened up here about a year ago and it rules
  5. The fix would include passing the DREAM Act and border security would NOT include building the wall https://apnews.com/5ac2b359ee2a48ce8c9b08d5c77ae253/Democrats-say-they-have-deal-with-Trump-on-young-immigrants Details are a bit scant at this point, and I have no idea how this would actually get through Congress. Still, let's enjoy some of the early reaction to this Brietbart:
  6. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    Given what Miami looks like now, it's pretty terrifying to think about what it'd be like if the storm was even slightly more to the east. Or for that matter, if it hadn't weakened somewhat by grazing Cuba.
  7. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    It's too far out to be reliable, but some of the models are starting to bring Jose towards the east coast like 9 days from now. Nature is hell bent on destroying us.
  8. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    Fuck Rush Limbaugh. Gonna get people killed https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2017/09/05/my-analysis-of-the-hurricane-irma-panic/
  9. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    Uh... yeah, so this seems bad
  10. You can't fight Big Elevator. Or maybe it's Tall Elevator?
  11. Read the letter Obama left Trump on Inauguration Day

    He's gonna leave them a picture of the electoral college map and photoshopped pictures of his inauguration crowd
  12. I don't know why they went on Tuesday. People criticized them for not being anywhere close to the storm, but it wouldn't have been possible for them to get there. The fuck up was scheduling a visit on Tuesday and then not postponing it when it was clear that the entire area was still going to be inundated.