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  1. Tripe / Counter-Tripe

    Are you for real doing the three parentheses thing? Did you confuse this with your Stormfront account?
  2. I guess this is sort of a cautionary tale, really, since we know how that ended up for Romney
  3. Really the key is just framing whatever you're proposing in a way that vilifies Democrats. Trump proposed massive government spending on infrastructure, sure, but he made sure to point out that it was Democratic incompetence that, in his telling, made it so shitty that we have to spend our way out of it.
  4. The Pence-Kaine debate is going to be so boring after whatever the hell this was.
  5. Journalists are being forced to pay 200 bucks for wi-fi which doesn't work   http://gizmodo.com/journalists-at-the-presidential-debate-must-pay-200-fo-1787102776  
  6. Yeah, I just saw this quote today, I'm assuming this is what you're referencing   --The fuck is this "big fact, little fact" stuff?
  7. I think it's weird that there hasn't been more debate about whether it's appropriate for Chris Wallace to be hosting a debate given that he was at Fox News for 13 of the 20 years Ailes was. On the grand scale of Fox News hosts, he's among the most sensible people, but still. It's not clear to me why it's appropriate for anyone connected to Fox News to host a debate. Everyone understands exactly what it is.
  8. National Guard activated in Charlotte.

    Like 60% of an average crowd at a sporting event is up getting a beer or still filing into the game while the anthem is playing. Nobody actually considers it that sacrosanct until there's something like this where people want to try and shut down discussion of an issue without having to get into the weeds of the actual issue itself.
  9. Tripe / Counter-Tripe

    https://thenib.com/dangerous-american-institution Pro-gun control cartoon... from 1881.
  10. His approval ratings are sitting solidly positive now, and I think they're only going to increase after the election when people realize what they're going to have to live with instead for the next 4 years. Hillary's going to be starting out less disliked, and she's going to be trying to work with a divided Congress with an opposition party that based like 80% of its convention on the premise that she should be in prison.