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  1. Xbox Play Anywhere

      I saw the Giant Bomb quick look had some framerate issues. I thought I read some other things. 
  2. Xbox Play Anywhere

    I want FH3, but the technical stuff makes me not wanna buy it.    I am hoping Gears runs well. 
  3. Jeez I'm actually going to need to hold back this month. I'm getting at least 4 of those eventually.
  4. Oh and also, this is just a general observation I've made in my line of work, I find that a lot of super lazy people who are taking advantage of handouts don't realize that they're the problem, and they will actually complain about lazy people they know lol. 
  5.   Just to be clear, I agree poor parenting is a huge factor. I was just saying that I see that said often, and I'm just curious what potential solutions people have to that problem.    Like, I hear it often as if it's supposed to be this profound revelation, like, "ooohhh it all comes down to poor parenting," and we're all supposed to nod our heads in amazement that someone could think of the true root of the issue. (Not saying that's what necessarily happened in this specific thread, but it's the sense I get generally). Then the person dodges out of the conversation.    But what do we do about it? 
  6.   I'm glad you offered some ideas. I think the ones you offered may have some poor results, but they are ideas nonetheless!
  7. You're missing my point.   People blame the parents for these problems, but that isn't a solution.    You can say, there are just gonna be lazy and bad parents and there's nothing we can do about it. But that impetus you just pointed out is not enough for an alarming number of people.
  8.   People say this all the time, but never offer any possible solutions. 
  9. I dunno about the software... I'd say now's as good a time as any.    But if you have a fatty launch PS3, I'd snag a Slim sooner rather than later. Your fatty is sure to die sometime. 
  10. I can't respect anyone who refers to themselves as an alpha male. 
  11.   The part I quoted deserves no other response, it was utter obtuse nonsense.   You changed the argument when you went into more specific language. I don't care to get into the specifics that the thread is now getting deep into. I mostly don't give a shit what PL believes. There's a line I would draw eventually as a person who thinks Trump is actually a bigger threat to the country than anyone he fear mongers about, but (allegedly) funding a meme website doesn't exactly cross that line.   But the whole "you're intolerant of my intolerance therefore you're a hypocrite" is a big fat sack of stinking bullshit.