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  1. I think Doom was 2-3 cuts above the other two, but I expected FF XV to be bad, and Last Guardian to be mediocre at best. 
  2. Thanks for bringing this up. It needed to be said.
  3.   No joke. Such a shit year with a lot of things going on in the world. Yet the gaming world had a great year, and I personally had a lot of great things happen to me this year.    I guess for me, 2015 I played pretty much all the releases I wanted to (and some of them are up there for some of my favorites of all time). But this year I can't get to everything I wanna play. Maybe it just has a depth of titles that 2015 didn't quite have. 
  4.   Looking through the 2015 list, it ain't bad. 2014 left such a bad taste in my mouth, maybe it bled over into 2015.    Metal Gear + Bloodborne + Mario + Witcher + Rocket League + Fallout (hey, I liked it) + MK + obviously some good others isn't anything to sneeze at.    I think 2016 edges it out though. 
  5. It's easily the best year of the last 3. Like, unquestionably.    I'd have to look beyond that. 
  6. Any word on PSN+ for December?

      I'm sure the PSN team has no desire to ever put it up.    It gets brought up in every PS+ thread sarcastically to make fun of the people who actually want a terrible launch game put on PS+. 
  7.   It's a fantastic game just as deserving as any on the list. 
  8. Haven't played it yet but it's in my Steam library. 
  9.   This is strange logic. 
  10. Any word on PSN+ for December?

    Invisible inc is supposed to be great. I've almost purchased it probably 5 times.    This is dope.
  11. I was shocked when they added the ability to edit your loadout from the main menu.
  12. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    Used to be my favorite series, although that is getting to be like 15 years ago now.    Now I just expect the worst and hope for a surprise, which heck, maybe happened this time.   
  13. Man's Sky? No. Update Achieved.

      Meh. With the venom they were getting, I think what they did was the right move. Anything they would have said would have just provoked more death threats and ridiculousness from assholes. 
  14. Not me. Will only get if my PS4 breaks.
  15.   I don't care much for Doom 3, but from a programming standpoint it's pretty impressive.   And you can't take away the influence and awesomeness of the first two games.   I don't know why anyone would go after Carmack, who seems like an awesome dude who is still relevant and extremely intelligent and good for the industry.