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  1. I'll agree to disagree.
  2. I don't think they are a shit company. I think their most powerful decision makers are totally out of touch, got lucky with the Wii's success, which made them think they weren't out of touch, and exacerbated the entire situation.
  3. I don't care what the impetus is. The end result is awesome, and I have no interest in an XB1.
  4. To this point, the PS4 doesn't play any PS1 games. It's disappointing. It does have at least one game that was a PS1 game (FF7), but it was a port of the PC port of FF7, and you had to rebuy it. Oh yeah, Parapa just came out too. MS has gone far and beyond Sony and Nintendo this gen with BC stuff. But to suggest Nintendo and Sony are close, as I see Bjomes and a few others do sometimes, its laughable. Nintendo's handling of legacy stuff is insultingly stupid.
  5. I'm like 20+ hours in, and it's a series of boring vignettes. I am not seeing why this is considered by many to be an all timer for JRPGs. Am I missing something? I think DQ VIII is deserving of its praise, went into VII ready for possibly an even better game, but it's just boring.
  6. They most certainly are trying to bring the wii crowd back with 1 2 Switch. You can throw arms out if you want, but I think they're totally going for the anyone can pick up and play it thing. I'm not saying they are going for that demographic and that's all they're going for. I'm saying for them to have nothing release for damn near 2 years and then to have this paltry lineup is SUPER disappointing, and for them to pimp the motion stuff so much just does not bode well.
  7. That's fine in a vacuum. But this was maybe THE game they used to showcase their vision for the Switch. I thought the Switch was gonna be a console that is able to be a portable as well, but it seems Nintendo is looking at it like a Wii that can be portable. They are trying to get that Wii crowd back, I think, as evidenced by 1 2 and Arms, and that just fucking sucks. I really was high on this prior to the conference and I wasn't even that down on it after, but I'm kinda wavering on my positivity now. My hope at this point is that they'll have enough teams combining their console + 3DS teams that they will have enough traditional stuff coming out to offset their desperation to get that grandma demographic back.
  8. Knock the boring 1 2 Switch milking mini game all you like, but warioware is fucking great.
  9. I would like Nintendo to throw their best team at making a new 2D Mario game, without the NSMB terrible aesthetic style. I think I'd like a Baulder's Gate DA or Champions suqeul, but I could also see myself getting that and realizing I don't really want that. I'm not a big fan of KOTOR or KOTOR2, but I would like to see them make a new Star Wars rpg.
  10. I thought the drought of games meant the Switch launch was gonna be loaded. That's the most disappointing thing to me. I was eager to buy this thing day 1, but with such a paltry lineup, I probably won't get one for at least a year or two after launch.
  11. The point that was being made was that you shouldn't have to buy another thing to charge your controller as you play, so this specific point isn't terribly relevant.
  12. Assuming the world doesn't blast itself to pieces before we get there, it seems like an eventual logical inevitability. But we're a ways off.
  13. It's a combination of legit gripe + internet hyperbole. If the thing has good battery life and you charge it when it's low, it's not really an issue. But you can plug non Nintendo controllers in at any time (through any USB port) and keep playing, whereas if your joy con dies during gameplay, you have to play in portable mode, just wait for them to charge in docked mode, or buy an accessory. So it isn't 1:1. But I also suspect people are exaggerating how inconvenient it is for effect. I'm genuinely surprised at the Switch negativity. I didn't expect all out enthusiasm, but I think it's the most compelling console they've released since the GC.
  14. I feel like you're exaggerating the price. There's little deceptive about it.