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  1. Recore - Lovers of Mega Man, REJOICE!

      That seems rather far-fetched. Mighty No 9 was a game pitched as a Mega Man spiritual successor essentially. Recore is a lot different. It takes aspects of Prime and Mega Man and turns them into something new. It also didn't have a multiple year hype train with red flags galore. Anyone who was still hyped for Mighty No 9 at release deserved to be disappointed. I would wager threads like this are the first a lot of people have even heard of Recore, and it releases in 3 weeks.    Plus there have been games that also try to capture the spirit of Mega Man, and are actually really good (like Shovel Knight). 
  2. NFL Network Launches on PS Vue

    The NFL redzone channel (which it appears is an additional 1-time cost of 39.99) is like pure crack if you play fantasy football. 
  3. I have no faith in this game. 
  4. I remember when they made Halo faster paced and the were dumbing it down. 
  5. Up until 3-4 weeks ago, yeah. Since then, there have been some changes and I haven't gotten back into a routine yet. 
  6. I have no context for this information.
  7.   Perhaps you're unfairly lumping those people in with the people upset about this, then?    I think most anti-hunting people are probably pretty consistent - they would prefer animals are not hunted for sport by any means. I don't think that's right or wrong, that's just what some people believe.    I think the issue is more complicated. I don't mind hunting in a general sense. People who hunt for sport typically have a pretty good ethics code where they don't want the animal to suffer. To me, killing a bear with a spear is pretty heartless. I would prefer they use a gun (if they have to kill an animal). 
  8.   Well at least you're not one of those crazy Internet people who overreacts. 
  9. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    Weird they would raise it out of nowhere. 
  10. Titanfall 2 BETA this weekend

    Had a ton of fun with it.   Don't care if the vets don't like it.
  11. I respect the project, but I dunno if they are in any position to start beef with another team. 
  12. Consoles are weird.    If you have the means, the PC really is the way to go at this point. 
  13.   Means little without the full context. Likely had enormous budgets compared to prior entries, and if they were so successful, why are we not getting another similar game?