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  1. Anyone here live in Lincoln, Nebraska?

    I lived there for several years, went to undergrad there, I now live in Omaha.    For a young person looking for a lot to do, it could be boring unless you like college football. Although both Lincoln and Omaha have surprisingly good local music scenes. Lincoln is a very small-town feel, lots of good parks, tons of nice trails that run right through the city, low crime, it's growing with some interesting tech companies calling Lincoln home. If you're used to big cities, it's going to feel very slow and I'd imagine boring.    It would be a fantastic place to raise a family though. It's really a good town. Also, Omaha is like a 40 min drive which has a lot more to offer. I could go on at length about how I feel about Omaha   
  2. Used to be one of my most anticipated games, now I literally don't care about it.
  3.   I never said anything about all this, I said Twitter would be better if they could say whatever they want without repercussions.    Regardless, I understand why the companies do what they do, but they do so mostly in response to babies on the Internet who then bombard them with negativity because the product they like and feel personally connected to was dissed. This guy could conceivably be FIRED for this, which is insane to me. It's an overreaction in response to a vocal bunch of babies.   It was unprofessional of the guy, and I would personally never do anything like that. But come on. It's not like he's saying he's pro-choice and all pro-lifers are stupid. He said the toy looked worse than the toy he's working on.  
  4. Twitter would be better if people who work for these companies could actually say that stuff and not get in trouble for it. 
  5. In theory it makes sense, but IMO it's a disaster in reality. It typically seems very arbitrary when they stop updating.    But as Xbob said, review scores are dumb.
  6. Louis C.K. is Mexican????

  7. Beat the game today. Beat every optional boss. Thought this might be the easiest game in the series, but I just played through DS1 and was in-practice.    What's the general consensus on the quality/difficulty of the game?
  8. KKK 'Imperial Wizard' supports Donald Trump

      Fair enough 
  9. KKK 'Imperial Wizard' supports Donald Trump

      I never called Trump a racist and don't think he is one?
  10. KKK 'Imperial Wizard' supports Donald Trump

      I didn't label him. He literally said he doesn't want muslims coming into the country. What would you call it?
  11. KKK 'Imperial Wizard' supports Donald Trump

        Obviously. Biggie was saying Trump is for entering "legally." Trump is singling out specific groups, doesn't matter if it's a specific race. 
  12. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

      And this here just shows you're just extremely disingenuous. So I'm done engaging with you. 
  13. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

      Or like right here. I've left no ambiguity why I don't own one. I have told you explicitly. Yet you act like it's a mystery. 
  14. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

       You ascribe all this backstory to my posts.    I've literally never disagreed with you that the Wii U has more exclusive AAA titles. I agree with that completely. I think in a sense what you mean when you bring that up is that the Wii U has a unique library compared to the other two consoles, which I would also agree with. I've stopped trying to explain to you what we mean in response to what you actually say, because again you either are being purposely obtuse or you don't understand what we are saying. If it's a true "don't agree with you," you have never actually responded directly to what we say. You change the subject and make up stuff we didn't say or mean. You're not interested in actually having a discussion. I am. But it's difficult with you.