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  1. Yeah Jeff seems really skeptical of Fiore lol    WHAT AM I DOING
  2. They think everything they are saying is like some dramatic realization or profound revelation. 
  3. I was trying to go to bed early and this is one of the most fascinating things I've ever listened to. 
  4. FYI, Firewatch is only 2.5 - 3 hours long

    When markot aggressively goes after a game it usually means it's real good. Might have to buy this.
  5. The thing that annoyed me about the last debate is that the discussed torture (or I guess waterboarding isn't considered torture LOL) and yet nobody was asked to explain why they would do this when it has been shown to be useless at gaining intel. 
  6. FYI, Firewatch is only 2.5 - 3 hours long

      Bang for your buck is subjective. Lots of games are probably 10 times as long and 1/10th as good. Some people don't have a lot of money, but the game costs $20 at the most. If you had an interest in the game, it seems worth looking into regardless of its length. I understand the hesitance, but again just basing this decision on the reported length of the game is rash IMO. 
  7. FYI, Firewatch is only 2.5 - 3 hours long

    I guess it's good to have a general sense of how long it roughly takes to complete a game, but I think it's silly to NOT buy a game based on length alone. 
  8. Do you find games to be relaxing or engaging?

    Like so many things, it depends.
  9. If you could eat a handful of M&Ms but you knew one was poisoned, would you eat those M&Ms?    Of course you wouldn't...
  10. Leave a rose for GameTrailers.

    It's too bad. I really enjoyed a lot of the content they put out.    In a lot of ways it's surprising they stayed around this long though. It's just not a viable model anymore. 
  11. I've seen MGS5 mentioned a few times now. That game looks good at a glance but it breaks down when you start to pick it apart. You can tell it was built for previous gen consoles as well.    Witcher 3 looks damn good. So does Battlefront. Uncharted is looking like a looker. 
  12.   It has been a big deal in the past, it's been discussed for years. They're bad free throw shooters, they're excellent NBA players. Their poor free throw shooting "shows" with or without this rule. Your backup to DeAndre is Cole Aldrich. I rest my case with that.
  13.   Sometimes the best perspective on an issue like this is from someone who isn't entrenched in the culture and common practice of the game. And you're totally spot on.