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  1. Vine is closing down

    Kinda weird. There are a few people famous solely because of this silly app. 
  2. I get all my opinions from John Oliver

      Who said I was arguing?    And trust me, I know. 
  3. Just bought the PC DLC so I can have this prettied up thing.    When does it unlock? It's odd...I suppose it'll start a patch or something and that's when I know the updated version is playable?   Edit: Nevermind, I see that it made a new game to boot, so that answers that. 
  4. I get all my opinions from John Oliver

    There is a major opiate problem whether or not you like John Oliver.    His third party piece was also pretty informative.    It's still a comedy show at heart. He's not purporting to be a journalist. He is certainly crafting the show around his (and I'm sure his crew's) opinions, and I doubt he would ever tell you he's not. 
  5. How's the Fallout 4 DLC?

      I might wait I guess since I'll be getting Skyrim on Friday. 
  6. I do not care. I can wait for impressions and reviews.
  7. That's really too bad. I beat GTA V twice and would love another excuse to go back to it. 
  8. How's the Fallout 4 DLC?

    It's on sale this week. I feel like I heard some good things about some of it, but I'm curious what you guys think.
  9. Yes, but less and less as time goes by.
  10. Always enjoy the hyperbole in mainstream shooter threads. 
  11.   Well yeah, the slim and S are just improved skus similar to what we've seen last gen.    The others are a new beast. 
  12.   This is not true in the least. 
  13. so what's everyone thinking Nintendo Switch is going to cost?

      Everything you're saying makes sense.   But we are talking about Nintendo here, and I just think the way they think makes it very likely that, to them, the switch isn't the switch without the option to switch for every single person.   I could see somewhere down the line an sku with tablet only. But especially to start I think there will be one version of this. If nothing else it helps with confusion at the market.    I do see the "parents aren't gonna wanna spend that much on something for their kid" thing getting thrown around a lot. I just don't think Nintendo thinks that way though. 
  14. so what's everyone thinking Nintendo Switch is going to cost?

    I really don't think they are gonna sell the tablet without the base. It's a package deal.
  15.   I started 2 right after I beat 3 and it took several hours to get the timing down.