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  1. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    Own and beat the entire souls series, including BB and demons. I think i have a few others via ps+ (lords at least), but didn’t like it. I’m interested in nioh though.
  2. Detroit: Become Human review thread

    Here’s my take: If you wanna laugh at a dude who thinks he’s profound but is actually an idiot, buy the game used and go to town.
  3. A lot of those multiplayer changes actually sound pretty neat. I enjoyed BF1 for a few months, but fell off pretty hard. I loved BF4.
  4. Dark Souls Remastered Discussion Thread

    Ive got it ready to go on my PS4
  5. Perhaps the most paradoxical console ever made. Games that revolutionized things and whose influence is still evident in games made today... and yet... overall bad library, terrible controller, limited hardware that had to be upgraded. Just not Nintendo’s best work. Having 4 controller ports and the quality multiplayer games it did end up having though...I have a lot of nostalgia for that thing and yet I just don’t think those games are worth playing again considering they’ve all been iterated on or remade.
  6. Epic is pumping $100 Million into Fortnite esport

    My guess is we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg on how they’re going to monetize Fortnite. It makes sense for them to invest in its longevity.
  7. Epic is pumping $100 Million into Fortnite esport

    I’m responding to this specifically, and most specifically the bold. I understand that Fortnite has real loot boxes but pretend Fortnite has nothing to do with this discussion and focus only on these phrases. I’m saying that I don’t agree with your no practical difference statement. If a game did allow you to purchase specific cosmetics of your choice, regardless of whether you first must buy fake money, it’s a huge difference when compared to what a loot box is. The uncertainty / randomness of a loot box is nefarious by design. It’s designed specifically to prey on our brains.
  8. Rumor: Forza Horizon 4 concept art leaked

    Racing games look good. I like the horizon series though.
  9. You guys are already all over it, but yeah, I think too much was made of this phrasing. They’re in no rush to release a full fledged PS5.
  10. Oh gotcha. Well that’s probably good then. I’m very intrigued by the series, never played one.
  11. I have a feeling this will not pay off for them. But I’m glad they’re doing it.
  12. Haha ok then well, we’re pretty much in agreement then.
  13. I was referring to bacon’s post saying generally that cod campaigns are great. He did hedge a little, but as I originally said, I’m not even really referencing the users on this board. So, easy big fella. Even in the COD thread I was referencing people were acting like they are guilty pleasures. I’m actually thinking a lot about giant bomb, whose coverage of COD annoys me. But I do think generally the campaigns at one point went from generally being looked at like these cheap, one off, lazily designed tech pieces to enough people actually thinking they are pretty good. They would even half acknowledge like they aren’t expecting much, just a good roller coaster ride that fills the same roll as a summer blockbuster. But they fail in that capacity for me too.
  14. Yeah I can agree with that. BLOPS1 and 2 were OK, but imagine a shooter of that nature in the ball park in quality to that of DOOM. I would love to see it, but EA and Activision have the market cornered.
  15. Epic is pumping $100 Million into Fortnite esport

    Right but my post was just referring to yours - Fortnite itself is irrelevant. I think your post itself in response to him originally makes total sense.