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  1. I bought it last night cuz I wanted to be cool too.
  2. Favorite Sony game by year: 2004

    Champions is one of my most played games on the system. Gotta go with that. I dunno what happened with snowblind's ability to make games after that.
  3. Mighty No. 9: From this to this.

      I know.    Read something.    He wasn't the MM "creator," by his own fucking admission. He was an artist on the team. One of many. He didn't direct the game. He didn't produce the game. He did come up with the sprites for most of the characters.    You made the comparison to Ridley Scott. That is dumb. He would be like the costume designer or concept artist for Gladiator. You are giving the man too much credit. Mega Man is far from "his creation." 
  4. Mighty No. 9: From this to this.

    The fuck are you guys on about?    He was an artist who took an already planned out game and character design and tuned it up.    Saying he's the Ridley Scott of Mega Man is profoundly misguided. He's probably closer to your "grip guy" argument. 
  5. Mighty No. 9: From this to this.

    If the game looked good or had positive signs it was going to be good, I'd be excited.    It doesn't, and I fear it will be bad. 
  6. Oh shit one of those numbers is bigger.
  7. Leaving the PS4 in a suspend game/sleep mode

    My PS4 has been in rest mode almost exclusively since this feature was added.    I don't always keep it resting with games in play, but only because I'm unsure if it keeps the game clock running. 
  8. Favorite Nintendo game by year: 2006

    New Super Mario Bros I guess. 
  9. Favorite Sony game by year: 2003

    SOCOM 2 was a worthy sequel to the first. I voted that.    Dark Cloud 2 was really good, but had some very frustrating mechanics (weapon breaking, namely) that I couldn't get over. 
  10. Favorite MS game by year: 2006

    I loved the first Gear of War.    Viva Pinata was a brilliant game too. 
  11.   You're right. One is taking a non-consenting infant and cutting off a portion of their genitals for (almost always) religious reasons. The other is a grown human being making their own decision.    There really is no comparison. 
  12. Also how many of these people "concerned" for these poor sick trans peoples' genitals because genital mutilation is bad gladly have their kids circumcised? 
  13. If it is true people on a significant scale regret the surgery, the "solution" isn't to admit that it's an "illness" and "cure" them of it. The solution would be to educate people on the risks of the surgery and how other people have felt before and after. Basically just allow the person to strongly consider their choice.   people choose to have plastic surgery all of the time, be it genitals or nose or belly or whatever the fuck. Someone who wants a nose job is not mentally ill inherently. Your arguments are absurd, and insulting dvd. To say with such certainty that this is an illness demonstrates your bias on the topic. 
  14.   The problem with this (for people who are anti-gay, anti-trans, whatever) is there is no downside other than the fact that it makes them personally uncomfortable and is outside of what they consider to be proper social norms. That's it.    So they make shit up. Like the ad nauseum "grown man going to the bathroom with my daugther" line.    What our society is slowly going towards is as long as whatever choices people make are not (reasonably) harming someone, leave them alone. The people resisting will make shit up as to why it will ruin the country (IE: the traditional family is crucial to a healthy society, trans people are assaulting kids in the bathroom), but it seems, slowly, over time common sense prevails.