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  1. Final Fantasy IX on PS4 NOW ($16.79 until Sep. 26)

    I'm hesitant to buy it if it's a port of the mobile version.
  2. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    Compared to what? The game looks incredible. They do an amazing job with animations.
  3. NBA 2K18 Cavs vs Celtics Handheld mode

    The portability of the Switch is nice, but it's not really why I bought the console. For these AAA games, whatever term you wanna use, I'm almost always going to get the superior version of the game rather than the Switch version. Especially if I'm doing any sort of online. Let's not forget that Nintendo is really, really stupid. And has online designed by someone who thinks the Internet never evolved past like 1999. And look at what we're praising here: a dev deciding to put an incredibly popular game on a Nintendo system. Like, we're acting like this is revolutionary. It shows how god awful Nintendo has been at catering to third parties. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing. The bad thing is that this seems so unusual that people are super excited about it lol. How is the PC version of 2K usually BTW? For some reason in my head I associate 2K with bad PC ports, but I'm basing that off of nothing...
  4. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    Load times in this game suck ass.
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [12.1.17]

    I'm confused by the question.
  6. If I can walk into a store and find one I'll get one. I'm done doing anything more than that to get one of these things (same goes for the SNES).
  7. Digital or Not...Again

    As always you give me too much credit, but I'm glad someone appreciates my BS lol. You're an asset to the boards yourself, sir.
  8. Use whatever term you want, but they are objectively the worst performing version of the game. And they are noticeable differences even to the untrained eye. How much that bothers you is entirely up to you. I think it's great these games are coming to the Switch. I'm just saying those people you were referring to would not be surprised to know inferior versions of PS4/XBO games can run on the Switch. The surprising thing is the devs are doing the work to port them.
  9. I'm sure people were saying that with the caveat of performance sacrifices, which is totally the case. If if you wanna play NBA 2k at 30 FPS, tuned down visuals, and horrible Nintendo online, more power to you. Im glad these games are coming, but I'm surprised about the 3rd party support, not the fact that the Switch can play a gimped version.
  10. Digital or Not...Again

    I think if we get to the point where you can't play digital games you've purchased in some fashion, it'll be because we had a nuclear war or something. And it's not like physical are timeless either.
  11. I have a PS3 copy, think it was free at some point. Always plan on playing it some day but haven't ever started it.
  12. Pewdiepie does it again

    It's not necessarily about stopping all streamers from using racial slurs though. It's about calling out behavior that many people don't want normalized, especially when it's coming from the most watched human being on the planet. It ABSOLUTELY affects his own behavior, as he has already backed way off of the nazi shit despite his hollow public apology, and you could tell right after this recent slip of the tongue he knew he made a big mistake. And you have to know that it's impossible to regulate what a kid is watching. Now more than ever. Bad parenting would be to find out this happened, you happen to have a kid who loves pewdiepie, and then to do nothing. Instead, you talk to your kid and say hey, this is why people are upset about using this word.