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  1. Superdata: Fortnite is eating PUBG's lunch

    They’re deep in their own very different ways. From a pure shooting skill perspective, PUBG is clearly more difficult to master. But they’re just so very different. I cannot for the life of me enjoy Fortnite. It just is such a different thing and doesn’t click with me at all.
  2. Does the PS Store suck for you?

    That’s a whole other issue. The store is OK, (not good, but OK), at presenting new stuff and generally popular stuff. But the search functionality and the algorithms working to show you stuff that might specifically interest you are bad. But I could forgive all that if the thing would just load for me consistently.
  3. Does the PS Store suck for you?

    It’s garbage and it’s infuriating. I often have to restart my PS4 to get it to load. You’d think a company would want their storefront to consistently work. But you’d be wrong.
  4. It didn’t win everywhere. PUBG was Giant Bomb’s.
  5. PUBG Mobile Released for Freeeee

    https://www.vg247.com/2017/12/06/tencent-is-not-making-one-but-two-pubg-mobile-games/ Looks like two developed by Tencent, one essentially a carbon copy, and the other a more arcadey one. I have no doubt PUBG is feeling the pressure from Fortnite now. However, it seems mobile has been in the works for some time.
  6. PUBG Mobile Released for Freeeee

    Pretty sure I’ve been hearing about a Chinese version of the game for like 4-5 months. It’s called something different but it’s the same game iirc. Unable to check atm tho.
  7. PUBG Mobile Released for Freeeee

    I actually don’t know, but hasn’t PUBG been mobile for a lot longer than Fortnite? (Just not here).
  8. I bought and beat Mania. It was a good sonic game...which, imo, means it’s a pretty mediocre and forgettable experience.
  9. I work in health care, and I frequently encounter people telling me stuff sort of like this. Healing stones was one recently someone told me about that I had never heard of and had to gently denounce (to no effect). A few weeks ago I had the secretary at the place I was at (I move from place to place) and the assistant talking about how, with vulenerable older adults present in the room, people shouldn't get the flu shot, and again I have to de-escalate the situation in the moment gently, then later talk to them both when the patients were gone about how fucking irresponsible and inappropriate that is (in a way that doesn't piss them off TOO much cuz I'm with them 10 hours a day). The shit people are willing to believe, and yet the good information people will just discard because they don't like it. It infuriates me.
  10. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    I'm back on Witcher 3 and have been playing a few games of FTL. Also a little PUBG.
  11. Lol I know but original crash is a different thing. Half of the real estate I’ve allowed my brain to store about crash is the megaphone commercial.
  12. I have no concrete reason, but I actually like the idea of PS4 and PC but NOT having the mobile players in there. Something seems shitty about that. I do wish Sony would just cave at this point though and allow cross platform with XB1 as well.
  13. I still don’t think these hold up. But cool for those who seem to like them. Weird seeing crash on a Nintendo platform.
  14. I enjoy watching PUBG tournies. I’m sure if I liked Fortnite I’d like watching that too.