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  1. The first one was really enjoyable, albeit in a very weak year for games. I'll happily play another. I hope they don't rest on their laurels too much though.
  2. HDR and all these 4K custom settings vaguely reminds me of when the PS2 network adapter came out. I had to fiddle with settings ip addresses for hours (knowing jack about any of that stuff) before I could play SOCOM. Imma wait until it's a little more idiot proof.
  3. Were these the dudes who sued him when he eviscerated their crappy game? I'm foggy on the origins of all this and too lazy to look it up. I recall him crapping on a really bad shooter that was kinda dark and outdoors and then the dev got mad...
  4. I watched the video where he refers to himself as an amateur comedian, and I actually took his meaning to be that he in fact does not think he's very good at comedy, and that he makes a lot of mistakes. He has handled this situation poorly in some respects, but I do feel like he's being attacked by people who have no context on him, just think he's an idiot, and they wanna point and laugh and think they're better than him. He's a very thoughtful person, and personally I don't see any malice or hate behind what he's doing. I'm not condoning any of his poor choices, but the venom just seems disproportionate. It's ironic that people can so blindly just want to shit on this guy when the reason they're supposedly mad at him is that he has promoted hate himself.
  5. When I tried to play Hot Shots Golf 3 on my first HDTV. Took me a little while to figure out.
  6. I doubt he's racist. I have no interest in his videos. I don't necessarily blame Disney/You Tube for distancing themselves from him. He probably has a right to feel unfairly victimized for just continuing to do what he does and all of a sudden it's not ok for political reasons. BUT As pointed out, he's also a smart guy. He's smart enough to know that circumstances change. All in all... I guess I don't really care about this lol.
  7. I was getting worried.
  8. IGN used to be my most visited site by far, but that was years ago, and it was mostly due to the message boards. I actually think it started going downhill when Greg and those guys started being more of a focus on the site.
  9. I was always intrigued by the first one, but could never pull the trigger on it. I'll probably buy it someday. I've heard it's way better than it has any right to be.
  10. @Lucian04 what did you think of the first DLC? I heard it was very PvP heavy with only one boss so I didn't grab it...
  11. I was gonna say this. I'm no Romney fan, but I hate shit cherry picked for headlines. The full quote: It needs a follow up question to really know what he meant by "strong."
  12. Can't justify a purchase until it has some more software.
  13. I dunno why they'd even mention Live until they are absolutely certain they've got a product worth going to market with.
  14. I'm very close to caving and buying RE7.
  15. I think DOOM is the best FPS campaign...maybe ever. I can't say for sure I guess, but I just find it hard to believe that TF2 achieved a campaign as great as DOOM's is. It's nothing personal. Like I said, I think it's good you liked them both the same.