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  1. I have a buddy who bought a Cube and Smash Bros. cuz he believed the April Fools prank that Sonic was unlockable.
  2. Yes I'm sure Sony is very afraid of what the X will do to their market share.
  3. See I think you're right, but I could also just see them doing some bare bones, shit show of an offering or limiting you in some Nintendo like, arbitrary manner. About 1/3 of the reason I got a Switch as early as I did was I assumed (which is on me) that I'd be able to buy my favorite Super Nintendo games and play them on there. I have a 3DS but not a NEW 3DS, and we all know SNES technology is much too complicated to run on the primitive non-new 3DS. Fuck Nintendo / I love Nintendo
  4. I'm becoming concerned Nintendo straight up isn't going to have a store where you can buy old Nintendo games on the Switch. It sounds absurd, which is why I think it might not happen.
  5. Wait why ARE you replaying them? You seem like the last user on here that would take the time to play something he didn't much care for. I'm not as big on Mass Effect as a series as many, but I really respect what they attempted to do. And, you have to admit, they tried a lot of really cool shit in the series. I totally agree with you that the games are riddled with glaring flaws, even in the strong parts. But there was little if anything like it, and it was totally worth playing through. I could make a whole thread about how much they messed up with the games. But man I'm glad they exist and I hope someone gives something like this a shot again.
  6. This is an extremely myopic way to look at a guy who also directed Bioware's best games. But that's the internet I guess.
  7. I never said a person doesn't have that choice. People are free to do as they want. I was giving my personal take on the look, and I am not the average American health-wise, so it's not a non-starter for me. Bodybuilding is certainly low on the list of health risks to America lol.
  8. Five times a year, 365 days a year, kind of irrelevant. I'm not sure what all goes into looking like that, and I'm sure people reach that point using a variety of techniques. But i would doubt a whole lot of long term research has gone into the consequences (or lack thereof) of a lifestyle like this. The exercise doesn't concern me. It's what you put in your body and the quantities of it.
  9. To each his own. I think this looks absurd and would be concerned about the long-term consequences of trying to keep up a physique like that.
  10. That was frustratingly vague and Scoville is more or less a Skyrim fanboy. His tweets about it were basically defensive. At the same time, I think once I've finished with Special Edition, I'm going to retire from Skyrim for good. It's one of my favorite games of all time, but I've had my fill on multiple different versions.
  11. Well yeah, but Star Trek made it work. (After a nuclear holocaust)
  12. For a lot of them, never. Not that this phenomenon is exclusive to Trump supporters, but it certainly seems like it's disproportionate. But a poll came out recently that suggested at least 1/3 (I think the number was around 45 percent) of Trump supporters don't believe Jr. had that Russian meeting, even though he himself said he did. It is scary and sad how many people get in their bubble and only seek to reinforce their beliefs. Seeing the old footage of McCain having to defend Obama on his campaign for not being a terrorist had me thinking about this today. I like to be optimistic and believe that rationality will prevail eventually, but Trump certainly has me shook.
  13. I've watched a few but plan on getting to them all eventually. Have been a fan of his for a while.
  14. If it plays well and scratches the right itch, there's room for something like this. I don't think anyone is expecting it to blow sales records out if the water.