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  1. It's kind of amazing how poorly this thing did.
  2. Are you fed up with crowdsourcing yet?

    I've been annoyed from a distance at some tactics, but without a personal investment it's hard to care too much.
  3. PS Plus August

    I have held off on buying Rebel Galaxy so many times.    Will give Yakuza a shot as well.    Good month for me. 
  4. My worries:    The duality of the machine (works as a handheld AND as a console) will work against it, causing a shit controller or just hamstringing the hardware to accommodate both functions.    There being some other gimmicky thing we don't know about yet that will dissuade 3rd parties from spending time on it   Really don't care for the idea of detachable controllers   Scared it will be tone deaf once again in terms of online features, a decent UI experience, virtual console stuff, etc    Optimism:    Unifying Nintendo's development power will likely yield its best games in years    Maybe the Wii U will get a price cut OR the thing will be BC so we can pretend it never happened    Maybe, just maybe, Nintendo knocks it out of the park in all areas (an irrational hope I carry with me up until every N console release until my dreams are shattered)
  5. I just feel like the fact that this was a man who attacked a facility for disabled people with a knife, and that story is being used to make a point about gun control speaks for itself.
  6.   He was a good balancing factor for them. He would have been a great fit on the West Coast as well - would have loved to see him and Dan disagree.   For the Beastcast, I find the more air time Alex gets, the less I enjoy it. You have two of the most charismatic people in Vinnie and Jeff B, and then you have Alex. He's a nice guy, but he just doesn't mesh with me. He is good at clarifying the most obvious point that everyone already understands, or giving the most self-assured child rearing advice (without kids, while Vinnie and Jeff do have kids and get interrupted when they are telling interesting stories), or just playing the mopey "I'm so depressed and isn't that funny" role at least once a podcast. Or just dragging out unfunny bits way too long, and you can just tell Vinnie is sitting there thinking to himself, OK, let's get past this, but he's too nice to do it on the air.    I loved what Austin brought to the table just in terms of interesting points of view, but now we have magnified version of Alex and it just takes the Beastcast down a notch for me. 
  7. Wait, is this supposed to be some kind of argument that "see, people will kill people with a knife if we ban guns."?
  8. Post your OLDEST game

      I was about 5-6 and it most certainly was the first.    *shrugs 
  9. I didn't really care for these.
  10. Nintendo new classic mini console

      This is kinda what I mean though. The Wii U has those games. And if I buy an SNES or NES game on a Wii U, I'm buying that again if I wanna play it on my 3DS. It's an archaic system they should have overhauled long ago. When I say complete I'm not really talking about raw numbers of games available.    Now, I don't wanna paint MS or Sony as perfect in this regard, but if I buy any PS1 game, it works on my PS Vita and my PS3 without additional purchase. Many new games are cross buy on PS4/PS3 and Vita if they can run on them. At the very least, Sony seems to understand that people WANT this, and they have a sizable cross-buy library. MS is in a little different spot being new to the game, but they are doing an impressive amount of effort to emulate 360 stuff on the XB1. Nintendo is either ignorant that this is something people want, or they are unwilling/unable to provide it.      Let me just put it this way. I'm frustrated that Nintendo does not have a unified account system in place to track purchases and allow you to easily play their legacy stuff on different machines. Maybe they will shore things up with the NX. 
  11. Nintendo new classic mini console

      I'm not saying this device itself is a bad business move. And I never suggested they use this device to unify their old games.    They have made it difficult to buy their legacy stuff on a single device or through a single service. And what is available is nowhere near as complete as what Sony or even what MS has to offer (when Nintendo has, BY FAR, the greatest collection of legacy games to offer). All I am saying is that it is annoying to me to see this device released and hyped as this great thing, when the truly great device should be pretty much ANY Nintendo device, one Nintendo account, with like N64 and earlier games available to purchase on it. That's what I want, that's what I think all of us would love to see. Yet they show no interest in doing something like that, but make a standalone thing with 30 games on it, and if it's successful we're likely to see it happen again /run on sentence.    I'm not criticizing this as its own thing in a vacuum. It's just a frustrating to see in context as a big fan of Nintendo. My 3DS I have apparently struggles to emulate Super Nintendo games, so I need to purchase the better 3DS to get those. But I better jump through 20 hoops if I want the other games that I bought on my current 3DS to work on the new 3DS.    It's a joke. (I thought this post was gonna end after like one paragraph, but you got me going)   Look at what happened with Pokemon Go. That's not even a fucking good game. Nintendo could own the fucking WORLD if they had people in charge who knew how to take advantage of their talent and their assets. But they just throw random shit at the wall and sometimes they hit, most of the time they leave us just flabbergasted at how they thought that was gonna play out. 
  12. Nintendo new classic mini console

      I don't buy that. It's for them and for us. I've already said in this thread who they are pandering to with this thing, but they're making it for us too, and we'll buy these games.......again.   if Nintendo showed ANY interest in unifying their legacy stuff, I'd agree with you. But they are actively disinterested in that. They wanna half ass it and sell these things over and over.
  13. Nintendo new classic mini console

    I may buy this, but the thing that bums me out about it is that it seems like a sign Nintendo is just not interested in giving us a way to buy the games we wanna buy on a unified service.    It's annoying as fuck.