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  1. I always thought the fable series had a lot of cool ideas that just never actually turned into a fun overall experience. Would be cool if someone could get it right.
  2. LTTP: I REALLY liked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    It’s a legitimately good game, and I loved it. Best RE game ever though is crazy talk.
  3. Going After Cheaters in PUBG

    I haven’t run into obvious cheating, but I played a ton of it this weekend and ran into two games of a group POSSIBLY using an aim bot. It’s hard to tell, but they were either very lucky headshots (like two in a row by one guy from long distance pivoting to shoot the second one about 45 degrees without really any reason he should have been able to know the guy’s exact location). I hope they come down hard on the cheaters though.
  4. Rumor: Cyberpunk 2077 will be at E3 this year

    I think we’ll see it.
  5. David cage is a fucking idiot independent of these allegations, and he responded in the most predictable way to this. dont support his stupid games.
  6. I think he said “I.” i think trump and trump's camp could serve as a perfect model of how not to react to negative (or even neutral) press for decades to come. i think they could have just said, oh yeah if he said “i” he meant “i’d“ and the story would not exist. I think the media should pick their battles with this idiot and not focus on stuff like this, because even if he said “I’d” the notion that he’d have a good relationship with him is absurd. Those are are the things I think.
  7. I was just in Tokyo and it really is cramped. Everything is built to conserve space.
  8. I feel like they're gonna lose money on this hand over fist.
  9. So apparently this is not based on DS3 assets or combat either. Lot of bad info got out on this yesterday.
  10. The Wii U had a good Nintendo library and that’s about it. It never dropped to a reasonable price. I swear they kept that thing priced high out of stubbornness.
  11. Switch Online service (what's going on???)

    Don’t wanna rush standard features out the door.
  12. Anyone wanna talk Giant Bomb’s GOTY pods?

    I already addressed a lot of these points, but most especially I mentioned the fact that I got to the point where I was on the same side as Abby in terms of the game she was trying to fight for, but didn't want her to win the battle because of how poorly she presented her case. I've got no beef with Abby. She's fantastic and brings a great new dimension to the GB squad. But she was bad at this specific thing. I thought Ben was bad at it too. They're both rookies.
  13. Ken Levine on Zelda: BotW

    That’s true. I love what BOTW did in principle, but not practice. I feel like Nintendo set themselves up for an amazing game on the second try, but I didn’t really feel that good about the dungeons being able to be completed in any order when I didn’t like literally any of the dungeons. I don’t think they’re good.