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  1. I have similar quibbles about BOTW, but the foundation is there for something better, potentially something awesome. If it’s a different team doing the remake I guess it’d be ok.
  2. "No, you see, it is not I but YOU who is triggered!"
  3. Is that a thing people actually want? Chasing OoT hampered the series for years. I would maybe be interested in a 3D take on Link’s awakening or LTTP, but overall I’d rather they build on BOTW’s engine and make a signifinactly improved game from that.
  4. Hopefully the people actually doing the work on the game who have probably been screaming at the idiots implementing these horrible transactions are making them eat some crow. What a fucking bummer way to launch your game lol. Just multiple apologies.
  5. Got my Switch today

    I actually really like Mario Bros. Had a ton of fun playing “tag” in it (we’d get down to the last enemy and then play tag. I dunno it was fun at the time). But it should be like $1. MAYBE $1.50
  6. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    I doubt I’ll be playing a second play through, but this is good to know.
  7. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    Yeah that list is all sorts of messed up.
  8. If we’re talking multiplayer competitive games, give me full game + free maps and consistent experience + cosmetic loot boxes over splitting the user base with paid map packs every time.
  9. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    Yeah like I’m not worried about progressing through the game itself. I’m not sure how many relationships I can pursue to see their entire scope, or necessarily which activities I need to do to get my traits high enough to see their stories through. Like part of it is a me problem, but I feel like the game should be a little more transparent about some of that stuff. It has me shook on what to do a lot of the time.
  10. I read it, I just don’t know if we should acknowledge the possibility that oh maybe the girl is out to get him thing at this point. Central to this problem is the distrust or lack of concern for women’s reports.
  11. I think, by definition, unwanted advances at work is sexual harassment. You don’t need to muddy the waters with the “who knows what the truth may be.” The dude doesn’t deny saying any of the stuff so it’s not even a he said she said thing. There’s not a decision to be made about whose side to possibly take. i also think it’s pretty creepy that @JohnnyPhatsaqs just posts her photo without anything to say for context.