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  1. Downloading now. Going out to eat later but hope to get a few hours in later tonight.
  2. I YEILD Let’s just enjoy this new gem.
  3. Never said it was. But the big guys mattered more and the discussion of it being one of the greats was definitely out there. I’m not saying anything crazy.
  4. That’s what I was saying though in the one post. The landscape has changed dramatically. It was a few big sites that mattered. I agree generally that the hype is bigger for this one, but that’s kinda my original point.
  5. I’m sure I could pull quotes from reviews of this god of war with similar sentiment. The hype around 2 was pretty universally great and many spoke of it as an all timer is the point.
  6. There were fewer outlets and Twitter wasn’t a thing, but go back and read IGN’s review for especially 2. They essentially do call it one of the best games of all time, and the best action game of all time. Their voice was amplified because they were much more front and center as probably THE outlet people went to. I’m sure you could find similar reviews from the time about it as well.
  7. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    I don’t like the poll options. Don’t need the crossgen stuff or the stuff that isn’t actually exclusive on there. So eliminating those, the answer is Bloodborne without hesitation.
  8. I get why people like it. It just didn’t resonate with me, and it’s flaws are a lot more damaging to the experience to me than most people it seems. Love the game but it’s probably not even top 5 Zelda games for me.
  9. Exactly and I strongly disagreed with both.
  10. It’s not exclusive to games. Every good playoff NFL game I see people who should know better asking if that was the greatest NFL game ever played. It’s frustrating to me. It diminishes history and declaring it better than A or B actually takes away from what makes the thing you’re trying to praise great, in my opinion. Tweet something specific about GOW and how awesome it was. Don’t say it’s like The Last of Us but better. That doesn’t tell me shit, and you’re probably wrong.
  11. You’re right in that I’m a little off in those above posts in what that tweet was saying, but he’s still saying “what if all of these games considered to be some of the greatest of all time didn’t have their one big flaw,” (even tho I take issue with some of what he considers flaws in those games). That’s a HELL of an endorsement. And who knows, maybe the game lives up to it. Again, I highly doubt it, but maybe it does. I’m also probably exaggerating that games didn’t receive praise like this in the past. I’m sure you can go find examples of even like link to the past being hyped to high heaven (though without the internet I guarantee they didn’t put it as hyperbolic as they do now). But this seems to be happening more and more frequently, and I think people feel pressure to jump on the hype train.
  12. A ton of praise, but not stuff like “imagine link to the past but better plus Mario 64 but better plus super Metroid but better.” That stuff is meaningless.