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  1. Skyrim | Another off screen video

    I'm sure it'll look about how you can expect Skyrim to look on the tech at hand, but they certainly don't seem very keen on getting direct footage out there on the internet.
  2. Skyrim | Another off screen video

    I think the thing is, they don't want you to see it run.
  3. SNES Classic preorders are going up

    Stepped out to get groceries and Target had put them up and sold them by the time I got back lol.
  4. SNES Classic preorders are going up

    Yeah. Apparently the Best Buy ones were a shit show. What a good company Nintendo is.
  5. Yeah you have to go to school. He certainly could be wrong, but throwing your hands up in the air and saying nobody can predict the future isn't particularly insightful. Kind of reminds me of how people trash meteorologists all of the time, yet when the shit goes down, they're glued to the TV listening. Anyway, we've been hearing rumblings for years that the people outside the Xbox division at MS are in favor of selling off the division altogether. It does kind of seem to me that the division is hanging on by a thread, and I have a bad feeling that when the X (inevitably) does not sell real well, it may be the last straw. Not that they'd just pull the plug on everything, but I could see them stopping R & D on new consoles and just going PC with "Xbox" as the branding. Or maybe they do keep coming out with steam-machine-like boxes to sell. I don't know. But something seems off over there.
  6. Sonic Mania reviews are coming in

    While trend and art design choice aren't mutually exclusive, the whole pixel art thing is less trend and more of a mainstay at this point. Blaster Master and Double Dragon are not bad because of their graphical styles. They're bad because they are poorly designed (well, DD is, I can't speak for Blaster Master). Sonic Mania is a Sonic game for people who wanted a very specific thing. And it's really well done. And it does the thing where you kinda think that's how the game always looked, but actually, it shits all over the Genesis Sonics and could not be done on a Genesis. And the music is great. And it does subtle things that people who were REALLY into Sonic will notice and most people will never bat an eye. It's fan service done in the best way possible, and you're skirting the line of reducing the game to a straight up "nother one of those," and that's really not fair to the game at all. This is coming from a guy who doesn't really think those first Sonic games were all that great.
  7. Fear Effect remake announced

    For the dozens of fans, this is great.
  8. I just got to the Zone with those purple electro things that you have to time your jumps as you spin around it and FUCK THAT ZONE both levels are bullshit. But overall I've enjoyed it.
  9. I'm not inherently against cover, but I have grown tired of the formula. I think it's partly why Doom was so damn awesome.
  10. Maddux is back

    How do we know you're the real Maddux?
  11. Any Game you bought on Switch that you regret?

    I have 4 games: Kart, Zelda, Minecraft, and Sonic. The only one I slightly regret is Kart, but it's a really well made game and I enjoy it.
  12. Sonic Mania reviews are coming in

    I did lol. i also thought that post above was being posted in the "what are you playing this weekend" thread.
  13. Sonic Mania reviews are coming in

    Wolfenstein the New Order PUBG Attempting to talk myself out of Sonic
  14. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy reviews are rolling in

    I was about as big an Uncharted fan as you'd find a few years back, but I've grown pretty bored of the series. I'm glad this is reviewing well, and I'll probably pick it up down the road on the cheap, but I think I've had my fill more or less, new characters or not.
  15. Wii U vs Switch vs 3DS

    If I could do it all over again, I would have purchased a "New" 3DS rather than the non-new version I bought when Zelda came out on 3DS, and then I would have waited to get a Switch until sometime in 2018 probably. I really want SNES games on the go, and Nintendo seems bound and determined to make that as difficult as possible for me to get despite supporting their shit.