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  1. Am I supposed to be ashamed for seeing through the facade? You're not too far off from her, have fun keeping up your appearance on this forum while it lasts.
  2. DT is on cam in tinychat

    It really is entertaining as to how she gets all of these horny guys - a significant amount of them probably being virgins, but it's also a very questionable thing for a mother to do. As a kid I seriously wouldn't want to walk into a room to find my mom manipulating the easiest, horniest men of the world.
  3. I'm sure this will be taken out of context, but I've still yet to try five guys. When it comes to having to take a shit, there's better things than five guys.
  4. Post your pic!

    Is that how you look when you're thinking of going to rehab or something?
  5. ^wow what a coincidence that this was here before I came to post this
  6. All of the assholes have been driven away?
  7. Wait, this is a girl that dated you and she never saw you post on here? I can understand the possibility of you not telling her about this place... but she's never used your computer with your OS account logged in or anything of the sort? lol i spelled "sort" as "short"
  8. I just logged into facebook to find a drug and alcohol treatment program as a "suggested post". To that, I can't tell if I pissed somebody off on the facebook team, as I always try to tell people that facebook is basically shit or if I was reported for some outlandish, but true post.