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  1. Dallas added a post in a topic I think I got kicked out of jury duty for either being "racist" or stupid   

    I never responded the last time I got called to jury duty.
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  2. Dallas added a post in a topic Irrelevant and Lucian have allowed me to reinvent myself on twitter   

    I don't think I've ever set coffee on our incredeibely scratched up coffee table - which is our only coffee table.  Not a mug, machine or anything.
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  3. Dallas added a post in a topic Judgementality *UPDATED*   

    Okay so I'll admit I was fucked up when I made these posts.  I just reread it and the first guy never mentioned having "kids", but rather being a father of 2.  My bad.  Still wayyyy to old to be messaging me.
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  4. Dallas added a post in a topic I will take 100 fire-breathing religious fundamentalists over 1 "spiritual" individual   

    So I'm assuming I'm reading through the right thread, but I can't find the stuff I was looking for anymore so I assume it was edited.
    A certain somebody in here acts like a pretentious sap that attention whores to Richard Dawkins.  No fuckin' shit this place is dying.  Hell, it deserves to die.
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  5. Dallas added a post in a topic Something I just noticed   

    It shows as Dec. 31 to me.
    edit- meant to say 31
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  6. Dallas added a post in a topic Judgementality *UPDATED*   

    Let me preface this post with this - I SERIOUSLY DID NOT INTEND TO HIT ON MAN WORKING AT CVS...
    Holy shit GRINDR is full of drugged whores.  Just sayin' guys.  I put my picture up for the night and my phone has been exploding with messages, most of them being whores but some of them being relatively normal, but probably all them are drugged.
    This wasn't the first man in his 50s to message me something along the lines of 'good looking', but so far this is the only one that's advertised as being a father and looking to have inter-generational sex.  Yup, that probably means pedophile.  Sadly they're probably not only pedophiles, but it took them 50 years of their life to figure out that coming out with their sexuality is the right thing to do because all of people that would judge them for coming out don't matter.

    Here's another one that messaged me, but I deleted it and blocked him.

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  7. Dallas added a post in a topic Post your pic!   

    I just went through this thread to find people making parody photos of me in one of my lowest mental points six months to a year after I left this place - and with no lurking or anything.  You people are obsessed with me.
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  8. Dallas added a post in a topic Judgementality *UPDATED*   

    Yeah this is what I meant by me going loony again.
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  9. Dallas added a post in a topic Judgementality *UPDATED*   

    I called you a see you next tuesday but then I regretted it as I remembered that I am a socially awkward, paranoid person.  It could be the case that I'm going a bit loony again.
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  10. Dallas added a post in a topic Judgementality *UPDATED*   

    I think he may have nightmares of us going out.
    Damn, you're good.
    They've had it for a while now.  The cards they give are so small... I lost it a long time ago so now all I use is the phone number.
    Good catch.
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  11. Dallas added a post in a topic Judgementality *UPDATED*   

    Okay, I know some people saw this post, but I regret it already, as I don't want to make more enemies...
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  12. Dallas added a topic in Community General   

    Judgementality *UPDATED*
    Not too long ago I was at CVS to get some reese's peanut butter cups that were a pretty good deal with a coupon, but I couldn't really figure out which coupon I was to use or which reese's product I had to buy.  The coupons were all printed on the same type of paper used to make receipts and was tapered so that you could easily rip them off.  I went to ask an employee which reese's I was supposed to get, to which he leaded me to the correct item and said "the unwrapped resee's peanut butter cups are the item on sale with the coupon and the correct coupon you need will be at the bottom of the list."  So I go to checkout and it's the same guy that helped me out.  He rings up the item and asks if I have a CVS card or a phone number, to which I reply I have a phone number.  After this his face immediately changed - as if I was hitting on him.  He made that transaction as fast as he could.
    Just thought I'd make a thread about this because I seem to get it a lot at stores with cashiers.
    EDIT: Another thing... how the fuck could I forget to mention this... I had a man in his 40s-50s with his kid lingering in the same isle as me.  I didn't like how they were around me so much so I went to the other side of the aisle to try to figure out which item I had to get... but he - the dad - also ended up coming over to the same aisle as me and completely ditched his kid.  After this I looked at him like "what the fuck" and he responded with "oh come on".  Seriously what the fuck is with this place.
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  13. Dallas added a post in a topic I keep getting logged out on all devices.   

    Have you tried clicking on a thread after you've supposedly logged out?  I get logged back in if I click on a thread.
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  14. Dallas added a post in a topic Salon supports Pedophilia   

    This is not what you said.  You essentially said that people are in control of what they're sexually attracted to, which isn't the case.  Going by the words that are supposedly parallel with your experience in life - you type like a bisexual, which is okay.
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  15. Dallas added a post in a topic I keep getting logged out on all devices.   

    I'm having this problem on another site with the same forum software.  Just thought I'd let you know.
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