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  1. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    10% i5-3570 with 970
  2. seems I hit the reccommoded, only got 1080
  3. I’m going to Japan for my honeymoon

    If your not moving around much, a JRpass might not be worth it, even more so if the mountain resort isn't on the JR lines. See how far from Akihabara you will be staying. Never felt out of place. I never bothered to learn any japanese, Just just held of phone with place we needed to go. And how to bow a bit We rented a phone, using your own might be easier. At the time for us was about the same price, and was pretty easy. I paid cash for everything (rooms on card) don't know how local shops are with cards. The further from the main roads/aera you go the less % of people know English. some areas none (showing phone works great) Also further out from main areas the less often trains run/ might stop service overnight. only trouble was a bus route we took, we went to the end of the line, when taking it back we passed on the one heading the opposite direction we came from, and had to wait 45min for the next one going the same way we had started.
  4. Yea, no idea when I'll get around to playing it though.
  5. Star Wars or Star Trek?

  6. Finished with an 11 hour session. i think its better then season 1
  7. Played 5 more missions, Still really good, 1 more play session should be enough. 1st was 9 hours, 2nd was 8 hours.