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  1. Star Wars or Star Trek?

  2. Free copy of Watch Dogs on Uplay

  3. Finished with an 11 hour session. i think its better then season 1
  4. Played 5 more missions, Still really good, 1 more play session should be enough. 1st was 9 hours, 2nd was 8 hours.
  5. playing Back version Lost prologue. Won 3 Lost 3 Starts out harder/ mid stride feel from Season 1 Can still get fucked over by seeded/ drawn, but you have a chance/choice to try and salvage it/ make the best of it. definitely recommended
  6. Thinking of making a weekly MK8 tournament.

    I should be able to make half of them on Fridays
  7. Has anyone gotten their $30 GTX 970 check?

    Got mine today.
  8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Info and Screenshots

    never really played a mk, maybe only at demostations. will be getting this
  9. Official friend codes switch

  10. They were trying to take over by rapidly increasing there population once there?
  11. Setup account ID for Nintendo Switch

    the new website one they launched recently, I logged into mine and set the user id
  12. Setup account ID for Nintendo Switch

    ffs 6 chars min
  13. WTF is eating my HD gigs?

    Did you do that standard windows reduction? Hibernation restore size recycle size disk cleanup- cleanup sys files Also some games (non steam) save the update download files. Either on purpose or by mistake. So those can become bloated.