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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Full House Poker - "we are working hard on a solution"

    Hope the MS validation process takes months upon months like usual.
  3. Coming to PlayStation Plus 3/22 Edition

    Man I want sushi now.
  4. Online Storage for Game Saves Coming to PlayStation Plus

    Some games have weird locks to your PS3 on them, so hopefully the cloud saves will let you save these locked games.
  5. Online Storage for Game Saves Coming to PlayStation Plus

    You can't be serious when you ask the question why are people happy about this? This is a way to guarantee that our saves are backed-up in case the console breaks or a save file gets corrupted. This isn't for people playing on multiple PS3s. EDIT: And "you can just move the harddrive over" is false, the new PS3 will want to reformat the old drive before it will let you use it.
  6. New kinect owner. . .

    My GF and I have had a Kinect since mid-January and have only played it once (though I have barely just started to walk again so maybe that will change soon since I can start to play it myself). But what I saw looked like it could be fun in short doses.
  7. Just thought of a remake I would want

    I want a new Highlander done right.
  8. Free SOCOM 4 Beta key

    Fuck you Pau! Haha
  9. Free SOCOM 4 Beta key

  10. Do you invert your look?

    Been playing inverted since Action Quake 2 days, the only way that makes sense to my brain.
  11. No but it means your house would make me get a headache really quick. I cannot stand scented candles and want to leave a place as soon as I smell one.
  12. I just finished Red Dead Redemption

    100% the game if you want. There are plenty of challenges out there still to be had if you haven't done them already.
  13. Just picked up Demon's Souls

    Easiest beginner class is going to be Royal because your magic attacks can take out the easy targets from a distance.
  14. Back to the Future?

    I want to strangle your brother for even uttering those words.