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  1. Alleged "Niger ambush" details emerge

    ftfy And can't wait for his 9/11.
  2. 5 shot in MD. shooter has not been captured.

    This is just a mild shooting compared to a real one like Vegas.
  3. They may even make a movie about it one day and give themselves an Oscar for being so self-aware.
  4. My dad says he's paying $300/week for gas to keep his generator running. He's using it on average 8 hours/day and mostly at night while they're sleeping. I'm guessing for the AC and home security. The cell tower by his house (Caguas, 20-30 minutes south of San Juan) was reactivated just this week but it's running on diesel. It was nice to finally talk to him. Luckily, the only damage to his home was about 30 feet of fencing. My grandmother's house (Cidra, 10-15 minutes west of Caguas) got ran through by flooding and mudslides. Luckily, she was staying with my cousin at the time. The eye pretty much went over these 2 cities. I have an uncle in Mayaguez (west coast) who we know is fine but no real details due to shitty cell service.
  5. Missed the super obvious "1". Got some pretty obscure ones though. 5,6,8,9,10 Was looking forward to this horror version.
  6. Trump vs Goodell...

    Honestly thought he was going to set his fence on fire.
  7. I wonder exactly who he's talking to.
  8. Trump vs Goodell...

    XFL's best (borrowed) innovation was the skycam. NFL fully implemented it the year after the XFL did.
  9. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    Oh wow. I haven't heard anything but I'm not hitting the panic button just yet.
  10. Lttp: The Strain

    Yup, even worse than The Shining (TV) kid.
  11. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    Luckily my dad's house is brick and concrete and isn't going anywhere. What he's worried about is debris from the neighboring houses that are made of wood and those that have tin roofs. He said he got his power back from Irma this past Saturday. Unfortunately, he doesn't have as much gas as he'd like as a there's massive demand for those with generators.