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  1. My hats off to Bethesda and id for actually doing this. I hope they are rewarded for the effort.
  2. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    The production looks really cheap, but I could see it being a decent popcorn film.
  3. What subscriptions do you have?

    Amazon Prime and Prime Music Washington Post WLRN Sustaining Member PS+
  4. Wendy's - there's better burgers and fries out there, but it's hard to beat the 4 for 4 deal that you can get around the corner Famous Amos Cookies - they're cheap and do the job when you have a cookie craving but don't have time to make your own Frozen breaded shrimp - easy to heat up and eat without going through the deveining and peeling required to make fresh shrimp A Knight's Tale - I just like the movie for some reason; the way they integrate modern pop music with a medieval foreground is fun Jason Statham movies - most of his stuff mediocre, but I love watching him CS-GO - Valve has basically abandoned doing any sort of balance updates to the game, but it still fill a niche for my FPS tastes I agree with you on Papa John's/Dominoes. I dislike Pizza Hut though. It's too oily for me.
  5. I have only been TRU a few times these past couple years because of exclusive amiibos. It's sad walking into one nowadays. Everything feels like it is stuck in the 90s.
  6. What retailer are you guys pre-ordering from? I am little confused as to whether the Hoonigan car pack comes with all pre-orders or just the Xbox store?
  7. Game runs like butter on my PC. Only doing 1080p 60fps though. The only thing I don't like so far is the lack of explanation for the controls, but they aren't too hard to learn.
  8. I guess I pre-ordered too late. Didn't get a PC beta code soon enough. At least I can join in today.
  9. The Mercy changes are massive. Going to take some time to get used to.
  10. That sucks. They should apply the discount to digital preorders to make up for it.
  11. Sonic 1 to 3 would be slightly better as a pre-order bonus.