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  1. Thought about gettting the pro but it's very much a half step and no UHD player drove me away. Waiting for the next full step.
  2. Currently at 100% with 14 reviews; 6.9 avg rating.   https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/doctor_strange_2016
  3. Lets talk Cheesecake Fatory

    The Godiva brownie sundae is pure heaven.
  4. I wonder what the price will be. Definitely interested though.
  5. Anybody want a Battlefield 1 discount code?

    The discount let's you get the deluxe edition for $60
  6. First person to post gets it.
  7. Fantasy Basketball [Lazy Edit]

    Count me in
  8. New GPU time.

    Nice, got an upgrade for myself too. Going from my 3gb 280x to an 8gb 480. 
  9. Google Pixel Reviews

    Should have waited for this instead of getting the edge. Oh well, next year it is!
  10. Got skins for Mercy, Reaper, Junkrat x 2, Soldier 76,and Symmetra so far.
  11.   They just need to do 1 tentpole per season. Incredibles 2 in Spring, Avengers in Summer, and Star Wars in Winter.