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  1. @mclumber1s boy Randal should be all over this
  2. Dave brat is a prick. He's based out of rural Richmond. I'm seriously considering working with the Democratic nominee after the primary to get him ousted.
  3. Unless he's also knowingly writing fiction, and some people just don't get it.
  4. Super glad we have billionaires who can help guide us to make the right choice
  5. If that's the price for both of you tonight trip that isn't too bad really. I'm looking at roughly $900 from Ohio to LAX for my wife and I, round trip
  6. It's not like Congress will hold anyone accountable so why not
  7. It's been a while since we've had an article like this one.
  8. So how long after the US leaves do tanks start rolling across the DMZ?
  9. Is it fucking infrastructure week already?
  10. Bevin is a real piece of shit. He's pretty popular, too. Think of him as a much more articulate Trump
  11. You know, I Comey You Comey He she me Comey Comey Comeying, We'll have thee Comey Comeyrama, Comeylogy, The study of Comey?