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  1. They're just as complicit. If they truly cared for the legacy of themselves and their father they would remove the conflict by themselves stepping down. But they would rather enrich the family. I don't care that the secret service is protecting them, but I can't get over this self enrichment when it should be public service. Queue the quote that in effect states how you can only get wealthy in politics by being crooked.
  2. They're working for a company that the president still has substantial financial stakes in. And given how close the family is to the president on actual policy matters, it absolutely reeks of conflict of interest. This is so far different than previous presidents have had to deal with ethically.
  3. Ethically they should. Give the whole company over to an actual factual independent administrator
  4. I mean there is a damn good reason that areas with lower % higher education voted for Trump
  5. Immigrants. Remember the flood of child immigrants from Central America a year or two ago?
  6. By laws you mean the Constitution. It's also fucking hilarious/sad how binary this debate has become. It's almost turned into if you oppose this (or any) plan by Trump you're just fine with anyone and everyone coming over the border and staying for ever. Anything less than deporting all ELEVEN MILLION illegal immigrants and you want to turn this country into a third world refugee camp. It's almost like we nearly had a bipartisan solution for immigration reform that was scuttled by the right, and now they've gone full retard.
  7. TFW there's nothing left to cut but defects remain.
  8. This keeps up we will spend over a billion dollars over the course of a four year presidency
  9. According to this article ... So, uh, wtg Donnie
  10. It's almost like they/he don't give a fuck about anyone other than their base.
  11. What the fuck do you think a draft Memo is?
  12. Indian analogy doesn't work, as indians were born in US territory in the sovereign nation of a given tribe. An illegal immigrant in the US is not subject to the laws of an other sovereign state. They are subject to US federal law.
  13. How would the children of illegal immigrants not be subject to the jurisdiction of the US if born on US soil? What jurisdiction would they be under?