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  1. I take back my previous post. It will be in the DC metro area no question about it. The fact that northern Virginia, DC, and a county in Maryland are all on the list is too much of a coincidence. This is Amazon further shopping for a deal. Bezos had a home in DC, AWS and other Amazon services are already there, along with the fake news Washington Post. Now, it may be Loudoun county, but it will be DC metro.
  2. Two things: some have somehow convinced themselves that Trump is a good Christian (white) man. And two, the retort is "nothing he could do/has done/will do is as bad as abortion"
  3. NYC, NoVA, and Toronto are the best bets imo
  4. Companies have to fight for linear shelf space in retail. Once they have it, and their product sells, they aren't losing that space to a competitor. As long as they aren't deceptive, I don't really care.
  5. Yes, keep them coming to Florida, what's the worst that could happen?!
  6. Declaration of New California!

    That Twitter thread is beautiful. I also like how the "new California" nut jobs cut out enough of silicon valley, orange county, and San Diego to just make their new "state" not the poorest in the country.
  7. Declaration of New California!

    And less than that in taxes generated. The cities are propping up the rural areas, as usual.
  8. Given the qualifications of 3/5 of this administration (property of DJT, they are) I'm not surprised
  9. He might not be personally involved, but I'd be damned if he wasn't keeping tabs on those who were
  10. One could even say that they are stable geniuses
  11. Traitor to run for Senate

    Assange is a Russian stooge, a useful idiot.