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  1. Alternate thread title: Everything You Need to Know About Trollpez's Anti Unionization Efforts at Vox
  2. Are you dumb on purpose? Or just a Russian troll?
  3. No he's just more enlightened than those mere mortals, just like us. His last tweet is basically "Massa is good and kind to me, I don't want no freedom"
  4. At the very least he's a creepy dude, enough so that if accusations were to come to light it wouldn't be a complete shock, as it establishes a pattern of behavior that is questionable at best.
  5. Yeah, I think it is important to note what the photo shows and some potentially missing context that the image can’t and doesn’t and can’t show and that we just don’t and can’t know. The thing that raises my eyebrows now that some of the initial dust is clearing up is that there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can corroborate this behavior. *Generally* these creeps have a string of people that they will sexually assault / harass who (now, at least) would come out and say “yes, he did similar things to me / treated me like a sexual object / etc” but right now there really doesn’t seem to be this. Trump, Clinton, Biden, Spacy, Weinstein, Moore, all had many people that they abused or inappropriately harassed. And generally, others backed up the story in some shape of the initial accuser. Again, it doesn’t mean that it never happened, but it is an important piece of context. Add in her being a somewhat regular guest of a fiercely partisan television show, and similarly partisan “news” outlets knew of this accusation beforehand, and it really starts to stink.
  6. Just a quick, back of the envelope calculation with this as my guide for the tax rates... Yikes.
  7. So how about that tax plan, eh?

    Going back through some news articles, it appears that the Senate is trying to make the corporate tax cut permanent but the individual cuts temporary.
  8. How do you keep a Baptist from drinking beer at your house? Invite another Baptist over
  9. Seriously, these guys are masters of it by this point. Can't wait to see this shared on Facebook via shareblue