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      E3 2017 has come and gone and now we are left with this empty feeling as we know we have to wait another 365 days for the next one. We [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] I break down everything that was glorious (and not so glorious) at E3 2017. From EA's snoozefest to Microsoft's XOXO launch exclusivitiness to Devolver Digitals blood bath! So listen on in as we grade each conference and even have an extra special guest way in their thoughts on Ubisoft's conference in this months D1Pcast!      

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  1. Liberal judicial activism, you mean. All actions that the judiciary makes counter to the will of "the people" is judicial activism
  2. A candidate whose signature item of focus (other than jailing his political opponent) was building a big, beautiful, billion dollar plus wall on the southern border. And making our southern neighbor pay for it.
  3. The biggest safe space on the whole internet is /r/the_donald
  4. Death, taxes, and alpha being alpha about Eugene V Debs
  5. Minimum essential benefits?
  6. I really only knew of one. Not super religious though, drank like a fish. Nicest guy you'd ever meet, but not very much common sense, seeing as how he was a refugee from Somalia. He worked with Somali immigrant children to help them integrate into society (in Columbus, OH), and was a cop. I say this is past tense because he died of a brain aneurysm at 26. Never knew he was Muslim until they buried him within 24 hours of his passing
  7. Well shit. Now it's gonna be law.
  8. Trump on any subject: "I have no idea"
  9. Maryland Congressional districts. Democrats aren't as systematic but they still do it. Not in California where it would be most effective though
  10. Lol one this passes it will still be Obamacare and the health Care system will still have been broken by Democrats. Facts don't matter
  11. Lol the movement in the poll goes from good idea to "idk"
  12. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/06/21/north_carolina_republicans_budget_prevents_governor_from_suing.html It's like staring into the future.
  13. Is that little Marcos attempt at self deprecation?