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  1. Why would this need to be on the Census to begin with? What useful government function could come form this? That said, I am quite worried about how this administration will fuck up the census. They fuck up everything else, so why not this?
  2. I generally don't like the criticism that presidents spend too much time golfing, but this is ridiculous http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58d87282e4b02a2eaab520a7? Fox news says he's at the white house working... But in reality he went golfing (13th ? Time in his 9 weeks as president)
  3. "get on your knees and tell me you love me"
  4. I have a feeling that obstruction of justice is worse than what they've done tbh
  5. I'd be ok with that, but let's be real, tax reform is so they can have the wealthy pay less, not more. Doubly so since that would mean that Trump and his family would have to pay more in taxes
  6. The reason that the cbo is cited is because it is a relatively impartial, apolitical organization to make difficult economic projections based on the legislation in front of it. If you're going to not trust their projections, you best have a better way to evaluate the legislation, and citing the heritage foundation or economic policy institute or some other biased think tank is worthless unless you want to dive into the actual assumptions used in the projection, or their model, or etc etc. Just saying they've been wrong before (oh look they're human) without a better evaluation is just spitting hot air for the sake of discrediting results you don't like.
  7. So my autocorrect/suggestion bar on my phone gives me "schadenfreude" when I typed "acha" Not sure what that means.
  8. I think they're more worried Democrats might actually vote, now that they're in complete opposition to a historically unpopular president.
  9. Also, here's a good article (with a select quote) on why a la carte health insurance is a bad deal:
  10. Trump will deflect blame, his lackeys will lap it up and blame the House and particularly Paul Ryan. If they can’t pass an Obamacare repeal of some kind IN THE HOUSE, then there is no hope for tax reform (which will probably run up the deficit and therefore reconciliation can’t be used in the Senate) or any other big item on the docket. Republicans will prove that they are not a serious governing party. This was the one, sole issue that unequivocally united the party, and they can’t get it done. Sad!
  11. Because you can choose not to use those services? I don't have Twitter and have a Facebook account I don't use for example.