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  1. Not freaking out, just preparing for the worst, given the utter incompetence and aimlessness of the DNC.
  2. Pro que no los dos
  3. They lost two, yes. But look at the states that are defending in 18 and those that were up in 16. Ten of those Democrats in 18 are from states that voted for Trump including Montana, Missouri, WVA, and Indiana. Dems will lose more than the two Republicans did last year.
  4. In a year that is historically good for Democrats, a presidential election year
  5. Anti-colonial Marxist who has had sex with Michelle in the Lincoln bedroom which makes them necrophiliacs?
  6. I really only see that happening if the economy is going well by early/mid 2018. Voters may want some balance in Washington, too. Then again, the democrats would need to field good candidates so you're probably right. Fillabuster-proof majorities in the Senate and say goodbye to anything that isn't the DoD or Medicare/SS for those over 50. A century of progress gone due to incompetence.
  7. Bibles. He's using two. A family bible then the one that Obama used. HOW ABOUT THAT DRAIN THE SWAMP AM I RITE HUH?!?!
  8. Won't you two just screw and get it over with?
  9. They realize that they are well positioned to take over the green power industry, and the US doesn't stand a chance to compete, especially with the incoming administration.
  10. Sounds like he didn't know what it's functions were, right from his own mouth.
  11. 23, you missed one, but 25 if you count independents who caucus with dems
  12. I hope that whatever Chinese creditors he has comes calling on his personal debt.
  13. I really don't see how they cut spending by 10 trillion over 10 years (read: 1t/year, probably back-heavy because it would otherwise be unworkable) without slashing Defense, Medicare, or SS spending. And since Trump wants to increase Defense, that means even deeper cuts across the board. https://www.nationalpriorities.org/budget-basics/federal-budget-101/spending/