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    Just say you want in and i'll assign a number and generate. You guys were very kind when i was broke so just want to pay it back! Any game.
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    S F A K E N E W S W A E K N E E N K E A W F A K E N E W S W E N E K A F W A E K N E E N K E A W S W E N E K A F S
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    It's nice that they finally published a book that Republicans have the capacity to read all the way through.
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    In celebration with the boards coming back online thanks to @DexxFMand @SFLUFANhard efforts I too will be giving out a copy of Mario Oddysey! This will give another chance for old members and new members to play this soon to be classic. Just post in the thread with a comment about what you enjoy about online forums and I'll will randomly pick a winner. Good luck and thanks for sticking it out with us here Day One Patch!
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    Let me tell you, camera tracking a tiny ass animated gif? Not fun. Not fucking fun at all. @Jason
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    So now that the entire Dem narrative about Trump/Comey/Russia has collapsed, what will the next manufactured scandal be?
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    Trump should build his wall with Hillary's emails. No one can seem to get over them.
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    Almost as good of a troll job as the time Kansas elected a Republican legislature and a Republican governor and their Republican policies bankrupted the state, closed down schools, and chased jobs away from Kansas. Haha! Those wacky trolls.
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    He committed perjury. Fuck him. Fuck Flynn. Fuck Carter Paige. Fuck Steve Bannon. Fuck Steven Cohen--who isn't even in the administration, but fuck him nevertheless. Fuck Paul Manafort. Fuck James Comey. And fuck Agent Orange who brought the entire shit team together.
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    After nearly a year of working on this project, I decided there was a lot more about the history of graphics cards that I wanted to cover. So it's sort of grown into its own YouTube channel! I'm giving DayOnePatch exclusive access to the first three videos on the channel! This is a show of my appreciation for all the encouragement so many of you have given me since the start of this project. My intent was to release a video a week, but after over a month just working on three videos, it's pretty clear to me this will not be possible with a full time job, and the level of quality I'm shooting for. That being said, please excuse the poor mic quality and crude camera work. I'm on a very tight budget. Because you're getting the first three videos, it will be a long time before you see another one, so please bear that in mind. Thanks again to everyone! I hope you all find something to enjoy on my new channel!
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    My father: "This idiot should not be compared to Nixon. Nixon was much smarter."
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    In typical Patriots fashion, he cheated his way out.
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    Let's just all take a moment to appreciate a foreign national lecturing an American attorney on Constitutional law.
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    Must be horrible to live in a place where people with pre existing conditions get covered and dont get screwed over by chance disease. I mean, thatd be some moral hellscape that I cant imagine. Some sort of cold arctic tundra, or some desert that ingenuity brought to life by working together for a common good they were able to make the land worth fighting for. Eww.
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    buzzfeed for 10 reasons, you won't believe number 7!
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    Because I'm feeling exceptionally generous, I'll giveaway a few copies of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the system of your choice over the next few days. To be eligible, all ya gotta do is post in this thread and I'll use the ol' RNG to come up with the winners!
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    An old friend of mine was at the show and nobody has heard from him so I fear the worst.. dude has worked for 20 years to break into the music industry, he just recently got signed and was shooting up the Country Music charts *Edit* and as soon as I type that he finally responds and is safe.
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    McCain probably just moved from "disturbed" to "deeply troubled."
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    This is turning me off of Hobby Lobby. Instead, I think I'm going to start shopping at Bed Ba'ath and Beyond.
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    Why would the Democrats want to "rush" impeachment? The longer the Indictment-in-Chief remains in power, the longer the GOP will be unable to do anything at all in Congress and more damage to the GOP brand occurs. Might as well stretch this out for as long as possible.
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    That was rude of Trump to leave Pence alone with all those female reporters.
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    Hes probably terrified that foreign nationals can be indicted for interfering with US elections.
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    The people upset by the kneeling are also the people most likely to mock people for being offended at everything. It’s endlessly amusing.
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    Might have to start naming these laws after black victims of crimes. Lol, just kidding.
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    Yo Mikeee, I know the thread says Russia Hack but it's not referring to you bro.
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    I remembered the pile of work I had on my desk back at the Hoover Building, the endless stream of memos and reports from field agents. The things that are the very life blood of a complex organization. But in that moment, I was nearly swept away by his orange-tinged presence that beckoned to me like beacon in the night. I had to mentally grab hold of myself, summoning those deep reserves of strength to resist the magnetic pull. Because I knew what he wanted more than anything else in this world, more than Russian hooker golden showers, more than well-done steaks with ketchup, more than his slightly mentally-challenged looking daughter. I knew what he wanted...and I would deny him that desire. I, James Comey, refused to be moved on like a bitch.
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    Personally, I don't think there was any collusion between the Imbecile-in-Chief's campaign and Russia either, largely because the Russians aren't stupid enough to do something so terribly risky, so you're right there @jigs2016 However, what warms my heart is that at the end of the day, I will still live in a delightful multicultural bastion while you will still live in flyover country. I will be able to take full advantage of all those things that money can buy nearly without limit while you will cling to your non-existent God and your guns. I can live and work practically anywhere in this world while you can't. You're stuck right where you are and where you will always be. I already won this life while all you have is to plunge into the bottle that's your weakness, your escape, and your solace while you await the sweet release of death to a God that simply isn't there.
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    I have my doubts whether you and the woman who spawned your child should either. Actually, those aren't doubts at all. I'm CERTAIN of it.
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    Bro, he's already six moves ahead of you. Just give up now.
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    I have been around reading here and there, kind of disappointed with lack of good topics. So I have been super busy since January 1st. As most of you know my 17 year old daughter, almost 18 lives with her dad and spends time with me whenever. January 1st I get frantic call from her dad he doesn't know where our daughter is and it's 1 am. I got a hold of her to find out after work she went to friend's house and ate a pot brownie. I appreciated she was honest and thought she should not gi home until she's not high. Her father was frustrated I wasn't making big deal out of the situation. Then in the morning I got a call she's being kicked out and if I want to take her. I was there in a heartbeat. I find out she's been driving not having driver's license and no insurance. I wouldn't allow it so I got her enrolled into driving school. So between full time job and her school and her job, I was driving everywhere a lot. She's officially staying with us. She passed her DL test and driving and she got her DL less than two weeks ago. In the mean time MY parents contact me that I haven't seen talked to in 7 years! @kittykat My parents miss me and my family and accept my decisions and no longer care I'm out of their religion. Emblazon met them which I thought would never ever happen. The day we went to see them last Saturday, they gave us $5,000 towards my daughter's car!! That's huge since all we had was $500 for down. Huge relief and help. So my daughter as of last Saturday has a nice car, a used Acura. This past week has been amazing not to have to drive places other than job and groceries. So our little family now is four of us with my parents being part of my life. Couple people here reached out to see if I'm still alive. But yeah that's what's been going on. My life is actually in a very good place and I cannot believe things are in place. My spine issues are still there but not as bad as last 12 months. What's everyone else been up to??
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