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    Just say you want in and i'll assign a number and generate. You guys were very kind when i was broke so just want to pay it back! Any game.
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    S F A K E N E W S W A E K N E E N K E A W F A K E N E W S W E N E K A F W A E K N E E N K E A W S W E N E K A F S
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    In celebration with the boards coming back online thanks to @DexxFMand @SFLUFANhard efforts I too will be giving out a copy of Mario Oddysey! This will give another chance for old members and new members to play this soon to be classic. Just post in the thread with a comment about what you enjoy about online forums and I'll will randomly pick a winner. Good luck and thanks for sticking it out with us here Day One Patch!
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    Let me tell you, camera tracking a tiny ass animated gif? Not fun. Not fucking fun at all. @Jason
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    So now that the entire Dem narrative about Trump/Comey/Russia has collapsed, what will the next manufactured scandal be?
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    Trump should build his wall with Hillary's emails. No one can seem to get over them.
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    Hahaha, well, thankfully, Avenatti did most of the work for us! And ByWatterson can correct me where I'm wrong. But basically (in general laymen's terms), Avenatti is right. There are a couple of issues here: 1. The actual alleged affair is irrelevant, legally speaking. Whether the actual affair happened doesn't matter (though I believe it very, very likely did happen). 2. The actual issue (legally speaking) starts with the non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. Trump says he doesn't know Stormy Daniels and there was no affair. However, while it doesn't make sense to do it, you could theoretically pay "hush" money and have someone sign an NDA for something that didn't happen because you simply want to avoid bad press - the bad optics of someone even insinuating in public that you did something or something(s). That makes some sense - I have some ex-girlfriends that I'm sure would just want to make shit up and shit talk me if I ran for President just to hurt my reputation, or in the alternative, just to stop me from becoming President due to personal reasons lol. So having them sign NDA's (willingly on their part, like Stormy did) is not unheard of. And by all accounts, like Karen McDougal, she willingly accepted the $130,000 and willingly signed the NDA in 2016 (this is after she had already done an interview about the alleged affair with InTouch magazine in 2011, let's please note, lol). 3. By all accounts, Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen both signed the NDA, but Trump's legally authorized signature is nowhere to be found. Legally speaking, this means that Stormy signed an NDA with Michael Cohen, not Donald Trump. Trump himself has to sign the NDA for it to become effective with him. No signature means the NDA is only legally enforceable between Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, not Stormy Daniels with Donald Trump. Now, there are ways Cohen could muddy the waters here - by saying he was working as Trump's authorized agent and signed the NDA on his behalf (which still wouldn't be legally enforceable unless there is a signed power of attorney agreement for Cohen to sign on Trump's behalf with this specific NDA, which there doesn't appear to be any such agreement). This means the NDA is null and void with regards to Trump, and Stormy is free now to speak about her affair with Trump in any and all detail she would like. She can even keep the $130,000, because Cohen not making sure Trump also signed the NDA is his fault, not Stormy's. Cohen could theoretically claim that since the agreement isn't legally binding, his payment is null and void and he could demand the money back, but that's a separate issue. 4. Whether the NDA is void or not is almost irrelevant at this point, strangely enough. The problem now becomes two-fold: (1) is the NDA null or not? (likely null). (2) Michael Cohen claims that he paid the $130,000 himself out of his own pocket, and while my campaign contribution law knowledge is limited, I do believe that since it was paid for to help the campaign it is considered an unauthorized campaign contribution, which is illegal. Also, if what Trump says is true and he had no knowledge of the NDA or the hush money payment that means Michael Cohen will get disbarred because he acted on his clients behalf without his client's knowledge, which is against the Professional Rules of Responsibility that all lawyers have to follow (we have a separate test from the bar exam we all have to pass to prove we understand the rules! lol. Cohen either barely passed that test or it's been so long he's forgotten them). So if we believe Trump (and why would we?) that means Cohen gets disbarred. If we don't believe Trump (which I don't) then Trump is a flat-out liar, and that could be used as character testimony in court to prove he is unreliable and thus, his testimony cannot be believed, which would hurt his case a lot. The fact that in private amongst friends Cohen has said he expected to be paid back the $130,000 from Trump and had yet to be paid back indicates that Trump knew and Cohen expected to be reimbursed. An attorney paying hush money out of his own pocket is also highly against the Professional Rules and would get Cohen disbarred. Cohen's getting disbarred no matter what, because either way he did something against the rules: either he (a) didn't consult his client before making an NDA and hush money payment that his client didn't know about (about an alleged affair Trump now says he never had) or (b) Trump and Cohen worked together on this the whole time and Trump asked Cohen to pay it out of his own pocket and he'd get him back later and Cohen did so, not realizing you don't pay such legal transactions that way (you either put money in escrow or you pay it out of a separate fund that an attorney maintains for such occasions, but NEVER out of your personal funds or accounts). 5. Now Trump is saying, again, he had no idea about Stormy Daniels, or the alleged affair, or the NDA and hush money payment. But now he's attached himself to the suit for $20 million in damages against Stormy for an NDA he never signed (thus making it unenforceable) and since Trump claims he never knew about the NDA, it makes sense he never signed it, but then that makes the NDA null and void, which means Stormy is free to talk about the affair. But if that's the case, why would Trump attach himself to the suit for damages? That legally implies he DID know about the NDA and the hush money payment and, through his and his attorneys' bumbling stupidity, didn't sign the NDA at the time. A suit for damages can't be done with an NDA that is unenforceable anyway, so him attaching himself to it only implicates that he knew about everything, but it's all a waste of time, legally speaking - there's nothing there. There's no NDA, so there can't be any suit for damages. He's only revealed his own hand by attaching himself to the suit. 6. So the question becomes: why did he attach himself to the suit? Well, as an alleged party to this situation, he has to if there's to be any weight given to the breach of contract with the NDA, because whatever Trump says publicly, the NDA was supposed to be between him and Stormy, not Stormy and Cohen. No suit for damages would be enforceable without the primary party to the original contract that was breached (the NDA in this case) making themselves party to the suit for damages. So he kind of had to. But as I said, all that accomplishes for the rest of us is that he does know Stormy, he did have an affair, and he knew about the NDA and hush money agreement, regardless of whether he actually signed the NDA or not. 7. Finally, there's the issue of Michael Cohen speaking about the affair openly before Stormy did. This is a breach of the NDA on the part of Cohen who is representing Trump in terms of the NDA and any discussion about it post-NDA. So EVEN IF THERE WAS an enforceable NDA (which there doesn't appear to be), it became null and void the minute Cohen breached it by discussing the affair (remember, before that happened Stormy was tip-toeing around discussing the affair). Also, the liquidated damages clause that allows Trump to sue for $20 million in damages is likely unconscionable and illegal anyway, which may void the original NDA anyway, much less making the suit unenforceable too. P.S. It is important to note that this is Trump's M.O. with the law. He loves silencing people through endless, pointless, unenforceable litigation until the other party or parties give up, because he's rich and plays dirty. The problem/mistake he's made here is he's high profile now and the added scrutiny is calling out all of his and his lawyers' bullshit for what it is, which means this case will fall apart. Their other mistake was going against Avenatti, who is, by all accounts, an excellent attorney who has won some HUGE cases (even against Donald Trump) and isn't the type to back down. TL;DR Avenatti is right, and I think Trump and Cohen are fucked ten ways to Sunday regardless of which "facts" are true. The only thing that will protect Trump is how insulated he is by his attorneys (who all seem willing to fall on the sword for Trump) and that he has so much power being a currently sitting President.
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    This is open for all consoles and PC. No handhelds... All you have to do is explain why I'm an amazing user here and pick a number between 1-100. I'll close this out by this coming Wednesday 3/21 at 3pm.
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    My father: "This idiot should not be compared to Nixon. Nixon was much smarter."
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    Oh for fuck's sake. In England, half of all suicides were committed by breathing coal gas in the oven. It's why "sticking your head in the oven" became a cliche. Then, in the 1970's, they switched over to natural gas and the suicide rate plummeted and... never went back up again. In Washington, twin bridges were yards apart from one another. When a rash of suicides happened on one of the bridges, a barrier was proposed. People said it was a waste of money, because people would just walk fifty feet over to the next bridge and jump there instead. The barriers went up and... the suicide rate on the other bridge didn't budge. Why? The original bridge had a waist high railing, and the other chest high. The slight inconvenience of having to pull yourself up prevented people from attempting in the first place. Many, many crimes are crimes of convenience. Pointing out the absurd lengths someone CAN go to in order to commit a similar crime is meaningless because by and large, they won't. We can argue back and forth over the structural integrity and utility of 3D printed guns until the sun burns out, but it doesn't matter at all because almost no one is going to spend the small fortune on sophisticated machines and materials they need to assemble themselves. It's the same nonsense when people argue that they would just make a bomb instead. Making a bomb is, compared to walking into a store and plunking down cash, hard and dangerous. The worst thing that happens in one scenario is you walk out of the store without a gun, the worst thing that happens in the other is you blow yourself the fuck up. Crazy people exist everywhere across the globe at the same rates, yet despite having access to 3D printers and hardware stores, no other country has constant mass shootings from 3D printed weapons or spree bombings from improvised explosives. Now why might that be? Probably because, even for insane people, the added steps and complication prevents them from even trying. Until you can buy a Lexmark at the nearest Staples for $50 and hit ctrl+P to make yourself an AK-47, it is meaningless to discuss the impact on 3D printing on mass shootings in America.
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    Because I'm feeling exceptionally generous, I'll giveaway a few copies of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the system of your choice over the next few days. To be eligible, all ya gotta do is post in this thread and I'll use the ol' RNG to come up with the winners!
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    An old friend of mine was at the show and nobody has heard from him so I fear the worst.. dude has worked for 20 years to break into the music industry, he just recently got signed and was shooting up the Country Music charts *Edit* and as soon as I type that he finally responds and is safe.
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    McCain probably just moved from "disturbed" to "deeply troubled."
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    This is turning me off of Hobby Lobby. Instead, I think I'm going to start shopping at Bed Ba'ath and Beyond.
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    Why would the Democrats want to "rush" impeachment? The longer the Indictment-in-Chief remains in power, the longer the GOP will be unable to do anything at all in Congress and more damage to the GOP brand occurs. Might as well stretch this out for as long as possible.
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    There was a lot of crying and indecipherable blubbering, but she's wearing it so I assume that means yes.
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    Hes probably terrified that foreign nationals can be indicted for interfering with US elections.
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    The people upset by the kneeling are also the people most likely to mock people for being offended at everything. It’s endlessly amusing.
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    I would question how DVD will manage to fit both Trump and Bibi's cock in his mouth at the same time, but I think the answer is pretty obvious. They have small cocks and he has a big mouth.
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    Might have to start naming these laws after black victims of crimes. Lol, just kidding.
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    Yo Mikeee, I know the thread says Russia Hack but it's not referring to you bro.
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    I remembered the pile of work I had on my desk back at the Hoover Building, the endless stream of memos and reports from field agents. The things that are the very life blood of a complex organization. But in that moment, I was nearly swept away by his orange-tinged presence that beckoned to me like beacon in the night. I had to mentally grab hold of myself, summoning those deep reserves of strength to resist the magnetic pull. Because I knew what he wanted more than anything else in this world, more than Russian hooker golden showers, more than well-done steaks with ketchup, more than his slightly mentally-challenged looking daughter. I knew what he wanted...and I would deny him that desire. I, James Comey, refused to be moved on like a bitch.
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    The man has firsthand experience failing as an orange politician.
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    Personally, I don't think there was any collusion between the Imbecile-in-Chief's campaign and Russia either, largely because the Russians aren't stupid enough to do something so terribly risky, so you're right there @jigs2016 However, what warms my heart is that at the end of the day, I will still live in a delightful multicultural bastion while you will still live in flyover country. I will be able to take full advantage of all those things that money can buy nearly without limit while you will cling to your non-existent God and your guns. I can live and work practically anywhere in this world while you can't. You're stuck right where you are and where you will always be. I already won this life while all you have is to plunge into the bottle that's your weakness, your escape, and your solace while you await the sweet release of death to a God that simply isn't there.
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    I have my doubts whether you and the woman who spawned your child should either. Actually, those aren't doubts at all. I'm CERTAIN of it.
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    Bro, he's already six moves ahead of you. Just give up now.
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    An updated version of that infamous Reince/Mooch standoff pic:
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    "Please help us, we're trapped with this madman and you're the only one good looking enough for him to listen to."
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    This is what a grandmaster does. He's 6 steps ahead of almost everyone here and 5 ahead of himself. Get on his level.