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    Its like a bottle of bourbon asked the fairy godmother to make him into a real boy.
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    Just say you want in and i'll assign a number and generate. You guys were very kind when i was broke so just want to pay it back! Any game.
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    And at no point have you actually made anything regarding a cogent point. But please, do continue to congratulate yourself with your "profound" drive by shit-posting. There's been plenty of "butthurt" around the CEB from the election, but none of it ITT. The only "butthurt" shown here is in Trump's hypocritical and (as per his norm) nonsensical reaction to what happened. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Let's face it: Thanksgiving is a bloody stupid holiday. I mean, a day devoted to "giving thanks" - whatever the hell that's supposed to mean! Anyway, if we're going to endure this farce, we might as well make the best of it, so I'll be giving away a game a day between now and Sunday evening - all you have to do is post in this thread. Now THAT is something that all you D1Pshits should be thankful for, not because of a bunch of religious zealots decided to refuse to obey their Sovereign Monarch and the Mother Church of England!
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    S F A K E N E W S W A E K N E E N K E A W F A K E N E W S W E N E K A F W A E K N E E N K E A W S W E N E K A F S
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    It's nice that they finally published a book that Republicans have the capacity to read all the way through.
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    You know what? I have been FAR too lenient with you, but now you've given me enough rope to (metaphorically) hang you with. You are no longer welcome in this community. I would wish you a pleasant life, but I really don't mean it at all.
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    Let me tell you, camera tracking a tiny ass animated gif? Not fun. Not fucking fun at all. @Jason
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    So now that the entire Dem narrative about Trump/Comey/Russia has collapsed, what will the next manufactured scandal be?
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    Trump should build his wall with Hillary's emails. No one can seem to get over them.
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    Almost as good of a troll job as the time Kansas elected a Republican legislature and a Republican governor and their Republican policies bankrupted the state, closed down schools, and chased jobs away from Kansas. Haha! Those wacky trolls.
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    He committed perjury. Fuck him. Fuck Flynn. Fuck Carter Paige. Fuck Steve Bannon. Fuck Steven Cohen--who isn't even in the administration, but fuck him nevertheless. Fuck Paul Manafort. Fuck James Comey. And fuck Agent Orange who brought the entire shit team together.
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    My hand is hovering over the button erasing your existence from MY forum permanently. Tread lightly. Or not. I really don't care.
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    This thread is going to go down terribly in history.
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    He's just never been over a black man's house before is all
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    After nearly a year of working on this project, I decided there was a lot more about the history of graphics cards that I wanted to cover. So it's sort of grown into its own YouTube channel! I'm giving DayOnePatch exclusive access to the first three videos on the channel! This is a show of my appreciation for all the encouragement so many of you have given me since the start of this project. My intent was to release a video a week, but after over a month just working on three videos, it's pretty clear to me this will not be possible with a full time job, and the level of quality I'm shooting for. That being said, please excuse the poor mic quality and crude camera work. I'm on a very tight budget. Because you're getting the first three videos, it will be a long time before you see another one, so please bear that in mind. Thanks again to everyone! I hope you all find something to enjoy on my new channel!
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    My father: "This idiot should not be compared to Nixon. Nixon was much smarter."
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    In typical Patriots fashion, he cheated his way out.
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    Let's just all take a moment to appreciate a foreign national lecturing an American attorney on Constitutional law.
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    Must be horrible to live in a place where people with pre existing conditions get covered and dont get screwed over by chance disease. I mean, thatd be some moral hellscape that I cant imagine. Some sort of cold arctic tundra, or some desert that ingenuity brought to life by working together for a common good they were able to make the land worth fighting for. Eww.
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    buzzfeed for 10 reasons, you won't believe number 7!
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    Too good not to share.
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    An old friend of mine was at the show and nobody has heard from him so I fear the worst.. dude has worked for 20 years to break into the music industry, he just recently got signed and was shooting up the Country Music charts *Edit* and as soon as I type that he finally responds and is safe.
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    McCain probably just moved from "disturbed" to "deeply troubled."
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    This is turning me off of Hobby Lobby. Instead, I think I'm going to start shopping at Bed Ba'ath and Beyond.
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    Why would the Democrats want to "rush" impeachment? The longer the Indictment-in-Chief remains in power, the longer the GOP will be unable to do anything at all in Congress and more damage to the GOP brand occurs. Might as well stretch this out for as long as possible.
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    That was rude of Trump to leave Pence alone with all those female reporters.
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    A week or so ago, @legend and @Boyle5150 bought me a game when I was broke so I could play with them. I've gotten my tax return so I'm paying that forward. Up to $60.00 plus tax, 2 games max. Must be able to add me (irreverent79) on Steam. Just say something in the thread to enter. I'll pick a winner randomly later. Anyone can enter as long as you have over 500 posts. I'll pick a winner tomorrow at around 5pm pacific.
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    Chris Christie being miserable is one of the few good things to come out of all this
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    To be fair, this is pretty benign for things that have happened to politicians at theaters.
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    Seriously....fuck you. Go away. Foul leper.
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    I enlisted to serve an ideal, Trump is the death of that ideal. I've doubted much in my life, never my nation or my service. The Corps was never about the Corps, but about serving something greater than myself. This isn't about my party losing, you think I wanted Hillary. I would've gladly taken Bush, again, over either of them. This is about this nation electing a man who advocates treason to support his political agenda. Throwing his political rivals in prison. Suing people for exercising free speech. Everything we are supposed to be against ffs. His racism and misogny wtf ever, it's not that dangerous or anti-american. This nation choose a populist-strong-man who advocates positions contrary to the ideals of our republic. My nation wasn't a border or a flag.