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    A week or so ago, @legend and @Boyle5150 bought me a game when I was broke so I could play with them. I've gotten my tax return so I'm paying that forward. Up to $60.00 plus tax, 2 games max. Must be able to add me (irreverent79) on Steam. Just say something in the thread to enter. I'll pick a winner randomly later. Anyone can enter as long as you have over 500 posts. I'll pick a winner tomorrow at around 5pm pacific.
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    Conservatives are so wrapped up in doublethink it's just plain funny. In 2013, the conservative press was raging about Obama's "war on leaks", and publishing editorials like this. Now the same publications are spouting the line DVD is pushing here, and raging about the "dangers of leaking to the press", in articles like this. In case you think it's limited to the New York Post, here's Michael Barone of the National Review stridently criticizing Obama's crackdown on leaks in 2013. Of course, now the NR is singing the opposite tune. Here's The Washington Free Beacon complaining that Obama's crackdown on leaks is "chilling journalism" in 2013. Now the Beacon hysterically decries the Flynn leaks as part of a 'vicious campaign', and shows no concern for Trump's retaliation against the whistleblowers as "chilling journalism". Or the Daily Caller lamenting that Obama's prosecution of whistleblowers was overzealous in 2016, only to reverse their position months later, and argue that these leaks are a "plot to weaken America"! So color me unconvinced by the hypocritical sanctimony of the right-wing as it rages against the dangers of leaks to the press and watches its current avatar hang himself with his own rope.
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    No one gives a shit about DVD. Stop caring what he says.
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    Looks like he landed on "Somehow Obama" this time.
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    This is silly. You can't get government assistance if you don't have a social security number. If you're here illegally, but get assistance then you've stolen or bought a new identity. If you did that, then you aren't the one that's getting rounded up in these sorts of dragnets because you have papers proving you're a citizen. The most you can get without a social security number in this country is public schooling up through high school in many states and emergency care at a hospital. In spite of that, illegal immigrants are paying taxes either through they're income or simply through sales tax. They are the cheapest people we have living in this country. Try proving otherwise. Sent from my SM-T817T using Tapatalk
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    I have a few conservative and libertarian friends that I will occasionally talk politics with. If the topic gets brought up, I try to find commonalities between us intead of focusing on what we disagree on. What is frustrating with DVD is that he never does this. He only comes on this board with the intent to stir shit up. You would think with our mutual dislike for Trump he could use this as a way to find some ground with us. But no, instead he repeatedly insists that he dislikes Trump for REAL reasons, and that we only dislike him because we are liberals who hate every single Republican. He's always combatative and, quite frankly, mean-spirited. He comes on here to insult us, then has the gall to say that we're only mean to him because of his views. No, we are mean to him because he's a fucking jerk. I won't pretend that this board doesn't skew left, but there other more conservative users on here who fit in just fine because they understand basic rules of human decency. But believe it or not, I actually feel bad for DVD. He brings such a negative attitude with him that I can't immagine that he's a happy person IRL. I hope he finds help and learns to not get so worked up over the politics of a country he doesn't even live in.
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    I think DVD's critical comments of Donald Trump came when he thought Rubio still had a chance.
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    Member when you were the most anti-Trump person on these boards? I member. Wade just hates idiocy, something you seem very comfortable with.
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    It certainly looks bad when I have a note in your handwriting planning out the murder.
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    Thanks for the words, John McCain. Now follow it up with action. I don't believe any Republican on this matter until they prove it.
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    And I think I'll stay thank you very much! I mean, someone has to stay around to mock you mercilessly, right?
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    The sad part is that it's really not all that unbelievable.
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    Well, the Bakersfield farmers are going to witness just how wrong they were!
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    Because she goes well beyond the usual evasion into making stuff up. Theyre literally telling people that there were 3 million illegal votes, that buses of voters where shipped into other states to swing them for Hillary. Then theres the made up terrorism attacks and the delusional list of 'under reported' terrorist attacks that werent. The press in general is too cosy to power, but to pretend that there isnt anything unusual and erratic going on now from the Trump administration is sillypants.
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    If we were in 1972 DVD would be blaming reporters for leaking info illegally about Watergate, and they were going to lead to an authoritarian state.
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    I figured Trump just decided to erase us like an EPA data site when he found out that his harshest critic in the country, HeyDVD, was talking all kinds of shit about him our our little site.
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    Where were these teachers when I was in highschool?
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    Trump isn't capable of correctly understanding the content of a single cable news show segment, but by all means, let's hear more about how silly liberals are hysterically overreacting to Trump's presidency.
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    Why is a Canadian telling everyone what America used to be? Isn't he sitting up there with his gun laws and free healthcare?
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    Mix 75% 90/10 ground beef with 25% ground pork in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment. Add diced onions, bell peppers, celery, and sauteed minced garlic to the meat. Salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, and whatever other spices you want to taste, I prefer sage, thyme, and oregano as well. Alternatively you can use a packet of French onion soup mix per 2 pounds of meat. Add 2 eggs per pound of meat. Push meat into a buttered bread pan mold, take care to work all the air pockets out of the meat, and smooth out the top surface. Place pan in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes. Take par-cooked loaf and flip onto a cookie rack placed in a sheet pan to drain grease. Cook to 130 degrees. Mix 50/50 ketchup and bbq sauce of choice with a dash of chili powder and brown sugar. Apply to meatloaf by hand with a latex (of neoprene) glove in layers, applying at least a 1/4 inch layer to the top. Place meatloaf back in oven and cook to 145 degrees. Let it rest for a minimum of 10 minutes and serve with starch and vegetable of your choice. The meatloaf will be moist, yet not greasy. It will also make excellent sandwich leftovers when chilled since it will firm up and not crumble when cold.
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    I think there is a not 0% chance that we'll get a leak about Trump forcing Christie to do the Truffle Shuffle for his amusement.
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    How much Fox News do you have to watch before they send you the Lil Donny Trump Decoder Ring? Does it come free with a subscription to LifeAlert?
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    I still don't understand why he posts here. He hates it here so much and doesn't respect anybody who disagrees with him (which is incredibly ironic coming from him and his, er, crusade against bubbles, I guess?). He has done a good job entrenching people opposite of his view points over the past decade and a half of posting on the CEB, attracts the same attitude on the non-political boards, and he has even been trolled by the board's conservatives and libertarians over the years, to which he temporarily turns on them in a New York minute. Or in the case of Wade, permanently turned on him even though SFLU is saying the same shit he's been saying for years. He has never agreed with the board's liberals and would rather argue with them on everything, even when there's a president in power who he allegedly thinks is terrible. Weird. Fascinating, though.
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    It's pretty obvious now that the administration will "leak" out executive orders before signing them to gage the public opinion. This is simply the latest in a handful of controversial orders that the administration claims they were never going to sign. It seems awfully fishy.
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    That's not the "best I can find". That's literally the first result that came up when I googled "heyyoudvd obama 2009." And the point is that post could have just as easily been from 2015 as 2009. You never gave obama "the benefit of the doubt", there was no wait and see. Your attitude has been the same all along. Despite how prolificly you post to social media, I'm betting it would be difficult to find even three times you've said something positive about Obama. And despite how you claim to be so anti-trump, I cannot recall you making any substantive criticism of the man since his electoral victory, and certainly not since his inauguration.
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    I'm just here for the entertainment, so I must point out two things that I'm sure the rest of you have seen: 1) heyyou's secret admiration of Trump probably needs a new strategy, because this one is tired: the aging strategy right now is to defend everything Trump has done by saying, "You guys are crying wolf about everything so when he does something that's actually bad, nobody will care!" but somehow, Trump never seems to do anything "actually egregious" in the eyes of the "most anti-Trump poster on the board." I am quite curious what these secret egregious things are that Trump apparently never does since everything anyone has complained about is not egregious at all. For someone so anti-Trump, it's impressive that he is so fiercely against the man even though nothing Trump has done since winning the Republican nomination has been that bad. Never mind that he's less popular than any president in modern history within a month of his presidency and has spurred millions upon millions of people to town halls and protests quicker than Obama ever did. Everyone is on board the Trump train! 2) When someone goes after heyyou or Trump, he labels them a leftist. Jason and Wade are now leftists. The latter was a nihilist years ago in heyyou's eyes, but once you go after Trump, you're a g'damn liberal.
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    You do know your deflection strategy here is entirely too obvious? Every time Trump and/or the Republicans does something bad/stupid/embarrassing/incompetent, you try to divert attention away from the subject by talking about 'the left's reaction to it rather than the action itself. In this way you can either tacitly support what Trump does while making it look like you do not, or minimize the full significance and negative impacts of any bad decisions he makes. You might have even convinced yourself that you do not do this, but this rhetorical strategy has defined every post you have made here about Trump since he clinched the nom. It also defines how the conservative press has handled all of Trump's missteps. It is sly, even cute, but still all too obvious a deflection strategy.
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    I enjoy how the board's most ardent Trump critic has adopted his favorite mannerism. Sad!
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    But they don't have to live in three different locations. They could just live at the White House and vacation at Camp David. Locations that are already secure and much cheaper to protect.
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    Let's be honest... Batman is preposterously over-written and the notion that he routinely takes down people ridiculously more powerful than him is one of the silliest contrivances in comics. Someone like Carnage would obliterate Batman, and it's not even close. Iron Man, too. The dudes on that list that mainly get by on being solid fighters with some light abilities? Sure. I buy that Batman could beat The Punisher. Daredevil, too, why not. Wolverine is over inflated too and regularly beats people that he has no business beating, but Wolverine would murder the shit out of Batman. "But what if Batman has time to prepare????" "Well what if Iron Man nukes Gotham from orbit?" So fucking dumb.
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    The following is an accounting of the events of our recent downtime: 1. At some point early Saturday morning Eastern time, we experienced a database crash that the automated repair system was unable to fix. 2. When I saw the error message about the crash, I first contacted our boards software provider for support. 3. A few hours later, our board software provider informed me that the error message I was seeing was not due to a software failure, but was caused by a failure of the database on our server. 4. I contacted our hosting service to see if they could fix the particular database table that was being identified as the reason for the failure. 5. A few hours later the hosting service informed me that the table couldn't be fixed and that I would have to restore one of our database backups. 6. I proceeded to restore one of our database backups...or at least I thought I did. As it turns out, the database backup restoration request was never executed. 7. I contacted our hosting service about this and they suggested that I try again. 8. I tried again and this time it appeared that the database backup restoration was actually executed. 9. However, the site was still showing a fatal error (a different error than the initial one). 10. I accessed our site's actual database tables and noticed that the tables had in fact been restored, so...what the hell? 11. I looked at the fatal error some more and noticed that our board software appeared to be looking for a particular table and while that table was present in the database, it was not named in the exact manner that the board software as looking for. In fact, the table had a timestamp suffix attached to it. 12. I spoke with our outside consultant @DexxFM about my suspicions that the timestamp suffix on the tables was the cause of the fatal error, and he confirmed that my theory was correct. 13. So, I executed another database restoration and used the option to restore the database tables WITHOUT a timestamp suffix attached to it. "Ah-ha!" I thought, "This should work!" 14. But, of course, it didn't work. Not only was the timestamp suffix there again on the restored tables, but a NEW timestamp suffix had appended itself to the one that was there already! 15. Once again, I contacted our hosting service for assistance. 16. Several hours later, they came back with two solutions: (a) we could rename each table without the suffix (we have about 350 tables so who the hell wants to do that?) or (b) we could create a new database and restore the backups into that one. 17. Neither of these were satisfying so I decided to file another support ticket explaining exactly what I wanted done with the database restore -- ie, restore the backup from February 10 WITHOUT ANY TIMESTAMP SUFFIXES. And with this support ticket, I requested a callback from a hosting service representative. 18. Just before 1pm Eastern, I received the call from the rep and explained to him exactly what I wanted done, and he understood right away and begain the database restoration WITHOUT the suffixes. 19. A couple of hours later, the restoration was completed and the site was back up again and functional after @Jason made a few admin tweaks. 20. I asked the rep why my non-suffixed restoration failed and he explained that when I attempted the restoration, the tables were 'in_user' which prevented the database restoration function from restoring the tables correctly without the time stamps. We walked through how to query the process list using mySQL and how to kill the process via phpmyadmin. So, there you go - that's the saga of the last few days. We still don't know what happened to cause the crash on early Saturday morning, but at least we have a better handle on how to fix tings should they go wrong.
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    So the numbered list of participants: 1. LazyPiranha 2. CastlevaniaNut18 3. TomCat 4. Brick 5. TheLeon 6. BasemntDweller2 7. BlueAngel 8. Hurricane Game 9. mudads 10. DasWax 11. Reputator 12. Snaynay1 13. Toronado97 14. mikechorney 15. Firewithin 16. Zarich 17. jaethos 18. Pikachu 19. Stickey 20. NextGen 21. thewhyteboar 22. apoc81 And the winner: @mikechorney Please add me (Irreverent79) on steam and let me know what game(s) you want. Up to $60.00 plus tax, 2 games max. Steam only.
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    http://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/articles/how-states-compare 2 of the top 10 states are "right to work" states, where 8 of the bottom 10 are "right to work" with regard to unions generally. Oh, and generally, the states with the strongest teacher unions are at the top of this list.
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    "Our desire is to confront the culture in ways that will continue to advance God's kingdom."
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    I'll be adding a decent-sized multiple to that $1.00 then
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    The most anti Trump poster everyone. Trying to apologize for this is hilarious.
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