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    The Trump campaign played a small minor roll in the Trump campaign.
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    One of my father's friends went to the Australian embassy in Trinidad to obtain a visa. When he was being interviewed, the consular officer asked him if he had a criminal record. His response was, "No, I don't. Is one still necessary to go to Australia?" He got the visa, but the consular officer wasn't particularly amused.
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    Happy early birthday to me Not pictured: Whatever I end up downloading for the X, probably AC:0
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    What a stupid statement. She really needs to go away. But the issues she raised are legitimate and deserve to be addressed. Saying the election is illegitimate is false. Votes weren't changed.
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    Considering that "Top Gun" is the single most homoerotic film ever made, this definitely fits the bill!
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    At first I was like , but then I remember your profession.
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    Alternate thread title: Everything You Need to Know About Trollpez's Anti Unionization Efforts at Vox
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    If I'm a Democratic Senator, I would give serious consideration to voting to NOT expel him and explain that the reason why is that I want him to remain in the Senate as a reminder of the hypocrisy and moral depravity of the GOP. Actually, that is exactly what I would do.
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    God, you really are all about this "Alpha male bullshit", aren't you? Just how small is your penis?!?
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    The problem is that the term "believe" is far too absolute in practically every situation that it is applied. The far better methodology would be to say that the "probability that the accuser is telling the truth is greater than/less than the probability that they are not" based on the circumstances of the situation. "The probability that the individual claiming that they were mugged is telling the truth is greater than the probability that they hit themselves in the face a few times" is a far better, more rational approach.
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    From Twitter: "I know Bernie Bernstein. This isn't like him. He pays his sources in shekels."
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    Your source is a link to create a new topic here? Are we supposed to write the article?
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    I cannot adequately express how fucking gross and demeaning I think it is to consider an employer forcing an employee to watch them fool around with other people. How hot they are really has nothing to do with it.
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    Is there a point where you’ll stop with the headline changing thing? It would be nice to not have to decipher what the thread is actually about.
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    Done. Check your games tab and you'll see this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/Kitty-Powers-Matchmaker/C2F67LCVGF8W
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    Credits are rolling as I type this. I liked it. I'm out now so more thoughts later, but I thought it was fun. @apoc81 and @Hurdyb1
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    I grew up Baptist. We print pages of Bibles so thin so that the meaning bends easier.
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    Creepy? Not in the context that I provided it in. You're creepy for pointing it out. The post was completely fine and relevant to a question I answered.
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    Also, I agree that unless you're a vegan(though I still find johnny to be a self-righteous twerp on this issue), you can stfu about people hunting(I'm not talking about trophy hunting here). It's rather stupid to enjoy your chicken and beef that likely came from cruel methods while criticizing people for harvesting their own meat.
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    1. She's sleeping which means she cannot express disapproval or denial of the action, even if it is intended as a joke. 2. See #1 3. Even if there was consent for the rehearsal kiss, she claims that he stuck his tongue into her mouth which goes way beyond a rehearsal smooch.
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    Are these stock bad defenses, or are these actual questions? Because I don't think any of these pass muster.
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    I can 100% assure you that if I'm screening a candidate for position and I discover that they were involved in a situation where they were falsely accused of something, I'd be extra cautious about hiring that person for the simple reason is that I would question their judgment in allowing themselves to be placed into that situation to begin with.
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    Bullshit. I know a guy who SLAPPED his woman for attacking him with a 2x4 and was charged and convicted of assault. And a cousin who was stabbed by his gf and punched her lost his kids to her, and he had called the popo for her assaults in the past! It's not just about the fact that it's wrong to hit you because i'd literally break your face, it's because most of the time, we get the worst of it legally because we're men.
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    Duke Lacrosse players, Rolling Stone Jackie, Mattress Girl...high-profile cases that turned out to be complete bullshit where people had their lives ruined. But yeah, sure, I'm the one enabling abusers, not the false accusers and the media outlets publicizing their bullshit.
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    I assume there's slow mo scenes of the Amazons getting porked by Gerard Butler while preposterous butt rock blares in the background.
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    That is a proper fucking teaser. Studios need to start doing similar things with established characters in teasers instead of giving away all the awesome moments and reveals in a three minute "trailer".
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    Maybe we can institute a process whereby your home is searched for weapons when you become prohibited. I mean, enough traffic or parking violations and they can impound your car, right? As soon as you're convicted of a crime that would de-qualify you from owning firearms, I don't think it unreasonable to have any existing firearms impounded until you can transfer ownership to an allowed person. I don't know how that flies constitutionally, but it seems reasonable. And of course you'd have to be careful that places like NJ don't abuse the authority (they would).
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    Well I finally got it out. Also Still thrilled I beat the game a couple of months ago. I didn't go with a script this time. I had an outline. Also I played around a little with a green screen. This one is a warm up for later Castlevania games. My two favorite are Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night (All time favorite game). I started playing this game last year. Death was a real hurdle and Dracula was no push over. I streamed hours of me failing on Twitch. I was happy to beat the game before the 31st anniversary. I just couldn't get the video out before. I am ready to take on Castlevania 2 next. That one I played a ton growing up. I don't know if I will beat Castlevania 3 but after 2 I will try. I hope my voice is sounding more natural. Edit: replaced the video with spelling correction.
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