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    American college students on spring break engaging in obnoxious behavior? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!
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    Remember when you posted a tweet asserting Obama had dinner with the judge in Hawaii, even though said judge was not in any of the pictures? Remember when you posted the tweet about the mosque shooter being a Muslim even after it was reported he was a white nationalist? Remember those?
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    I know I shouldn't feed the troll but this is just too perfect. Two responses to the same post. TwinIon in one sentence says "no" that and he cites a credible source. Immediately afterwards is heyyoudvd's post where he blathers on for several paragraphs doing nothing but spitting out a bunch of talking points and say nothing substantive or sourced, and nothing that even addresses the question specifically.
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    Y'all here at D1P have known Brazil201 (who shall be referred to by his name, Alex) for quite some time. The general consensus is that he's an insufferable, egotistical dickhead from Jersey. While I already shared this same opinion of him prior to meeting him in person, you'll be glad (or disappointed) to know that it carries over to his real persona, as well. Apparently, some of y'all have been invited to hang with him in persona nd have declined the invites for various reasons. I've declined a few in the past myself, but figured I'd finally give it a shot. Maybe he'll be more tolerable in person, I thought to myself. Besides, I was already in the area for work, so I gave it a go. We met up at his favorite bar, Bar None, around 9:40. It's not my kinda hangout, but it's not as if he'd want to make a trek to someplace I preferred. Besides, this was like Animal Planet for me—getting to observe the tanned douche in his natural habitat. Prior to meeting me, he had a job interview in the city and went to a FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) speed dating thing. So, at least I had some topics to bring up to start conversations. While we drank our drinks (which were actually fairly good, mind you), we got to chatting about how his job interview and speed dating went. He answered plainly. So far, he was pretty tolerable. Had no complaints besides my previous opinion of him. After a few drinks, he gets a text from a girl he met at the speed dating thing. We bar hop over to Black Door on W 26th and meet her and her friend. Despite being underage (19) at a bar, they're pretty cool girls. They can both do much better than Alex. They found out soon enough. While he may have introduced himself to the girl (who we'll refer to as Eve) as "Asshole Alex," she didn't think he'd be that bad. Her friend (who'll be Brie) already didn't like him from the speed dating rounds. We talk for a bit and Alex keep's going for Eve's hands, which she's fairly okay with. "It's just hand-holding," she said to me later. We'll skip the next half hour as it's more of the same and get to where we make our way to a third bar, Hibernia. As we make our way down streets and subway tunnels, Brie and I lag behind, both intentionally to observe and unintentionally as Brie decided to wear heels and didn't change into something more comfortable. This is when I make it very clear that this is my first time meeting him in person and I can't actually stand him. I couldn't let their opinion of me be tarnished because they think I'm best friends with this kid, after all. Had to explain the whole Discord thing, but she understood. During this time, Alex and Eve are up ahead holding hands. Unbeknownst to me and Brie, Eve was already loathing this dude she thought was a sleaze. He'd made several attempts to kiss her by grabbing her face already, and she rejected him each time. He'd made racist comments about the black people at the earlier speed dating event, asking Eve if she had "jungle fever" and telling her that they sounded like they were from Kenya. She's a person of color herself, and said (later) that it just offended her even more. For a dude that brags on discord about how much he gets laid, it's refreshing to see that there are some chicks who don't fall for that. (Small rant: this is most likely because he doesn't have to have any face to face interaction with people he meets on Tinder prior to their starbucks meetup and alleged sex. Spending a half hour of just interacting with him without sex as the topic would most likely dissuade most women he encounters) We finally get to the bar, get our drinks, and we talk some more. The usual. The girls and I get to be more familiar with one another while Alex just kinda sits back in the chair, in his unnecessarily tight clothes and iPhone in hand. By now, he was pouty as he knew he most likely wasn't getting laid that night. Skip forward to when we leave the bar and head to the trains. Normally, I'd just part ways and head home since I had the longest commute, but I was curious to what Eve thought about Alex. We hop on the train, Alex gets off a few stops later, and we get to talking without him. Eve loathed Alex. She gave him a single kiss earlier just so he'd stop trying, but proceeded to block his number and unfollow him on Instagram and Snapchat. In addition to the racist comments I mentioned earlier, he lied about his age, claiming he was 22 instead of 24. Brie and I told Eve how I knew Alex so she'd know I don't normally associate myself with insufferable guys from Jersey. All in all, I had a fun night. Alex, on the other hand, probably didn't. I guess that's all for now. I might try this again one day.
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    Oh for fuck's sake, you've been reduced to copying tweets that are nothing but links to other people's tweets. Hey @legend can you just make a bot that scours random conservative tweets and occasionally barfs one out sans context and then can @SFLUFAN just give it dvd's login credentials? I'd feel better knowing a piece of code was wasting time rather than a human being.
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    DVD, if you really can't see the difference then I don't know why it's worth even bothering to have a discussion with you. If you also don't think the right puts out similarly slanted news stories then I also don't think it's worth having further discussions on this topic with you. The bottom line is that Trump's "FAKE NEWS" line of attack on CNN and other news outlets is dangerous, juvenile, lacking in all nuance and is just plain dangerous. If you can't see that, I don't know what to say. I don't even like CNN. I think it's a shitty news source. They suck. But what Donald Trump is doing is dangerous. And when his followers, like you, parrot his little FAKE NEWS talking point doublespeak bullshit, it's also dangerous. If you want to have a conversation about media bias, go for it. But just shouting FAKE NEWS over and over is unbelievably dishonest and dangerous.
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    I remember back in 2009 on the CEB when a bunch of people were mortified by Barack and Michelle giving David Cameron a set of region 1 DVDs. Simpler times.
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    The reason that the cbo is cited is because it is a relatively impartial, apolitical organization to make difficult economic projections based on the legislation in front of it. If you're going to not trust their projections, you best have a better way to evaluate the legislation, and citing the heritage foundation or economic policy institute or some other biased think tank is worthless unless you want to dive into the actual assumptions used in the projection, or their model, or etc etc. Just saying they've been wrong before (oh look they're human) without a better evaluation is just spitting hot air for the sake of discrediting results you don't like.
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    Declare health care (not health insurance) to be in the national security and economic interests of the state, and elevate health care professionals to the status of national heroes on par with military personnel. Health insurance executives are declared as "enemies of the state" and they and their families are publicly executed.
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    I'm honestly embarrassed for you that you posted this.
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    Opening night festivities. Dolby showed off some DolbyVision and Atmos stuff which was cool. Definitely go see a movie in Dolby Cinema if available in your area. Sony presented their upcoming slate. Highlights for me: Baby Driver opening scene/car chase. Don't be fooled by that trailer, this flick is full of Wright's brilliant style. The car action is absolutely phenomenal, and Wright's request that we exhibitors "turn the volume up one more notch" sounds like a plan. And Sony obviously feels strongly about the film as the moved it up to the middle of the Summer from an August after thought. The Dark Tower trailer. I've never read the books, so I'm just judging the trailer. Despite some unfinished effects work, the trailer really worked for me. I liked the concept and the cast looks well suited to the characters as portrayed here. Blade Runner 2049: Denis continues to show why he's one of the best talents in the business today. He really nailed the look and feel of the world of Blade Runner. Gosling looks great in the scenes they showed. Jumanji was surprisingly not terrible, but it's also a completely different take on the world than the Robin Williams film. As usual, The Rock and Kevin Hart are playing themselves so don't raise your expectations much. Spider-man: Homecoming's final trailer premiered. I felt like it was a BIG improvement over the first trailer. Holland really is a great Peter. One of the reassuring things from this part of the presentation is that Tom Rothman, head of Sony, made it really clear that this is an MCU movie and Fiege and his team at Marvel Studios produced it. In fact, despite bringing the director Watts and the "producer" Amy Pascal out, Fiege was the only one of the three who got to speak. I've been saying since the announcement that this is a Sony movie in only the financial sense. A proud Japanese company though wasn't going to come out and say the Americans saved them. Sony definitely brought the heat to kick things off. STX, Paramount, and Disney present tomorrow. Disney also is screening Pirates 5 after their presentation, but I'd rather just get a Last Jedi trailer and have it play on repeat for 2 hours. Other notes: Pretty sure Jerry Bruckheimer rubbed my butt in a crowded area of the event hall. Germain Lussier, formerly of slashfilm, is very nice. Peter Sciretta, currently of slashfilm, is legitimately a real life "Comic vook Guy" from Simpsons.
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    Fake news is an easy term to understand. I understand it, I know the definition, and I'm smarter than heyyou. Heyyou doesn't know, but he's also dumber than everyone here. That's the beginning and end of the conversation.
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    Oh good, another discussion about who should have been the candidate to face Trump with predictions of events that can never be tested!
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    This debacle is all on Paul Ryan. He needs to do the honorable thing and commit seppuku on the steps of the Capitol.
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    I think Trump should be allowed an extra hour in the truck after the rough week he's had
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    Did your night out go something like this?
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    Have you ever seen a turtle without it's shell?
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    Salt and Sanctuary hits Vita om Tuesday! This will be the very last game that I purchase for Vita and it'll be a damn fine send off. A proper Souls-like on handheld is all I've ever wanted.
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    Transphobic nonsense is not a "contrary view" and continued discussion along those lines will also be nuked. Move along.
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    Since this is the final piece of Dark Souls 3 DLC and quite possibly the last bit of Dark Souls content that will ever grace our gaming system(s) of choice, I figured it needed it's own discussion thread. The Ringed City DLC is slated for a worldwide release on Midnight, March 28th in Europe, which would be 6pm Eastern, 4PM Central & 3PM Pacific in the US. Fear not the dark, ashen one. Journey to the world’s end to search for the Ringed City and encounter new lands, new bosses, new enemies with new armor, magic and items. Experience the epic final chapter of a dark world that could only be created by the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki. This new adventure has players chasing after the Slave Knight Gael to the literal end of the world as he searches for the Dark Soul of Humanity. At the close of the Age of Fire, as the world ends and all lands converge upon themselves, a lone adventurer descends into the madness of the earth and uncovers the secrets of the past. As players make their way to the fabled Ringed City they will encounter ancient beasts, a new cast of characters teetering on the edge of insanity, new armor, weapons, magic, and at the bottom of it all, a long lost city filled with new horrors for players to overcome. About the DLC (Do not click if you want to be kept in the dark, no story/lore items here) For those of you who have not purchased Dark Souls 3 yet, on April 21st, Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition launches, including the base game + DLC. If you're starting a new game, become OP AS FUCK in short order. Discussion Thread for the Base Game @Dodger @ktownhero @Xbob42 @NuBlood @Bourne Perfect @SimpleG @Bjomesphat @Slug @AndrewDean84 @Mithan @GuyWhoPostsThings @TheLeon @Paperclyp @eventide11 @Bacon @Mr.Vic20 @skillzdadirecta @SeVeN CDN @Mercury33 @caleb1915 @Spork3245 @ATCS @Nokt @RedSoxFan9 @matthewsuperawesome
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    I feel using fake news incorrectly as heyyou constantly does should be a bannable offense. I actually am not giving him the benefit of the doubt anymore and am simply assuming he's dumb.
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    Got mine off Amazon when they were in stock, just arrived today.
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    A nice timeline of the slow motion meltdown that happened yesterday. I don't know if you guys saw the multiple articles floating around yesterday about how Trump advisors such as Bannon wanted to force a vote, despite the public embarrassment, just to make a shit list of their enemies. It turns out a lot of Ryan's time at the White House yesterday was just him trying to convince Trump not to go through with it. As we now know, once it became clear the bill wouldn't pass support cratered because...well why put your name on an unpopular bill without even having something to show for it? So Ryan basically had to explain to Trump why forcing a vote might put half the damn House on his hit list. Interesting side note, Pence also wanted to force the vote. Not for that same reason, but because he was convinced right up to the end that putting the spotlight on everyone would shame/scare/intimidate them into voting yes. Also, Trump really was just that bad at peeling off votes. It turns out "Health care repeal is going to be so easy. We're going to replace it with something great. Believe me, believe me" just wasn't impressing very many Reps.
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    Here's an article on why this failed push shows the GOP is a party not yet ready to govern. But I think the most interesting takeaway here might be some perspective on what Trump's idea of "going all in" on a bill is. Obama worked on, clawed at, and finally pushed through a bill after 13 months. Trump seemed equal parts bored and exhausted after 2 weeks. Maybe he will be more engaged on a topic that he does seem to genuinely care about like gaming the tax code to give himself more money tax reform. But this doesn't bode well for a president who has to, you know, do lots of stuff. Much like not knowing health care could be so complicated, I guess no one could really foresee that the leader of the free world has to work on problems even if he's not psyched about them.
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    So when does the Art of the Deal get moved to the fiction or comedy section?
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    Seven years to come up with a palatable replacement. Seven. Years. The dog caught the car and didn't know what to do with it. Anybody surprised that the "government sucks" party sucks at governmenting? Fuck 'em.
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    DVD is such a fucking joke. It doesn't matter how many times he is proven to be wrong, he still can't get off the dung
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    Update: Got my switch today at Best Buy!! Got the last one too. So stoked and currently playing Zelda handheld mode and I love it. My first Nintendo console since an N64.
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    First of all, you don't know shit about me, so I haven't turned into anything. Second of all, regardless on what anyone thinks about a post of mine, I'm never whispering and I'm never screaming, so I'd appreciate it if people don't assume that I'm getting emotional about it one way or the other. There is also nowhere that I've said this game should be above criticism. What I don't like to see is people saying shit that either isn't true or is pretty fucking overblown, without any kind of rebuttal. I also don't appreciate when said rebuttal is given, that myself or others are labeled as some stupid, fucking internet creation, such as a "defense force" or "praiser" or whatever other latest flavour of the month is. It's called a discussion and these are message boards. Don't talk shit unless you want someone to discuss the other side of it. With this game in particular, especially with the massive size and scope of the content, what's average or bad in the game amounts to about 2%. And yes, I'm talking about jank, glitches and faces. Everything else is subjective likes and dislikes.
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    Ah yes let them eat cake why do you respond to him? Anyway, enjoy your increase cost to access healthcare since this lovely thing called emtla exists.