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    They should build the wall out of Hillary since she's apparently impossible to get over.
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    These tweets are psychopath level. Anyone else seeing this shit? Yes, I can still be surprised. The President of the United States of America and ostensible leader of the free world just wrote two tweets besmirching the name of, even if you don't like him, an American public servant that did his best and gave many years of his life to protecting this country and you just called him an "untruthful slime ball" and that it was YOUR HONOR to fire said public servant who, by all accounts, was only trying to do his best and what he thought was genuinely right while navigating extremely wild political waters. I don't even like Comey and I certainly haven't agreed with much of what he's done, but this just feels so low. Even for the Bully-in-Chief. I felt dirty reading those, and not in the good way. I guess my question is, did anyone else have the visceral reaction I just did to reading that? I dunno, something about calling an ex-head of the FBI an "untruthful slime ball" when it's usually considered an honor to serve our country feels like Trump denigrating the very idea of service as something to be at least proud of, and honorable service as something to strive for. When you know that your service and work and time won't even be honored by the boss you ostensibly work for because you put country before party and before "dear leader loyalty", the game is over. We've lost something, even if we bounce back from Trump. I MEAN GODDAMN GUYS.
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    I don't think that "pussy" is the best description for a man shot down over the Pacific in aerial combat.
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    "Can you believe me with hookers?" Says the man who can't even have consensual sex with a mistress without offering them money.
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    God, all the blue balls in the world combined would be immediately soothed by the immense release that is all of the money that nutjobs and morons spent on Alex Jones' pills and water purification systems going straight into the pockets of Sandy Hook parents.
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    Dodger says ugly, ignorant shit on the boards and people call him out for it. Poor dodger.
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    To claim the cops were at all at fault for this situation don't understand how cop procedures work. It's not up to them whether they forcibly remove the people or not - they must listen to the business's request (so long as the request isn't illegal). I'm actually happy - this shows Philadelphia cops can be good about their jobs, which is true. Most of my experiences with cops in Philadelphia has been generally pleasant. As for Starbucks, it absolutely is Loitering: The Store and it's ridiculous to claim that the business had a right to remove them. Sure, if the policy was applied to everyone equally. But it wasn't. Boom, misfit is an idiot who apparently can't read (or refuses to, but this is nothing new) and oxmatt is way off base.
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    He was also put through a series of essentially impossible situations by both sides. One was Lynch surreptitiously meeting with Bill on that tarmac. What the fuck was she thinking? It doesn't matter how innocent it was, the optics were AWFUL. Comey's original "case closed, BUT..." was motivated in large part by trying to cover for how bad that tarmac meeting looked. He could have kept his mouth shut and let the optics of that dominate the narrative, or he could do what he did and attempt to clear the air. Another was Chaffetz demanding that letter from Comey that led to the October surprise. His choices were either refuse and face contempt of Congress, or send the letter knowing full well Chaffetz would strip the classification markings and release it. The one with Lynch wasn't quite as impossible as the one with Chaffetz, but he still ultimately took the heat for trying to clean up after Lynch.
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    This is a two-pronged move: 1) A fuck-you to Comey, since Comey is the one who investigated Libby 2) A signal to people that Trump will pardon you for lying under oath, so be loyal to him
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    It's funny that you use that word because it's the exact same one I was going to use. Ungrateful snowflakes are going to turn on Pop....the guy who was bringing them rings when Trump was still a pro-abortion Democrat. The personal loyalty some people feel to this huckster is unreal. I feel like Obama could have called me up, asked for my top five priorities, worked 8 years to accomplish them for me specifically...and I still wouldn't hold half the blind adoration for him as these people do for Trump that has done nothing for them.
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    As I posted at some point ITT, when you spend 8 years acting like a president's choice of mustard is an impeachable offense when the guy was too dignified to get into the back-and-forth with you, and then you're faced with someone who's actually willing to bark back at you, you wind up having to double down on just dialing up the hysterical outrage.
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    Anyone on the left getting their dick hard over this is headed for some extremely severe disappointment in the near future.
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    She should out of principle. What Nose Candy (he was fired from Bear Sterns in the '90s due to his cocaine habit) just did was pretty damned despicable.
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    Man, you HAD to remind me of this. Christ . . . those debates. Fuck it, this guy saying those things got elected. I can't dispute the apathy and idiocy of people, in this case the general American population. That face he makes when he says the second "no puppet" is pure childish immaturity that I can't believe he's an adult (in the most loose term of what being an "adult" means).
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    Hang on, let me get some popcorn, I want to see how much bigger of a hole misfit can dig himself into.
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    You should probably read the article, because I have no clue where your info is coming from... http://abc13.com/what-a-witness-says-happened-during-phila-starbucks-arrests/3342444/
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    See, I tried to cut you some slack when I found out about your personal stuff, but this shit right here is just revolting.
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    I've always been of the opinion that James Comey was put into a very difficult situation. The one thing that did anger me at the time is that he announced the Clinton investigation reopening, while keeping silent on Trump's Russian problem. However, I think it's worth pointing out at the time that it wasn't just a matter of Comey thinking Clinton could take the hit and still win. You have to put yourself in the time. And at the time the question seemed to be what kind of country we would have after Clinton won(not if Clinton would win). Trump was already practically declaring defeat at the time, citing election fraud and a rigged system. At the time, it was a fair assumption to think that appearing to tilt the election in Clinton's favor would cause more damage for Clinton herself because it could derail her presidency from the get go, or even cause civil unrest with how hard Trump was pushing for a rigged election. I think Comey made mistakes, and I think Trump would have been justified in asking for his resignation if he had done it on day 1 of his presidency. But I don't think liberals should blame him too much for making the same sin that most of us did....which is to take Clinton's win too much for granted.
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    LOL: "Comey is a leaker and should be in jail." -Trump Later that day: "OK, time to pardon a leaker who tried to compromise our national security." -Trump
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    Watching the GOP evolve from treating Trump as a threat to fully standing behind him without question is one of the more unsettling aspects of this presidency.
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    I haven't been around much lately but I started reading this thread and as soon as SFLUFAN asked which he would prefer I immediately knew he was going to buy him one, the amount of posts it took until he realized what was happening was hilarious. I love this place, even though I don't post like I did in the Bad Cartridge days I am proud to be someone who has seen this place become so generous. On my end I got Mattcube a job for fuck's sake; just because he was a nice guy who was having trouble finding work, and when I saw he lived near me I thought I'd give him a chance. Then he ended up being really successful at the company and even met his Wife there. I literally put him on the path to his future career and wife, because we posted on the same gaming forum. This place just rocks.
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    It's funny that Wade, in his normal charming way, threw cold water on the idea of things being Orwellian. And in many instances, we appear to be a long ways away from the nightmares in that book. But in some ways, especially rhetoric, I feel we are essentially there. The Republican Party convincing themselves that Comey is lying is much like the Republican Party trying to convince themselves that Stephenie Clifford is lying.This IS double think. I love the impassioned speech that O'Brien gives about the nature of truth towards the end of the book, because it almost makes you empathize with those who can say that straining objective facts through the filter of changing subjective need and that being a virtuous thing. It makes you appreciate how people can believe this and still see themselves as the "good guy". That is what Trump supporters are doing. All of them but the absolutely most stupid and gullible know that Trump is a serial adulterer(hell, he bragged about it countless times). But in a genuine echo of classic authoritarianism, this is bumping up against something they also see as sacrosanct; absolute loyalty to dear leader.
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    @Greatoneshere @mclumber1 Trump’s allies worry that federal investigators may have seized recordings made by his attorney