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    Does it effectively cover bruises?
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    This really is the cast of Veep stuck in a House of Cards storyline.
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    He will be now that he's violated the terms of his return to D1P.
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    It's probably a pain in the ass to have agents shadowing you while you're trying to meet up with Boris and Natasha.
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    Is it bad that I searched for this thread to remember the day of my anniversary?
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    His stream should've abruptly went dark as Mom walked over and yanked his modem out of the socket. It's not the 90's, adults should know how to do that shit by now. I've done it to my nephew when he would stay at my mom's and give my mom shit when she's trying to get him to do something. All of a sudden *poof* THE INTERNET'S OUT!! It's amazing how nice and compliant they get when you hide the power brick to the Xbox too.
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    Or, and hear me out here, people don't have the money to put into their 401ks
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    You might want to ask the residents of Seoul about that. This is such utter and complete horseshit that I'm tempted to ban you for it.
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    I fail to understand how acknowledging American voters being stupid enough to fall for fake news is mutually exclusive with saying that Russia shouldn't have planted the fake news. If I leave my front door unlocked, it's still your fault for coming in and stealing my stuff.
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    And on the 9th day. . . there was light. Holy shit. Thank God for those lineman from Wyoming. Yeah, we've got power workers from everywhere down here. Today's my B-day too, so. .best.birthday.gift.ever.
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    Our enemies are going to kick are ass in combat by using Mouse and Keyboard.
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    As a Christian, I have edited your quote to be more broad, but also slightly more accurate.
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    Check your white privilege, douchebag.
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    The raid bosses drop keys, gear and tokens. The gear has a fairly low drop rate, while the keys and tokens are 100%. The reason for this is because there are chests hidden around the raid, and you must overcome different challenges to get to them. This is where you get your engrams. The tokens, once you unlock the vendor, are what you use to get the real raid gear outside of the rare drops. I disagree with this decision, at least unlock the vendor once you clear a single challenge in the raid. Getting raid gear is what helps you progress further into the raid outside of strategy, so if you hit a brick wall in terms of DPS or survivability, you can chip away at it. It's like they saw WoW had a loot token system with vendors, but didn't know any of the details and made a version that doesn't fulfill the purpose of the system.
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    How is my absurdly lush beard not even a defined choice?
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    I went with CMack's thumb because he's arguably the most important poster in BC/D1P history. Was here in the beginning. He had ties to a lot of people here and is in a relationship with the worst poster to ever grace the boards. His downfall is possibly the most tragic thing to happen. Plus, if you were there when he cut his thumb, you'd know it was an amazing moment. Truly iconic. My number 2 would be kk's forehead.
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    You know, you may argue that Dim Sum would make people less racist, but I'd argue that Vietnamese Subs would make people MORE racist. When I first got one, biting into the, what I can only describe as some sort of phalanx of raw carrots was the most disgusting and insulting moment of my entire life. First off, anyone who puts a goddamned carrot into my sub is a lifelong enemy. Carrots are for sick fucks who eat human flesh and fuck their moms. Secondly, even if you were going to put some carrots into it, why was the ratio like 95% carrots, 5% bread and then like almost literally nothing else? Vietnam was a mistake. Not that we went to war there, that we didn't nuke the place hard enough to make Japan blush. Carrots. In my fucking sub. ANIMALS.
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    Let me check on that. No, no I didn't.
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    Me last year: Fire Jemele Hill she sucks Me now: YAS JEMELE CLIMB THE LADDER GIRL MAKE YOURSELF FAMOUS
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    In what fucking world gone mad does "unaffordable" and "most people being unable to get one" somehow not make something expensive??? Sweet Jesus bleeding on the cross, the gold medal for Mental Gymnastics goes to scape and the event will never be held again.
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    @Keyser_Soze - PM me your steam id @Firewithin - friend request sent.
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    Yeah, but mostly because I'm happy to see RNC funds drained for this.
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    Right on. Well if you're in Boston, give me a shout. When Bomb was in Boston and we went to Fenway I DID try to lead him to a women's bathroom, but I swear it was an accident. I met with @CastlevaniaNut18 and her husband and she can confirm that it was free of shenanigans.
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    I think you guys are overplaying the joke but you're really beating a dead horse.
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    On bungie.net... search for his name click on his name and there should be a "INVITE TO" button... i went ahead and sent him an invite.
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    Where getting a little ahead of ourselves here... "Skywalker generation... Rey's children"?
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    I was going to say that I am old enough that I remember when going to Toys R' Us was roughly equivalent to going to Disney Land for a 6 year old.
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    Not everyone is the same. Because you don't need random people's support doesn't mean it's the wrong way to go about it for others. Best has been through some things lately including losing his twin brother and he has mixed emotions with him getting older not settled down he needs to be up build until he can do it himself. Better to reach out than to seclude yourselve.
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    I know it's not a big deal for you big boys but me wbk used to get 4/5 kills in crucible Destiny 1 for me this is accomplishment Also I just hit 290!!!
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    Wade would never let this board fall into the hands of a Canadian.
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    I'd hit it! u are of average hotness. U no brad pit but youre attractive nonetheless. Some of us just look weird smiling. I have the same issue so I smirk
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