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    I'm not seeing the big deal here because Donald Trump doesn't speak a recognizable form of English either.
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    Anyone dumb enough to work for Trump deserves whatever happens to them.
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    Was that Batman pontificating about Superman being a beacon for people showing them the best parts of themselves?
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    This made me curious about Scaramucci, so I went to his Wikipedia page and found this:
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    John McCain doesn't have brain cancer. Brain cancer has John McCain, and McCain is going to finish the job Jimmy Carter started on that little bitch.
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    He is just giving the boy scouts a taste of @Engel and @heyyoudvd values
  18. 4 points
    The movie would probably be more fun is Superman just randomly had a magic moustache in some scenes.
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    That's gonna happen, and the only cure for it sadly is...more cocaine. In closing, Cocaine.
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    Even the poster for this movie is freaking awesome:
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    I was playing the trailer for my wife, but I accidentally started playing the first low-quality video in the thread and I said "Oh, can we turn the quality up?" And my wife responds "to turn the quality up you have to turn it into a Marvel movie"
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    But what about people who think she ran a perfect campaign and made no mistakes?
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    Heartbreaking: Steve Bannon Is The Only One Who Signed Sean Spicer’s Goodbye Card And He Pretty Clearly Thought It Was The Lunch Order
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    The term is actually growing on me. It's handy, because as soon as you hear anyone say "FAKE NEWS" in a non-ironic fashion, you can instantly tell they are an idiotic brainwashed moron unworthy of even an ounce of your time or respect. It's a real time saver.
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    I really like how Sean Hannity is saying that Congress is "pampered, spoiled and over paid".
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    Dude spent like 6 years in the Hanoi Hilton. Bones broken, beaten, and now some cancer bullshit. This shit shouldn't happen to guys like him.
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    If it means getting rid Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and his shitty policies, I'm cool with that.
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    Praise God Emperor from whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host; Praise Donnie, Junior, and Kushner most. Faaaakkkkeeee Neeeeeewwwsss
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    Donald Trump is a cult leader at this point, and "Fake News" is his followers version of "Amen".
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    Trump: "You're... line?" Director: "Fired." Trump: "Oh gotcha. This is wonderful." Director: "Okay, and ACTION!" Trump: "You're hired." Director: "Fuck my life."
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    Pretty good chance her tastes are going to dramatically shift in the coming years so good chance any relationship she gets into will be temporary so I'd say it shouldn't matter too much whether she's temporarily with this guy or temporarily with some other 18 year old.
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    Wait until they figure out that while the President cannot pardon himself, the President can invoke the 25th Amendment on himself, the Vice President who is at that point the Acting President can pardon the President, and then the President can then resume the duties of his office.
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    Why should DVD give a damn about American blood and treasure, he doesn't have to spend a thin dime. Canada did the smart thing, and got the hell out when it became obvious how much of a shit show the region is. As far as DVD is concerned there is no sacrifice too great that he will not demand of others to further a certain nation's interest. Hint: it's not Canada.