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    Lazy people that blame immigrants for all their life's ills are the worst.
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    This whole I/I'd fiasco wouldn't even be an issue if the white house didn't pitch a fit. Now the story has blown up. If the White House was smart they simply would have issued a press release that the president meant he would have a relationship with Kim, not that he currently does.
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    Happy inauguration anniversary! This is the first shutdown where one party controls both chambers and the executive. So it's official: Today's Republicans are completely inept morons.
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    It's just such a farce. If any other president did something this unbelievably stupid and so poorly executed... it would have been big news for weeks and weeks... but Trump doing this? It's going to be a story for like 6 hours. He keeps beating this drum that the media is being unfair, but I think the media is being too nice. They're still trying to play by the rules and giving the power of the office too much respect. They need to take off the gloves and just call it like it is. Let's stop debating about what he's wearing and just come out and say the emperor has no clothes on. He's a fool and he SUCKS at being president. Let's stop beating around the bush. This is not normal, and he needs to be held accountable for all of this stupid crap. Always and forever. Do not stop.
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    You can't blackmail someone who's incapable of feeling shame.
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    This is inconsistent with the studies I've seen and seems like too shallow of an analysis. You have to control for additional variables such as proportion of people looking to change their life and the value of a support group itself vs. the actual 12 steps. It's not been part of the systems I've seen advocated by psychologists I've known who work on this topic. I'm doubly skeptical because the program was built based on feeling and religious belief, rather than any meaningful science of human behavior.
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    The sad thing is there are enough delusional people that want her to run in 2020 that are still gloating about how qualified she is that it's conceivable for this thread to have been created today.
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    I just narrowly avoided a potentially SERIOUS accident that would have been ENTIRELY the fault of a cop. I was travelling eastbound in the center lane on one of the major roads in Fairfax county when all of a sudden, a white sedan charges from the right lane, cuts directly in front of me which forces me to slam on my brakes HARD, and then u-turns into the traffic heading into the opposite direction and only at that point does the cop activate their lights. I decide to say "Fuck that shit!" and then execute a proper U-turn to head back to where the traffic stop is happening. A Middle-Eastern guy in an SUV saw what had happened and pulled up beside me to say that he would gladly be a witness if one would be necessary. I thanked him and we exchange contact information. I park in a shopping center parking lot and proceed on foot to the traffic stop where I identify myself as the driver of the vehicle that nearly hit them when they made the U-turn. Because "Blue Lives Matter" or some such shit, I clearly show the officer that the only thing in my hands is my cell phone which I am going to use to take a picture of their license plate which I will provide to the Fairfax County Police dispatch in my report of this incident. After I make the initial call to the Fairfax County PD, the officer hands me a card with her name and the name of her immediate chain-of-command (her sergeant and her lieutenant). I ask her exactly what was she thinking in executing that U-turn on a busy stretch of road. Her response was, "I'm sorry, but I didn't see you." I inform her that if I didn't stop in time, both of us would have been seriously injured and that "Sorry, I didn't see you" is a completely unacceptable excuse. In case your wondering, the officer in question looked as if she couldn't legally drink alcohol yet. Yes, she looked to be THAT young. Because I'm a chain-of-command kind of guy, I left a voicemail for her sergeant with the information from the incident with the admonition that the officer obviously needed more training for doing something that constituted a threat to the community. If I don't hear from the sergeant in a reasonable period of time, I'll elevate my report to the lieutenant. "Blue Lives Matter" - my fucking ass.
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    I have two DACA kids that work for me and neither speaks a lick of Spanish, both enrolled in college. They are suuuuuuper Americanized. I can’t imagine sending them to Mexico and El Salvador to live with family they have never met and speak a different language.
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    The GOP is simply full of the best people! They should probably at least make an attempt to read things.
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    That chart shows that 40% of SNAP recipients are white, not that 40% of white people are on SNAP.
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    Thanks Bill, this mostly makes up for Vista, mostly.
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    http://www.brainfacts.org/3D-Brain#intro=true https://www.sciencenews.org/article/website-invites-you-probe-3-d-human-brain?tgt=nr
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    When cities compete to attract big employers, the country as a whole suffers (The Atlantic)
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    Let’s look at his qualifications: - says the n-word - pawn in a vampire’s war against gawker - wants to fuck his own daughter he’s got a shot
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    This really is perfect. They should keep on this weight thing because Trump is a total body-shaming piece of shit. Right back in your face you garbage monster. His weight should be all anyone talks about for weeks and weeks, because fuck him.
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    Apparently the name for doubters on this subject is “Girther” and I love the internet today.
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    Guys, can we talk? BlueAngel, what are we doing here with this guy? If its a good laugh then OK, but let's not engage him seriously. If its a sincere desire to debate "the issues", what are you thinking? I have a dog named Izzy, and every morning she bounds to the front door to be let out, always with one of her toys in her mouth. If I don't remove the toy from her mouth manually, then she will leap into the yard and end up dropping the toy somewhere during her morning constitutional. This is problematic as I end up having to go search the yard every third day for her toys so that A.)in the non winter months I don't run them over with my mower and b.) in the winter months the toy doesn't get lost for beneath the snow for months on end. Now at first, I would try to get her to drop he toy on her own, then I started doing a nightly round up of her toys. Both of these methods proved to be more time consuming and annoying (and sometimes ineffectual, thanks cats!) then just pulling the damn toy out of her mouth before opening the door each morning. I use to get really annoyed by this, but the truth is she doesn't know any better and she never will. Just like my dog, Blue's emotional culture instincts tell him he is on to something MORE TRUE than what all of you deceivers are saying. That is sad, but unlike HelloUOpticalMedia, he is not schilling, he's just living his "truth", while on a board that involves a hobby he loves. Please don't feed into the "Persecuted White Christian 'Merica", by engaging or challenging his understand of things. That screw is already stripped, so just , or politely ignore his "contributions" to the political chatter of our times. Your's truly, absolutely no one important!
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    Ok that made me laugh boyle.
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    Well, I gave in! I just got back from the store. I never heard of Xenoblade 2? Also, do I need a memory card if I only own 2-3 games?
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    Say what you will, but post for post, HLG threads DELIVER!
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    Right. This is another in a long line of "crowd size briefing" moments. It's not about what actually happened.... it's about Trump having the power over his underlings to make them go on camera and tell everyone 2+2=5, and his third of the country that is so brainwashed they'll believe it. It's one of his more blatant authoritarian traits. Like much of what Trump has done it is probably being blunted by his sheer incompetence, but it's quite scary to think what the next Trump could do with such power if they're more competent.
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    Jesus christ, you are stupid. I mean that in the worst way possible. Just no. Period. None of those chicks from that site is your friend with benefits. And obviously she's not a fwb if you never got any benefits from her. Does your mother know you're playing with men on the internet?
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    Look, they are going to start playing Steam games together. A liar wouldn't use Steam!
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    Well if you live in a house you're better off than the guy living in the hole.
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    A goddamn PFC who doesn't even have an associate's degree, who assaulted her supervisor prior to deploying to Iraq, who divulged vast swaths of classified information without analysis or concern to impress a guy she met online, that endangered her fellow Soldiers as well as countless individuals whose involvement with the US was classified for their own safety, and she is qualified to be a Senator why? Because she's trans? Fuck everything about this. Fuck that fucking traitor.
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    I'm starting to get the feeling that if Donald Trump shit in your mouth and Sarah Hucklefuck Slanders told you it was soft serve chocolate ice cream you'd call fake news on the people saying you have shit in your mouth.
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    OH LORDY THERE ARE TAPES!! How fucking stupid is this administration to think they weren't recording it?
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    I can't believe that Captain America wasn't even fighting Thanos the whole time, he was just sitting in his apartment and projecting himself! My childhood is ruined! Also Scarlett Witch is such a Mary-Sue!
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