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    For those of you who don't visit Community General, my female Russian roommate is doing some seriously stupid shit. Because this situation is so ludicrous beyond words, I've decided to celebrate it by having one of our weekend game giveaways. All you have to do to participate is to post in this thread over this weekend where she's committing the first stage of self-inflicted harm to her body. Now to make things interesting, if you can tell us a story about similar self-inflicted stupid shit that either you've done to yourself or someone you know has done to themselves, I'll "double" your entry. In other words, when the time comes for me to use a Random Number Generator to select the winners, your name will be entered twice, effectively doubling your chances! If this plan of hers turns fatal for her, I'll have another contest once I've cleared my name with the police
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    Want to give some hints?
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    I was hoping he was secretly KB. That would have been the twist we deserved.
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    I mean really the most damning piece of evidence is that he apparently hasn't reached out to anybody to add any nuance or defend himself at all. He apparently hasn't even PM'd the people he was close to.
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    Imagine the uproar if more people voted for the opponent, but Putin was still elected. I’m sure the outcry from Republican Russia hawks would be fierce.
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    Dragon Quest Builders is a more directed, solo experience. But it's nowhere near as creative as Minecraft. It's more about building very specific things and then the game, by virtue of its butt-fuck stupid design, erasing everything you built when it's time to move on. It doesn't save ANYTHING you build. I have no idea what they were thinking. It kind of just makes building a tedious chore, actually. Minecraft is much more persistent and free-form, and while I think it does have a story and stuff now, it's far more open-ended. I've never played it solo, so I can't say for sure, but Minecraft for me was always building crazy stuff and showing it to my friends, and then seeing what they built. It's so much more fun like that.
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    Hopefully that is coming soon, I heard it's ready they are just working it out with Nintendo to allow XBLive profiles on the system
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    Now, I dare you to piss in a jar and show her how yours isn’t cloudy either.
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    I guarantee the real Apoc is a far more likeable person than the mask he wore here. Come back, be yourself.
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    Old people are weird.... Honestly loved every second of this movie, probably because it wasn't just another super hero movie that they've done about a dozen times over the last decade.