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    So my husband had been talking about upgrading his PC lately, though he hadn't confirmed he was going to right now. I wake up today and he's in the living room with all this shit in there and I'm like "wtf?" He upgraded his PC and the living room PC with Bitcoin. Naturally, I'm jealous, because I wasn't going to upgrade mine til next year, since I don't have the money to make any major changes for the moment. I'm in the kitchen grumbling, talking about outdoing with with my eventual upgrade and he says "I dunno about that..." I walk back to my desk to sit down to eat and I find this sitting on it: So yeah, he upgraded 3 PCs, including mine. He's pretty fucking awesome. All three with the same parts and he also upgraded his 970 to a 1080 and he's putting his 970 in the living room PC. It was pretty old. I plan on upgrading my video card sometime next year, but my 980 that I got from @Mr.Vic20 is still running pretty strong. So, how'd I do, folks?
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    Ben Affleck needs to go man. Dude is checked out. I don’t wanna see that chubby face shoved into that mask again. Actually care about the role or leaaaaave.