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    Anyone dumb enough to work for Trump deserves whatever happens to them.
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    Even the poster for this movie is freaking awesome:
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    Supposedly Tillerson is considering a "REXIT". Trump is used to being surrounded by cucks and yes men. He's playing with the big boys now and doesn't know how to play well. I think there should be mass resignations in his White House and cabinet to stick a middle finger in his eye.
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    A cinematographer would say that. Ask a compositor if there's a difference between working with 8-bit 1080 and 12-bit 6k.
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    I think Jon absolutely was the one that needed to go see Dany. Is it risky, sure, but it's best to avoid offending her by sending someone else, plus it's not just about joining forces to defeat Circe, Jon needs to convince her about the White Walkers, and he's the only one that's seen the army of the dead. They need to convince Dany that the real war is coming from the North, and they'll need those dragons, and dragon glass.
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    Again, it depends on a lot of factors, but it doesn't seem too far-fetched that if talented AAA studios are capable of producing these graphics now: They would be unable to produce some games that more or less appear to be on this visual level within 15 or so years: I mean, if you're asking if PS6 graphics or whatever will have that exact degree of visual fidelity, where if you analyze the visuals by zooming in on all the textures and whatnot, then I say hell no. But I feel it's likely it'll get to a point in the next two or three gens where, for some games in which a dev team's artistic abilities can make up for the lack of tech, you'll need to really scrutinize what you're seeing on screen to differentiate the quality of movie CGI and video game graphics. Advanced nipple shaders, bwahaha. I don't know how long it will be before open world video game graphics reach the visual fidelity of CGI in movies (much less at 60 FPS or higher), but I'll go ahead and say games that aren't as expansive, stuff with a scope and level of interactivity as Gears 4 and Quantum Break, will more or less appear to be at that level within a few gens based on the talent in the industry and the rate that PC graphics cards have been/are advancing. Though I can't be certain at all because current gen open world games like Arkham Knight, Assassin's Creed and Horizon are arguably as impressive-looking as the more linear games in most ways, and as you mentioned, exploring more degrees of meaningful interactivity with the environment - destructibility, explorable buildings in cities, advanced physics, AI, open universes - etc are factors too. It also depends on what next gen tech will end up meaning, be it super powerful brand new hardware once ever 7-9+ years as per tradition or more incremental upgrades every few years or so. And I'm guessing/hoping as super detailed naturalistic graphics eventually reach the threshold of the uncanny valley and CGI character models start creeping people the heck out, more AAA studios will also focus on attempting stylized and expressive art styles, stuff like Cuphead, Dishonored, The Last Guardian, BOTW, those missions in The Witcher 3 DLC where the environments looked like an oil painting, Mirror's Edge, Ori, Abzu, etc
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    If you really needed to be there 100% now two 1080tis would do that, however a single 1080ti will get you 4k/60 maxed out on 90% of the recent games out there, the others I just set to 1800p/60. So ya, pretty much.
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    Your dad can't possibly approve this? I know you said you are open with him about weed but cocaine is another story
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    I still don't like Daenerys. She is the only character in the show I dislike. I'd love to see Cersei win before Daenerys does. Literally, the White Walkers taking over the world would be a better outcome. I don't care who sits on the Iron Throne as long as it isn't Daenerys. Arya, Sansa, Little Finger, Melisandre, Grey Worm, Rob Zombie, I don't care. Hell, give it to Hot Pie. He can save the world with dragon glass pies, and Valyrian butter. I think Sansa isn't going to let Jon return to Winterfell for one reason for another. Forcing him to go hook up with Dany. Maybe Arya will have to kill her sister.
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    BTW, seriously now, in this thread, anything from Season 6 or prior will not be getting a spoiler tag from me and shouldn't from anyone else either. This is clearly marked as a S7 thread - if you didn't watch a previous season and are in here, it's your own fault to have a previous season spoiled.
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    I kept waiting for it to kick her teeth in or something. Dawww