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    buzzfeed for 10 reasons, you won't believe number 7!
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    If you think believing in climate change is akin to a religious belief, you might be an idiot who doesnt understand science. But then again given that you are following a guy whos biggest gig was on breitbart its not too hard to reach for that conclusion.
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    Nah. As a general rule I ignore the opinions of those people who don't understand climate science.
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    This is the stupidest thing I've seen from you today. I'm this close to giving you a month-long vacation from this place for being ridiculous. Don't bother responding to me - I'm not interested in hearing it.
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    You know you're a shitty user when even Markot turns against you.
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    Congress has to act. This is what happens when people rely on the executive branch to selectively enforce Federal statues to enact policies. We need Congress to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act and all molecules associated with the plant (THC, CBD, CBN, etc.). Federal prohibition should be completely lifted. The Federal government should eventually enact some sort of reasonable excise tax on cannabis and help states enforce laws against sales to minors. States should be free to directly supply cannabis to consumers such as states that have state run liquor stores too.
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    Having Ben Shapiro as your.... intellectual? Thats like the most embarrassing thing ever.
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    I have never typed this world in my life, nor have I ever used it in describing Trump and his policies, but it's hard to read this and describe it as something other than fascism. Here's a pic from the presser.
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    Thank you for posting this thread @johnny it inspired me to go to IGN and post in the flat earth thread. I got to make a rectal prolapse comment and everything.
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    How many kids are dying because of the drug war in Baltimore every year?
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    Wait. DVD thinks climate change is religion? lol! What a dunce!
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    Yeah, but have you considered that you're Canadian in all this?
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    I never said Congress will act on my proposal (as in making a prediction), but it has a moral obligation to. This farce has gone on long enough. Every single administration and Congress has put this on the back burner. I realize that it will take some political capital and time, but once it's done it's done. 57-60% of Americans support legalizing cannabis. Even more support allowing states to make their own decisions on this issue without Federal interference. This isn't even close to the most important issue by a long shot, but with this line of reasoning it will never be addressed. It deserves to clear committee. The votes were nearly there to defund DOJ enforcement in recreational legalization states just recently. The full repeal of marijuana prohibition may have the votes to pass if these committee chairs would allow it to reach the floor.
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    Love the videos @Lucian04 keep posting them!
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    So you're saying that it's got more action than football?
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    That was for the lulz I generally don't care what he has to actually say. I could just read Ben Schapiro and cut out the middle man.
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    My favorite is all the bullshit nibbling around the edges proposals that keep coming up in Congress, like letting VA doctors talk to patients about medical marijuana in medical marijuana states Because it totally makes sense for the federal government to insist that marijuana is a major bigtime felony, but to let doctors directly on their payroll talk about it with their patients. But only only in states where medical use is legal, despite insisting that the state laws don't matter and it's totally illegal. But oh, the doctors can't actually PRESCRIBE it, they're only allowed to tell their patients to go find a doctor who's willing to aid and abet a felony, because the law doesn't actually make it legal to use medical marijuana because a VA doctor recommended it to you.
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    Had some fun with @Xbob42 today. @JPSoccer4
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    Plenty of people get murdered by that, especially if it's done against a wall. Same with the Conqueror's Shield Bash mixup. That being said, once you learn that you can dodge to the side and counter these bashes, they become a lot less fearsome. But for anyone that doesn't know how to deal with it? Deadly as fuck. ^that salt because they didn't know how to handle my nephew's Shogeki. The salt. I love it. @Xbob42 @Mercury33
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    Boooo, no more hand-holding. Give me an rpg like Morrowind that forces you to interact with tons of NPCs and digest journal entries to figure out just where the cave I have to get to is.
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    the NYT, but I said nothing because grr grr lbrlz, then they excluded...
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    I live in Houston, an area filled with immigrants of both the documented and undocumented varieties. My wife is an anchor baby as well. I get to see both the societal and personal effects of our immigration system. Our current system stem creates massive numbers of undocumented people. They are going to come here as long as there is a demand for what they provide. Document them and punish them if they break serious crimes, and as Jason noted, don't let people in that have verifiable serious criminal histories.
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    @heyyoudvd First they excluded CNN, but I said nothing because LOL, then they excluded...
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    So glad I went full media blackout on this. Been doing this for a while now and find I enjoy games much better this way.
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    hey man I hope you have a great weekend
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    Woot! Got to move my day off to Tuesday! Now I can play all day long!! 10-18 hour marathon!
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    According to the_donald: 1) give him more time to clarify! That's worked out in the past 2) sessions is a law and order guy, and this is the law sorry guys. Nevermind that he could reschedule it with relative ease, but this is the law! I really regret going there for this. I had to go back 3-4 pages to find this one thread on it. The Denver subreddit had a good few points of discussion. Congress made a law that says the DOJ/DEA can't interfere with medical operations. Well in Colorado at least, the medical and recreational markets are very intertwined so would the feds go in to enforce state law sometimes? How would that work?
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    I hope this, along with their bathroom crusades, puts to rest the lie that Republicans care at all about individual liberty.
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    http://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/citations-needed @legend