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    So by no metric? That’s just gut instinct you put out. What are some examples you can think of where advertising for a film came ~4 months prior to release and the film seemed to underperform? I can think of a pretty good example of a film who had its first trailer release 4 months prior to its release, didn’t seem to hurt it one bit: Avatar. I also don’t think there is any reason to presume your speculation over Solo being Rogue One’d is correct. I think we can often think the conversations we have with more serious film fans are had by most of the audience. Anecdotally from random conversations with customers, most people didn’t know about Edwards getting shadow fired and the film being gutted and reshot by another director. “Vader was badass!”
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    Or, they didn't want it to step on The Last Jedi which is barely a month old and they're waiting to debut the trailer during the most watched televised event in the country the SUPER BOWL? Think that might have something to do with it?
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    Both Zelda and Mario look so beautiful on my 65in OLED 4K HDR TV. I wasn't expecting much going in but both games looks extremely good. Zelda is such a masterpiece with such lush visuals. I'm in gaming heaven with both these games.
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    Any underfilled box of Junior Mints sounds like an act of mercy to me.
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    http://www.brainfacts.org/3D-Brain#intro=true https://www.sciencenews.org/article/website-invites-you-probe-3-d-human-brain?tgt=nr
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    I hate kids on my lawn. They wanna play on it, they can mow it and water it too. That said, its sad to me that I can't go to a restaurant and see a kid sit at a table and wait for food without having some kind of visual stimulation. I can't remember the last time I saw a kid sitting and reading a book. As much as technology is engrained into my everyday activities, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I can't hate on Nintendo for wanting to do something like this, but I think if I were a parent I wouldn't want technology or games invading something as simple and fundamental as building crafts out of cardboard. I would want to play with my kid as he pretends to be a robot or build a house out of boxes, but I would want his stimulation to be coming from his brain and his imagination, not having his eyes glued to a screen or something showing/telling him what he should be doing. I have a nephew whose kid is being raised by a television. If it weren't for my mom, who's almost 70, playing with the kid, taking him outside, and teaching him how to do things like throw a ball or climb on a slide, he would literally just be sitting in a room, staring at a screen. It's not the kids fault, or technology's, (my nephew's wife is a horrible parent/human being) but with every passing generation we are more and more willing to let the technology do the parenting. This is just one more example of the simplest of things, like making paper crafts, being handled by a video screen instead of a parent. Maybe i am blowing this out of proportion, but I can't help it. Technology doesn't need to be in everything.
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    It's just such a farce. If any other president did something this unbelievably stupid and so poorly executed... it would have been big news for weeks and weeks... but Trump doing this? It's going to be a story for like 6 hours. He keeps beating this drum that the media is being unfair, but I think the media is being too nice. They're still trying to play by the rules and giving the power of the office too much respect. They need to take off the gloves and just call it like it is. Let's stop debating about what he's wearing and just come out and say the emperor has no clothes on. He's a fool and he SUCKS at being president. Let's stop beating around the bush. This is not normal, and he needs to be held accountable for all of this stupid crap. Always and forever. Do not stop.
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    Had a discussion with a female friend who runs and helps me run women self-defense seminars, I think she nailed it (for me at least): ”You know I've been thinking about this kind of stuff lately and I think that there are many men who have no idea or wrong ideas about how to express being attracted to a woman. Think about the cultural messages...movies, songs, etc....that say just keep after her until you get her. The messages are not good training for young men, and certainly their fathers are not doing a good job. I don't know about charges [in regards to it being sexual assault]. Don't date him again, definitely! Make your wishes better known, absolutely! But criminality? I think more just bad judgement on both sides. “
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    I dunno guys...the cynic in me sees the words "shooter" and "online worlds" and "product road map" and translates it to the following: Alien: Lootbox
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    How has nobody made a joke about the lawsuit being very refreshing? @GuyWhoPredictsThings
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    It's funny to contrast this whole process with Apple, who just announced yesterday that they'd be opening a new campus and hiring 20k new people, with the location to be announced later this year. The Apple campus will be smaller than what Amazon is planning, but I'm certain they could have attracted similar attention to the process if they wanted to. As much as I'd love to see an Amazon campus in San Diego, I'm kinda glad that the city didn't bow to Bezos in the same way these cities certainly did. Without knowing too much, I think Newark might be the most likely. It's NYC without being in NY, and I think I recall their offer as being one of the most generous. I think being on the east coast is also probably an advantage.
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    Showed my science class of 9 and 10 year olds this at the end of the lesson this morning. They are hyped! "Mr. Colin, can we do this in Science?" You know what - by late April, they will have just about finished the compulsory curriculum for the year.... so maybe!
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    Hon hon hon, a Frenchie who doesn't understand economics!
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    I would be fine with this if they had a sufficient stock of NES classics, SNES classics, or a competent online setup, or a virtual console. Until then, I have no room for this shit.
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    Im 37 and was blown away by this concept...i didnt even think of "kids" when i watched it... i was rather shocked by the comments above...
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    Just tell him it gets rid of DACA and he'll sign it since he doesn't read the bills.
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    Mr. Un, as you can clearly see, this is a Rhino. Also, this is a clock I drew. It’s the best clock, just the best. Now, say 5 words, and marvel as I repeat them back to you...
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    Great now we will have the "LABO Challenge" as teens will be buying it to eat to see if they can get high.
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    You do see there are games inside, it's not just the cardboard, right? Jaded adult gamers not happy with something intended for children. Shocking news!
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    Never underestimate kids. Anyway, if you guys really want to get in touch with your 10 year old selves for fun things that are overpriced, here's an XBOB LIFE HACK™. Go to Amazon and look at chemistry sets and shit or just the toys and games section in general. Remember how your dad used to comment on how you have it way better than when he was a kid? Well now the new kids have it way better than you. Instead of getting hyped for $70 cardboard, go check out some legitimately cool toys! Like this: https://www.amazon.com/Elegoo-Project-Starter-Tutorial-Arduino/dp/B01D8KOZF4/ref=sr_1_9?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1516231346&sr=1-9 I have no idea what this is, but it's $35 and was listed under Science for kids. It appears to be some sort of bomb creation kit. Build some of these instead!
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    How fucking dumb. Please, take my expensive, easily scratched tablet and stick it into these hastily assembled cardboard constructions, and then on top of that, proceed to step on it, punch with it, and generally do things that are guaranteed to cause some damage to this device. I mean, if you've got $70 to blow on some fucking cardboard on 4/20, then you could probably save up for a PSVR or something and get a much better experience. The entire point of GOOGLE cardboard is that it was like $5. What the fuck are they doing??
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    You know that all of Trumps supporters will watch it because they are too fucking stupid to actually read the book!
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    I remember complaining here about MS resting on their laurels and "WTH are they doing?!" long before he took control...as early as I think 2012. He was the one who started turning the ship back to being about games when he took over. That takes time and some things haven't worked out. X Plays game of the year that year.
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    I will jump on this. I wish that you could make a custom design lab one though.
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    Hawaii’s new training video has been released to avoid such incidences from happening again
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    Too consistent for too long and too boring to be a troll imo.
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    I don't want a DCEU. I actually think the combined universe thing is leading Marvel to tell LESS interesting stories at this point.
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    and That's on me like I said... I posted that without fully understanding what happened and lumped him in with the others based on information I'd heard earlier in the day. I think at worse he was being an inconsiderate jerk who wasn't fully paying attention to her cues that she says she was sending him. At the same time, I don't feel like she was 100% clear with her actions and that this was basically a bad date. Ultimately I think if the pile on continues with him, it's gonna do the movement more harm than good because proportionality will have been thrown out the window. It's interesting that so many women are speaking out in defense of Aziz regarding this story.
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    Because of the context of this discussion, I'm curious what everyone thinks the conclusion to all this is, regardless of what you think of Aziz's actions. Am I wrong in boiling all this talk about consent down to how matter of inconsiderate he was? Either you think he was a real jerk and a bad date, or you think he didn't do much (if anything) particularly wrong. This certainly doesn't constitute assault and I don't even think I'd file it under the catch-all of misconduct; or am I underestimating the amount or significance of wrongdoing being discussed? It's just that, in a thread filled with some pretty horrific examples of human behavior demonstrating a systemic problem in Hollywood, I feel like this is a rather different issue (albeit a related one). I don't mean to dismiss the importance of consent and the social norms surrounding sex that need to be addressed, but before Aziz came up this thread was about rape and sexual violence and jacking off in front of employees and filming clients in the shower. I feel like these are different discussions.
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    I had a woman try to finger me in the ass once and she didn't ask at all... she just moved her fingers there and I don't even think I said anything, I just moved her hand away... she got it and the night continued.No conversation was needed and I didn't "laugh her out of bed" because when you're having sex for the first time you're still figuring out what people's likes and dislikes are. Sometimes that involves a conversation and sometimes it doesn't. And I hate to break it to you guys, not all people, male OR female are comfortable verbalizing what they want whether you ask them or not.
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    Agreed because the context is different. I was at a family function recently and one of my older female relatives pinched my but as I was walking by... it was weird for me but I wasn't offended, didn't feel molested and didn't feel like I wanted to return the favor. I just said to myself, whoa, and kept walking. Context is everything and that's my point and while your solution may make sense in an ideal world where humans operated purely on logic, in the real world people just don't work like that. And my ultimate contention is that EVERYONE needs to be open honest and clear about what they want and to not put the onus for their comfort in a sexual situation on the other person especially when they don't really know that person. In this Aziz story, I'm sorry, this woman wasn't very clear even if you took everything she said in her own words at face value and even then, Aziz didn't force anything on her.
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    this is is a billboard he has taken out in The Failing “New York Times” Square.
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