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    When people like you keep using that word as an insult with the intent of generalizing an entire generation down to their most negative qualities, it's a wonder why anyone would willingly identity as a millennial.
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    I really do get tired of the millennial jokes and insults all the time. I hear among so many of the old people I work with. You know, those crotchety baby boomers that helped ruin the economy for the rest of us? We're a hugely diverse group of people. Certainly no better or worse than any other generation.
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    I was saying your jokes were lame, thus conservatives would find them funny
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    I'm going to hook up biggie with a game for his new PS4 Pro and 4K TV. I want to hook up one of you guys with a game, too. Pick a number between 1-200. I may even give two games away.
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    Did he use PayPal or a stolen CC?
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    Tonight's recipient is @AndyD (no, he didn't get entered twice due to affirmative action )
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    Delay because of implementing a new engine that isn’t a complete piece of shit? Of course not.
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    Hope he goes to prison for a few years and I hope everyone out there who thinks this shit is funny is aware of it. Would love it if the same happened to anyone who did this, regardless of if it ended as tragically as this.
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    MS-13 are animals, and black players who kneel for the anthem should be kicked out of the country. But Nazis and white supremacists? Very fine people.
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    I can buy you a PSN code
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    The disdain for millenniums is so overplayed at this point.
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    I never got into the Souls series and I never will.
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    I'll again recommend this book as a resource to get a greater understanding of cancer, its place in history, and the difficulties of finding a "cure" The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer
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