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    Is it bad that I searched for this thread to remember the day of my anniversary?
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    dawww, I like you too. It's sad that there is so much hate and disdain on this board.
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    i'll prob skip unless some LL 300s carry me
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    In all honesty though I glad Cassian and Jyn didn't end up together, that would have felt forced. When they were on the beach I was worried they were going to kiss, and I was so relieved that didn't happen.
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    I just hit 282 last night so all my blues are purple now and my inventory is clean
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    I find shit like this interesting as hell. Makes me wish I had enough money that I'd be willing to risk bricking systems,
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    Since I don't want to make a new topic about it, I have a gripe about watchOS 4. If I am playing something on my phone (music, podcast etc.) the watch face defaults away from my face of choice to this ugly media controller face. I can't see any way to change that and it is really annoying. I choose my watch face because THAT is what I want to see. EDIT: OK I figured out how to fix it! On the watch...Settings --> General --> Wake Screen --> Disable "Auto-launch Audio Apps"
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    I don't think I ever wanted a character to die so badly before. We stuck with it through the end, and the finale was predictable, and they managed to really mess up the denouement. To be fair, though, it's still better than The Walking Dead.
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    It only took compliments about his eyes to convince him as well
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    It's fucking terrible and yes somehow gets worse.
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    Me and blad beat it, against my will I didn't know about enemies dropping things that heal you. Makes the whole thing much more manageable. We beat it with four or five minutes to spare. The key is shooting those anomalies, they look like oracles, glowing blue, and a message pops up on your screen when you're near one.
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    Six of one, a half dozen of the other. Although I hate this happened to us, and we should do everything in our power to prevent it from happening again, you have to admit we had it coming. We've been intervening in the elections of other countries for decades - it was only a matter of time until our own weapon was turned against us.
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    TNG's humor is one of it's underrated qualities. It has some of the most subtle, blink and you missed it humor out there.
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    Level 5, LL50 The campaign is very solid thus far. The visuals look spectacular on my TV. Sweet Jesus.
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    I play Quake Champions quite frequently, and in 3 out of 4 games my ping is hovering around 99-105.
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    Yeah, but mostly because I'm happy to see RNC funds drained for this.
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    And I didn't even have to purge them when I began my reign!
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    There's no fuel for drama left here. All the dramatic posters have grown up and/or moved on. Drama Sundays will never happen here again.
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    Oh shit, I didn't realize comics were included. Right now I have 23 subs, and buy other titles regularly.
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    I'm sorry but that is ridiculous. Your beating of the war drum here is none too different than another Canadian who doesn't seem to have much of a problem safely advocating reckless US military adventurism without risking significant blood and treasure of your own country and people. Many of us were not even 18 on 9/11. I personally Turned 18 in 2006 during the height of the Iraqi insurgency. Don't judge people for not wanting to serve out time in Iraq for our own reckless adventurism, let alone this ridiculous Canadian bloodlust for NK/Iran/Syria/whatever. Just fucking absurd.
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    Yeah, I honestly didn't realize so many people had bailed on [CRAP]. I thought we were maintaining that Clan. It wasn't until I looked at the roster yesterday and saw that me and epicenter_gz were the only two players left on the roster left that I recognized. I thought the whole [SMTC] shitty pun name thing was just a gag. That shows me for not paying closer attention to this thread.
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    We can only have so many foreheads on the list.
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    I was going to say that I am old enough that I remember when going to Toys R' Us was roughly equivalent to going to Disney Land for a 6 year old.
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    Epic probably got an angry call from a Sony executive who screamed something like this at them: HOW DARE YOU ALLOW OUR PRECIOUS, INNOCENT PSN PLAYERS TO INTERACT WITH THOSE PERVERTS AND DEVIANTS FROM XBL?!?!
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    Such bullshit that sony is blocking this. Think of all the multiplayer games that could have lived on a little longer if only the playerbase was consolidated.
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    I bought it but I need to complete Dishonored 2 first.
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    Y'all see a war movie. I see the first Disney romance where I actually believe that the couple got together and lived in perfect happiness for the rest of their lives.
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    These kinds of people blow my mind. That said, one of these days, given the endless attempts at "predicting" global catastrophe, it's going to be something like:
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    You know, you may argue that Dim Sum would make people less racist, but I'd argue that Vietnamese Subs would make people MORE racist. When I first got one, biting into the, what I can only describe as some sort of phalanx of raw carrots was the most disgusting and insulting moment of my entire life. First off, anyone who puts a goddamned carrot into my sub is a lifelong enemy. Carrots are for sick fucks who eat human flesh and fuck their moms. Secondly, even if you were going to put some carrots into it, why was the ratio like 95% carrots, 5% bread and then like almost literally nothing else? Vietnam was a mistake. Not that we went to war there, that we didn't nuke the place hard enough to make Japan blush. Carrots. In my fucking sub. ANIMALS.
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    You know you've committed a pretty bad faux pas when the other guy in the photo is wearing hot pink polka dot socks and the story is about you.