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    It's nice that they finally published a book that Republicans have the capacity to read all the way through.
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    Almost as good of a troll job as the time Kansas elected a Republican legislature and a Republican governor and their Republican policies bankrupted the state, closed down schools, and chased jobs away from Kansas. Haha! Those wacky trolls.
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    He committed perjury. Fuck him. Fuck Flynn. Fuck Carter Paige. Fuck Steve Bannon. Fuck Steven Cohen--who isn't even in the administration, but fuck him nevertheless. Fuck Paul Manafort. Fuck James Comey. And fuck Agent Orange who brought the entire shit team together.
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    Let's just all take a moment to appreciate a foreign national lecturing an American attorney on Constitutional law.
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    Must be horrible to live in a place where people with pre existing conditions get covered and dont get screwed over by chance disease. I mean, thatd be some moral hellscape that I cant imagine. Some sort of cold arctic tundra, or some desert that ingenuity brought to life by working together for a common good they were able to make the land worth fighting for. Eww.
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    buzzfeed for 10 reasons, you won't believe number 7!
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    I have been around reading here and there, kind of disappointed with lack of good topics. So I have been super busy since January 1st. As most of you know my 17 year old daughter, almost 18 lives with her dad and spends time with me whenever. January 1st I get frantic call from her dad he doesn't know where our daughter is and it's 1 am. I got a hold of her to find out after work she went to friend's house and ate a pot brownie. I appreciated she was honest and thought she should not gi home until she's not high. Her father was frustrated I wasn't making big deal out of the situation. Then in the morning I got a call she's being kicked out and if I want to take her. I was there in a heartbeat. I find out she's been driving not having driver's license and no insurance. I wouldn't allow it so I got her enrolled into driving school. So between full time job and her school and her job, I was driving everywhere a lot. She's officially staying with us. She passed her DL test and driving and she got her DL less than two weeks ago. In the mean time MY parents contact me that I haven't seen talked to in 7 years! @kittykat My parents miss me and my family and accept my decisions and no longer care I'm out of their religion. Emblazon met them which I thought would never ever happen. The day we went to see them last Saturday, they gave us $5,000 towards my daughter's car!! That's huge since all we had was $500 for down. Huge relief and help. So my daughter as of last Saturday has a nice car, a used Acura. This past week has been amazing not to have to drive places other than job and groceries. So our little family now is four of us with my parents being part of my life. Couple people here reached out to see if I'm still alive. But yeah that's what's been going on. My life is actually in a very good place and I cannot believe things are in place. My spine issues are still there but not as bad as last 12 months. What's everyone else been up to??
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    He criticized trump more in that interview than DVD has criticized trump ever.
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    Yes. And because I own this place, I can do whatever the hell I want to. Privileges of private property from the Adam Smith School of Free Enterprise.
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    American college students on spring break engaging in obnoxious behavior? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!
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    I support the idea of basic income, if it's paired with the elimination of other welfare programs. All adults, regardless of income or means, should receive it.
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    As another American attorney, I would like to also say @heyyoudvd is WRONG
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    We do. Food stamps are a vital entitlement for many, food deserts need to be eliminated to bring about choice, and urban gardens and farmers markets should be much more prevalent. Why do you oppose literally all of these things?
  20. 8 points
    Honestly this sort of semantic horseplay doesn't bother me half as much as right-wing attempts to essentially rewrite the history of slavery to whitewash the fact that the U.S.'s dependence on slavery was uniquely robust among the world's great powers, and that it had a longer-than-average dependence on slavery for its economic output: That ostensibly intelligent people could believe this, and ignore the fact that most of the great powers of Europe had already abolished the institution of slavery decades before the U.S. ended it nation-wide in 1865, (Great Britain in 1833, France in 1848, Germany/Prussia in 1807, Sweden in 1813, Denmark in 1792 and in the West Indies in 1848, Spain with the exception of Cuba in 1835, etc.) all doing so relatively peacefully without devolving into bloody civil wars that tore them apart at the seams, and that they had already pretty much rebuilt their economies on a foundation of purer industrial capitalism--rather than having a whole half of their economies still depend on what was essentially a form of feudalism--is scary.
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    Saying a slave was technically an immigrant is like saying someone technically moved into a single family home when they get tossed into solitary confinement.
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    Clicked this thread expecting something completely different. Where are the companion ferrets?!
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    If you think believing in climate change is akin to a religious belief, you might be an idiot who doesnt understand science. But then again given that you are following a guy whos biggest gig was on breitbart its not too hard to reach for that conclusion.
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    Here's the scoop: 1.) Donate to the D1P 2017 Charity Campaign in any amount during the month of March; can be as little as $5 2.) The winner will be picked at random, and I will: Match their contribution (up to $100); and Buy them a game of their choice (up to $60) Annnnnnd go!
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    No, you're describing textualism. Originalism means "original intent" or "original meaning." Please see Scalia's dissent in Lawrence v. Texas and DO please stop trying to fuck with me on this shit.
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    I just finished my shift an hour ago in an inner city ER and reflecting on this mother fuckers utter bullshit is pissing me off more now. This cowardly troll pos who enjoys universal healthcare lambasts poor Americans with esrd/htn, standard health issues, while dvd who would love to deny tax paying Americans live saving treatment due to ideology, despite providing nothing to the system he supports while enjoying the superior system of universal healthcare. You fucking coward troll. I saw 14 patients as one nurse in the busiest ER in my city this night. I'm tired of ignorant weak mother fuckers, I over head press more than you bench dvd pre pec tear you wake pathetic fuck, telling me what healthcare is while they work as factory workers. Their ideology doesn't meet reality. Fuck you dvd.i hope you move to the us you cowardly weak fuck and have your lithium denied as a "pre existing condition."
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    "Honey, you're quite limp right now. Is something wrong?" "G'damn leftists (not liberals, I'm the most liberal person but in a classical sense)."
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    The biggest mistake the Obama administration made in regard to the ACA was going along with the characterization of it as "Obamacare" rather than calling it the official name at every opportunity.
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    You know you're a shitty user when even Markot turns against you.
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    Nah. As a general rule I ignore the opinions of those people who don't understand climate science.
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    Dude... This is about people losing jobs and not having any options, not about playing too many games and being on Facebook. You've got a real anger problem, man. As someone who's dad killed himself, I'm saying you can shut the fuck up.
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    Or we could just have less of the Paul family generally. That's the best case scenario.
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    It would be the ultimate coup if the end result of Obama's healthcare push was the GOP accidentally doing universal Medicaid.
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    This is almost as good of a troll job as when Dick Cheney and the rest of the Project for a New American Century manipulated intelligence and preyed on the fears of a scared American electorate and an easily influenced president to send us into a rabbit hole quagmire in the desert, killing over a hundred thousand Iraqis, thousands of Americans, destabilizing the entire Middle East, and creating numerous refugee crises that precipitated the rise of nationalism, hate crimes, and President Donald fucking Trump. GOOD ONE!
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    If there was a 4th grade social studies project and they had the kids making crayon drawings of what their plans would be like, this is the kind of title several of their presentations would have. Incredible.
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    You really are one dumb son of a bitch, aren't you?
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    Will Rand Paul have to trek over hill and dale, confront a Balrog, and slay a Kraken just to get a peak at it again?
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    It's sad that people were booing him. It's their stupid policy that caused this. Of course I suppose there is the flip issue. Suppose a boy transitions to a girl and then plays in the girl's league. What then? That said, it's still not the kid's fault but how the policies are designed.
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    This is the stupidest thing I've seen from you today. I'm this close to giving you a month-long vacation from this place for being ridiculous. Don't bother responding to me - I'm not interested in hearing it.
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    I live in Houston, an area filled with immigrants of both the documented and undocumented varieties. My wife is an anchor baby as well. I get to see both the societal and personal effects of our immigration system. Our current system creates massive numbers of undocumented people. They are going to come here as long as there is a demand for what they provide. Document them and punish them if they break serious crimes, and as Jason noted, don't let people in that have verifiable serious criminal histories.