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    Imagine there were two different court systems, one where people like you generally win and one where people like you generally lose. Now imagine that in order to get a job, your employer requires you to sign a contract forcing you to resultant disputes against them in the court where you generally lose. Now add to that the fact that you aren't allowed to file as a member of a class. That means you will always have to hire your own private attorney or represent yourself. You have no collective bargaining potential, and your issue must be heard in a vacuum. Also, you have no potential for a jury and your appeal process is extremely limited and very expensive. That's why it's a big deal.
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    Protestant performance art
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    I guess this is the new, "Blame everything except the ease of getting a killing machine," object since we exhausted video games and movies?
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    Are you willing to set your Imbecile-loving neighbor and his/her family on fire for your cause? A) If the answer is "yes", then feel free to call yourself "The Resistance". B) If the answer is "no", then call yourself something else, you moron.
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    This is horseshit and you know it. The fact that a sense of "pride" essentially compelled you to "sell blood plasma for food money" rather than take some government assistance that would've at least given you a marginally bit better financial condition to pursue opportunities to "better" yourself doesn't strike me as being a particularly worthy path to emulate.
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    I'm going to hook up biggie with a game for his new PS4 Pro and 4K TV. I want to hook up one of you guys with a game, too. Pick a number between 1-200. I may even give two games away.
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    Gun violence is gun violence. Why should we ignore suicides? When I was involved in pyschiatric research, i heard many, many people say they would commit suicide if they had access to a gun. A lot of these people had failed previous suicude attempts. The perception is that suicide by firearm is easy and painless. There should be absolutely no doubt that limiting access to firearms would reduce the number of suicides.
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    I let him back temporarily but now he's gone for good.
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    @sblfilms, when you are inevitablely on NBC Nightly News for putting on a free screening for the kids, you HAVE to drop a D1P reference.
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    I don't want this thread to go off the rails, but WTF does TLJ have to do with this movie? It'd be like saying that you're not interested in Logan because X-Men: Apocalypse sucked. If you didn't like TLJ, that's a shame, but people keep bringing it up as if it deeply harmed them and they don't want to be triggered by anything remotely related. It's weird. Anyways, I've got my tickets to see it opening weekend. As unimpressed as I've been by the trailers, it's still a Star Wars movie.
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    Retail is increasingly becoming an experience and people driven endeavor; they need to focus on those aspects. They already do that to a certain extent through midnight launches, but there is a lot more they could do: more tournaments (I know some stores already do this, but it should be a company wide initiative), Q&A sessions with game developers, sale events where people can get discounts if they cosplay as a character, stuff like that. Even reinforcing stuff they already do, like demo kiosks, would be a big help. Ninety percent of the battle in retail is getting someone in the store, and they just don't do a good job at that; superstores like Walmart and Target don't have to worry about that because of the size and scope of their stock, but for specialty retailers, it is increasingly important.
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    It’s really gotten to the point where I don’t give my white friends any amount of grace on being on the wrong side. The amount of video evidence of the regular harassment black folks receive in this country is so overwhelming that it isn’t good enough to say they are ignorant. They know this happens, they just don’t care.
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    The Democrats figured out it's worth forcing a vote to get people on the record as voting against something.
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    Marco Rubio gets up every single day dreaming of the man he could be. By lunch time, however, he realizes that today's not the day.
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    Avoiding hosting crap like the Olympics or the World Cup would be one of Trump’s real accomplishments.
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    It's Memorial Day weekend in the US which I happen to consider an absolutely pointless holiday because Veterans/Armistice/Remembrance Day exists on November 11. Anyway, that means it's time to give away some games. Let's have a little fun with this and post what you'd commemorate on this weekend instead of whatever the hell it is that Memorial Day is supposed to commemorate anyway! While every post in this thread will be eligible, if you put a little creativity into it, I'll put in two entries for you so that you'll have an increased chance with the RNG.
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    You. Still. Don't. Get. It. When a person is an elected political figure, there is an inherently different set of freedom of expression arguments that by default apply to them that simply do not apply to anyone else. That is why they should be "forced to listen to everyone". That's what it boils down to and if you can't at least comprehend that, well...I don't know what to say.
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    I don’t think I’m a grotesquely stupid person... but I honestly don’t know what respect for the flag or anthem actually means. They sell beer while the anthem is playing. How is kneeling during the anthem disrespectful? Also why did the flag get lumped into this? Have players disrespected the flag? This whole thing is so fucking stupid.
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    When I read man-child I expected a story about the Dotard.
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    Giuliani should have kicked it up 11 and claim that the investigation will be over by 9/11.
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    Just checked on a couple of my summer season employees who go there. Both were ok, one was in the room next to where the shooting happened. Shook up but ok.
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    This. The Palestinians largely want an Islamic dictatorship, which would either make Israelis (and Jews more generally) second-class citizens or just expel/exterminate them completely. Meanwhile Israel will continue to lack restraint in its reaction to Palestinian provocations, dispensing unnecessary misery and oppression along with the ‘necessary’ misery and oppression that is the unavoidable byproduct of any use of marshal force. I have no idea how either side will ever reach a point where they can stop killing each other, and wonder often if they’re just destined to keep fighting until one or both sides is completely wiped out. And at that point you might indeed call it a kind of ‘genocide without genocidal intent’.
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    Don't WWE rules state that Kane can usurp the presidency by throwing Trump off Hell in a Cell?
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    Witness, ladies and gentlemen, the overheated brain of the Neoconservative, ever fast at work trying to pave over the memory of the abysmal failure that was their approach to geopolitics, and the fact that few have done more to inflame the armies of radical Islam and the nuclear arms race than them. Because, seriously, after debacles like Iraq, what sane person running a country in the Middle East WOULDN’T feel driven to acquire a nuclear weapon—when at any moment you can be unilaterally invaded by a wealthy, stable country that you haven’t attacked under a feeble, manufactured pretext? What better justification and incentive is there for developing a nuclear arsenal?
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    https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/wayne/2018/04/30/modesty-ponchos-doled-out-dearborn-divine-child-hs-prom/566943002/ If a girl is wearing a dress that is too revealing, she will be asked to cover up with this. Now, as we all know, Dearbon is home to one of America's largest Muslim communities. I, for one, am absolutely disgusted by this act of creeping Sharia into our daily lives. This offensive display by American Muslims...*checks earpiece* oh, it's a Catholic school? Well, freedom of religion and all that. Carry on.
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    The WHCD is has always been a travesty that no self-respecting journalist should ever attend. A journalist should never, ever attend a social function with those they are covering.
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    My initial reaction is ban politicians from Twitter and force them to hold press conferences under penalty of impeachment/auto-resignation.
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    And it’s done. I’m a proud new owner of the PS4 PRO.
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    Edit - @Nokra @GuyWhoPredictsThings @legend @Keyser_Soze @best3444 I'm kinda proud of this one...Whatch y'all think?
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    This is the first time I’d be willing to believe someone on the scene is a crisis actor.
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    People can't riot if they can't miss a day of work without ruining their life.
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    We live in a world where Donald Fucking Trump is President of the United States of America. You will excuse @Kal-El814 and me if we don't exactly blow our loads over EVERY. SINGLE. UNSUBSTANTIATED. LEAK. and instead view things through the lens of a world where again, DONALD FUCKING TRUMP IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Yeah, we're the ones being "illogical".
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    ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Motherboard AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Cpu AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB Gpu 512GB SAMSUNG 960 PRO PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD GSKILL Ripjaws V 16GB DDR4/3200MHz Ram Corsair RM650i 80 Gold Fully Modular Ultra Quiet Psu Thanks to those who helped me pick some parts about a month ago!
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    The fun little ride I just went on: -Man, Alan Wake was awesome. -Holy shit, Alan Wake is 8 years old. -What have they done since? -Oh yeah, Quantum Break is a thing. Maybe it's cheap by now. -$40 on Steam? No thanks. I'll wishlist it for when it goes on sale... -I already own Quantum Break? What? Why haven't I played it? -Oh, that's right, my PC doesn't hit the min specs. -Back to God of War.
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    My favorite line in the movie: "Where's Gamorra?" "I'll do you one better, WHO's Gamorra?" "I'll do YOU one better, WHY is Gamorra?" Such a perfect Drax line