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    The Trump campaign played a small minor roll in the Trump campaign.
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    With the release of Okami coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and with it being a game I loved and wish it had sold more, I've decided to do a giveaway, one digital copy for each platform! The catch is I'd like to give it away to people who have never actually experienced the game before, and for any Zelda fans, you're in for a real treat! So please, if you've never played the game before, and would like to get a chance to win a free copy, just reply in this thread as to why you'd like it, and why you haven't played it before, and obviously which platform you'd prefer it on. (Side note: I do not own an XBO, and therefore no Live account, but surely there is a way to buy someone a gift code, yes?)
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    It’s really REALLY good. I’m trying to temper my reaction, but it’s hard. Johnson hit a home run and it is no surprise at all they are giving him a whole trilogy to shepherd. I was much more lukewarm on TFA from day one. Can’t wait for next Wednesday to see it again.
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    The crack about Larry Bird isn't loaded with cultural and racial baggage of Pocahontas. In this situation, there is a general sense of the Imbecile denigrating one of the few notable Native Americans to score cheap points. In essence, its use in this context inherently contains a prejudicial, derogatory element to Native Americans that transcends Warren as the target.
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    If Roy Moore had been born in Yemen and was named Royami Al'Moore but still had the exact same religious beliefs, he would be on a no-fly list, a government watch list, and wouldn't even be allowed in to America. This is a man who thinks the law only applies to people who share his religion, who preys on young girls because he thinks they are more pure, and thinks non-believers and members of different religions shouldn't even be allowed to hold office. But because he is white and Christian, he is allowed to hold a prominent place in polite society. But instead, this religious zealot is going to be representing his state in the US Senate. Fuck Roy Moore, and fuck any knuckle-dragging mouth breathers who support him.
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    Who would have thought that voting for a fucking idiot would have idiotic consequences?
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    @SFLUFAN just called to say I was PROBABLY going to be the new owner of d1p but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!
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    Never forget the only reason we had this special election is because Trump selected a sitting senator that he now hates and then lost that seat to democrat. Ls on Ls on Ls.
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    Now I have a Christmas theme, ho ho ho. Enjoy.
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    It's probably unavoidable to look like a douche when posting a picture like this but hopefully I can be forgiven. The band I play with performed at an open stage night in a local bar:
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    There is so very much material for me to work with here that it's almost too easy!
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    What Elizabeth Warren is or is not is absolutely the least important part of this entire discussion.
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    No, the answer to any question that starts like this is always no.
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    Tell me, Leigh Corfman, how does this make you feel? The man for whom you cast a ballot for the presidency has chosen to support the man who preyed upon you.
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    One of my father's friends went to the Australian embassy in Trinidad to obtain a visa. When he was being interviewed, the consular officer asked him if he had a criminal record. His response was, "No, I don't. Is one still necessary to go to Australia?" He got the visa, but the consular officer wasn't particularly amused.
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    This is literally what you fucking voted for.
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    It's easy for me to want to sit from afar and judge someone for having been hateful towards his gay daughter. But the thing is, he's a product of his environment and he chose to change his incredibly deeply rooted beliefs. It cost him a daughter, but he fucking did it. It's a tragedy that we let any semblance of hate drive our values.
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    Several years ago, a black man made fun of him in public and he had to sit there and take it without getting to respond.
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    I can completely believe it. "Christian values" are a tool used for moral leverage over others than anything else.
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    You’re all a bunch of kikes. *Please note: I am not calling Jason a kike because I learned in this thread that would be racist. I’m only calling the non-Jewish people in this thread a kike because it’s not racist - if anything it’s endearing, so, YOU’RE WELCOME!
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    Dear publishers, Hi! how's it going? I wanted to let you know that there is a new thing that is basically a series of tubes on which really, really, intelligent and potentially unemployed peoples can gather and *note* things. Yes, you can still use good old fashion lying and avoidance to push your agenda but your reputation does take a bath. These people will find out what you are up to, no matter how you express, position, of defend your practices. People aren't buying your products because of you, its because of your talented developers, so stop putting them in a position where they have to damage their reputations with the public at large so you can get that extra 5% profit margin. Short term greed cuts into long term profits. Kisses & Hugs, Vic20
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    Fuckin' Canucks. It's mac & cheese... call it mac & cheese. Them, not you. What logical purpose could Kraft have in having different packaging between Canada and the US? It's like a box of Apple Jacks having General Mills as the largest text on the box.
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    Happy early birthday to me Not pictured: Whatever I end up downloading for the X, probably AC:0
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    He is what I would imagine a human version of Launchpad McQuack would look like.
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    Pick a number between 1-15, winner can get whatever game they want.
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    Winner! Let me know what game and I’ll send it!
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    The only reason I'm not deleting this atrocious post is to leave it here to let everyone see what a shitcock you are. What the actual fuck is wrong with you?
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    I've seen some of your Facebook acquaintances so that would be a good place to start!
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    At first I was like , but then I remember your profession.