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    An old friend of mine was at the show and nobody has heard from him so I fear the worst.. dude has worked for 20 years to break into the music industry, he just recently got signed and was shooting up the Country Music charts *Edit* and as soon as I type that he finally responds and is safe.
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    The people upset by the kneeling are also the people most likely to mock people for being offended at everything. It’s endlessly amusing.
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    Here's a hot take: fuck the Founders. They are dead men from 225+ years ago, that by our own standards, were terrorists and secessionists. They were so wise and intelligent that they had to throw out their own constitution less than 15 years after writing it, and yet here we are all these years later saying it's treason to throw out their 2nd draft. I cannot fathom the audacity to believe any opinion or worldview I hold now is important or insightful enough to be enshrined as gospel in the year 2244, and I believe our Founders would shiver at the same thought.
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    I should have said this after Charlotesville, but I'm effectively instituting a policy where there will be no linking to any information related to sites like 4chan or Reddit that are spreading false, misleading, or otherwise untrue information in the aftermath of these events. You can make reference that these sites are propagating such garbage, but there will be no linking to those sites or to a third-party that references those sites, even if that third-party is pointing out the garbage. I have no desire to give the human refuse that populates them any more "publicity" than they're already getting.
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    Rand is eternally running for president, like his father before him. His son will do the same when his time comes. And his son's son, and so on, until the heat death of the universe. None will ever be elected.
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    I figured they didn't want him to talk about it cause they couldn't trust him to say "Niger."
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    Let's shit on Democrats for reasons and when they improve those reasons, let's shit on them anyway!
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    It stays on the right-wing conspiracy sites where it belongs, not here.
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    This is such ludicrous reasoning that I seriously cannot believe anyone parrots it in this day and age unironically. Those things that you mentioned have an inherent utility that exists outside of any violent or otherwise "nefarious" context that they may be used in. The inherent utility of a firearm is a dangerous, violent context. What would the entire point of its existence be otherwise? Sure, I guess you could say that you could use a firearm as a hammer if you wanted to argue that it has some non-violent external utility, but that's pretty bloody stupid. Surely, you can do better than that!
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    My sister found this and my gawd it is awesome. Guy couldn’t publish it in the paper but online was ok
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    Your "acceptable loss"...I mean, "noble sacrifice" will be duly noted, and you and your family will be the beneficiaries of my thoughts and prayers.
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    What if that 200 pound man has a gun? What if it’s 3 200 pound men? What if they sneak up on her? What if the 100 pound female is 14 years old? 12? What if the 100 pound woman is being shot at by a man with an assault rifle from hundreds of yards away, is 32 stories above her, and she’s in a crowd of panicked people? I don’t envy anyone in a position that needs to defend themselves from someone else. And I absolutely accept that a firearm can be a potent equalizer in those situations. I’m just getting to the point where... I don’t really give a shit about that. I grew up in a rural area, with hunters, and around plenty of responsible gun owners. I care less about those facts and those people than the fact that the main factor contributing to another Vegas style killing spree not happening right now is nobody deciding that’s what they want to do on a Wednesday. Superman isn’t showing up to snatch all the guns and toss them into the sun. And there’s enough guns out there that even if all sales were banned today, it’s not like we’d see results immediately. But we would see them over time. I give way less of a shit that a hunter has an awkward and potentially dangerous moment with a wounded animal because all semi automatic weapons are illegal than I do thinking about the possibility that two dudes at Times Square on New Year’s Eve could murder hundreds of people in a few minutes because we all just accept that’s a reasonable price to pay because sometimes someone needs a handgun to protect themselves. The self defense thing rings so damned hollow after an event like this. Be armed to the teeth, wear a flak jacket... doesn’t fucking matter. Someone unloads in a crowd you’re in and you’ll just get trampled to death. Or the police will take your ass down if you try to return fire, appropriately so. I’m at the point where I’m not particularly sympathetic to anyone who needs to own a firearm to feel safe when this is the cost we all have to pay.
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    The gun control debate ended after Sandy Hook revealed that dead children is an acceptable cost. This is just reality now.
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    lol if this is how you are now posing your existential crises to D1P, I'm a big fan.
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    I don't think I've ever hated a public figure as much as I hate Donald Trump. He's like the physical embodiment of everything I despise. Fuck that guy. Fuck everything about him, fuck his whole fucking family and fuck any idiot stupid enough to vote for him.
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    @Kal-El814 @sblfilms @Triage @DarkStar189 @Jason @-Chris @Jose Just updating you on where your donations are going. Because of the terrible impact that Maria had on Puerto Rico, I've decided that the donations will go to the Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund which is being operated by ConPRMetidos. I'm making an initial donation of $500 which will primarily be used to acquire much-needed generators.
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    So that leaves me to cover the other $140.00, I'll send it in a moment! Edit: Done! Keep up the good work man, I appreciate your efforts!
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    Well days after "kneeling is disrespectful" (cause nobody shows more respect to the military than a draft dodger) this happens. It's just another in the long line of his fucking hypocrisy and it disgusts me that his supporters are so brain dead not to care.
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    That's because finding out Trump was president is worse than either of those two things. (bad joke, sorry)
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    If anyone feels like making their D1P experience a little more festive for the Halloween season, check out the theme picker.
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    With any luck, our potential enemies will go bankrupt trying to build their own F-35s.
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    We all know you're painfully unfunny, but this is just in poor taste.
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    You sound like you're not a fan of 'traditional' work. So, like others have said, just go on Craigslist and advertise dick sucking. Make it subtle or CL may pull the post. If I remember correctly, you're a decent looking young man. Older gay men/straight republicans would love that shit and will probably pay you well for letting them put their penises in your mouth, but make it clear to them that they cannot finish inside your mouth. In order to make that kind of cash, you need to rely on volume. It's going to be a lot of dicks and the risk of STD contamination may be high. Get the money up front and let them know that you'll take them to the edge, orally, but you need to finish them off with a hand job. Keep a squirt of lotion in your palm because some of them may try to trick you by saying they're not close yet, but then they shoot a thick, creamy load in your mouth. You need to use your lips and tongue to feel when they're about ready to ejaculate. When you feel it coming, quickly, orally disengage and stroke the guy off the rest of the way. By the time they're in the vinegar strokes stage, they probably won't care where they finish. Good luck, my friend. I hope you raise the cash!
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    Fox news won't pass up a chance to blame gun violence on the Nigers.
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    because they were full sheet paper towels and not half sheet.
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    I like this argument, because then it makes me want to apply everything the government does to control the use of cars to guns. Gun can only be used by those licensed to operate them but only after passing a written exam and going through a training period where they're allowed to use a gun only in the presence of someone else with a full license. Insurance in case the gun illegally injures someone. Yearly inspections to ensure the gun isn't a hazard to others or is still in its owner's possession. How about a publicly available record of every gun's history along with it being registered with the state it currently resides in? I'm cool with all of those thing.
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    Any Christian who voted for Trump is a shitty Christian. Donal Trump is the complete polar opposite of everything Christ stood for.
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    I'm glad you're coming around, but literally everything we're seeing from him now was known during the campaign. None of it is a surprise to those of us who paid attention. Maybe use this as a lesson to do more research before the next time you vote.
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    I don't think people who've made it this far without coming to regret their vote are ever going to come to regret their vote.
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    How come you never comment on any of the threads about collapsing dem narratives? It's so one sided lately.
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    I have a launch 3DS I haven't used in ages. It's yours if you want it, PM me your address. And unlike Nintendo, I'll even include a charger
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    I still think he probably spoke to Richard Branson.
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    Man, he really isn't into carrying things to their full-term, is he?