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    This is open for all consoles and PC. No handhelds... All you have to do is explain why I'm an amazing user here and pick a number between 1-100. I'll close this out by this coming Wednesday 3/21 at 3pm.
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    There was a lot of crying and indecipherable blubbering, but she's wearing it so I assume that means yes.
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    For those of you who don't visit Community General, my female Russian roommate is doing some seriously stupid shit. Because this situation is so ludicrous beyond words, I've decided to celebrate it by having one of our weekend game giveaways. All you have to do to participate is to post in this thread over this weekend where she's committing the first stage of self-inflicted harm to her body. Now to make things interesting, if you can tell us a story about similar self-inflicted stupid shit that either you've done to yourself or someone you know has done to themselves, I'll "double" your entry. In other words, when the time comes for me to use a Random Number Generator to select the winners, your name will be entered twice, effectively doubling your chances! If this plan of hers turns fatal for her, I'll have another contest once I've cleared my name with the police
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    Well, @Pent - the RNG was good to you for the three entries that your story earned What game would you like and for which system? There will be more opportunities to win over the next couple of days as there are stories here that are too good to not have a shot. And -- let's face it -- it's an absolute miracle that some of you are still alive
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    @DuesEXgame After many hours of deliberation, these are the options that we've come up with for you. In addition to getting Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, these are some PS4 options for your consider. Uncharted 4 PS4 Slim Bundle plus Horizon Zero Dawn (the Slim is the "base" PS4 while the Pro is a more advanced model) God of War PS4 Pro Bundle (note: this doesn't release until April 20 so you'll have to wait a month) Regular PS4 Pro (you can use it now) Battlefront II PS4 Pro Bundle (you can use it now) As you can see, we're edging you towards a PS4 because...well...it's the largest install base this generation, the most exclusives, etc. etc.
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    I'm surprised this didn't open up some sort of asshole black hole and collapse everyone present into a singularity
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    I believe I read through most of this. There's no dilemma--there's the emotional response, and there's the logical parental response. I'm occupying the latter. I'm not against giving my "blessing", but as this is my first marriage (with the intent of it being my last) at 40, and proposing 5 years in, you could say I take the sanctity of marriage seriously. So, when I do give it, it's going to mean something, that I actually approve of the union (not that they need it, but if you're going to ask...). So there are a couple of reasons I don't agree with what they're doing. I don't know the kid. I've met him once, briefly, at 1 in the morning. They spend a lot of time at his parents' house, and practically none at ours. Make the effort. They've been together for less than 4 months. At an older age, sure, you're adults, you know what you want. But at 18? No one knows what they want, but they damn sure want to convince everyone else they know exactly what they're doing. That's called being a teenager. What's worse, is that Sophia lost her virginity to her previous boyfriend, then started dating this guy less than a month later... and they all work at the same place. He is LITERALLY her first rebound booty. And he shouldn't be her last. She's 18 going on 14. She lived a VERY sheltered life until 2 years ago, and she has the gas pedal of her life slammed to the floor. Which is ok. Live a little. Don't decide the rest of your entire life before you've had the chance to live it. What's the hurry? You want to pledge your undying love for your girlfriend? Ok. Get her a promise ring. Get her a claddagh ring. You don't ask for permission to ask permission 10 months before asking permission. You cohabitate. You get a ring. Then you ask for that blessing. Which leads me to patience. Learn some. I may be a little selfish wanting our wedding and the ensuing vacation to be about Triage and myself, but I've never been married, and neither of us has ever had a real wedding. We're not taking a honeymoon after, the extended vacation is more less the honeymoon. There's literally no need to bring up your relationship intentions at someone else's wedding/honeymoon. It's just tacky. If Sophia wants the bouquet, have at it, but that's about it. You want to ask permission, ok, just wait until the vacation is over. They want to ask when I'm officially the step-father? Is he going to interrupt the moment we say I do? It just shouldn't happen on the vacation. The trip isn't about making them feel better about their relationship, it's about celebrating Triblazon. If you're serious about being serious, do it at a more appropriate time and place. So yeah, those are my thoughts.
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    One of Trump's supported candidates finally won an election!
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    FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK yeah! I am beyond relieved to have this behind me! I am presently enjoying a rum and coke in the victory circle!
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    It was indeed. I was just about to post something. My mind is reeling...I still can't wrap my head around this. I hope you won't take offense but I couldn't convince myself that you guys weren't fucking with me, cause I'm just that paranoid. This shit is gorgeous, I'm trying to set it up and I feel like one of those apes from 2001 messing around with the black rectangle thing...I wasn't kidding when I said I haven't followed videogames in years, so it's as if you guys sent me a gift from the future... I really don't know how to say thank you, but, thank you so much...I honestly can't remember the last time anyone did anything so nice for me... I'm betting the graphics are going to blow my mind in half..
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    @DuesEXgame - it was just delivered!
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    Done! And I provided @DuesEXgame with the Amazon invoice just to prove that we're not bullshitting him
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    Watching conservatives react to this all day has been amusing. Phase one: Celebration. "Haha, suck it libs, a REAL MAN just told Mueller to go pound sand MAGA MAGA MAGA! Phase two: Gloating. "This right here is how you deal with a witch hunt." Phase three: Caution. "He never said there was proof, he said Mueller thinks he has proof, learn to read snowflakes." Phase four: Virtue signaling. "How dare the media do this to a man who clearly has substance abuse problems? CNN as awful as ever." Phase five: Denial. "Who here has never heard of Nunberg until today?"
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    I propose a D1P GoFundMe so we can fly @johnny out to cuck the boyfriend and put an end to this dilemma.
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    You should inform them both that D1P thinks that every decision they've made so far has been pretty damned terrible and if there is ONE thing we're experts in, it happens to be really bad ideas!
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    It's no different than having only white Barbies available at Toys R Us. You grow up on that and it just digs into your subconscious until they start being readily available. Then it changes your whole outlook. We're Puerto Rican. I have some family that had a little girl that never had any dolls of colors. When she was like five, she got her first doll that was the same skin shade as she was and she didn't like it. She said it wasn't pretty like her white dolls. Or like my wife when she stopped straightening her hair and then had family complain that her "bad hair" looked better when it was straight. You know...because straight hair is good and tight curls are ugly and bad. This stuff is just grilled into people from a young age. That's why anyone trying to argue that Black Panther is no different from an R-rated vampire movie have no idea what they're talking about. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    The right wing nutters merely adopted social media. The children were born in it, molded by it.
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    It's hilarious that we would discuss putting limits on pictures before we put limits on weapons as a cause of killing.
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    Sup, all? It's been years I think since I left this place in a huff saying I'd never come back, I don't even remember why, I was really stressed out and angry at the time. It was a good choice, honestly, just because I was too trapped inside my own head, and spending too much time fucking around on the internet and letting that paint my view of reality, so it was good to break from it and get some perspective. But I really do regret the way I left, I was such an asshole. And I miss the community. So I came back to see what's been happening...And because my life is in the shitter and I'm desperate. Does anyone even remember me?
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    Trump supporters would let the Imbecile shit in their mouths if they thought a liberal would have to smell their breath.
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    It kept me in a better mood in 2016 and I like being here for every special election until I get really tired. I've been posting on the CEB for elections since 2006 and it's always fun. Plus, we can be in misery together if things go poorly. I'm just saying.
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    next were gonna find out that Legend is Analog!
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    I'd probably make up some shit if I was talking to the man my side piece was hot for.
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    I bought Superman 64 at a TRU when it came out. They should have protected me as a consumer. Fuck them
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    I posted something similar last time we had a doom and gloom Toys R Us thread, but damn, that place was basically heaven on earth when I was kid. A whole place with nothing but toys! When your parents took you, it was sensory overload with all the awesome stuff you wanted. The excitement you got when your parents said they would take you to get a new toy. Going to pick out new Hot Wheels, new GI Joes, new WWF figure. The best of course was new video game time. Picking up that paper slip and bringing it to the front. Getting your new game. Opening the box and reading the manual on the way home. It was like Christmas every time you go to to go. RIP in Peace
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    It's a pity we have to de-mod Vic now. I really liked him.
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    Also, just so I'm not just coming back to take a shit on the floor, this is the only arguably positive thing I have to share, the last few days the depression broke ever-so-slightly and I've been doodling again. I'm just so out of practice.
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    Maybe he sent his assistant to tell Tillerson he was fired, and phoned ahead and told Tillerson to tell his assistant he was fired.
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    Besides not being a fan of the death penalty, I really think actual prison time needs to be reserved for only serious and/or repeated breaches of the social contract. Putting someone in prison has to be the biggest waste of money the government can have. You have to spend money to put the person in prison, you lose a taxpayer, and you basically condemn that person to a life of poverty after they get out which just creates more problems down the road. Really, every effort should be made to avoid that as much as possible. Or are there any studies that show us locking away massive amounts of dangerous minorities has anything to do with our historically low crime levels? I would hope that putting in an effort to actually rehabilitate the individual would work better than just throwing them in prison.
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    I've definitely made fewer posts about it. (I've watched them all.)
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    I oppose arming teachers/staff because it presupposes that more guns are the answer, and I flatly reject that notion.
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    If only legislators had the courage to remove blatant corporate welfare (like these fuel tax credits) for legitimately good policy reasons of which there are many. If only.
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    The only thing I did was time stamp tickets at work for 8 hours in the cold!
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    First Spinraza dose on April 10th! $125k directly into my spine, $500k by June 5th.
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    Roses are red, Violets are blue. In Soviet Russia, Pussy grabs you!
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