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    I have a few conservative and libertarian friends that I will occasionally talk politics with. If the topic gets brought up, I try to find commonalities between us intead of focusing on what we disagree on. What is frustrating with DVD is that he never does this. He only comes on this board with the intent to stir shit up. You would think with our mutual dislike for Trump he could use this as a way to find some ground with us. But no, instead he repeatedly insists that he dislikes Trump for REAL reasons, and that we only dislike him because we are liberals who hate every single Republican. He's always combatative and, quite frankly, mean-spirited. He comes on here to insult us, then has the gall to say that we're only mean to him because of his views. No, we are mean to him because he's a fucking jerk. I won't pretend that this board doesn't skew left, but there other more conservative users on here who fit in just fine because they understand basic rules of human decency. But believe it or not, I actually feel bad for DVD. He brings such a negative attitude with him that I can't immagine that he's a happy person IRL. I hope he finds help and learns to not get so worked up over the politics of a country he doesn't even live in.
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    Thanks for the words, John McCain. Now follow it up with action. I don't believe any Republican on this matter until they prove it.
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    I still don't understand why he posts here. He hates it here so much and doesn't respect anybody who disagrees with him (which is incredibly ironic coming from him and his, er, crusade against bubbles, I guess?). He has done a good job entrenching people opposite of his view points over the past decade and a half of posting on the CEB, attracts the same attitude on the non-political boards, and he has even been trolled by the board's conservatives and libertarians over the years, to which he temporarily turns on them in a New York minute. Or in the case of Wade, permanently turned on him even though SFLU is saying the same shit he's been saying for years. He has never agreed with the board's liberals and would rather argue with them on everything, even when there's a president in power who he allegedly thinks is terrible. Weird. Fascinating, though.
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    It's pretty obvious now that the administration will "leak" out executive orders before signing them to gage the public opinion. This is simply the latest in a handful of controversial orders that the administration claims they were never going to sign. It seems awfully fishy.
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    How much Fox News do you have to watch before they send you the Lil Donny Trump Decoder Ring? Does it come free with a subscription to LifeAlert?
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    It certainly looks bad when I have a note in your handwriting planning out the murder.
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    Trump isn't capable of correctly understanding the content of a single cable news show segment, but by all means, let's hear more about how silly liberals are hysterically overreacting to Trump's presidency.
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    I'm still trying to figure out how this is "fake news". The memo is linked in the thread. Here it is in case you missed it https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3467508-Trump-National-Guard-Draft-Memo.html?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP The headline is that "Trump considering mobilizing National Guard to round up illegal immigrants". It doesn't say he is going to for sure, just that he is considering it. The key word is considering. They memo shows a plan using National Guard troops to round up and deport illegal immigrants. @heyyoudvd Are you claiming the memo is fake? Please explain how this is fake news.
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    DVD is basically saying it's our fault for not playing the Rorschach test game that you're apparently supposed to play when listening to Trump. He's all things to all people if you just believe it in your heart.
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    Aren't you getting tired of having trumps little balls in your mouth?
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    Look, Gibson might be a fucking horrible person, but he is a fantastic fucking director and actor. I hate this bullshit "Oh no, not Gibson" fervor that's going on. The man is very creative and excellent at what he does.
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    LOL @ someone who compares a political ideology to mental illness playing the victim, that's Cirque du Soleil level mental gymnastics.
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    No, really. I've even gone through the trouble of posting the impressions from people who have played it, from combat to the HUD to quests to the story to graphics, previews have been dumped on your lap ITT and the Sony board, and you're just going to make things up so you can try to be a tired "critical internet guy" character? Just do yourself a favor and don't buy the game and save us the time. You're clearly not saying anything in good faith.
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    Throughout the history of nuclear close calls, there have been several prudent low level people that very well may have avoided disaster. I have a feeling that future generations will tell the story of how nuclear war broke out because Donald Trump's fuckin caddie was manning a radar station somewhere.
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    No, they can literally hit you with bleed and run away until you die. It's a common tactic with Nobushi players.
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    After all of this ridiculous bullshit from dvd, how the fuck is he still here?!
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    I mean isn't the Fox News explanation just retreading old ground? When I originally heard about this, that was considered the most likely explanation for his statement. I don't know what point heyyoudvd thinks he's making here. So Trump was repeating something he heard on Fox News. That is NOT reassuring. This isn't the first time this has happened either. The leader of the free world gets his understanding of world affairs from cable news, heyyoudvd may think that is some sort of gotcha. The rest of us find this sort of thing some mixture of terrifying and morbidly hilarious.
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    See, I genuinely believe that Mangold put his shoulder to the wheel with THE WOLVERINE. While that film isn't quite great (especially in the final act), there's a lot of real narrative understanding and genuine stakes and care for the character on display. Bears a lot of hallmarks of over-committee development from the studio, but at least the director and star were genuinely trying with that one. I think what we're seeing with LOGAN is less an example of people only just now exerting effort than said effort getting respected by the studio even though it seems like a more risky route.
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    He's also expressed active distaste for the genre in the past, so maybe he's not the best dude to help course-correct a film universe desperately in need of people who actually give a shit about the characters they're putting on screen?
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    I wrote all that, and really all I needed to do was post this video to show how I feel about DC/WB right now...
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    If this is true no wonder his enthusiasm for the project has been dampened. The made him rush what was an obvious passion project for for their superhero tentpoles that are probably beyond saving at this point.
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    DVD is just a troll and that's why he should be banned. He has never tried our even wanted to have a discussion with anyone here, he only comes to berate people. He can say all he wants that it's because we hate conservatives or Jews or anything he wants to project, but it's because he's an ass. I hope he realizes that one day, that he's just an ass.
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    They aren't... he's working EVERYONE and people are falling for it.
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    So the point of this is to listen to some fuckwit complain about unskilled players clearly whipping is skilled ass or is this just his shtick?
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    well to be fair the compilations of him being a lil bitch get way more exposure than he does since the editing is well done to show how clearly terrible he is
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    Considering American politics occupies only a small slice of the political spectrum, it's really weird for someone to never agree with the other side on anything.
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    How many times has @sblfilms refuted this nonsense? He's a conservative who fits in fine because he's not an ass.
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    Pozingis winning that trophy is the closet gold Knicks fans will see, lol!
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    Trump's president Vic we will need it ina few months/years. Your time will come.
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    I'm only using the Switch in Handheld mode
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    I love fucking people up any way possible. "Honor" after years of motherfuckers camping and sniping in every shooter ever? No sir, no mercy. I'm gonna fuck up your 1v1, I'm gonna drop a catapult on your ass as you slowly advance on me, if you're by a ledge, you're going off. And when you finally get past all that, I'm just gonna kick the shit out of you in normal combat.
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    Crowd: "TRICKLE DOWN THEORY HAS BEEN GOOD FOR US! WE'RE SO... hey, where's our money?" Trump: "BUILD THE WALL!" Crowd: "YAY!"
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    That was clearly the PC version. The framerate was too high for the Xbox One, but the button prompts were clearly Xbox.
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    The social commentary is "here's a website that encourages (potentially) poor people to do whatever they can think of for five bucks, no matter how absurd." The idea that it's the "rich telling the poor" what to do is absurd. You got five bucks? Does that make you fucking rich? Well take it to Fiver and they'll do whatever you want. You can pay a lady to blow up a balloon with "Slaughter All Cunts" on it and she'll do it. It's not that the dude went into the middle of Africa and paid some dirt poor people in cash to do something, there is a website where literally anybody with five bucks can have strangers do pretty much whatever.
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    The fact that people in this thread actually take issue with this completely uncontroversial statement shows just how brainless the left is. Hey, I've got an idea! 1. Let's create a welfare state where everything is branded a "right" and everyone is given everything for "free". 2. Let's open up our borders and allow anyone and everyone in, so that they can leech off of our our society! Brilliant plan! What could possibly go wrong? The icing on the cake is the fact that when you point out the sheer retardation of putting these two ideas together, leftists will attack you, label you "racist", and make all sorts of ignorant remarks about the US's history of immigration. We're seeing that right in this thread. What these idiots who are posting pictures of the Statue of Liberty don't realize is that the US didn't used to be a welfare state. It was the land of opportunity. The idea was that it was a free society that would grant you the OPPORTUNITY to elevate yourself. The point was that it was a country founded on individual liberties and free market capitalism, which allowed those who worked hard and those who had talent and ideas to succeed in life and generate wealth. The idea was NOT that the US was some sort of oasis where you'd enter the country and be handed all sorts of free shit. It's the land of opportunity, not the land of welfare.
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    SMFH. Fanboys need to be psychologically studied.
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    Really, you couldn't pull back your foreskin to clean yourself when you take a shower?
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    I would go with the non ant eater model personally.
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    So you DO believe that it matters what color your skin is and what's between your legs when evaluating the merits of what someone has to say.