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    http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/melissa-mccarthy-sean-spicer-234715 So uhh... get Kristen Wiig to play Steve Bannon in a dress and all of our problems are solved, I guess?
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    OMG can you imagine the fury that would erupt in seeing this woman, who he loathes, portraying and making fun of him!? SOMEONE GET O'DONNELL'S AGENT ON THE PHONE!
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    Just imagine being president and being shocked and furious that SNL is making fun of you
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    As a teacher, you can politely go fuck yourself.
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    Some would argue that's because the so-called "Left" in the US sold out to what are essentially conservative neoliberal economic policies and kinda forgot about the working class. In essence, the party managed to get the "worst" of both worlds: too far to the left socially, too far to the right economically.
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    In this thread we find out that Engel likes the idea of America's school being gutted so he can finally say that he is smarter than someone.
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    I'd like to see you teach a class in public school; you wouldn't last two weeks.
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    Dear Lucian, Stop following these shitty people on Twitter and posting their tweets in every thread assuming that we give a fuck. Love, me
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    Put Rosie O'Donnell in a wig and have her play Trump and Trump will resign from public life and go live on an island somewhere.
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    Or "embrace what everyone loathes about politicians." I'm not saying there is no utility to it, but what a depressing state of affairs. A balance also has to be struck. If all you care about is continuing to win, then you very well may be sacrificing the very reasons you ought to have won. The correct target is care about implementing good policies, which entails doing some things to make sure you win to do them.
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    I suppose this is as appropriate a thread for grade school insults as any
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    Because people sending postcards clearly did not vote. Yeah okay guy.
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    16 minutes of actual gameplay. Did Hideo Kojima invent your sport?!
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    I just finished watching John Wick. That was pretty fun!
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    The problem, to me, is that it is really, really difficult to get quality people to want to even work within the public school system. And it has absolutely nothing to do with unions, or even politics. It has to do with the low pay given to people who have the most difficult jobs, the top-down attitude of administrators to actual teachers, and the complete neglect that comes from parents who expect miracles, but do everything physically possible to make sure miracles are incapable of happening. One of my employees works in a second job as a mid-level administrator at one of these public school districts, and I hear about his constant struggles with parents who find it more important to take care of their own wants and desires and pay zero attention to their kid(s) as a result. I was listening to one story of how a couple of little girls come to school exhausted without sleep because their parents take them to WalMart to steal stuff while the parents act as decoys, and that's just one of many of those kinds of stories. Constantly, people talk about the teachers who aren't great, but completely ignore the public school teachers who have been making a difference for decades. I went to public school, and I had some pretty damn good teachers who helped me learn enough so that I could get into West Point. To me, they did a pretty amazing job as I grew up in a really crappy public school system (in my opinion) and felt really lucky because the right people were in that place at that particular time. We often forget about those people who worked in a crappy environment and got shitty pay, yet still managed to do wonderful things. That's probably why people are concerned about DeVos. She doesn't care about public schools, and from everything I've EVER heard of her, about her, and from her, she cares mostly about herself. Having lived in Michigan as long as I did, it's hard to see anything good about the DeVos family, as it's done so many shady, cheesy things towards fellow citizens. That's my reason for not wanting her to be anywhere near a school system where I suspect she'd go out of her way to personally profit off of the job and screw even more people. There's a reason she fits the Amway perspective of "get their money fast and never give it back."
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    Certified Pool Operator? They sure do have nice perks for those at that company.
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    It's really a stupid pissing match comparing who took money from who. All that shows is that we need better campaign finance laws so that politicians aren't as beholden to special interests. She's unqualified as hell, focus on that, not where everyone is getting their dirty money from.
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    Engel is a fucking idiot. Who in the right fucking mind thinks this woman is even capable of doing this job?!
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    Under reported by Trump. He still hasn't said anything publicly about it, and likely never will since it doesn't fit his narrative. As a Canadian, I find that sort of thing from the leader of our closest ally deeply offending.
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    I don't think this is backed up in the data. The US spends more per student than any other country. Almost all schooling outcomes are correlated with household income levels, even in the same schools.
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    I think you cried yourself to sleep the night that Hillary lost.
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    I dont see why SNL wouldn't bring Rosie O'Donnell on unless they can't agree on money. Sunday morning there would be a report that Trump punched a hole in the wall of his bedroom after seeing Rosie mock him.
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    He's not wrong... I have this conversation all the time with some of my over-the-top-to-the-left friends. Being in bubble cities gives liberals a false sense of righteous indignation. I saw it in New York and i see it in LA.
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    My wife and a huge circle of our friends are elementary school teachers. That shit is hard, fuck that. To be a crappy teacher is easy, to be a good one is very difficult.
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    It's probably not that hard to find someone for school vouchers that is also qualified for the position. I imagine it's harder to find someone qualified that also donated almost a million dollars to the people that confirm them.
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    Right on, that's going to be a real boon for all of those fundamentalist Christian schools. And can you imagine how many more for-profit schools will pop up? Cash money, baby! I'm glad to see there's another poster on this board who really understands education.
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    The Raid 2 has better fights, better cinematography, and is an overall more accomplished work. The Raid 1 is a more taut, less bloated experience but I enjoy the sprawling crime saga of The Raid 2 to the enclosed, awesome action and simplicity of The Raid 1. Though honestly, both are amazing movies. The brilliant mood-setting opening of The Raid 2 (that IMMEDIATELY raises the fucking stakes from The Raid 1) alone is worth the price of admission.
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    Theresa May has just made an enemy of Trump: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/07/exclusive-theresa-may-poked-fun-size-donald-trumps-hands/
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    http://ew.com/tv/2017/02/07/rosie-odonnell-steve-bannon-snl/ DONE!
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    Chaos: Trump Signed An Executive Order That Just Says “HOT CUBE” And Federal Agencies Are Scrambling To Interpret It http://www.clickhole.com/article/government-chaos-donald-trump-signed-executive-ord-5415?utm_campaign=default&utm_medium=ShareTools&utm_source=twitter
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    Yes, but the pathological liar you got is far more dangerous than the one you rejected. And to be clear, I HATE clinton, I think she's a horrible human being who should be nowhere near the presidency, EXCEPT when the Alternative is Trump.
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    How the fuck would the media not report a terrorist attack? People would be asking why it wasn't on their news channels. How would you hide something like that.
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    Was there ever any doubt as to who wore the pants in that family?
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    I've made some tweaks to try to make mobile editing suck less. I've added undo and redo buttons to the editor toolbar you get served when on a phone. Easy way to undo an accidental quote or whatever. I also included the cut button because of you click on a quote or spoiler box so that it's the active element being edited, hitting cut will do what you'd expect. As opposed to how, often, the backspace on your phone keyboard won't delete it as expected. Also, you'll break out of spoiler and quote boxes by hitting enter twice.
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    Same. Though a simple fifa that can bd played with just a single joycon might be cool for local mp. Though I imagije they will charge 59.99. At best 49.99.
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    we used to buy the 24 box sets. Back then, the original xbox had a zoom function!
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    Just was thinking I let everyone know on discord but didn't reply here. I got the first two games on release date - thank you again! Right now Yakuza 0 is taking all my time, so many side missions keep popping up and I'm hooked on the story big time. Probably would have waited on this one otherwise too but I am now in love with this series. thank youuuuu
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    Three Colours: Blue/White/Red.
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