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    In celebration with the boards coming back online thanks to @DexxFMand @SFLUFANhard efforts I too will be giving out a copy of Mario Oddysey! This will give another chance for old members and new members to play this soon to be classic. Just post in the thread with a comment about what you enjoy about online forums and I'll will randomly pick a winner. Good luck and thanks for sticking it out with us here Day One Patch!
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    Because I'm feeling exceptionally generous, I'll giveaway a few copies of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the system of your choice over the next few days. To be eligible, all ya gotta do is post in this thread and I'll use the ol' RNG to come up with the winners!
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    The Trump campaign played a small minor roll in the Trump campaign.
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    I’m so so happy playing this now so we will do a giveaway. Pick a number 1-30 first person to get it wins.
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    Hello again! You may remember me from classic posts such as "Hello D1P" or the follow up " where's my avatar?" and the wildly successful sequal "it's ok, I have found it" Now, As I enjoyed signing up to the board so much I asked the Admin if they could take the board down and play minesweeper with the board code and reset things so I could enjoy the process again, and they were happy to do it (best Admin ever!) This could be D1P unique selling point, allowing new members the chance to fine tune their first posts. Actually, great work getting things back again. It was a twitter-edge of seat moment....now where is my avatar?
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    One of my father's friends went to the Australian embassy in Trinidad to obtain a visa. When he was being interviewed, the consular officer asked him if he had a criminal record. His response was, "No, I don't. Is one still necessary to go to Australia?" He got the visa, but the consular officer wasn't particularly amused.
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    I picked three numbers 1-30 first to guess one of them wins.
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    You don't really know what you've got until it's gone. I don't post very much, but while the site was down yesterday, I came to the realization that there wasn't any other videogame-related site that I wanted to visit. I want to extend my appreciation to the D1P community for making this the most interesting, cordial, and fun forum that I've ever been a part of. Also, a very special thanks to all those involved in hosting, moderating, and technically supporting DayOnePatch; we wouldn't be here without you!
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    Happy early birthday to me Not pictured: Whatever I end up downloading for the X, probably AC:0
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    DayOnePatch Store Thanks to @Emblazon - DayOnePatch has now entered an exciting new era: MERCHANDISING! We've created an account at Redbubble who will handle the printing and shipping of anything that's ordered from the DayOnePatch Store. Currently, our store features our really cool default SNES logo, but we'd like for you all to weigh in with suggestions for what other logo styles we can use for the products. All proceeds from the products purchased on the store will be used to offset the the maintenance costs of the site, our charity drives, and our giveaway contests. I'm not going to be using the store to "profit" off of D1P. So, check out our merchandise and feel free to give the gift of D1P for the upcoming holiday season!
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    With an exclusive Taco Bell Driver suit for Forza 7
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    Either these people are too dangerous to be a part of society moving forward and should remain behind bars, or we should actually do things that allow them to be fully reintegrated into society. Making them permanent outcasts and second class citizens makes it MORE likely they will offend again.
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    Really puts into perspective the difference in the two parties' ability to govern in a prudent manner.
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    There's this phrase called "House of Cards", in which if you take a card from the bottom and it causes Kevin Spacey to say he's gay.
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    Congrats to @bozemanthe RNG God's have spoken! I'll pm you with more info! I wish i could buy you all the game but unfortunately I am but alas a simple strip club DJ. Thanks for everyone for participating and thank you for being part of this community!
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    Paper. Ballots. Automatic. Voter. Registration.
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    For tonight, Blessed Lord RNG has seen fit to reward... D1Pshits: @kittykat and @darkness35 GAFugees: @Vad @kittykat - I will have to send you the money via PayPal for Mario, PM your PayPal account email address. @darkness35 and @Vad - which game/which system?
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    Hey everyone! I'm doing the Extra Life Charity this year, and I need your help to meet my goal. I'm a bit less than 1/5 of where I'm trying to get. What is Extra Life? It's a yearly charity event where all the donations go to the Children's Hospital that I've picked to support for the year. It helps them buy anything from supplies, to providing care, to buying niceties like video game systems for the kids who are there to enjoy during their stressful times. All donations are tax-deductible. Whereas something like the March of Dimes means I go do something healthy for the donations, with Extra Life, I'll be live streaming myself playing games for 24 hours straight. A feat not-too-difficult for my 20 year old self, however for my 37 year old self, much more difficult. Hours 22-24 are always quite hilarious. If people that make donations feel like torturing me by requesting I play some of the...not as great stuff in my Steam library, I'll happily do that. So, if you can throw even a couple of bucks towards helping out, that would be awesome. https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=280619 UPDATE: As I mentioned, I'll be doing my stream this Saturday. I've received a bevy of items to give away from Volition, ranging from t-shirts to games. I have a mini-dubstep gun and I even got some old big box PC copies of Descent and Summoner, which are more for novelty of course, but still fun. If you've made or make a donation, you have a chance to win one of these as well! There is still time to donate if you haven't!
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    What a stupid statement. She really needs to go away. But the issues she raised are legitimate and deserve to be addressed. Saying the election is illegitimate is false. Votes weren't changed.
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    Considering that "Top Gun" is the single most homoerotic film ever made, this definitely fits the bill!
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    At first I was like , but then I remember your profession.
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    Srs. Be scared of heart disease, car accidents, cancer and falling at home over dying in a mass causality attack.
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    Won't someone take this eligible bachelor?! You ma'am, how about you? you look like you might have low self esteem perhaps?
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    Out to lunch Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Alright, to make up for the debacle of the last few days, I will do 2 drawings next. One will be for D1Pshits, the other will be for GAFugees.
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    Camping on a remote island my older brother discovered. We are packing up now but it was an awesome time! Showing teeth @Boyle5150
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    I give Wade credit, things have been good here for a while.