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    The people upset by the kneeling are also the people most likely to mock people for being offended at everything. It’s endlessly amusing.
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    Rand is eternally running for president, like his father before him. His son will do the same when his time comes. And his son's son, and so on, until the heat death of the universe. None will ever be elected.
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    I'm alive! I guess that's as good a place to start as any. My surgery was almost a week ago, but they kept me in the hospital until late Monday. If this post is full of spelling errors, it's because my meds make it nearly impossible to focus on my phone (taken almost 10 minutes just to type this much). The surgery went very well. The my first night & following morning were even really great, and then I got Nurse Ratchet. A pregnant woman ready to pop, she refused to give me drugs that my doc had placed an open order on, and I quickly lost control of my pain management. They always ask you what your pain level is (out of 10), and Saturday morning my pain was maybe a 4.5-5/10. Mostly just surgery pain from the incisions. Oral painkillers with the occasional IV shot of Delaudid kept me more than comfortable. Nurse Ratchet comes in & refused to give me Dalaudid because "that's a habit forming drug, you don't need it" and also refused one of my two pain killers because "you really don't need both of those, one is enough." My pain level shot to a 10/10, no joke, and I hurt so bad all I could do was bawl my eyes out & think I was gonna die. I'm not sure I've ever experienced such pain. When the morning nurse came in, she chewed out the pregnant bitch & then spent the rest of Sunday trying to control my pain again. We eventually got it under control and Monday night, I came home. It's been an up & down circus since then, but I'm up & around without a walker & trying to take it easy. My butt is so bruised from everything that it is almost completely black, but my incisions are healing nicely. The doc let me snap a photo off his computer screen & it's hiding in the spoiler. It shows a full frontal of my hardware (yes, it's hardcore nudity tbh). So that's what I have for now. My oxy is keeping me mostly braindead, and I've been at this post almost an hour. But I'll jump back in laters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does it effectively cover bruises?
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    It was easy for me to remember the character names, The Empire and The Rebellion.
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    @Dre801 @Reputator @outsida Because I've rented a cargo van to come down from VA, I'm going to have lots of room for supplies that I'm bringing to my family and others I know in South Florida - if there is anything you think you guys need or want, let me know! We can work out rendezvous points - depending on which direction the storm exits Florida, I'll be either coming down 95 or 75.
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    I'm not sure that the sort of people who Rush Limbaugh will get killed are necessarily a net loss to humanity.
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    This really is the cast of Veep stuck in a House of Cards storyline.
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    Because Breath of the Wild was a fantastic game and FFXV is an unfinished piece of shit with terrible basically-one-button combat and a story you can buy in DLC chunks with a boring fucking world that you drive in your on-rails shitty car at a slow speed while these 4 human beings inside literally say nothing the vast majority of the time you're driving, and if you want to fast travel, enjoy the 6 quintillion year bullshit loading times. Never mind the fact that Zelda is the ultimate "if you can think of it, it'll probably work" game with tons of ways to approach combat and puzzle solving. But yeah FFXV's probably just as good because Zelda has towers and is open world. Never mind Zelda is all about interacting with the world in fun, cool ways, while FFXV is about wishing there was goddamned anything to do in the world.
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    I'm bored shut down in my hotel so 1-30 Guess! First person to guess or closest person by 8pm eastern wins. Go! Any game up to $60.
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    Meanwhile this guy: Did this: And he's even letting people with pets stay in the stores.
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    @Kal-El814 @sblfilms @Triage @DarkStar189 @Jason @-Chris @Jose Just updating you on where your donations are going. Because of the terrible impact that Maria had on Puerto Rico, I've decided that the donations will go to the Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund which is being operated by ConPRMetidos. I'm making an initial donation of $500 which will primarily be used to acquire much-needed generators.
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    So that leaves me to cover the other $140.00, I'll send it in a moment! Edit: Done! Keep up the good work man, I appreciate your efforts!
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    He will be now that he's violated the terms of his return to D1P.
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    At this point it looks like a near direct hit for Miami and SE FL. My family is preparing for the worst and I am requesting a long-term leave of absence from work to drive to SE FL with a van of supplies in the aftermath. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    The studios still get their cut on 99% of the tickets we "sell" as we can comp 1% of admissions without paying film rental. So we will be paying out a not-insignificant sum of money on tickets we gave away, but these people are what allow me to live the life I do. It's the least I can do.
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    What would make thing less "predictable"? The show is known for killing major characters. Any major character deaths would be predictable. The show let the bad guys run free for several seasons continuing that would be predictable. You have the good ending which some or all of the "good" guys are alive and rule. The bad ending where the "bad" guys win. The Hamlet ending where everyone dies. Short of aliens showing up and blasting everyone, or forcing them to live in peace, the rest of the show is going to be fairly predictable. Someone's going to guess right and then all the goobers will jump on and bitch about how predictable the ending was.
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    Hello D1Ppers! As some of you are aware, practically my entire family lives in South Florida and are very much in the path of the oncoming Hurricane Irma which is projected to be absolutely catastrophic for the area. I've rented a cargo van which I will be picking up tomorrow and loading with supplies (water, canned food, sterno, tarps, batteries, etc.) for both my family and others in the area and once the "all clear" is given for the states along the storm's ultimate path, I'll be driving from DC to South Florida to make the deliveries and provide assistance to the recover for a couple of weeks or so. While I can shoulder the financial burden of this pretty easily (not-so-humble brag :p) any monetary amount that you feel that you can spare to donate will be most welcome! The best way to send funds is to just use my PayPal account which is [email protected] Thanks a lot guys, I -- and the people of South Florida -- really do appreciate it very much!
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    I'm glad you're coming around, but literally everything we're seeing from him now was known during the campaign. None of it is a surprise to those of us who paid attention. Maybe use this as a lesson to do more research before the next time you vote.
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    How come you never comment on any of the threads about collapsing dem narratives? It's so one sided lately.
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    It's probably a pain in the ass to have agents shadowing you while you're trying to meet up with Boris and Natasha.
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    Is it bad that I searched for this thread to remember the day of my anniversary?
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    His stream should've abruptly went dark as Mom walked over and yanked his modem out of the socket. It's not the 90's, adults should know how to do that shit by now. I've done it to my nephew when he would stay at my mom's and give my mom shit when she's trying to get him to do something. All of a sudden *poof* THE INTERNET'S OUT!! It's amazing how nice and compliant they get when you hide the power brick to the Xbox too.
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    The reactions to this books' very existence are so odd to me. 2016 was a monumental election for any number of reasons, and the first hand account from one of the major players seems like something that objectively should exist. It also makes sense that it should probably be written and published as close to the election as is reasonable. I understand that if you don't like Hillary then you probably won't buy the book, but there seems to be this pervasive feeling that the book shouldn't exist, and I simply can't understand that.
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    When -- not "if" -- WHEN you get through the other side of this storm, rest assured that I will be more than happy to assist you to get back on your feet in any way I can!
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    Lol he's flipping parties. The gop deserves this.
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    That feel when you can't '@' Russian narrative collapse people
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    Who the fuck cares what Melania Trump wears? What matters is her husband is an incompetent asshole, and he's President. Let's not go into tan suit/arugula/Dijon mustard territory...
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    I'm okay here, thanks. Just lost power for some time so wasn't really able to respond to anything. My cell phone died as well. Been with power for some time now and charging stuff back up. I'm more concerned about my girlfriend in Houston (not the fake one from Canada). She was in Oakland before Harvey hit and was on the phone with me telling me how she was trying to get back to Houston. Haven't heard from her since cause Harvey started up the next day. Really hoping she was smart enough to stay in Oakland. I had this update yesterday, I'll share with you as I've been slowly wandering out and checking out the damage. Been turned away from checking out the really dangerous areas.