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    Its like a bottle of bourbon asked the fairy godmother to make him into a real boy.
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    My hand is hovering over the button erasing your existence from MY forum permanently. Tread lightly. Or not. I really don't care.
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    buzzfeed for 10 reasons, you won't believe number 7!
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    A week or so ago, @legend and @Boyle5150 bought me a game when I was broke so I could play with them. I've gotten my tax return so I'm paying that forward. Up to $60.00 plus tax, 2 games max. Must be able to add me (irreverent79) on Steam. Just say something in the thread to enter. I'll pick a winner randomly later. Anyone can enter as long as you have over 500 posts. I'll pick a winner tomorrow at around 5pm pacific.
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    Chris Christie being miserable is one of the few good things to come out of all this
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    Conservatives are so wrapped up in doublethink it's just plain funny. In 2013, the conservative press was raging about Obama's "war on leaks", and publishing editorials like this. Now the same publications are spouting the line DVD is pushing here, and raging about the "dangers of leaking to the press", in articles like this. In case you think it's limited to the New York Post, here's Michael Barone of the National Review stridently criticizing Obama's crackdown on leaks in 2013. Of course, now the NR is singing the opposite tune. Here's The Washington Free Beacon complaining that Obama's crackdown on leaks is "chilling journalism" in 2013. Now the Beacon hysterically decries the Flynn leaks as part of a 'vicious campaign', and shows no concern for Trump's retaliation against the whistleblowers as "chilling journalism". Or the Daily Caller lamenting that Obama's prosecution of whistleblowers was overzealous in 2016, only to reverse their position months later, and argue that these leaks are a "plot to weaken America"! So color me unconvinced by the hypocritical sanctimony of the right-wing as it rages against the dangers of leaks to the press and watches its current avatar hang himself with his own rope.
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    I hate to break it to you, but you forgot to put a coherent argument in your post...
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    The ACLU has raised $10 million and gained 150,000 new members in 24 hours.
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    Jigs personfies the issue with the right. Destroy everything about America that makes us worth defending as long as it pisses of the grr liburls grr. All of you are a fucking joke and enjoy your myopic victory in the card game while the ship sinks. Fucking idiots.
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    No one gives a shit about DVD. Stop caring what he says.
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    "I put insurance premiums (money) over entire groups of people," is not a stance I can sympathize with. There is no common ground, and I don't want there to be. It's fucking disgusting, and I think these people are fucking disgusting. That's kind of the definition of conservatism though, "money first." Not America, or anything else. Money first, always. That's why terms like "bleeding heart liberal" exist. Because they find it comical that you'd put the life of someone that isn't you so high on your priorities. It sickens me to the core. Like, everything we're seeing here is founded on hatred and fear and cowardice. If you want to lead us down the path of hate, I can hate real good, motherfuckers. Finally, a "Trump voter" is not some minority fringe of oppressed people who need to be defended. A vote for Trump was an endorsement of all of this. It's not like he just started doing it out of nowhere. I cannot sympathize with literally anybody who knowingly chose this path. And if they did so out of ignorance, I actually despise them more, because ignorance+choice is fucking dangerous. Remember how with Obama, we were hearing calls of Sharia law and how he was going to turn the country Muslim or whatever bullshit people came up with to demonize him? This isn't like that. Those weren't things people voted for. Obama did not run on a platform of any of the things people accused him for. Trump ran on literally everything he's doing and that's WHY he was voted in. It's so hugely different, it's mind-boggling. Extending an olive branch to someone who's trying to light the bridge on fire that everyone is standing on is not a good idea.
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    Dvd doesn't give a shit about Muslims or that they're real human beings. He's just here to take shots at the left and be a contrarion, as always. We'd do best to stop engaging his foolishness.
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    Looks like he landed on "Somehow Obama" this time.
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    I guess this is where he loves America more than Obama did?
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    I'm pretty sure I could implement an LSTM predictive word model trained on Trump and get similar results. In fact, it be might fun some weekend to do just that. For those who don't know, an LSTM word model has no intentionality or grounding of its words to reality. EDIT: Someone's beat me to it in working on this endeavor https://github.com/ppramesi/RoboTrumpDNN An example:
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    Just to show I put my money where my mouth is: I also tweeted it to Sia who is matching donations up to $100,000.
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    Does anyone seriously believe that Joe Fucking Rogan has not at least gawked at -- or outright boinked -- a girl who could have been "borderline" as far as age goes?
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    This is silly. You can't get government assistance if you don't have a social security number. If you're here illegally, but get assistance then you've stolen or bought a new identity. If you did that, then you aren't the one that's getting rounded up in these sorts of dragnets because you have papers proving you're a citizen. The most you can get without a social security number in this country is public schooling up through high school in many states and emergency care at a hospital. In spite of that, illegal immigrants are paying taxes either through they're income or simply through sales tax. They are the cheapest people we have living in this country. Try proving otherwise. Sent from my SM-T817T using Tapatalk
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    Guys, I tweeted at Evan McMullin that he MUST challenge Trump for the nomination in 2020 (especially considering presidents that lose reelection normally have primary challengers). Evan McMullin liked the tweet. Hold on to your butts.
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    Dude fuck you. This guy has stopped people that have been in this pipeline for years waiting to be able to come over here to start their life anew. This terp has his name out in the news and he is fucked. I would not be surprised if he is dead within days. Do you understand that this shit is screwing over the people we relied upon for years in order to wage war and we just told the guy to eat a dick. I am the furthest you can get from left wing and I am hysterical because this is insane.
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    "Oh look at me, I'm the Tech Industry. I'm crippled!"
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    Between this and the synagogue in Texas that gave its keys to the Muslim community when that congregation's mosque burnt down, it's only a matter of time before they both recognize that they really have one mutual enemy: Christians.
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    I have a few conservative and libertarian friends that I will occasionally talk politics with. If the topic gets brought up, I try to find commonalities between us intead of focusing on what we disagree on. What is frustrating with DVD is that he never does this. He only comes on this board with the intent to stir shit up. You would think with our mutual dislike for Trump he could use this as a way to find some ground with us. But no, instead he repeatedly insists that he dislikes Trump for REAL reasons, and that we only dislike him because we are liberals who hate every single Republican. He's always combatative and, quite frankly, mean-spirited. He comes on here to insult us, then has the gall to say that we're only mean to him because of his views. No, we are mean to him because he's a fucking jerk. I won't pretend that this board doesn't skew left, but there other more conservative users on here who fit in just fine because they understand basic rules of human decency. But believe it or not, I actually feel bad for DVD. He brings such a negative attitude with him that I can't immagine that he's a happy person IRL. I hope he finds help and learns to not get so worked up over the politics of a country he doesn't even live in.
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    I think DVD's critical comments of Donald Trump came when he thought Rubio still had a chance.
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    Member when you were the most anti-Trump person on these boards? I member. Wade just hates idiocy, something you seem very comfortable with.
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    http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/melissa-mccarthy-sean-spicer-234715 So uhh... get Kristen Wiig to play Steve Bannon in a dress and all of our problems are solved, I guess?
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    Some would argue that's because the so-called "Left" in the US sold out to what are essentially conservative neoliberal economic policies and kinda forgot about the working class. In essence, the party managed to get the "worst" of both worlds: too far to the left socially, too far to the right economically.
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    As a teacher, you can politely go fuck yourself.
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    OMG can you imagine the fury that would erupt in seeing this woman, who he loathes, portraying and making fun of him!? SOMEONE GET O'DONNELL'S AGENT ON THE PHONE!
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    You suck and no one likes you.
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    The judge has ruled in favor of the ACLU and granted a stay to suspend the deportations. The stay applies nationally.
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    Oh for fuck's sake. You want to know how shitty Clinton was? She lost to Trump.
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    So couldn't Soros just give O'Reilly a billion dollars to talk about how troublesome climate change is or something?