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    Your timing is absolutely impeccable! I was JUST THIS VERY MINUTE thinking about you and reminding myself that I really should get around to purging your account from MY site. Thank you so very much for making my decision that much easier. I hope that you have a truly miserable life!
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    Starting tonight and ending at 12/22 at 10:30 PM CST I am giving away $20 on PSN. Pick a number 1-100 Tomorrow Ill do one for XBLA,on Saturday Ill do one for Steam and Sunday Ill do one for Eshop.
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    Most of you probably know, he's a huge Microsoft fanboy and really wants the X, but can't get one due to health problems. We randomly give away shit all the time, so let's see if we can't make a fellow D1Pshit's Christmas and deliver some holiday joy. I know a few have said they would pitch in, so let's make this happen. @TomCat https://www.gofundme.com/xbox-one-x-for-d1ps-tomcat
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    Trump is worth 3.1 billion RUBLES, not dollars.
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    This site is the best Eva. Wow!!! you guys have made me emotional. Thanks a Million Times. Again Thanks to everyone that contributed. I will pass it forward with a game giveaway soon sorry for the late reply I updated my pc and was signed out of the site so i didnt get the notifications Edit 2: Just so you guys know my health is A lot better. I've been retired the last 4years but I just started a temp job this week to see if I can keep the Pressure down. I have a way better doctor then I did in the past. He actually listens to me unlike my last doctor. He just dictated to me and kept giving me new shit that had side effects and kept saying I was heading for kidney failure if he couldnt get my pressure down. Video Games have helped me greatly during my recovery from my Stroke. I'm lucky I had to relearn alot of things but I'm almost back to normal other people that have had strokes arent so lucky. Now i gotta squeeze me in that TCL Tv in january.
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    One scene that deserves a special call out is the bomber scene with Rose's sister. I was blown away that a nameless and (to that point) completely insignificant character was given such a poignant moment of heroism. Really fits in well with the overall theme of the film.
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    I cannot for the life of me imagine why a Norwegian would ever want to move here.
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    but I don't want to have to install quicktime
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    When Amazon buys Target, please rename thread to "Target Acquired" thanks
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    The good news is that millennials will now be able to afford housing.
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    So...I got engaged.
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    1) Nobody should expect to find any long plans in a JJ mystery box. Ever. He's on the record with his approach on this. I absolutely understand casual fans speculating about grand plans for the new trilogy but anyone who's discussing movies on the internet should know this about JJ by now. 2) There was never a long term plan for Star Wars from jump street. The movie being called "Episode IV" is a retcon. Aside from Lucas being in love with old school action serials and wanting films like Raiders and Star Wars to have that vibe and the potential to be led into with a spiritual, "LAST TIME on STAR WARS..." there was never a larger vision. I think this is important. Part of the issue with Star Wars now is that there's almost a half century's worth of content, most of which has been dumped within the last several years. Your casual fan is going to be... passingly familiar with some of it. They'll have played a Star Wars video game or would have picked up a comic book. Maybe. But the hardcore fandom is deep even if that's a comparatively smaller amount of fans. Some people came into TLJ with hopes for some kind of super saiyan Luke who styles all over everyone because they've read books where that happened. Or they saw Luke's X-Wing in the ocean and figured it was a Chekhov's Gun teasing him fucking shit up with it or having Rey lift it from the water like Luke did instead of for what it likely was... another symbol of someone connected to the Force burying their past. And as we've seen with the prequels, with Rogue One, with the Clone wars, etc., the more you cram into the gaps... two things happen. One, the galaxy starts to feel really small. And two, for each "hole" you plug in the dike, two more pop off. I've got no beef with "how did the FO come to be" or "who the hell is Snoke" getting answered in cartoons, comics, books, etc. The hardcore eat that stuff up, Yoda bless and keep them. They're just not necessary questions to ask within the context of the Resistance vs. The First Order, or the Dark Side vs. the Light. And the movies are no worse, and are likely BETTER for not dwelling on that stuff. Snoke's foresight letting him see that Kylo was about to destroy his enemy and how, but not WHO his enemy was tells us more about the Dark Side than the entire prequel trilogy does and it accomplishes this without anyone having to EXPLAIN IT ALOUD like the prequels did.
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    What the hell is wrong with you people?
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    Why don't you crawl back into whatever shithole you've been hiding in for the past months? Sound good?
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    Honestly, add in a "believe me" and you've got a Trump quote
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    Alternate title: Red-state White says that Blacks go mad over green.
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    I will never forgive Oprah for allowing Jenny McCarthy to spout her anti-vaccination nonsense on her show.
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    I don't like coffee in any orifice but how could you use anything but Folger's for this: The best part of waking up is Folger's up your butt.
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    I received an xbox1x from the generosity of the D1pboard. @Mr.Vic20 got me FF15 @Boyle5150 got me Shadow of War Silver Addition @mikechorney gave me 25$ MS gift card still deciding on what game to purchase. @skillzdirecta gave me Season Pass for Assas Origins I bought Titan Fall 2 and should have a code for PUBG What a GREAT Christmas thanks to the D1p bunch. My GF said Yall love me more then she does LOL
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    I'm at work but the GF said it arrived about a Half hour ago. Cant wait to get home and play. Friday is my last day on this current gig. I start another one 29th of next month so I'll have some nice playtime with it. Again Thanks to all who contributed
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    Alright guys we were able to get it to him by 24th. Its a Christmas day miracle Enjoy it @TomCat Thanks to everyone who contributed! This community is the best!
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    Die Hard is about a man who selflessly helps others by giving his life and blood and stops a bunch of grinches from stealing goodies from others. There is no better framing of Christmas than that.
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    It was cute and funny the first couple times I heard "You know what is actually the best Christmas movie? Die Hard" Now it just makes me roll my eyes.
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    I can certainly see merit in @CitizenVectron's points regarding the seeming inconsistency of Luke's character from the conclusion of RotJ to what we see in TLJ. However, I feel that inconsistency is for the better for his story arc. It makes Luke a more "human" character because humans -- ourselves included -- do things that are "inconsistent" with our characters all the bloody time. Yes, he walked away from his friends, his family, his Jedi principles just as we walk away in ways great and small from those things that define us too - we do this simply because we're human. We walk away from our "consistent character" because things are hard, things are inconvenient, things hurt ourselves or those we love, or we recognize that we only make things worse when we try to do something because doing nothing or walking away is the best course of action. It is this inconsistency of character that makes real-life humans fascinating, infuriating, and amazing in equal measures - shouldn't our fictional humans also reflect those traits as well? From my perspective, the Luke that turned his back on everything and everyone because he recognized his failure and has no idea what to do or how to fix it is vastly more compelling, more "human" than the Luke who remains "consistent" to his character in the face of failure. But what matters in the end is what we do when things matter - that is when consistency to our character counts. That is the final lesson of Luke's arc and the entirely of TLJ as a whole: that in the end we remain true to ourselves. Luke did this by keeping both the promise to himself (to die in exile) and to his friends (saving them when it really mattered). When the chips were down and it REALLY counted, Luke Skywalker was the Luke Skywalker from the end of RotJ. He remained consistent to his character - it just took a little while to get there.
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    You're wildly overstating the importance of a plan. The prequel trilogy is the result of a plan. And you're overstating the importance of the "mysteries" from the TFA. Snoke's origins are not important. Palpatine's are not important. Yoda's are not important. We know all we need to know in these movies to justify why they are who they are. Allow the new EU (or whatever they're actually calling it) flesh that stuff out. No compelling mysteries going into Episode IX? I don't care, there were NO mysteries going into Empire after Star Wars. Answering the "mysteries" of Anakin's past is BY FAR the least interesting part of Star Wars. EDIT - Some of this is personal, as I find long-awaited origin stories to almost universally unsatisfying. Be it Uncharted (turns out Nathan Drake was always wicked good at climbing and was always a scamp! WOW!) or Anakin (turns out he was just born special! There was a prophecy and everything! WOW!)... I am generally not interested. That's not to say that can't be done well... I don't care about the "gaps" That Rogue One attempted to fill, but it's a rad movie. I have zero interest in learning the "origins" of Han Solo and we know more about the Fetts than I ever cared to find out... but if those movies are good, I'll bite. But saying "what about Snoke's origins" starts peeling back layers of an infinite onion. I ABSOLUTELY understand NOT LIKING what TFA was. If someone doesn't like it I'm not going to try to change their mind though I'm happy to explain why I DID like it. There's just SO MUCH hand wringing about trivialities. I mean... Why look forward to Return of the Jedi? Luke is nowhere near Vader's level, Vader dunked all over Luke's face in Empire. If the bad guy wins... who cares if the story beforehand was interesting? Or if the good guy wins... it's just an incremental victory. The Rebels won in Star Wars but the Empire obviously survived so we'll just be back to where we were at the start of the story, more of the same thing in movie episode 6 that we got in episode 4. That's just STAR WARS, brother. I swear to god, if Return of the Jedi came out in 2017 the internet would be bitching about how people can apparently use the Force to shoot lightning from their hands. We've never seen that before! How did the Emperor learn how to do that? Why didn't Yoda warn Luke about it? You're telling me the people who built Jabba's skiff weren't smart enough to make sure that the deck guns couldn't be aimed at the ship they're mounted to? Why didn't someone who hated Jabba do that sometime when everyone was asleep? It is as important, it just doesn't jive with people's preconceived notions of what makes someone powerful with the Force (even though Palpatine, Yoda, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Mace, Maul... etc., either don't come from a family strong in the Force / it was never important enough for it to make it into the movies) or match with the preconceived theories they had for the reveal (she's a Skywalker / Kenobi / clone of someone with Force clout).
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    Religious Christmas music is beautiful and soothing. Secular Christmas music is absolutely awful.
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    My favorite part of the movie was the spaceship landing that turned out to be the First Order ironing their pants.
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    Ever notice the tricky position coffee finds itself in on the Internet Superiority Scale? Pizza's position is high - you have to trash the chains and hype up the good local shit - but coffee is solidly middle of the road. You can't admit you like Folgers or the 99 cent coffee at 7-11, but if you hype up a locally-roasted pour-over, people will give you shit for being a hipster or whatever. It's so odd.
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    Zhaoxin is not for everyone. Don't take it if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Don't drive or operate heavy machinery when taking Zhaoxin. Mild or severe side effects may occur, including chronic internal bleeding, dyslexia, diarhea, vomiting, dizziness, or spontaneous genital growths on various parts of your body. Please consult your doctor before taking Zhaoxin.
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    If only they had bothered to establish that the Resistance is low on ships. If only they had bothered to have one of the main characters have their development hinge upon learning that blowing up big ships at significant cost to the Resistance is a war of attrition the Resistance cannot afford. If only they had bothered to establish that the move was such a desperate ploy that both sides of the conflict didn't see it coming and were caught off guard. If only the movie went out of its way to show that even as a desperate move, it only barely worked and came down to the First Order almost blowing the Resistance ship out of the sky. Bringing up Interdictors is whataboutism taken to a preposterous degree.
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    I honestly cannot believe people are asking, "why not just send Resistance ships into light speed while aimed at FO ships," as if a huge part of the Resistance's predicament isn't the fact that they're wildly outnumbered and clearly don't have enough ships to begin with. How can someone who watched the movie ask that question seriously? What did Luke accomplish in ESB, exactly? Got kidnapped by a monster, got his gunner killed, took down one ATAT during an escape that was necessary because the Rebels are bad at hide and seek, went to and then dropped out of trade school because he missed his friends, then failed to save them while promptly losing a duel. Finn's character development IS the accomplishment. He went from being completely self serving in TFA, to only giving a shit about one person at the start of TLJ, to be willing to die for the Resistance by the end of TLJ.
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    I received my 200 hour yoga teacher certification today. Fun way to start a new career.
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    Wishing that the best actor in the film and an excellent actor overall was a better actor is not a valid criticism, sorry.
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