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  2. I happy to provide a game, but I don't think I can cover everyone just right now. If you guys want to work out a contest system, or declare someone the winner, I'll buy that person a game for sure!
  3. Just curious, what would you like to see in future Fallout games?
  4. How about a game or pan card of your choosing for each winner?
  5. Hearing extension requests are also very routine. Let's pump the brakes until we know more.
  6. Prime TV is finally not useless
  7. Hillary was the embodiment of the establishment that has basically ignored and took for granted the working class for 30 years. Flip flopping support for and against trade deals (like Obama did on NAFTA before he was in office to support and advocating for the TPP) Then comes an outsider "businessman" who claims to have the answer to what has happened: the establishment fucked you from the left and right, and immigrants are stealing the jobs/lowering the wages of jobs that haven't been shipped to China. The truth is far more complicated than that, but the situation in the Midwest/rust belt/small towns is more dire than I think you can appreciate. Jobs that could provide for a family no longer exist in these areas, and this businessman says he can bring these jobs back? He's in business so he obviously knows better than these establishment politicians/fools who let this happen. So they took a chance on an outsider. The policies put forth are just more of the same that they've been told would help for years and things kept getting worse. The racist and other disturbing things he's said they're not comfortable with but because they don't think race is an issue (look at where they live there are no minorities really) and is secondary to being able to provide for their families.
  8. If these lesbians had jobs they'd be working today
  9. I already have this game! And it's fantastic. Can only see it getting significantly better, too.
  10. I think I'm done with Early Access games, too much on my plate and I'd rather wait for the final release to get the best playthrough. Definitely picking this up as soon as it leaves EA.
  11. If they market it right, it will be a success, you have a 3DS replacement that can play better than WiiU Quality games on the go and work on the TV as a console.. if that is how people see it, it will do wel.
  12. Smoked 18 years, when I quit I was up to 3 packs a day. Took me 2 tries, first with Chantix which lasted 2 months and then I started back up. 2nd time was cold turkey and havent had one in 8+ years.
  13. Man, the MyNintendo crowd is fucking worked up. The comments are hilarious.
  14. I know multiple copyright lawyers, and that is a fucking fallacy spouted on the internet to create pity. The stuff Nintendo does is anti-consumer, and Nintendo could easily allow a 30 year old game to be traded online without risking a loss to their copyright. AM2R is one of the few projects I agree with Nintendo on though, they sell those games, that would take away sales. The youtube shit, however, is atrocious, and if someone could take them to court, they would find out it's also illegal.
  15. Because Japanese business doesn't work like that. By 'like that', I mean intelligently. They won't even let people capture their own video for reviews and lets play's on youtube unless they get the money, even though fair use doesn't allow them to do so. You honestly think Nintendo would EVER support indie companies worrking with their properties? Fuck no. Look at the old Metroid remake just a while back, ffs. I'm sooo glad I grabbed that before Nintendo made them take it down. Fuck you Nintendo.
  16. LoL.. yes it has... she's a savage.. she'll say anything to embarrass me!
  17. Then you should probably skip it then.
  18. For the first time, nobody can really say what's next for Nintendo if Switch is a failure. The 3DS is getting long in the tooth for most of us, and it's sales have been steadily declining. Nintendo can't afford to announce a successor to the 3DS for a couple of years at minimum, unless the Switch is a smash hit. It would do nothing but confuse casual gamers even more, it wouldn't look good to be launching another handheld after the switch. I know Nintendo wants people to think that this is a home console you can take with you, but they will never escape the fact that this is a viable handheld and could be a phenomenal JRPG machine. They need to let it take market share from the 3DS for the switch to do well. Nintendo the 3DS isn't going to grow in any huge way, and it's already been a huge income for it. Games on 3DS from Nintendo will only slow over the next two years has handheld teams move over to switch to make fully featured games. On the console side, Nintendo only has two choices if the switch fails. Create a massively powerful console to compete with the next generation from Sony and MS, by then they need to realize it's the only way they can compete. Kimishima said before that NX was Iwata's vision, and they would follow through with it (not long after he took his position). Will his vision be different, could a new president decide to move nintendo into a more competitive position power wise? Their only other choice would be to go third party (please), because Nintendo cannot survive a third failure if the Switch dies. Maybe i'm wrong, but it seem's Nintendo has painted itself into a corner. And it's hard to feel bad, because the room was their design.
  19. Learn something new everyday
  20. Thread title totally makes me think this is a Bombassador thread.
  21. It is known that "working class" is identity politics for "white male"
  22. Nothing worse than spending phoenix creds on a new weapon to see if it'll work out cuz it has a couple of good perks, then spending more phoenix to reroll one perk, and then not getting the perks you're looking for and having to reroll a few times and still not quite getting what you wanted but at least got another damage addition, and then testing it out thinking it's still not as good as the weapon you're already using.
  23. you give me a game
  24. lmao. i was like why the hell am i getting mentioned
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