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  2. What you drinking this weekend?

    Biggie drinks now. Me gusta.
  3. What you drinking this weekend?

    Vitamin water. I'm currently on an island camping.
  4. I'm going to start act 2 tonight. Based on the half sentences that I couldn't help but read, it sounds like my intuition that the game makes more sense if you take the relationship route was correct. That said, I'm not too big on it since it pretty significantly retcons some of the first game.
  5. Wait a sec... @bladimir2k how is your Hunter waving like an Awoken but dancing like a Human?
  6. Today
  7. What you drinking this weekend?

    Last night was a margarita with 1800 and tonight I might finish my bottle of Brinley Gold Shipwreck Mango Rum.
  8. Yeah, that sounds like conservatives. "You ever notice how their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?"
  9. What you drinking this weekend?

    Picked up a 6 pack
  10. I want one, but I can't make myself

    Mine is scratched, but it took a tumble.
  11. Fuck Jim Crow laws, this should be instant disqualification from voting. jfc
  12. The most ruthless attack on a president and his voters? It's almost like we had a literal war over something similar at some point in time...
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/many-trump-voters-who-got-hurricane-relief-in-texas-arent-sure-puerto-ricans-should/2017/10/20/32da835c-b344-11e7-9e58-e6288544af98_story.html
  14. Let's reminisce about the year that was... 2004

    Metroid Prime 2, Halo 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Doom 3 and Half Life 2 truly one of the best years for gaming. There’s something for everyone
  15. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

    I can't speak for skillz, but that's my bad for me. I just meant my one post in jest, in a nice way. I wasn't trying to be mean.
  16. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    lol.... I got 2 dupes.... 3rd was orpheus rig boots which I didn't have before!
  17. Gran Turismo Sport reviews are coming in

    I'm currently on a camping trip but when I get back I'm going to rent this from Redbox. I'm glad you're really enjoying it.
  18. playing Back version Lost prologue. Won 3 Lost 3 Starts out harder/ mid stride feel from Season 1 Can still get fucked over by seeded/ drawn, but you have a chance/choice to try and salvage it/ make the best of it. definitely recommended
  19. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    Damn dude! I don’t know what’s more impressive, the three exotics or the fact that you solo’d the Watchers in the engine room. How many of those engrams turned into dupes?
  20. Visceral games were the only good thing EA had going for them. Usually they focused on original IPs with strong Single Player. To think what it took for EA to even consider dead space
  21. BTW - the room you play in needs to be well lit with an overhead light (light facing the camera screws it up, especially from reflective objects and windows), I had a hard time with the headset randomly shifting and it barely reading the wands sometimes at first. I got blackout curtains, shut off my lamps (used my ceiling fan light instead) and it was mostly fine after that.
  22. What would you like to know? It's a great entry-level system. The screen is clear (any muddiness people claim is to due to the rendered resolution of some games/game-assets) as it's the only VR screen that doesn't use a BS pentile screen and uses an RGB... however, the cost being the screen resolution. I also have a Vive, and Vive is a bit better being able to walk around and what-not, but games like Batman Arkham VR, Rex Infinite and Thumper are absolutely wonderful on PSVR (especially Batman as it completes the story from Arkham Knight and my god is it a dark twist). Eve: Valkyrie is a great online space shooter, however, since there's no real single player (like 4 missions that are really short), I would recommend not paying more than $30 for it. I haven't had the chance to play GT: Sport in VR yet, but I'd imagine that it's amazeballs with a steering wheel. I'm not into horror games, but I've heard RE:7 in VR is the definitive way to play. VR: Worlds is also a must if you can get it cheap, like $20 or less, solely for the London Heist "game". Make sure you download every "demo" and free VR experience you can.
  23. I should be around yeah. - Slug
  24. Let's reminisce about the year that was... 2004

    Oh I forgot to mention, that was the year of World of Warcraft. I've played it since the beta, and I still play it today, 13 years later. I was 22 when I first started playing it, I'm 35 now. That's just CRAZY.
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