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  2. Yowza, that’s really bad. Is there any chance the safety drive is held criminally responsible?
  3. Believe it or not, Pelosi is all over it covering her tracks by claiming that by even agreeing to the summit, Trump legitimized Kim.
  4. I honestly think that universal healthcare is the main reason why economic mobility in the US is the lowest in the western world (contrary to what people in the US generally believe). The main reason is that in the US you often (or almost always) get your insurance from your job. So imagine if you have a chronic illness (or are just a responsible person) and can't afford to lose your coverage that your job provides. So what do you do if you hate your job? Well, you are more likely to stay there rather than take a risk and leave, even if it means staying at a lower wage with your current company. In Canada (and elsewhere), you can safely leave your job and still be fully covered. In fact, your coverage effectively increases because almost all of the provinces provide additional coverage for low-income families (in the form of covering all prescription costs for drugs, etc). So people in Canada (and elsewhere) can safely move more easily between jobs and careers. Hell, I am the perfect example. I changed careers at the age of 32 and went back to school for a few years. But I've continued going to the doctor for checkups (free) all this time, since it's covered. And health benefits are a secondary concern when getting a job. Sure it's nice if they provide benefits like dental or optical coverage (since these are not covered under healthcare, unfortunately), but for general medical care (and emergency) I don't need to take that into account when job searching. This also means I can take prioritize my search by the work-life balance that is offered by the company (and this is a growing perk that Canadian companies are pushing—having flex time, not taking work home, etc). So yeah, universal healthcare is probably the single-greatest thing that the US could do to make their labour pool more liquid. And that is the reason why it is so resisted by the 1% and companies (large and small). It also would mean companies would have to start paying people more since they would no longer be providing as much of a taxable benefit through health coverage.
  5. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    Dark Souls I-III Bloodborne Lords of the Fallen Nioh The Surge Backer of "Hellpoint"
  6. Detroit: Become Human review thread

    If I could get a refund for my time I’d consider playing this game.
  7. NFL's New Anthem Rule: Stand or Stay in Your Room

    This is how you respect the flag (Tomi Lehran)...
  8. The NTSB report looks pretty bad for Uber. The sensors on the car spotted the pedestrian six seconds before impact, plenty of time to stop, but the software became confused as to what the pedestrian was and when their paths would collide. The "emergency braking maneuver" mentioned is a safety feature built into the Volvo. So the car saw the pedestrian, but didn't do what it was supposed to. The built in safety feature made to prevent this was disabled, and the system doesn't alert the safety driver when it knows emergency action needs to be taken.
  9. He needs to stick to rockets and shut up on everything else.
  10. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    Own and beat the entire souls series, including BB and demons. I think i have a few others via ps+ (lords at least), but didn’t like it. I’m interested in nioh though.
  11. I have owned and beaten all the Souls games(DeS included), BB, and Nioh. Lords and Surge look like crap so I didn't bother. I don't know if Salt and Sanctuary counts but I also own that. I also hate DS2 but I still platinum'd that.
  12. Detroit: Become Human review thread

    sub $20 digital purchase for me.
  13. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    Yeah, definitely an indie affair, but the "pre-alpha demo" felt alright!
  14. JESSICA WALTER: Jeffery's outburst was cruel, unusual, and unacceptable. ALL THE MEN: It happens all the time, it's just part of show business. JESSICA WALTER, ACTOR FOR 67 YEARS: No, this was really bad. I've never experienced anything like it. ALL THE MEN: No, these things just happen on set, and it's no big deal because Jeff is just the best.
  15. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    Demon's Souls - beat that one with liberal use of a guide Dark Souls 1 and 2 - beat mostly on my own Dark Souls 3 - didn't beat, will probably take a fresh stab at it soon Bloodborne - beat Lords of the Fallen and The Surge - own both of these but never really got into them
  16. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    That looks pretty cool. Will have to check it out.
  17. But like what if he were narrating it as it happened? Would that make it any better?
  18. Oh, I wonder how long until this is the fault of Nancy pelosi and the demoncrats
  19. Crowdsourcing the truth of news articles is an impressively stupid thing to do.
  20. What if the show is like, retelling The Watchmen but where the main characters from the older story are the older generation to a new generation of heroes? That'd be interesting.
  21. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    I have: Demon's Souls (Instant Game Collection) Dark Souls (Games with Gold) Bloodbourne (Instant Game Collection) I have never booted one up...
  22. Detroit: Become Human review thread

    My wife and I will play/watch this together. We love the guy in Grey's Anatomy.
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