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  2. Let's grift again, like we did last summer. Let's grift again, like we did last year.
  3. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    I like cosmetic rewards because in this game you basically start with burlap pants and nothing else.
  4. If you owned an original PS3, Sony may owe you $65 (OtherOS settlement)

    Still have my launch fatty on my TV stand, I'll have to sign up
  5. Is this some sort of Socrates method thinking???
  6. I suppose they could introduce and pass legislation that would protect special councils, and if the president vetos this legislation, Congress *could* come back and override his veto.
  7. ~*The 2018 special elections thread.*~

    Also apparently interest in Dem primaries is waaaay up:
  8. Which user should kittykat out next?

    I completely forgot about all the drama from Fatz. What happened with him again?
  9. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    I'm really hoping they keep updating the game with more sea life like whales, dolphins, seals etc. Maybe adding hunting missions like having to take down a sperm whale with your ship and harpoons. Add more bioms to the map like a antartic area with icebergs and snow. So much potential
  10. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Oh, the ocean looks spectacular. The storms and clouds, all of it just has an amazing, coherent and consistent look.
  11. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Hey man the ocean they made is like nothing I have ever seen. It's like the first time I saw the water physics in Wave Race 64. Also busting a u turn on a Galleon feels really good Well for $10 a month getting a good 10-20 hours of fun on a pirate ship isn't bad. It's up to Rare to give it legs to keep us coming back.
  12. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    I mean, that's all great. But you can get largely the same experience for like $5 with Guns of Icarus, or Air Buccaneers, or to a lesser extent Hover Junkers. What does Sea of Thieves really offer that sets itself apart besides really nice visuals? I'm just not seeing where the long-term appeal is. Once the honeymoon period is over, what is going to keep people logging in? I don't think anyone really knows the answer to that. And based on what I've played and seen, I'm not sure if the developers even have an answer. I really, REALLY want Sea of Thieves to be amazing, because I've thought it looked awesome from the moment I saw it, but it really looks like they just made a tech demo and just kind of... expanded it, really. Nothing about it feels like years of work on a AAA title, aside from, again, the graphics.
  13. Ultimate Deletion

    it scares me that you have to ask if that was complete shit or not the entire broken matt shtick is asinine
  14. Ever hated a movie then ended up liking it?

    My film The Shining - Its a weird film for me. I know its a good movie but you have use a crow bar on me to start watching it but once I do I cant stop till its done.
  15. Retro Games Pickup

    That is is cool. Count me in. I do have a working PC-Engine and Duo-R. I will play the games for sure.
  16. I really wish you could buy the collector's edition stuff separately, or better yet, piecemeal. I'd really like that 3D papercraft kit 'cause I'm a sucker for stuff like that, but 1. It's only for PS4, 2. It's expensive as fuck for whatever reason and 3. I don't care about ANY of the other CE stuff.
  17. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    While it is simple the majority of the enjoyment is going about it with your crew. On a voyage while playing with my nephews we retrieved a chest of buried treasure from a gold hoarders map. As we headed back to return it to the outpost we encountered another player. It was a Sloop, a one manned ship, and he was clearly outgunned compared to our Galleon. We put so many holes into his ship but we noticed that he wasn't slowing down as he was heading right towards our ship. Well he ended up ramming us and he had little to no options. We were able to jump on board his ship and kill him. Loot his boat as it slowly sank and jump back onto ours. But guess what? He made quite a hole in our ship from ramming us full speed. By the time we realize we were sinking it was too late. Both his and our booty belong to the sea now. We teleported back to an outpost via a mermaid we rushed to get back on our Galleon to retrieve our chest. But wouldn't you know it, the player who shipped we sunk and killed beat us to it. As we arrived to the location we saw his ship running away with our loot! I laughed my ass off as we chased after him but he sailed into a storm where he was able to get away as the waves got to intense to sail. An experience like this don't need numbers and stats. This game is more of a playground. But like you said will need more variety to keep it interesting in the long run which I hope Rare will hopefully do.
  18. Ever hated a movie then ended up liking it?

    His narration is pretty poor at best but most fans dont like it because Riddley intended for the film to be ambiguous and the Fords narration removes that. Also the terrible happy ending and the narration ruining Battys monologue . My preferred order for anyone who hasnt seen it is Directors Cut - This allows the viewer to make their own choices about what they see but this can take multiple viewings and I cant blame anyone for not wanting to do this. Theatrical Cut - This allows the viewer to "connect the dots" as you put it ,that they didnt see when watching the DC. The Final Cut- Is even more ambiguous then the Directors Cut and asks more questions. On a side note I would be willing to bet that most folks who scoff at the more straight forwardness of the Theatrical Cut have probably watched it and dont realize or wont admit that makes the film more understandable.
  19. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    I want a hook for a hand. Then I might upgrade it for a golden version. I'm excited to work towards a lot of these cosmetics!
  20. Which user should kittykat out next?

    That’s the joke
  21. Post your pic!

    I live in Seattle, do you really think I would smoke weed from Colorado?!
  22. Today
  23. Ni no Kuni II OT: Quoth the Evan, "Evermore"

    I really expected a Ni No Kuni port for PC before release. I’m getting the PS4 version. Really glad to hear that the game bucks the 100 hour JRPG trend.
  24. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    I think this "nice thing" about games might be a very bad thing for the health of this particular game. Because people are just plain used to proper progression. Cosmetics aren't as appealing to everyone. Whether that's a bad thing or not might be a valid conversation, but it's also a very different conversation. But completing a voyage is... so simple, like a generic, auto-generated quest. I guarantee that lack of non-cosmetic progression is going to be the #1 complaint about this game. That can work, but I don't think it works at ALL here. Especially since you're supposed to be friggin' pirates. Pirates pillage for better boats and weapons and fun stuff! Not just cosmetics! Can't even sleep with an ugly hooker.
  25. Ubisoft makes zero games that interest Tencent. I think the investment is merely for a look into Ubisoft’s business and production line.
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