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  2. Burnout Paradise Remastered Rated For Nintendo Switch

    Forza Horizon 3 reminds me a lot of Test Drive Unlimited, which I really liked. Burnout Paradise is a fun little romp, but it does get old after a few hours since you're basically always doing the same shit.
  3. Oh and the people who Imagine a story in their heads before they've seen it will NEVER be satisfied. You see the same thing with Game of Thrones and I remember it happening with the Mass Effect trilogy as well. Rather than watch and evaluate the story that's actually being told, people measure it against the fan fiction that they've built up in their heads and when the actual story doesn't meet their expectations, they bitch. Fuck 'em... I tune them out. Movie is looking at a 220 million opening weekend
  4. Okami Giveaway Contest!

    Wow, thank you so much!! This is very generous, and I can't wait to dive into this game! My PSN ID is franksforplaying. I'll add you tonight when I get back home.
  5. I thought I was definitely in the minority on that one even among people who love the movie.
  6. Please post impressions.
  7. Ah. Is this how the United States is going to fund its own Metal Gear project?!
  8. Oh I forgot to throw the Fox properties in there too... those movies will be 30 bucks a ticket. 2nd tier pricing and all... In all seriousness, Disney didn't get Fox broadcasting which is the Fox TV channel so does that mean they DIDN'T get the Simpsons or were the Simpson part of the Studio deal?
  9. Well, apparently some here believe that.
  10. C'mon man... Marvel, Disney, Lucas and Pixar films will be 50 dollars a ticket and every other film from every other studio will be normal price because THAT is how capitalism works Get your head out your butt fanboy!
  11. Only in America can somebody not notice 21 trillion dollars being spent.
  12. Rian Johnson wasn't kidding when he said that he was leaving the next writer/director in a tough place. He basically not only dropped the mic, he blew up the whole goddamned stage. But that's what the comics are for
  13. While that is a big part of it, this likely benefits peddlers of just plain woo like homeopathy and naturopaths, too. Which is not surprising. Trump really courted that grab bag of psuedo-scientific votes. We have argued around here about the left abetting shit like anti-vaxxers and GMOs, but it seems like all this bullshit eventually funnels to the right.
  14. Fighting EX Layer (Beta NOW!)

    Damn! The 63 hit combo! Well that contributes to my argument about getting bounced in the air for almost an entire round, wow.
  15. You don't even have to see the movie to know it's good for the following reason: The most upset people on Twitter are the Lucasites—ones who have extremely soft spots for the prequels, can't get over the old EU, and think Star Wars needs to be about Skywalkers and only Skywalkers. While The Force Awakens played it safe to bring us all back in The Last Jedi takes risks to keep things fresh and interesting. And if we have to lose some fans who think Star Wars needs to follow their head cannon? So be it. The franchise will be better off for it if we're not worrying about the delicate feelings of that group. Spoilery thoughts
  16. Fighting EX Layer (Beta NOW!)

    They don't bounce me in air for a whole round with juggle combos, lol! Most days I just put the controller down and let folks get their W cause im not going to rage quit. I feel like an old athlete that needs to retire from a sport they once was good at with fighters. Just being real. So yes, I enjoy beating up the AI, lol. That has never changed from now to when I first put in my first quarter to play SF 2 World Warrior for the first time in the 90s, lol.
  17. Holiday HitMan

    Holiday Hitman sounds like a great title for a book.
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  19. A fetus is now a child. Seriously, anyone who okays abortions are now considered “child killers” among the religious and alt-right.
  20. Jesus Christ people are idiots. Gotta protect those multi-billion dollar corporations! What ever will they do if we don't make laws to favor them!
  21. Nothing we wrote was a spoiler. He asked where it was going, I gave my opinion. You didn't have to see Ep VIII to know what the trilogy was coming down to. There was no spoilers in those posts (not that I mind having them in spoiler quotes, just didn't see the point).
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