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Canadian Mutual Fund, ETF, and RRSP Advice News and information on RRSP's, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and Canadian personal finance. Efficient Market. Simple index portfolios are a collection of portfolios that contain broad based representation from the major asset classes Canadian bonds; Canadian equities; and. Vanguard Total Stock Market Etf Mer 2 Binary Options Method Downloads BREAKING DOWN 'Expense Ratio' Depending on the type of fund, operating expenses vary widely. The largest component of operating expenses is the fee paid to a fund's.

Exposure ASX Code. Type. Undelrying Bond Issuer Parent Entity Underlying. ASX Code of Underlying Issuer or Parent Entity. MER% Admission Date Chart Announcements ETFs have become very popular in the recent years, however some investor’s still do not fully understand ETFs so here is a primer. We will discuss what an ETF is. If you own a mutual fund, index fund or exchange traded fund ETF then you pay a fee called the management expense ratio MER or “expense ratio”.

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