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Home; Reviews. The SOS Online backup may be a bit different from what you are. SOS Business Storage approximately 0.00 per year .99 per. Version History, Infinite & Unlimited, Up to 12 versions for only 12. While many online backup services limit the number of iterations, or the length of time versions are kept, SOS keeps an unlimited number of file. Online backup is effective because it does the worrying for you. Here comes the fine print again CrashPlan and SOS will back up other drives. Fine print alert Other services delete older versions after a while. This is handy when you leave a file on your home computer you need to access on the go. Training Of Trade On Forex Article Trade Currency Etrade Binary Options Trading 101 Exchanges E*TRADE Forex provides you with direct access to the largest. 97 Currency Pairs. ETRADE Securities Hong Kong Limited. XE Trade Money Transfers; How it Works; Why Choose XE; Security; Account Login;. XE Trade currency exchange and money transfer services are provided by our locally. Top 7 Questions About Currency Trading Answered. By Boris Schlossberg. Share. To learn more about this type of trade, see Currency Carry Trades 101.