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Preparing For CA Final - Self study. Guidance Note on Accounting for Credit Available in respect of Minimum Alternate Tax under the Income Tax Act, 1961 Guidance Note on Treatment of Reserves. Accordingly, the applicable assessment year shall be A. Y. 2014-15 for Direct Tax Laws for CA Final November. Notes On Forex For Ca Final CA Final Advanced Auditing Notes For May 2015. Part-III Guidance Notes on Independence of Auditors Revised Are Binary Option Taxable In Australia Strategies 7 Discount 13% Bharat CA IPCC Notes on Auditing &. Discount 13% Padhuka CCH Students Handbook on Information Systems Control and Audit for CA Final by.

Suggested Study Plan for CA Final Exams November 2014. Auditing and Assurance Standards AASs; Statements and Guidance Notes on Auditing issued by. Sanjay Saraf's class on FOREX Management 1 - PART I - Продолжительность Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute SSEI 8. 35 ca final 616 просмотров CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS APPLICABLE FOR CA FINAL FOR NOVEMBER 2015. Guidance Note on Accounting for Credit Available in respect of Minimum Alternate Tax.

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