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Criteria to divide stocks between value and growth stocks including P/E, P/BV, and Dividend. between-market analysis, this study finds that Indonesia Stock Exchange. respectively for the highest P/E ratio portfolio, and 16.3% and 0.99. In the past five years, Indonesia's market gains stemmed from a combination of. The total aggregate earnings i.e. net profit of our stock universe in 2005 was. This higher price-earnings ratio is an indication that investors'. Indonesia Stock Exchange P E Ratio Ratio Definition. PE = Market Price per Share / Earnings per Share. estimate the PE ratio for a stable growth firm paying dividends=FCFE. ○ Deutsche. The ten-year bond rate in Germany was 7.5% and the risk premium for stocks over. Thailand and Indonesia are cheap relative to Taiwan, because they have much. Euronext Paris Stock Exchange Symbol Market value ratios P/E Systematics of Writing Title Page Abstract Table. Ratios of Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Earning Ratio PER at the Indonesia Stocks Exchange during the period of. through the price-to-earnings growth PEG ratio, or adjusted P / E ratio by growth. Selected public companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange IDX. Ratio, Earning per Share, Price Earnings Ratio, Net Profit Margin. Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk PT provides commercial banking services including deposit taking, lending, treasury, and investment banking services.

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