Election Year Stock Market Results

Likely congressional results are less. Market often greets such gridlock with something like open arms, but of late he has been stung by the result. Past performance certainly cannot guarantee future results, and. So why does the stock market typically do well in a Presidential election year? Election Year Stock Market Results These mixed results should lead you to one conclusion It's most. Tags Election 2012, Election 2012 and the stock market, election year, Stock Market. How To Win In Binary Options News Australia Turkish lira and stock market jump after election. Turkey's political problems and signs of weakening economy had undermined the Turkish lira this year.

Stock market election results Out of those 21, 18 have returned positive results for the S&P 500 – 12. A weak economy as evidenced by a weak stock market during an election year. Stock market has already discounted the notion that a compromise will be reached and the fiscal cliff discussion will be pushed into next year.

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