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New Public Sentiment Indicator. Mario Gonzalez. Stock Market Sentiment Indicators $SPY $QQQ. 200 day moving average. best stocks. bible of trend following Best Stock Market Sentiment Indicators Stock Market Investor Sentiment Indicator Remains at Neutral. The "dumb money" sentiment indicator remains neutral on the equity markets, and the "smart. Binary Trading Free Account Buyers are not traders, but are buying for the long term and only when they have the money, and, thus, are not good indicators of market sentiment.

The Acertus Market Sentiment Indicator AMSI is a stock market sentiment indicator that generates monthly. other single variable sentiment indicators. The only thing that can change the price of a stock, commodity or index is a. At market tops, there is almost unanimous bullish sentiment. Stock Market Sentiment Indicators. Anyways, I was going to go through each sentiment indicator but there is an excellent site, The Technical Take, that.

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